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100 Best Movie Quotes from Sing 2

Sing 2 is a hit! While the film may have not been anticipated to be a huge success, Universal Pictures delivers another fantastic jukebox musical comedy with its’ sequel film to Sing. Like the first film, Sing 2 features a star-studded cast with Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly, and more! 

The movie follows Buster Moon on another adventure with his original cast of performers as they attempt to make it in the big leagues at Red Shore city. As the plot unfolds, Moon faces difficulty dealing with the media mogul Jimmy Crystal and is forced to make some tough decisions in order to stay true to himself. Sing 2 truly is not a film to miss. The music, animation, and family humor will brighten up your day!

Here’s the scoop on the best quotes from Sing 2!

Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Nick Kroll, and Taron Egerton in sing 2
(2021) Sing 2

1. “Guys, this is the entertainment capital of the world!” – Moon

2. “It’s a gift from Mr. Crystal. It says, ‘Don’t screw up, Moon, or else.’” – Miss Crawley

3. “I’ll give you three weeks to get this show up and running.” – Mr. Crystal

4. “We won’t let you down sir.” – Buster Moon

5. “Dream big dreams. That’s what I always said, right?” – Buster Moon

6. “Better not or I’ll throw you off the roof.” – Mr. Crystal

7. “I knew you were a weirdo!” – Nooshy

8. “You’d never make it in the big leagues.” – Suki

Letitia Wright and Taron Egerton
(2021) Sing 2

9. “It’s ok, just sing. Your songs will carry you.” – Ash

10. “I’ve just been told that my destiny, all of my hopes and dreams, uh, they all ended right here.” – Buster Moon

11. “Johnny, you’re going to be working with the number one choreographer in Red Shore city.” – Buster Moon

12. “Thrust, thrust, thrust! You’re not thrusting, Johnny!” – Klaus Kickenklober

13. “Oh my gosh, I’m like, so into vintage right now.” – Porsha

14. “You must fight for what you believe in. Guts, stamina, faith. These are the things you need now.” -Nana

15. “Woah! This is sick!” -Nooshy

Halsey in sing 2
(2021) Sing 2

16. “You’d better have Calloway by the end of next week, or so help me!” – Mr. Crystal

17. “No one makes me look like a fool! No one!” – Mr. Crystal

18. “I don’t know what happened to me! Did my kids see that?” – Rosita

19. “I am not just a little guy from nowhere.” – Buster Moon

20. “My mother always said Gunter, you aren’t as stupid as your papa.” – Gunter

21. “We should have this cool alien tango scene.” – Gunter

Scarlett Johansson, Nick Kroll, Chelsea Peretti, and Taron Egerton
(2021) Sing 2

22. “We’re in Clay’s house.” – Ash

23. “Now, didn’t you say you were gonna eat your hat?” – Nooshy

24. “Gunter, Sci-Fi musical! You’re a genius!” – Buster Moon

25. “Oh! I’ve got a better idea! What about the mambo?” – Gunter

26. “I have to kiss someone.” – Meena

27. “Yuck! That is rubbish. So bad!” – Klaus Kickenklober

28. “Tippy toes! Tippy toes! I don’t see your tippy toes!” -Klaus Kickenklober

Matthew McConaughey in sing 2
(2021) Sing 2

29. “Take that you nasty, alien monster! Did I do good?” – Porsha

30. “You have no idea what you’re getting into.” – Suki

31. “It’s literally my dream come true.” – Rosita

32. “Only when we suffer can we be great!” – Klaus Kickenklober

33. “In the future, if you could not interrupt me, that would be way better.” – Darius

34. “Can I be honest? You’re not good enough.” – Suki

35. “Just forget what Klaus told you and go with the flow.” – Nooshy

Matthew McConaughey
(2021) Sing 2

36. “Whatever podunk town they crawled out of, that’s where they belong.” – Mr. Crystal

37. “Guts, Stamina, Faith. These are the things you need now.” – Nana

38. “I counted 9 smiles, 2 belly laughs, and 3 chuckles. Though the last one may be gas.” – Miss Crawley

