10 Steps For How To Make A Manifestation Vision Board

A dream board known as a vision board is a powerful manifestation tool that can help you create manifestation magic in your best life.

steps on how to make a manifestation vision board

By creating a manifestation vision board, you will be able to visualize your goals and dreams and put yourself in a mindset of success.

What is Manifestation?

manifest written on paper

Manifestation is the process of bringing your desires into reality. It is the manifestation of your thoughts, feelings, and actions into physical form.

The manifestation process begins with setting an intention for what you want to create in your life.

This can be done through creative visualization, writing down your goals, or speaking them out loud.

Once you have set your intention, it is important to take action towards your goals. This can be done by taking small steps each day that will move you closer to your manifestation.

It is also important to believe that manifestation is possible, and that you are worthy of receiving what you desire.

When you have faith in the manifestation process, you are more likely to see manifestation magic happen in your dream life.

What is a Vision Board?

vision board with images

A manifestation vision board is simply a board where you display images and words that represent your goals and dreams. It is always great to create a vision board for each new year.

This could be anything from pictures of your dream home, to images that inspire you to be successful.

You can also create an online vision board with areas of your life that you want to focus on such as health, wealth, love, or career.

By looking at your manifestation vision board regularly, you will help to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and increase the chances of manifestation.

Why Create a Manifestation Vision Board?

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There are many reasons why you might want to create a manifestation vision board.

Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and need some inspiration, or perhaps you want to increase your manifestation power.

Whatever your reason, creating a manifestation vision board is a great way to focus your attention on what you want to achieve, and get manifestation results.

How to Create a Manifestation Vision Board

girl hanging images on vision board

There are many key steps to making a vision board work and using this popular tool on a regular basis to manifest.

Listed below are wonderful things you can use to help you create your first vision board to reach your ambitious goals and create your ideal life.

1. Get clear on what you want.

The first step to manifestation is getting clear on what you want.

What are your goals? How are you going to achieve them? What kind of life do you want to live?

Be as specific as possible when setting your intentions and have a clear vision of what it is you want.

2. Gather your materials.

Once you know what you want, it’s time to gather the materials you will need to create your manifestation vision board.

You will need a board (could be a corkboard, foam board, or piece of cardboard), scissors, glue, magazines, and anything else you want to use to decorate your board.

3. Find images that represent your goals.

Start flipping through magazines and cutting out images that represent your goals and dreams.

For example, if you want to manifest a new car, cut out an image of the car you want.

If you want to manifest a new job, find an image of someone doing the type of work you want to do.

If you plan on using a digital version you can find all kinds of images online to use.

A good time for vision boards work is when you have free time.

This will allow you a clear direction for goal setting and to create visualization for your manifestation board.

4. Paste the images onto your board.

Once you have found all the images you want to use, it’s time to start pasting them onto your dream board. Arrange the images however you want, and feel free to get creative!

The collage of images on your poster board should represent the good things that you want to accomplish in the coming year.

These images will help lead you in the right direction.

5. Write positive affirmations.

Writing positive affirmations is a great way to program your mind for success.

Write down a few affirmations that relate to your goals, and paste them onto your manifestation vision board.

For example, if you want to manifest more money, you could write “I am a money magnet” or “I am worthy of abundance.”

Including a positive affirmation is a great way to increase manifestation power. and be reminded of what you’re working towards.

6. Decorate your board.

someone adding to their vision board

Make your manifestation vision board your own by adding in any other elements that inspire you.

This could be anything from quotes to images of nature, to symbols that have meaning to you.

Vision board quotes can be motivational and provide encouragement when you are feeling doubtful about manifestation.

7. Hang your physical board up in a place where you will see it often.

You want to make sure you hang your manifestation bulletin board up in a place where you will see your life goals often.

If you have a physical vision board this could be in your bedroom, on your fridge, or even at your desk at work.

The important thing is you want to be able to see it and be reminded of your goals often.

If you decide to take the digital route you can add it to your phone or computer and look at it on a daily basis.

8. Take time to visualize.

Whenever you look at your manifestation vision board, take a few moments to close your eyes and visualize yourself achieving your goals.

See yourself as already living the life of your dreams.

This visualization tool can help paint the bigger picture of the important goals in your life.

The bottom line is your vision board is your visual representation of your goals, says life coach Zakiya Larry.

9. Believe that manifestation is possible.

The next step and the key to manifestation is believing that it is possible.

When you believe with all your heart that you can achieve your goals, manifestation will become easier and more effortless.

10. Take action towards your goals.

In order for manifestation to work, you need to take action towards your goals.

This could be anything from taking steps towards starting your own business, to applying for your dream job, to simply putting yourself out there and meeting new people.

By following these 10 steps on how to make a manifestation vision board, you will be well on your way to manifestation magic!

What You Should Include in Your Vision Board

girl smiling towards the sun in a field

When you’re making your first manifestation vision board, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

First, make sure that all the images and affirmations you include related to your specific goals. This will help to keep you focused on what you want to achieve.

Next, be sure to choose images that inspire you and make you feel good. This is your manifestation vision board, so it should be something that brings you joy to look at.

