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100 Best Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts (2023)

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas has garnered quite a following since the movie was released in 1993. Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is often debated whether it’s a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie due to the mix of themes and the characters. Following the success of his first movie, Tim Burton directed another animated movie called The Corpse Bride, which won the best-animated film award.

best nightmare before christmas gifts

The success of the classic film has led to fans grabbing everything related to Jack Skellington otherwise known as the Pumpkin King. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for others this Christmas, this gift guide for fans of Tim Burton will have everything from dog collars to cuckoo clocks for holiday fun.

Here’s the scoop on the best Nightmare Before Christmas gifts!

Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas Musical Glitter Globe

nightmare before christmas glitter globe

Go on a journey to your favorite nightmare with this stunning handpainted globe of Jack Skellington, Zero, Oogie Boogie, and more! The base of the snowglobe rotates sending the fan-favorite characters traveling in a circle. If you know someone who loves The Nightmare Before Christmas and loves to collect merchandise from this classic, this globe will make a great addition to their Christmas collection.

2. Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Lanyard

This lanyard makes the perfect gift for fans who love Jack Skellington. Besides the normal style lanyard, there is a detailed rubber charm of Jack Skellington. This nylon lanyard can be used around the neck or used to keep track of car keys.

3. Jack Skellington Plush Slippers

Feel like you’re walking on a cloud with these Nightmare Before Christmas slip-on slippers that are both lightweight and comfortable. A great gift pairing idea is to have these plush slippers with a matching pajama set.

4. Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Ornament

The ghost dog comes to life in this detailed ornament to place on a Christmas tree. The ornament comes with a hanger, so you don’t have to find clips when decorating your tree. All Nightmare Before Christmas fans will love this adorable addition to their tree.

5. Nightmare Before Christmas Comforter Set

Have the infamous Jack Skellington on your bedroom covers. This polyester comforter set is one of the best Nightmare Before Christmas gifts as it will make a living space extra fun. The thick fade-resistant covers ensure whoever has these covers will stay warm.

6. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Moonlight Lamp

With a detailed spiral hill on the lampshade, this intricate lamp is perfect for fans who want to sleep in a bedroom that reminds them of Halloween town or a pumpkin patch. The base of the lamp has Sally and Jack dancing in the moonlight while occupied by Zero.

7. Sally and Jack Skellington Tote Bag

nightmare before christmas tote bag

This on-the-shoulder foldable tote bag shows the cartoon version of the famous characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The tote bag is big enough for all of your daily essentials including iPads, makeup, and even hats. Go to the beach supporting your favorite movie!

8. Jack and Sally Meant to Be Coffee Mug

Have your morning coffee with this lovely mug supporting the main characters of Tim Burton’s film! This mug is a great gift for couples and for people who are single. Pair this cute mug with candy and place it under the Christmas tree.

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas Photo Frame

Showcase this beautiful picture frame with one of your favorite memories! Even though this frame only comes in one dimension, you can place this picture frame anywhere in the house for a unique touch. Sally and Jack are a part of the frame to spread love in the air this holiday season.

10. High Top Nightmare Before Christmas Sneakers

nightmare before christmas sneakers

These sneakers make a great gift for teens and adults who want to express their love for The Nightmare Before Christmas. Coming in a unique design with an assortment of colors, other Tim Burton fans will be jealous of your new shoes. The graphics are in bright pastel colors to mirror the colors on Sally’s dress.

11. The Nightmare Before Christmas Charm Bracelet

Wear this fun bracelet with almost every outfit! The silver charms represent characters and themes from the classic movie. This simple gift will make Nightmare Before Christmas fans super happy.

12. Glow in the Dark Nightmare Before Christmas Pillowcases

Dream about your favorite nightmare with these glow-in-the-dark pillowcases of Sally and Jack. The double-sided pillows are super soft and come in unique packaging ideal for kids’ parties. Snuggle up with these comfortable The Nightmare Before Christmas pillowcases!

