10 Tweets for 10 Years of One Direction

After 2 years of silence boy-band One Direction has posted the following on Twitter:

Firstly you may remember the impact that this band had if you were or knew tweens/teens of the ’10s. This is a result of One Direction being all the rage from 2010-2018. Anything and everything was 1D. For instance, they had albums, vinyl, tours, dolls, t-shirts, perfume, etc. Therefore, this resurrection is making me, and many others emotional and nostalgic. Throughout my tweenhood in the 10s, I was not a Directioner. On the other hand, I was an anti-Directioner. I thought I was “too cool” for them in middle and high school. The truth is I was not too cool for them. Above all, this announcement has me feeling ~all~ the emotions.

Tomorrow is One Direction’s 10 year anniversary. It is also their mysterious announcement. So in honor of 10 years, here are 10 1D tweets to get you hyped.

1. The staple 1D merch

Everyone needs some staple clothing and accessories in their life.


2. For everyone who did not get to see the boys live

A hotter ticket than Hamilton.

3. Get your earbuds, your tissues, and those One Direction albums ready

Brb go catch me crying over “Story of My Life” for the 500th time in a row.

4. How we wish Claire’s looked like this again

This was Claire’s in it’s prime.



Might have to go binge these plus their movie plus their music videos.

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6. Everyone breaking out their 1D Merch

Whether you wore it proudly or not, we all had some level of 1D.


7. The Directioners coming out of hibernation

They are everywhere, my social media feed is filled with Directoners waking up.

8. The emotions are running high right now

I do not even have anything to say other than I am feeling a lot of things at this moment.


9. This board

The London Underground gets it.

10. And finally, this 1D shrine

Those magazine posters were everything.


I have so many questions as to what the announcement could be. Will it be a tour? A reunion album? An at home concert? There are so many possibilities and I can not wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

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