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10 Reasons To Use ClassPass For Your Workouts

You have a class pass membership, now what? It can be hard to get motivated when working out especially nowadays with life being put on pause. Whether you feel comfortable within your home, or feel that going out into a studio better motivates you, ClassPass allows you to choose whichever you feel most comfortable with.

The membership is meant for you, and the company wants you to get what you can get out of it. If you feel as though you are looking for a high-intensity workout, there are thousands on the app and in-person that you can join. As well as a low-intensity category as well. Sometimes you find yourself with all of these memberships and a lack of use, but here are 10 reasons to motivate you to use ClassPass for your workouts.

  1. ClassPass offers over 4,000 on-demand online workouts free of charge. These include HIIT & strength training, cardio, yoga, barre, and so much more. It is efficient and can be done anywhere.
  1. You’ll strengthen and engage your muscles throughout the classes, with detail on exactly what to do for the best performance.
  1. Studios specialize in certain workouts: cycling, barre, and yoga to more options like rock climbing. They are a great place to expand and improve. Proving, with every workout planned and programmed, you’ll maximize every minute.
  1. The instructors are trained professionals and coached specifically for each activity they teach. Regardless of what your situation is the instructors will help cater to the class for your best results.
  1. It is easy to get off track at home and push your workout to the side. ClassPass connects you to thousands of effective workouts for your personal best results. They will put you with expert instructors and inspiring spaces. The conclusion that you will want to push yourself harder. 
  1. 70,000,000 classes have been booked and the number keeps rising! 
  1. Feel free to choose what time you want, classes range from 5 to 90 minutes. It is easy to combine classes and target the exact part of your body you want to work on.
  1. It is easy to find classes to accomplish your fitness goals. You can pick your favorite activity, instructor, and difficulty level to leave you feeling satisfied. 
  2. If you get sick of a certain workout there is so much room to expand. You can choose from over 1,000 workouts. These are updated often, adding 150+ classes monthly.
  3. If you find that music helps motivate you when working out, ClassPass has the flexibility to par your class with playlists of all genres. All of this while expert trainers give you step-by-step instructions, tips, and motivation.

Find whichever way motivates you the most, you can’t go wrong with ClassPass. It will help you reach your goals. I have found myself using this for any free time I may have, it’s the perfect way to get in a quick well worked five minute workout. I have also found that when I am looking to target one area on my body that I want to get in shape, class pass offers perfect tutorials on how to reach that goal. Find your goal, and accomplish it with ClassPass.

Be sure you wear your favorite workout gear so you can look and feel your best!

Find out more information and sign up today!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.