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10+ Stores That Always Offer Free Shipping

When shopping online we always worry about if we have added enough to our cart to earn free shipping. Sometimes I only want to buy one thing and then have to pay an extra $5.99, then I debate if I really want that item. I know I’m not the only one, right? Well, no need to worry anymore because these online stores always offer free shipping with NO minimum!


Nordstrom is one of the biggest retailer stores and sells a variety of brands from Nike to Topshop to luxury brands like Saint Laurent. Its the perfect one-stop-shop! They offer free shipping no matter how much you spend and it will arrive at your home in 3-8 business days or you can pick up in-store. Another bonus is you can sign up for their free Nordy Club and earn points and get $20 back when you spend a certain amount of money!

Neiman Marcus

Another big one is Neiman Marcus. Just like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus also has a variety of brands to choose from such as ASTR, Levi, and Gucci. They’re also are your one-stop shop for makeup, shoes, and clothing. Their shipping is a little faster then Nordstrom. Theirs is 3-5 business days. They also offer in-store pick up as well.


Now this online store has been mentioned before on our website, Shopbop. Shopbop is a designer only online retailer. What’s nice is that with a code you can earn 25% off full-price items. Also depending on how much you spend you can get 15%,20% or 25% off your order. Now their shipping is even better because usually, you would have to pay for 1-day shipping but here you can get 1-3 business days for FREE, now that’s awesome! Another bonus is if you are an Amazon Prime member you get 2 day shipping FREE!


Converse is everyone’s go-to shoe! It’s cute with jeans, leggings, and dresses, whatever you want to wear it’ll work, literally. Converse has the cutest shoes and what’s even better is you get 2-4 business day free shipping if you spend over $50. What’s also cool about converse is that you can customize your own shoes and make them just how you like! Now with custom orders, they do take 2-3 weeks but they’re worth the wait!

Mac Cosmetics

Alt=Mac Cosmetics lipsticks and lipliner in mirror reflection"

Now for my beauty lovers, Mac Cosmetics has free 2-5 business day shipping! Who doesn’t love spending money on their favorite items, get FREE SHIPPING plus FREE samples. That’s a 3 in 1 bonus! You should be happy dancing right now. Let those people know why you’re randomly happy dancing!


Alt="Smashbox lipstick in mirror reflection"

Another great make-up brand that offers free shipping is smashbox! Smashbox has great make-up and offers free shipping , 2-5 business days, plus they’re cruelty-free, who doesn’t love that. Also if you join their smashcash loyalty program you can earn points the more you shop and other perks. Another great perk is with every order you get FREE samples and right now if you refer a friend, you and your friend get 20% off your order!

The Children’s Place

Alt="free shipping for The Children's Place boy t shirts and shoes"

Now this one is for the mommy’s, daddies, older siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents, friends, Whoever you may be to a cute little baby or toddler! The Children’s Place offers clothing, shoes, accessories, even matching clothes for your whole family! They always offer free shipping with no minimum. Their shipping does take a bit longer, up to 10 business days, but I think its worth it especially if you join their “My Place Rewards”. When you join their rewards every dollar you spend you earn 1 point and when you get to 100 points you get a $5 reward. They also have a credit card and with that you earn DOUBLE the points! Right now the entire website is 60% off and until April 12th you get $10 back every $20 you spend!


The place to go for some stylish sunnies is Ray-Ban. They have standard 3 business day shipping. Its 3 days for standard frames, 4-5 business days for remix custom frames, and 5 business days for prescription products. You can pick from several different styles for regular sunglasses and for a prescription. It’s great that this brand provides for both so you can have your fave sunnies and your fave prescribed ones all in one store!


Mostly everyone has an Apple product, either an Ipad, Imac, apple watch, Iphone and much more. Whats awesome is that apple gives free 1 day shipping on any in stock products or even 2 day on most in stock product, it’ll usually tell you when ready to check out. Only downside is that you can’t get custom items for free for 1 or 2 day shipping.


Now an online retailer coming up and has been seen everywhere lately is, Casetify. You have probably seen people with these cool sometimes custom phone cases and wonder where its from, well its Casetify. Whats awesome about them is that they have free 7-10 business days which is a bit longer then other places but if its custom and you wanted it done your way wouldn’t you want it to be perfect?! They sell different things like Iphone cases, Airpod Cases, Apple Watch bands and offer cases for androids. Those are just a few.

Now those are a couple of places that have the best free shipping for those who like to shop till they drop. I mean who wouldn’t when you’re getting free shipping and maybe even free samples sometimes! Go break the bank!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.