39. “You don’t understand. There’s no rock star living here anymore.” – Calloway

40. “Mr. Calloway? Is anyone home?” – Miss Crawley

41. “I have a rule where I don’t let guys like you tell me my worth. “– Ash

sing 2
(2021) Sing 2

42. “I don’t suppose any of you can tapdance, huh?” – Mr. Moon

43. “Let’s go spread a little Moon Theater magic!” – Buster Moon

44. “We just gotta be brave now.” – Buster Moon

45. “You and your stupid, stupid sky-fi show can go to heck!” – Porsha

46. “Ruby was everything and I don’t like honey in my tea.” – Calloway

47. “I have to give the lead role back to Rosita.” – Buster Moon

Matthew McConaughey, Peter Serafinowicz, and Letitia Wright
(2021) Sing 2

48. “You’re firing me!?” – Porsha

49. “You will never be great, Johnny!” -Klaus Kickenklober 

50. “Everybody mop.” – Mr. Moon

51. “Ordinary and school, two things I will never be associated with.” – Mr. Crystal

52. “I can do whatever I want.” – Mr. Crystal

53. “Clay, it’s time to go on.” – Ash

54. “That’s not what falling in love with me looks like. I should know, I see it day after day, week after week.” – Darius

reese witherspoon sing 2
(2021) Sing 2

55. “It’s tea. You drink it.” – Ash

56. “All these years I thought the same, but turns out, there’s always a choice. Just never had the guts to make the right one.” – Calloway

57. “You were incredible!” – Alfonso

58. “Come on, Rosita” – Buster Moon

59. “No, sir. I’m not a loser.” – Buster Moon

60. “What? You don’t think my daughter is good enough for your show?” – Mr. Crystal

(2021) Sing 2

61. “And that’s why they say not to meet your heroes.” – Ash

62. “Your stupid sci-fi show can go to heck!” – Porsha

63. “Norman: release the piglets.” – Rosita

64. “Bring me Moon.” – Mr. Crystal

65. “The right thing to do is what I tell you to do!” – Mr. Crystal

66. “Help me!” – Buster Moon

67. “I can tell you running and hiding away is not all that it’s cracked up to be.” – Calloway

Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johansson
(2021) Sing 2

68. “You’d really think I’d let a low-life little amateur loser like you humiliate me?” – Mr. Crystal

69. “It’s not like we can just sneak in there and put the show on behind Crystal’s back.” – Johnny

70. “We’re gonna put this show on whether Crystal likes it or not.” – Buster Moon

71. “I’m beginning to like this guy.” – Calloway

72. “Here, Rosita. It’s your role.” – Buster Moon

73. “My ice cream guy, and he’s sitting in the front row.” – Meena

Adam Buxton and Taron Egerton sing 2
(2021) Sing 2

74. “There’s only one way to go, and that’s up!” – Buster Moon

75. “Are we really doing this?” – Rosita

76. “All creatures big and small, welcome to Outer Space!” – Buster Moon

77. “Where’s my security?” – Mr. Crystal

78. “Miss Crawly put some cushions and snacks down there, so you should be comfortable till the show’s over.” – Buster Moon

79. “You traitor.” – Mr. Crystal

Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Tori Kelly, Eric André, Taron Egerton, and Halsey
(2021) Sing 2

80. “Find that feeling. It is now or never.” – Darius

81. “Mr. Crystal, I’m coming!” – Jerry

82. “You were incredible!” – Alfonso

83. “You look like a goddess, and lucky for you, it’s free ice cream for all goddesses day!” – Alfonso

84. “Come on, Rosita.” – Buster Moon

85. “No, sir. I’m not a loser.” – Buster Moon

86. “This is a mistake. It’s been so long. I’m not ready. I’m sorry,” – Calloway

Taron Egerton in sing 2
(2021) Sing 2

87. “You are a genius!” – Linda 

88. “He’s innocent! Mr. Crystal, please, I love you!” – Jerry

89. “Stop the bus!” – Suki

90. “I just got a call from the Majestic. They think the show is fantastic and they want to put it on in their theater!” – Suki

91. “You’ll be pleased to hear I did bring it back with a full tank.” – Miss Crawly

92. “I haven’t even heard one of my songs in over fifteen years!” – Calloway

Bono and Scarlett Johansson
(2021) Sing 2

93. “We did what we came here to do… and there is nothing you can do or say to change that.” – Buster Moon

94. “Anyone who dares set out to follow their dreams is bound to face a lot worse than a dip in the canal.” – Nana

95. “Hey do you mind? I’m in a meeting here!” – Buster Moon

96. “Oh, Poppycock!” – Nana

97. “We’ve got nothing to lose.” – Rosita

Bono and Scarlett Johansson sing 2
(2021) Sing 2

98. “I’m like so into vintage right now.” – Porsha

99. “Here I am, I’m young and I’m not afraid at all.” – Porsha

100. “My name, it’s Meena, not Gina.” – Meena

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Craig Joyce

Wednesday 17th of August 2022

They are so cute. I love them. cuphead

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