13. Jack Skellington Laptop Sleeve

This Nightmare Before Christmas gift is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time on their computer. This laptop sleeve is scratch-resistant and ideal for high school or college students who take their computers everywhere.

14. The Nightmare Before Christmas Soap Dish Holder

Turn your bathroom into a spooky nightmare with this unique soap dish! This would be a great gift for someone looking to decorate their bathroom with the classic animation film by Tim Burton.

15. Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas T-Shirt

Get ready for all of the ghosts to come to life with this Jack Skellington graveyard theme shirt! This t-shirt comes in six different colors and is made to fit both adults and kids.

16. I Love You to the Moon and Back Sterling Silver Necklace

i love you to the moon and back necklace nightmare before christmas

Gift this sterling silver necklace to someone you love this Christmas! The necklace is made into a crescent moon with Jack and Sally figures inside it. The necklace also comes with the engraved, “I love you to the moon and back” words. Since the necklace comes in a box, you can easily stuff it inside a stocking for someone to open up on Christmas.

17. The Nightmare Before Christmas Nightgown

This comfortable nightgown features graphics of Jack and Sally with a purple background. This nightgown is especially ideal for sleepovers or lounging around. The v-neck collar and the polyester material keep you looking stylish even after the lights go out.

18. The Nightmare Before Christmas Coasters

These lovely coasters come with graphics and phrases from The Nightmare Before Christmas. There are a variety of designs and the coasters are held all together with a small metal holder. Take a housewarming party to the next level with these drink coasters.

19. Deadly Night Shade Jar Set

Store just about anything in these ceramic jar sets inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas. The grey jars come with intricate designs to bring your kitchen or living space to life.

20. Nightmare Before Christmas Crossbody Bag

nightmare before christmas crossbody bag

Rock out this purple crossbody bag with Jack Skellington and Sally. The small bag has an adjustable shoulder strap for wearing on long trips. The bag is also big enough to store your valuables. Gift this wonderful bag to anyone looking for a purse or bag to use for every occasion.

21. The Nightmare Before Christmas Utensils Set

Anyone who loves to cook and adores The Nightmare Before Christmas will find this wooden utensil set to be a great gift. The spoons are machine washable and won’t fade over time like other wooden spoons. An extra bonus is the Jack-themed apron and oven muffs.

22. Black and White Jack Skellington Tapestry

This high-quality tapestry is one of the best gifts for college students who want to show their love for The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. The unique design is inspired by the universe and the stars. Jack Skellington’s face also changes as the phases of the moon change. Hang this tapestry over your bed or living room couch.

23. The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Cards

Learn how to read into the future with these tarot cards and guidebook. The Nightmare Before Christmas fans who enjoy fortune-telling or even astrology may love this gift. In the 78-card deck, there are both frightening and friendly cards with all of the iconic characters like Sandy Claws and Oogie Boogie from the film.

24. Bitty Boomers Disney Jack Skellington Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Dance the night away with this glowing spooky speaker of Jack’s vengeful face. This Bluetooth speaker easily connects to computers, phones, televisions, and tablets for endless Halloween fun. This is a great gift idea for someone who loves music or wants to show off at a Halloween party.

25. The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Keychain

One of the best Nightmare Before Christmas gifts is these small keychains that form the shape of a heart when the two keychains are together. This stainless steel keychain depicts the love between Sally and Jack with the other characters on the outside edges of the heart. Consider buying these keychains for yourself or for someone you love.

26. Jack Skellington Throw Blanket

Dive into The Nightmare Before Christmas with this soft polyester throw blanket! The design features Jack, Zero, and tombstones. You can hang it on the wall or snuggle with it during scary movies.

27. Dead Skull Pattern Cosmetics Bag

Take this waterproof makeup bag on trips! The fun design features Jack and a few other characters from the Tim Burton film. Use this bag for makeup, jewelry, or medicine. The high-quality polyester and sponge lining fabric ensures your personal belongings are safe.

