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5 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Journal

People think keeping a journal about life and ideas you’re interested in is childish, but in fact, it’s not. For some people, keeping a journal keeps some sane, organized, less stressful, and enjoyable. And it proved to be a fun exercise to do that isn’t necessarily a chore for you. Here are some 5 reasons why you should start keeping a journal.

Why to Keep A Journal

  1. You can express any thoughts you want without anyone reading it. If you’re having a bad day and just want to vent out, but not exactly ready to tell anyone yet, you can always write in a journal until you have exhausted everything. It also helps release unnecessary anger and stress and negativity.
  2. It helps you keep organized. You can use a journal like a schedule of thoughts, organizing ideas into concept maps and seeing thoughts more clearly on paper than trying to think all of it in your mind.
  3. It improves your writing skills. Not drastically, but little by little, writing enough per day can help you understand words better and learn new ones to replace overused words. It’s probably one of the best and quickest way to keep learning and proofread yourself over major papers.
  4. It’s there if you forget. If you use a journal like a little notepad, jotting ideas during a meeting, it will prove useful in case you do forget something you want to do later. Also, keeping notes will help you be less stressful than when you have no notes and only your brain to try to remember.
  5. It’s a fun hobby to do in spare time. If you ever find yourself having too much extra time, or just need a break, writing in your journal can fill up that gap and make you feel productive than doing nothing or something you aren’t really into.

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