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10 Must Watch Netflix Original Hidden Gems

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Don’t know what to watch on Netflix? With all the fabulous new additions to Netflix that are constantly being added, it’s hard to sort through and find what you should watch. I am here to tell you that there are some more solid show and movie finds than what is just shown in the first scrolls of each category. Hiding deep in the category vaults are must-watch Netflix Originals that most of the time have even better ratings than those in the Top 10. Here is a list of 10 must-watch Netflix hidden gems that slipped into the category cracks. Although only 10 of these finds are listed, don’t worry, there are plenty more!


1. Greenhouse Academy

This cheesy yet captivating tv show about an elite boarding school that focuses on the competition between nerds and jocks is the perfect show to binge. With some humor, romance, mystery, and of course tons of drama, this hidden gem gives you a taste of what life would be like if you had the chance to attend such a prestigious boarding school. Throughout the four seasons, with hopefully more to come, there sure are many surprises and changes made to the characters’ lives, the school, and even to some of the actors that play your soon to be favorite characters.

Greenhouse Academy photo, Image Credit: Netflix

Image Credit: Netflix


2. Insatiable

Have you ever wondered what it is like to go through a big life transformation during your teen years? This dark comedic-drama about an overweight and bullied teen turned beauty pageant queen, starring Disney Channel’s Jessie star Debby Ryan, is the perfect mix of conflict, highschool drama, relationships, and crime. It not only touches on the physical and emotional changes that she goes through during the two-season show but also shows the challenges that come with self-esteem and image expectations from society surrounding her and the people around her. Teens and young adults will especially feel a connection in some way to this find. 

Insatiable photo, Image credit: Netflix

Image credit: Netflix


3. #RealityHigh

High school drama, mean girls, and all things social media is what this comedic teen-drama is all about. As she seeks to feel more like she belongs with her new friends, the main character experiences great changes and lessons to learn from. Social expectations, relationships, and social media all play big parts in this film, and it teaches us that this is all part of growing up in the digital era. However, this doesn’t mean that being true to yourself is any less important. This hidden gem is perfect for anyone who seeks a spin on the typical mean, popular girl plotline. 

#RealityHigh photo, Image Credit: Netflix

Image Credit: Netflix


4. Dumplin’

This movie, featuring Friends actress Jennifer Aniston, is the perfect combination of friendship, competition, and of course, Dolly Parton! Being about a girl and her “misfit” friends taking on the world of beauty pageants, this Netflix find ultimately is all about discovering what beauty really means. It definitely is a feel-good movie that the whole family will enjoy and learn from.

Dumplin' photo, Image Credit: Netflix

Image Credit: Netflix


5. Stepsisters

There is nothing more light-hearted and fun than friendships and dancing. This Netflix original film not only has both of these, but also great conversations about race, priorities, and dedication. This not only makes it the perfect movie for this time in age, but also one that is extremely enjoyable. Without giving too much away, the premise of the film is that of a white sorority starting a Step team in order to not lose their sisterhood. The issues come with the fact that Step is typically only part of African American Greek life culture. However, even with some controversy, the upbeat and funny demeanor of this film makes it the perfect addition to this hidden gem list.Step Sisters photo, Image Credit: Netflix

Image Credit: Netflix


6. Sweet Magnolias

Another find it this heartfelt show based on the books of the same name, by Sherryl Woods. It not only provides moments of true friendship, parenthood, business, heartbreak, sacrifice, women empowerment, and great entertainment. Throughout you watch and learn about the lives of three best friends and their families, in a small town where everyone knows their past and present, sometimes even before they do. With stars from some television favorites such as Reba (JoAnna Garcia) and Zoey101 (Jamie Lynn Spears), Sweet Magnolias is the perfect rainy day show.

Sweet Magnolias photo Image Credit: Netflix

Image Credit: Netflix


7. When We First Met

This romantic comedy starring Pitch Perfect’s, Adam DeVine and Baywatch’s Alexandra Daddario, takes a spin on the classic time traveling to change something that went wrong the first time to a whole new level. This film focuses on the efforts of resetting a day over and over again to fix a relationship and get finally get it right. Of course, this comes with many challenges, end outcomes, and ultimately many resets. Although not a movie suggested for younger viewers, this rom-com find is a must-watch for teens and young adults!

Spinning Out photo, Image Credit: Netflix

Image Credit: Netflix


8. Spinning Out

Competition, romance, friendships, heartbreak. That is what this 10 episode, one-season drama series uses to trap viewers in wanting more. Starring Kaya Scodelario (The Maze Runner), January Jones (Mad Men), and Willow Shields (The Hunger Games), the series is about the life of a teenage figure skater who strives to be in the Olympics. As the series goes on, the main focus is more than just figure skating. Challenges with friends, family, mental health, romance, work, and just normal teenage stuff all occur as well. If you love sports movies and shows, this is the hidden gem for you!

Spinning Out photo, Image Credit: Netflix

Image Credit: Netflix


9. Atypical

If you are seeking a new perspective on life but something also super entertaining, relatable, and funny, this find is your perfect match! With three heartfelt seasons, Atypical is very open and free-spirited. The premise of the show is about a teenage boy on the Autism spectrum and his mission to find love, success, and a fulfilled life. It touches on what it’s like being and loving someone on the spectrum, along with typical daily struggles that add expected challenges. Warning: this show is not for younger audiences.

Atypical photo, Image Credit: Netflix

Image Credit: Netflix


10. The Babysitters Club

A fun take on the original books and movie featuring Clueless leading star Alicia Silverstone, this Netflix Original is a high-spirited look into the lives of teens and their new club. As it is a fairly new Netflix addition, it is a bit more publicized than the other finds on this list. Throughout the series, each of the characters tells their point of view of their lives as they deal with different challenges that help them grow throughout.  This includes issues dealing with family, school, relationships, health, competition, self-esteem, and of course friendship. Anyone looking for a light-hearted watch is going to love everything that The Babysitters Club has to offer. 

The Babysitters Club photo, Image Credit: Netflix

Image Credit: Netflix

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