28. Sally Halloween Leggings

Be prepared to travel to Spiral Hill with these leggings inspired by the character, Sally. The blue and black stitch leggings are perfect for fun events and Halloween parties. These leggings can be hand-washed and are flexible for long time use.

29. Glow in the Dark Jack Skellington Crocs

Bring Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas to life with these black crocs with glow-in-the-dark pins! The crocs are lightweight and offer plenty of room for your feet to breathe. The sizes can run small, so it is recommended to get the next size up. Collect charms to make your crocs unique!

30. Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Boxers

Relax after a long day in these comfortable Jack and Sally themed boxers! Stuff them inside a stocking or pair them with a matching bathrobe under the tree. The fabric is cotton and has an elastic waist for everyday boxers.

31. Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Stocking

Make decorating for the holidays a little more fun this year with this beautiful stocking of Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas! The polyester fabric of the stocking is great for protecting all of the little presents going inside the stocking. This gift is perfect for people who love Christmas decorations.

32. Classic Jack Skellington iPhone Case

Turn your bland phone case into a spooky one with this high-quality iPhone case! The Jack Skellington theme and the graveyard background will have other Nightmare Before Christmas fans swooning. The artistic cutout fits perfectly with the shape of current iPhone models.

33. The Nightmare Before Christmas Operation Game

nightmare before christmas operation game

Make the family game night a little spooky with this Nightmare Before Christmas operation game edition! Become a professional surgeon by operating on Oogi Boogie. This Nightmare Before Christmas game is the perfect gift for people who love board games. This game can also serve as a collector’s item.

34. The Nightmare Before Christmas Music Box

Fall into a dreamy nightmare with Jack and Sally while listening to beautiful music from this music box! The best part about this music box is the exterior engraved details to resemble antiques. Gift this music box to a friend or a relative!

35. Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Decal Stickers

Enhance your laptop, suitcase, or skateboard with these fun stickers inspired by the classic Tim Burton film! The decal stickers range from Halloweentown to Oogi Boogie wearing a creepy smile. Showcase your love for the animated film with these stickers!

36. Halloween Pumpkin King and Sally Shower Curtain

Design your bathroom for Christmas and Halloween with his 3D graphic shower curtain of Sally and Jack! This shower curtain also includes white hooks if you’re looking to go above and beyond in decorating your bathroom. You also have the ability to switch the curtain design for other Nightmare Before Christmas images.

37. The Nightmare Before Christmas Stainless Steel Cup

Make traveling more fun with these spooky travel mugs! The beautiful design of the spiral hill and the two main characters of Tim Burton’s movie will have you using the cups all the time. Since the stainless steel cups are insulated, you can travel without worrying about your beverage turning cold and hot.

38. Jack Skellington Yard Flag

This yard flag is a great gift for anyone who loves to decorate their house with Halloween decorations. Sometimes you don’t need to go all out on Halloween decorations but having this simple flag in your yard will make your house look aesthetic and spooky.

39. Jack and Sally Combat Boots

Go to school by flashing these grey Nightmare Before Christmas combat boots! These boots are covered in delicate patterns with an image of Jack and Sally. Consider buying these boots if you know someone who loves fashion and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

40. Zero Ghost Dog Coin Bank

Get into the Halloween spirit with this cute coin bank in the shape of Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This coin bank can serve as a decoration or a place to save up coins for your upcoming travels.

41. Nightmare Before Coffee Sweatshirt

Sometimes people can act out of character if they don’t have their coffee in the morning. This Nightmare Before Coffee sweatshirt inspired by the design of The Nightmare Before Christmas makes the perfect gift for coffee lovers. The zip pullover shirt is comfortable and made of polyester and cotton to stay warm during the winter months.

