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10 Products Every Pet Owner Needs

Calling all dog and cat lovers! Check out these fun and life-saving pet products below.

1. Flint

Love your furry friend but hate having cat hair all over your house, black pants, and inside your mouth? Flint, the pocket-sized, retractable tool, will solve all your excess cat hair problems. This award-winning lint roller comes in a variety of colors and is small enough to throw in your purse and cute enough to leave on the counters. Best part? It’s reusable, refillable, and recyclable. Saving our planet and your black pants, one lint roller at a time. Price varies depending on color from $7.99 or $9.99 and refills are $3.00. Buy online at or on Amazon.

2. Eazee by Foolee Click & Brush

Spend less time vacuuming your cat’s hair up and chasing them around the house with a brush and more time snuggling with your fur ball. The Eazee by Foolee de-shedding tool gets rid of 100% of the dead hair without pulling out any live, making grooming time an ease. The versatile tool has interchangeable accessories to accommodate all grooming needs. Don’t worry about cutting or scratching your cat any longer, the design features smooth, round edges.

3. Poof

Tracking our daily steps and activity has become a normal part of life these days and reaching our health goals has never been easier. Poof is the first device that tracks your pets daily activity, progress, rest, food intake, and calories burned. The small and lightweight device can be used as a tag or attached to your pet’s collar. Poof gives you peace of mind and you never have to wonder anymore if your pet is hiding any health issues. The device pairs with the free Poof app where it will track progress, trends, as well as make recommendations on food servings and activity for better health.

4. Mewgaroo

You might have seen this cat carrier hoodie making the rounds on social media lately. The Mewgaroo is not only cute and eye catching, your cat will love snuggling up inside the faux fur-lined carrier. It makes for the perfect way to keep warm and cuddle on the couch with your beloved animal. It can even hold small dogs too!

5. Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover Eliminator

This pet stain and odor remover spray from TriNova removes old and new pet stains. It is 100% natural and safe for all surfaces. You can also trust this stuff around your little ones; is safe around kids and pets! The organic ingredients feature a blend of enzymes that tackle stains and odors at their root. The enzymes break down the stains and restore your carpet to appear like new.

6. Andis Shedding Tool

This fine-tooth deshedding rake is perfect for small animals and makes grooming at the salon or at home a breeze. The fine-tooth design removes more undercoat and reduces shedding up to 90% while maintaining a damage-free topcoat. The ergonomic, anti-slip handle is comfortable for all-day use at the salon. Flea and tick season is coming and this tool will help remove excess fur or hair to detect those potential pests.

7. relicfitte Cat T-Shirts

This handmade comfy t-shirt made out of high quality fabric is the perfect piece to lounge around the house in or throw on with some shorts for Saturday errands. The shirt comes in dark charcoal and light heather gray. Sizes run small so make sure to size up!

8. Cat Planter by Easy, Tiger Co 

Looking for a gift for your cat-obsessed bff? This sleek and adorable ceramic cat planter is purr-fect. (Sorry, had to!) It is also safe enough to use as a food bowl! It’s available on September 18th, so mark those calendars!

9. Dharma Dog Karma Cat

We all know how much pets love to sleep. Your pet will fall in love with Dharma Dog Karma Cat’s line of comfy Himalayan wool beds and you will fall in love with the fact that these beds are handcrafted quality and eco-friendly. Best yet? The company makes sure the artisans who make the products are paid a wage that supports their families and communities.

10. GoCaddy

No more stressing about not enough hands when taking your dog on a walk. GoCaddy created a slender tote for your side that holds up to a 1.5-liter bottle of water, identification, money, charge card, keys, camera, cell phone, maps, and passport. This innovative travel accessory is also great for hiking, sporting events, amusement parks and more!

We hope you enjoy these fun products for your pet.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.