Finally, don’t forget to add in a few action steps towards your goals. Manifestation won’t happen if you’re not taking any steps towards making your dreams a reality.

So be sure to include a few things that you can do to get started.

Vision boarding is meant to have much fun and help you with your big goals in life.

Ideas For a Vision Board

travel vision board

If you’re not sure what kind of images to put on your manifestation vision board, here are a few vision board ideas to get you started:

  • Travel and adventure: images of far-off places, beautiful landscapes, or anything that represents freedom and exploration.
  • New home: images of your dream house, or of a cozy and inviting space that feels like home.
  • Personal goals: magazine clippings that represent your professional goals, such as a graduation cap if you’re working towards getting a degree.
  • Career and finance: images of your dream job, a luxurious lifestyle, or anything that represents success and abundance.
  • Health and wellness: magazine cutouts of healthy foods, people exercising, or anything that represents vitality and well-being.
  • Relationships: inspirational quotes about love, images of happy couples, or anything that represents companionship and happiness.
  • Personal growth: quotes, images, or anything that represents your journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.

No matter what kind of goals you have, there are sure to be some amazing images out there that represent them. So get creative, and have fun putting together your manifestation vision board!

Where to Put Your Vision Board

Now that you know how to make a vision board, the next step is deciding where to put it.

You’ll want to choose a spot where you’ll see it often so that you can be reminded of your goals on a regular basis.

A few popular places to put manifestation vision boards are in your living room, on your fridge, or at your home office.

A great place to hang it is in your bedroom. This way it is the first thing on top of mind that you think about.

Another great idea is to create a vision board that you can access from anywhere. This way, you can keep your goals top of mind no matter where you are.

You could even put it as your computer desktop background.

The Benefits of Manifesting with a Vision Board

hanging images up on a board

There are many benefits to manifestation, and using a manifestation vision board is one of the best ways to see results.

When you create your own vision board filled with specific goals and desires you are putting it out there into the universe, meaning you are much more likely to achieve them.

A manifestation vision board is also a great thing to keep yourself motivated and inspired.

Whenever you feel like you’re losing sight of your goals, all you have to do is take a look at your board and remember what you’re working towards.

And finally, manifestation is a great way to manifest your goals and dreams into reality.

By taking the time to visualize what you want, you are much more likely to achieve it.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your dreams come true, a manifestation vision board is the perfect place to start.

Vision Board vs Mood Board

a bunch of images of traveling

A lot of people confuse manifestation vision boards with mood boards, but they are actually two very different things.

Mood boards are usually less focused and contain a mix of images, colors, and textures that represent a certain feeling or vibe.

They are often used by interior designers, fashion designers, and other creatives to get inspiration for a project.

Vision boards, on the other hand, are much more specific. They are focused on a single goal or desire and contain a collection of images that represent that goal.

For example, if you want to manifest a new job, your vision board template might be filled with images of your dream job, or of people succeeding in their careers.

Also known as an inspiration board and goal boards it is a very powerful way to visualize and manifest your bigger dreams.

Manifestation and Law of Attraction

vision board with ideas

Manifestation is closely related to the Law of Attraction, which states that “like attracts like.” In other words, what you focus on expands.

So if you want to manifest your goals, it’s important to focus on positive emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Our subconscious mind is very powerful, and it can be a powerful tool for manifestation.

However, it’s important to remember that we are in control of our thoughts and feelings, and we can choose what we focus on.

As you keep your manifestation vision board in mind, the Universe will start to align itself to help you achieve your goals.

So don’t be surprised if you start seeing synchronicities, or if opportunities start to come your way.

Power of Visualization

One of the most important aspects of manifestation is visualization. This is the process of seeing your goals in your mind’s eye, and it’s a powerful way to manifest your desires.

When you visualize your goals, you are sending a clear message to the Universe about what you want. And the Universe will do its best to help you achieve your goals.

So how do you visualize your goals? The best way is to use your imagination and to really picture yourself achieving your desires.

For example, if you want to manifest a thriving business, see yourself in your mind’s eye giving a presentation to a room full of people.

Or if you want to manifest a new car, see yourself driving it down the street.

This visual way is more clear and more specific so that your overall visualization is better.

So take some time to really think about what you want, and then picture it in your mind as vividly as possible.

Manifesting a Vision

someone meditating

The perfect vision board doesn’t happen overnight but when you follow these simple steps you will be on your way to creating the best vision board.

You can even share it on social media for the right people to see and support you.

There are plenty of vision board examples online, a digital vision board, and even a vision board kit you can get to help guide you.

The power of vision boards has been scientifically proven in psychology today to work so there’s no harm in trying it out for yourself.

If you need to create separate boards for your personal favorites and different manifestation goals that’s fine, in fact, it might be better. This way you can focus on each goal and get clear about what you want.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to manifestation, so dream big, and don’t be afraid to put your manifestation vision board out there for the Universe to see!

If you come across a new vision don’t hesitate to create a new board filled with all sorts of manifestation power.

Throw a vision board party and use these top tips and favorite ways to create the best vision board!

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