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10 Signs Your Dad is Your Best Friend

This is for all the women who proudly claim the title “daddy’s girl.” Excluding those girls who equivalents a father’s love to a swipe of his credit card to grab that new Prada purse. No. The women who are for certain that their dads are superheroes, but also confine in them as a best friend.


Do not get me wrong, my mom is the absolute best too, but there will forever be a different type of relationship that one has with each parent. I have always had a special connection with my dad. Your dad always had cool tricks; he took you on adventures and never admittedly got lost; you could spend hours with him and now you long for that one-on-one time. As a self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl”, I am fully aware that my dad is my BFF, but if you are wondering: “Is my dad my best friend?” here are key signs:

  1. You have the same tastes in movies and music. My dad and I have this infatuation with everything Will Ferrell. We constantly quote Anchorman back in forth to each other. And for music, lets just say I made him a Drake mix-tape for his birthday last year. Yeah, my dad is that cool.
  2. You can road trip with him any and everywhere.  My dad and I have made many, many road trips together, not only as a family but sometimes just him and me.  One example is the summer before my senior year in high school; we went on a 3-day college road trip to Southern California to tour prospective colleges.  So many laughs and deep conversations; those memories are something I will never forget.
  3. You take silly selfies together. Because he is one of the only people you can truly goof around with, these selfies add to the million inside jokes that you already share.
  4. You call him when you’re having a bad day or good day. If he gives the best and most rational advice, your fingers automatically dial his number when it comes to difficult decisions. But, you can’t help but call him first when something magnificent has just happened too! Sometimes your dad can put certain things in perspective that one else can. (That’s one of his superpowers, too).
  5. You have special songs for each other. Ever since I was little girl, my dad would sing me “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder. So, now every time I hear it, I instantly think of him and he does the same. Time to time if the song comes on the radio, he’ll record it and send it to me. Recently, I heard the song “Your Joy” by Chrisette Michelle and dedicated it to him:
  6. You compare every potential boyfriend to him. I know that the man that I end-up marrying one day has to be like my dad: funny, loving, loyal, intelligent, and bighearted amongst many other traits. Therefore, if a guy I meet does not measure-up, then he gets the boot!
  7. You value his opinion over any others. Daddy’s opinion matters in every aspect of my life. From my prom dress to what college I chose to attend, his opinion makes a vast impact on my decision-making.
  8. You support his sports teams just because they’re his.  When people ask me why I became an Oakland Raiders and a Los Angeles Laker fan, my reply is simply, “Because my dad is.” I have the facts to back my teams today, but I wanted to be just like my dad in any way possible. If that meant jumping on the bandwagon, so be it!
  9. He’s your number one fan. A best friend supports you and your big dream, no matter they are. They are always cheering you on at your sporting events. They are always “coaching” you to be the best possible person (or player) you could possibility be. Well, that’s my dad all right!  He and my mom tried to attend all my basketball games since I was 5 years old. By pumping me up before games or talking with me after a tough loss, he’ll always be a fan of mine.
  10. You love him unconditionally. As a father and as a best friend, the immense amount of love that you have for each other is the glue that holds you together.

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Saturday 14th of June 2014

Aww, I love this! My dad is my best friend, too!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.