10 Ways to Save Money at Nordstrom

I love Nordstrom but sometimes, the prices can be a bit too high for my money-saving shopping self. Here are 10 ways I’ve been able to save money while shopping at Nordstrom!

1. Always check out their sale section! Nordstrom is always quietly putting items on sale, so make sure you consistently check the sale section for your favorite items. Sometimes, Nordstrom will put things on sale because they’re deemed out of season or just have been in the store for too long. So make you’re checking!

2. Check out Nordstrom’s sister store, Nordstrom Rack! They have a really similar selection, with the prices just a notch above our beloved TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. A lot of times, items will actually filter down from Nordstrom to Nordstrom Rack, but it takes time. Be patient!

3. You get points when you make purchases at Nordstrom, but you also can get points on your Nordstrom account from shopping at Nordstrom Rack! Get enough points, and you can earn some $10 gift cards. These gift cards are better than any coupon because you can use the gift cards like money, no exclusions apply (best news ever)!

4. Nordstrom will alter any item for you that is from their store. If that dress you love is just a little too long, they’ll alter it for you no problem! If it is a minor/basic alteration, they will even do it for free.

5. Become a Nordstrom cardholder to get early access to their Anniversary Sale! The Anniversary Sale happens every summer and Nordstrom does a MEGA price slash so keep an eye for that sale, and have your Nordstrom card ready!

6. Nordstrom will typically price match any item. Price matching is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. For example, if Free People is having a sale on jeans, then those perfect-fit Free People jeans you’ve been eyeing up at Nordstrom will also go on sale.

7. Ask for help from a personal shopper/stylist! This is a service you don’t see a lot anymore. Nordstrom has employees specifically to help you find what you need. It’s a free service, just ask a worker in the clothing department and have someone help you find your perfect outfit!

8. You can return basically anything to Nordstrom. This store has the craziest return policies I’ve ever seen. They will take back any item that you’ve bought from their store for any reason. You could have bought a pair of rain boots 2 years ago that are scuffed and worn now and as long as you can prove that you bought them at Nordstrom, the store will take them back and give you a full refund.

9. If you find that perfect pair of shoes, but they don’t quite fit the way you like, Nordstrom’s got you! When purchasing a pair of shoes from their stores, if needed, they will throw in a free pair of inserts or you can have your shoes stretched, free of charge.

10. Save your gift cards! If you come into a Nordstrom gift card for a birthday or rewards points, HOLD ON TO IT. Nordstrom gift cards never expire so you can save it and use it while the store is having a sale, to make your item of choice even cheaper.

Next time you pop into Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack, keep these tips in mind so you can save while you shop!

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