42. Nightmare Before Christmas Personalized Address Sign

It’s time to get spooky all year round with this fun Nightmare Before Christmas personalized address sign! The design is weather-proof to sustain harsh conditions. Just stick the handcrafted sign with your address in your yard and you’re good to go!

43. Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Skirt

Add a fun and unique tree skirt under your Christmas tree for the holidays! This specific tree skirt has all of the iconic characters from the spooky Tim Burton film. If you get this tree skirt, pair it with another Christmas decoration like ornaments or stockings that matches.

44. Nightmare Before Christmas Slow Cooker

Fix a grandiose feast in this Nightmare Before Christmas slow cooker! This slow cooker holds 7 quarts and comes with adjustable heat settings to help cook your food at the right temperature. It also comes with a tempered glass lid to keep your food warm all day long.

45. Nightmare Before Christmas Puzzle Set

This puzzle piece set comes with fairly large pieces counting at 108. The overall puzzle image features Jack Skellington, Sally, and a few other spooky characters. The background also comes from famous scenes in the movie.

46. Funko Pop Vinyl Sally Figure

The detailed vinyl figure showcases all of the stitches from the original character. The colors and dress are also a replica of the original Sally from the movie. Grab this funko pop if you know someone who loves The Nightmare Before Christmas!

47. Basic Nightmare Before Christmas Beanie

Stay stylish this winter with this cute Jack Skellington beanie! The wool material helps to keep your head warm while engaging in outdoor activities. Pair this beanie with a matching sweater and other fans of the skeleton will be envious.

48. Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Scarf

Bring Zero the ghost dog to life with this white polyester scarf. This scarf makes the perfect Christmas gift for adults and kids looking to add a little fun to their winter accessories.

49. Jack Skellington Retro Decorative Sign

jack retro sign

Add this hilarious retro sign to liven up your living space! This vintage sign has a graphic image of Jack crossing his arms with a funny phrase. This sign will make a great gift for anyone looking for more decorations for The Nightmare Before Christmas.

50. The Nightmare Before Christmas Wine Glass Set

This short wine glass collectible set will put you in a romantic mood. The wine glasses have a printed image of Jack and sally in a loving embrace. This gift is ideal for wine lovers or for people hosting a Halloween party for adults.

51. Sally Sleeptime Soup Bowl

Warm up your tummy by placing your favorite soup in this Nightmare Before Christmas themed soup bowl! The ceramic bowl also comes with a spoon to match. The design of the bowl features Sally carrying soup. People who love to cook will adore this ceramic bowl!

52. Jack Skellington Handbag

Go shopping in style with this purple and black Jack Skellington purse! The bold purse has two compartments where you can store your personal belongings with ease.

53. The Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

nightmare before christmas cuckoo clock

Relive the movie with this collectible cuckoo clock! The clock has many characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas built into the design of the clock. Add some spooky charm with this stunning cuckoo clock!

54. The Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar

Dive into your ghoulish delights with this awesome advent calendar! Countdown to Christmas with a fun new twist that includes stickers, ornaments, and holiday greetings. This advent calendar makes a great stocking stuffer as it comes with fun trivia and a few other surprises like Christmas Jack!

55. Loungefly Nightmare Before Christmas Character Wallet

Take this cool wallet everywhere you go, featuring all of the spooky characters from the award-winning film. The zippered wallet is made of faux leather and is an officially licensed product of Disney. There are also 7 slots for all of your important cards.

56. 5-piece Nightmare Before Christmas Makeup Brushes

Spice up your makeup brushes just in time for the spooky season! The innovative design is sure to turn heads, especially if you enjoy filming makeup tutorials for yourself or for others. The high-quality material ensures flawless makeup every time.

57. Buckle-Down Nightmare Before Christmas Collar

Showcase your love for your dog by letting them wear this fun Nightmare Before Christmas collar with the famous ghost dog. This adjustable collar is ideal for large, small, and medium-sized dogs. This is a great gift for dog lovers.

