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10 Most Fashionable Female Characters in Hollywood

Gossip Girl. The Devil Wears Prada. Sex and the City. Clueless. These shows and movies are iconic examples when it comes to fashion inspiration, all thanks to their leading ladies. Here’s the scoop on who claims the top spots on our fashion roster:

1. Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City

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Did you actually think we were going to start this article with anyone else? Carrie stole our hearts the second she graced our screens wearing her now iconic pink tutu and matching bodysuit. This chronic over-thinker (and the original blogger) gave us the courage to experiment with our fashion, whether it was rocking those crystal panties down the runway or strutting her stuff in a cowboy hat and matching sarong outfit in the Hamptons, Carrie was always one to stand out, especially in her Manolos.

2. Rachel Green – Friends

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Were they on a break? We’ll never know. But we certainly know that it is no surprise that the girl who loved to shop is also the girl with all the outfits you wanted to copy. For an entire decade, hair salons were bombarded with requests for the ‘Rachel’. However, it wasn’t just her hair that we noticed. From her waitress days all the way up to her spot as an assistant buyer at Barney’s, we’ve loved Rachel Green’s style. She was the quintessential example for the classic 90’s fashion that still is trendy today.

3. Fran Fine – The Nanny

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Ah, Fran. She’s the lady in red when everyone else is wearing tan! She’s the flashy girl from Flushing! She is a fashion icon through and through. Were some of her outfits a little risqué for a nanny? Absolutely. But thats why we (and Mr. Sheffield) love her! Fran consistently wowed us in fun, over-the-top, body-hugging styles that made us dream of one day having her closet. We’re also pretty sure Fran single-handedly brought the two piece co-ord ensemble onto the scene. What can we say, just a little bit of sexy and a lot of fun will always be a good look.

4. Olivia Pope – Scandal

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Talk about dressing for success! Olivia’s clothes are always on point, and she really does have it all. She has insanely gorgeous designer coats, Prada bags, and those extremely memorable custom-made white gloves that paired so well with her gray peacoat. She can dress up and down based on whatever occasion, and we can’t get enough of those amazing hats! The only thing scandalous about her style is how badly we want to steal it from her.

5. Serena Van Der Woodsen – Gossip Girl

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Spotted, Serena Van Der Woodsen making our list for most fashionable females. Sorry Blair! This trouble maker has always brought her easy going style to the screen, making us all wonder how the hell she makes her ridiculously cool outfits look so effortless. I think we all wanted to secretly go to private school just so we could dress up our uniforms the way she did. Serena is the perfect mix of funky and sexy that we all want to pull off.

6. Elle Woods – Legally Blonde

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Whoever thought that Elle didn’t belong on this list is seriously disturbed. I could not tell you how many times I have combed the internet looking for the perfect sequin bikini and come up short. Nothing can compare to her awesome sparkly number in her Harvard Law application tape! Elle is the best of both worlds, her combination pieces put the fun and flirty into business attire and we will be forever thankful. Plus, we love a girl who can rock a bunny costume.

7. Hilary Banks – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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Move over, Will. We know who the real star of this show was. Hilary Banks, a.k.a. the Queen of Bel-Air style, had some seriously fabulous looks that we will never get over. From her structured blazers to her myriad of hats, Hil was constantly the center of attention. Not only that, but her confidence was off the charts! I mean come on, when she said “I’m a beautiful woman trapped in an even more beautiful woman’s body”, that reached an entirely different level of confidence only a girl like Hil could possess.

8. Vivian Ward – Pretty Woman

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We can all appreciate a woman who makes streetwear fashionable (ha ha.) Viv had her own sense of style that wasn’t the norm in her new life, but we loved her before and after her amazing closet makeover. She traded in mini dresses and baker boy caps for power suits and sun hats, and we can’t get enough of either! Who could forget the essential white and blue mini dress paired with those thigh high boots? Honestly, I’m still thinking about it. Vivian is an underrated choice for one of the most fashionable ladies, and whoever disagrees has made a big mistake. Huge.

9. Miranda Priestly – The Devil Wears Prada

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Speak of the devil. This absolute powerhouse of a woman, who bears a certain resemblance to another real-life fashion editor that you may know as the previous editor of the Bible (a.k.a. Vogue), is unstoppable. The oversized glasses and the sequin blazers are total must-haves, but don’t you dare question her knowledge on the color cerulean. Miranda literally strikes fear in the hearts of people with her fashion prowess, and that is exactly why we love her. That’s all.

10. Cher Horowitz – Clueless

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You thought we had forgotten about our dear friend Cher didn’t you. As if! Cher was THE It girl of the 90’s and had us all green with envy over her digital closet. Even on Halloween, you can’t go to a party without someone donning her instantly recognizable yellow plaid print blazer and skirt combo, which was an instant classic the moment she came into view.

That wasn’t her only outfit that captured our attention though, the platform shoes, copious amounts of plaid, and the oh-so skimpy Calvin Klein dress made us fall even more in love. Its just too bad we didn’t get a chance to see her white collarless shirt from Fred Segal.

We hope you enjoyed our scoop on the 10 most fashionable female characters in Hollywood! If you loved this post (we know you did), check out this post about the latest looks coming out of NYC fashion week:

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Blake Sloan

Sunday 14th of July 2019

Buzzfeed has nothing on you guys!!! Can we plllllleeeeeeaaaaase get a disney version???? IT WOULD BE SO LIT

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