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10 Supernatural Actors That Also Star in Hallmark Movies

Supernatural and Hallmark couldn’t be more dissimilar. One’s about hunting monsters, and the other is about people falling in love during Christmas. However, one thing they have in common is the actors in them. Here are ten Supernatural actors in Hallmark movies:

1. David Haydn-Jones

Arthur Ketch joined the later seasons of Supernatural as a member of the British Men of Letters. While he starts as an enemy of the Winchesters, he eventually becomes their ally. In Hallmark movies, you can see Haydn-Jones as a single father in “My Christmas Dream,” “A Cookie Cutter Christmas,” and “Love Under the Rainbow.”

2. Alicia Witt

Witt played Lily Sunder in Supernatural, a professor who married an angel. She’s determined to get revenge on the angels who killed her daughter. Witt trades in the eyepatch for a red and green wardrobe in Hallmark movies. Her films include “The Mistletoe Inn,” “A Very Merry Mix-Up,” and “I’m Not Ready for Christmas.”

3. Matt Cohen

While the older John Winchester is rough around the edges, the younger John Winchester is delightful. That may be because young John hasn’t yet experienced the murder of his wife, but it’s also because he’s played by Matt Cohen. If you’re disappointed that he’s only in a handful of Supernatural episodes, watch “Holiday Date.” Cohen plays an actor who poses as a woman’s boyfriend for the holidays.

4. Osric Chau

Everyone’s favorite prophet, Kevin, is played by Osric Chau. He appeared in multiple seasons of Supernatural as an intelligent and endearing friend to the Winchesters. Fans will be happy to know that he also guest stars on the Hallmark movie “Matching Hearts.”

5. James Patrick Stuart

Dick Roman, the leader of the Leviathans, was the foe of Sam and Dean in season seven. He wanted to rule the earth by harvesting humans. In contrast, Stuart’s appetite in the Hallmark movie “A Taste of Romance” is much less horrifying. He plays a retired firefighter who opens up a diner next store to a French restaurant. It’s one of our favorite food-themed Hallmark movies.

6. Taylor Cole

Cole starred as Sarah, one of Sam’s love interests in season one. Unfortunately, Sarah suffered the fate of many of Sam’s significant others. However, Cole’s other characters have happier endings. She’s been in “My Summer Prince,” “Christmas Festival of Ice,” and “Christmas in Homestead.” Cole also has starred in multiple of the “Ruby Herring Mysteries” on the Hallmark Channel.

7. Clark Backo

Backo played Patience Turner, Missouri’s granddaughter, who also has psychic abilities. She appeared in multiple episodes of Supernatural in season thirteen. We were upset that the Wayward Sisters spin-off didn’t get picked up. But, watch her Hallmark film “Love at Look Lodge.” It’s a great fall hallmark movie.

8. Paul Campbell

Campbell has a lot of Hallmark movies under his belt. He’s played a window dresser, a videographer, and a man who falls in love with a princess. However, he also appears in season eight of Supernatural. He plays Don Richardson, a soldier who his wife Amelia thought was dead. This is bad news for Sam, who’s in love with Amelia. But Campbell’s characters usually get the girl at the end of the day.

9. Brendan Penny

Brendan Penny is one of the most popular Hallmark actors, starring in countless movies and series on the Hallmark Channel. Some of his projects include “Autumn in the Vineyard,” “Pride Prejudice and Mistletoe,” and “Magical Christmas Ornaments.” Penny has appeared on multiple Supernatural episodes as different characters. He played Steve in the episode Scarecrow and was also a demon who captures Kevin Tran.

10. Kavan Smith

Smith plays the Master of Spells in Supernatural, but a master of hearts in Hallmark. His Supernatural role is Cuthbert Sinclair, a member of the Men of Letters who worked with Sam and Dean’s grandfather Henry. Smith stays away from monsters in Hallmark movies such as “The Perfect Bride” and “Love on the Menu.”

Let us know in the comments which one of these Supernatural and Hallmark actors is your favorite. If you are curious about what other actors are in Hallmark movies, check out our article Celebrities You May Not Know Are in Hallmark Movies.

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Thursday 8th of July 2021

There are a heck of a lot more than 10, there are tons of them! I'm an avid Supernatural fan and watch all the Hallmark movies and recognize tons of people, but players and bigger players!


Monday 28th of September 2020

This is great! Love hallmark and love supernatural!

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