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10 Questions for Netflix’s “Kissing Booth 3”

Netflix released part two of The Kissing Booth movie series on July 24. A few days after the premiere, the cast announced that there will be a third movie coming sometime in 2021, with a teaser trailer. After seeing the second movie, there are so many questions as to what will happen next for the beloved characters. Here are ten questions that fans need answers to in the third Kissing Booth movie.


1. What school is Elle going to pick? Harvard to be with Noah, or UC Berkeley to be with Lee?

Question 1: Who is Elle going to pick?
Image Credit: Netflix Media Center | THE KISSING BOOTH 2 (2020)

If you have seen the second movie then you know that Elle has applied to both UC Berkeley, which has always been her and Lee’s dream school (and on their BFF list of rules), but also to Harvard where Noah attends. The movie ends with Elle basically having to pick between the two schools, and also her boyfriend and best friend. Obviously, this is a huge dilemma for Elle, but also a question that we need answered in the third movie.

2. What is Marco’s back story? Why did he move here, who is his family, etc.?

Question 2: Who is Marco really?
Image Credit: Netflix Media Center | THE KISSING BOOTH 2 (2020)

Marco as the new love interest for Elle was perfect. He’s handsome, athletic, can sing and dance, and OMG those abs! The real question is what is there not to love? He definitely provided some good new drama for the sequel, but we don’t know much about him at all. He mentions at one point that he has a sister, but besides knowing that very basic knowledge, there is no information on Marco. Where did he move from? Why did he move? Who is his family? We might not get a deep dive into the life of Marco in the next movie, but hopefully, we will at least get to see him!

3. What is the deal with Chloe and Noah? Is it really just a close friendship or is it maybe a little more than that?

Question 3: What is really going on with Noah and Chloe?
Image Credit: Netflix Media Center | THE KISSING BOOTH 2 (2020)

The second movie not only introduced a new love interest for Elle but what seems to be one for Noah as well. Chloe seemed to cause a bit of an issue for the favorite couple, but Noah claims that they are just really good friends. Of course, everyone watching questions whether it is more than just friendship. Throughout the movie, there were many signs that made us think that both Noah and Chloe might like each other more than they are leading on. Will this cause even more issues between Elle and Noah in the future? Will Elle trust that Noah is telling the truth?

4. Will we get to see more of Elle’s family and home life?

Question 4: Will we get to see more of Elle and her family?
Image Credit: Netflix Media Center | THE KISSING BOOTH 2 (2020)

The first two movies gave viewers a little look into Elle’s family, her home life, and who is important to her. One of the most important things we know about Elle is that her mother and Mrs. Flynn are the reason why her and Lee are best friends in the first place. We also know that Elle’s mom died of cancer a few years back. As we got to see in both movies, Mrs. Flynn kinda takes over that motherly role for Elle, but we don’t really get to see Elle interact with her actual family all that much. What viewers need is some more scenes with Mrs. Flynn, and even more with Elle’s father and little brother. Although this sequel provided a good father-daughter talk scene, getting more with Elle and her family (and not just her friends and boyfriend), especially before she goes off to college, is something that should definitely be in the next movie.

5. Will Lee and Rachel stay together? How will Elle and Lee’s friendship affect them in the future?

Question 5: Will Lee and Rachel stay together?
Image Credit: Netflix Media Center | THE KISSING BOOTH 2 (2020)

This entire college, brother choosing dilemma brings up the question of what will happen with Rachel and Lee. Throughout the movie, Rachel presented anger towards Lee and Elle’s somewhat clingy friendship and not getting to spend enough alone time with her BF. It makes sense because Lee does spend most of his time with Elle, but I mean Elle and Lee are basically families. So if Elle chooses to go to UC Berkeley with Lee, will Rachel be okay? Where is she going to school? We don’t know about what Rachel has planned, and although yes she was a little angry in the sequel, we can’t help but love her and Lee together, and hope that they make it to the end.

6. Is Marco really over Elle? Did he really just not talk to her after everything that happened? Will he be in the third movie?

Question 6: Is Marco really over Elle?
Image Credit: Netflix Media Center | THE KISSING BOOTH 2 (2020)

A big conflict in the second movie was that of a new love interest for Elle. Marco gave the audience everything that they could ask for in a love interest, but the timing just wasn’t right. There was one scene in the movie that had us all feeling the awkward tension between Noah and Marco, and then later we saw that Elle tells Marco to kinda back off because she loves Noah. Poor Marco. But then, we hear him say to a friend at graduation that Elle is worth it. Does this mean that he is going to fight for her? If not, then the question is what is going to happen to Marco? Is he really willing to let Elle go just like that? If Elle doesn’t go to school with Noah will Marco get his chance? And of course, we all are curious if we will get to see some more of that undeniable Marco and Elle chemistry, that we all secretly love.

7. What happened between Thanksgiving and graduation?

Questions 7: What happened during that missing time in the movie?
Image Credit: Netflix Media Center | THE KISSING BOOTH 2 (2020)

Towards the end of the movie, time jumped from right around the holidays to graduation real quickly. Obviously the skipping around was necessary so that the movie wasn’t four hours long, but it feels like we missed a lot. Did Noah come back and visit for Elle and Lee’s birthday, Christmas, and/or Prom? Redemption of those events was kind of needed, especially since in the first movie those events didn’t go so well for any of the characters. Will we get to see clips from these events in the next movie? Hopefully, just like how the sequel did a recap of what was missed at the beginning, the third will do too!

8. Is Noah really over the kiss that happened between Elle and Marco?

Question 8: Is Noah really over Marco and Elle?
Image Credit: Marcos Cruz (EPK.TV)

Noah came to watch Elle compete in the dance contest and instead was surprised by her kissing Marco. Noah or Marco is the question everyone is asking now. Hopefully, in the third movie, we will get an answer to who wins Elle’s heart. Late in the movie, Noah basically claims that he has forgiven Elle and forgot about the kiss, but did he really? Can someone really get over something like that so easily, or is it maybe something that Noah can live with?

9. Are Noah and Elle end goals?

Question 9: Will Noah and Elle end up together?
Image Credit: Netflix Media Center | THE KISSING BOOTH 2 (2020)

Noah and Elle are kinda like star-crossed lovers. They were together in secret in the first movie, aren’t all that alike, people don’t really want them together, but they also are complete couple goals. Naturally them ending up together in both the first and second movies was meant to happen, but the question now is if they are going to stay together through the end of the next movie and longer. If Elle doesn’t decide to go to Harvard will Noah be okay? Will he maybe transfer to UC Berkeley to be with her? If Elle chooses to not got to UC Berkley with Lee and instead choose Noah, will she be okay? What about Noah and Chloe? Will that cause issues for the favorite couple? What about Elle and Marco? So many questions, and hopefully even more answers to come.

10. Will there be a Kissing Booth in the next movie?

Question 10: Will there be a kissing booth in the third movie?
Image Credit: Netflix Media Center | THE KISSING BOOTH 2 (2020)

Since the title of the movie series is The Kissing Booth, it is kind of important for there to be an actual kissing booth in the movie at some point. Obviously the first movie’s entire plot-line was based on what happened at the carnival booth, but the second wasn’t so much. Yes, there was still a kissing booth, but was it only there to keep the title? What will they do for the third movie? Will there be a kissing booth, and if so, how will they include it? Will the booth be something that goes on at college? Or does a kissing booth even need to be included?

A lot of questions and no answers yet, but hopefully we will get some insight soon from the official trailer that has yet to be released. Waiting until sometime in 2021 for the entire movie and answers is definitely going to be really hard.

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