58. The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Decorative Outdoor Signs

Make your home super spooky for Halloween with these decorative signs reminding fans of Halloweentown. The 3 pieces showcase characters like Oogie Boogie with the words, “Trick or Treat.” These signs are great for parties as well.

59. Sally and Jack Long Sleeve Shirt

The cotton and polyester material provide comfort and warmth in the fall season. This grey long-sleeve shirt has graphics of Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This long-sleeve shirt makes the perfect gift for couples.

60. Nightmare Before Christmas Classic Sally Costume

Take your Halloween costume to the next level with this Sally costume that comes in the original style and colors. If you know someone who loves cosplaying iconic characters, this adult costume will make a great addition to their wardrobe.

61. The Nightmare Before Christmas Trivial Pursuit

Coming in a purple coffin-shaped box, this trivia game takes on a new twist. The 400 questions are targeted toward scenes and characters of the movie. Buy this game if your teen loves hosting game nights with their friends.

62. Jack and Sally Earrings

These stylish earrings are made of an alloy that doesn’t easily rust or corrode. If you know a fan who may love jewelry with characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas, these will make a perfect gift, especially if their skin is sensitive.

63. Jack Skellington Nutcracker

Change your usual decorations into unique ones with this Christmas Jack nutcracker! This will make a great gift for someone who loves to collect nutcrackers. The 10-inch tall Jack nutcracker is wearing a Santa suit and is surrounded by a mountain of presents.

64. Nightmare Before Christmas Crew Socks

Keep your socks organized with this spooky coffin-shaped box! These crew socks make a great stocking stuffer and are ideal for kids and adults. The graphic socks have heel support and arch compression for the utmost comfort.

65. Funko Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Card Game

Another game for family game night, this Nightmare Before Christmas themed game has you building toys with certain goal cards to ensure all presents are delivered on Christmas.

66. Jack and Sally Watch

Gift this lightweight and stylish watch for Christmas! The unique design includes a graphic image of Sally and Jack as well as spiderwebs with the shape of a spiral hill. The stainless steel watch comes with a black leather belt to match any look.

67. Doorables Nightmare Before Christmas Figures

Add to your Nightmare Before Christmas collection with these cute mini figures of all of the characters. A great place to put this gift is inside a stocking for a spooky surprise. They also come with glittering eyes and detailed outfits.

68. Long Live the Pumpkin Queen Book

Read more about Sally’s story with this hardcover book by Shea Ernshaw. This book makes the perfect gift for collectors and readers alike. Pair this lovely story with a tote bag or notebook.

69. The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D Wall Clock

For a more fun yet modern touch in your home, this Nightmare Before Christmas battery-powered clock easily replaces an empty wall. Save time putting it on the wall with an easy installation method. The wall clock is also silent for distraction-free space.

70. Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Dog Costume

Dress up your dog in this cute ghost dog costume from Nightmare Before Christmas. To light up Zero’s nose, the costume comes with batteries. Make sure to look at the size chart to see if your dog will fit into this costume.

71. The Nightmare Before Christmas Pocket Watch

Introducing a frightening vintage nightmare, this pocket watch features Jack and Sally with the famous spiral hill. This watch makes the perfect gift for collectors looking to up their collection.

72. The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly Game

Become the Halloweentown king or queen in this spooky version of Monopoly! The places that players are allowed to purchase are located in Halloweentown. Have a great time moving your favorite character across the board.

73. Jack Skellington Squishmallow Toy

Bring Jack Skellington to life with this plush toy! This toy is great to play with and snuggle with. The plush toy makes the perfect gift for kids who love stuffed animals.

74. The Nightmare Before Christmas Party Bags

Host a Nightmare Before Christmas party with these fun party bags! Have your guests go home with a bag with their favorite characters from the movie. The paper bags also come in various designs and are sure to carry all of the goodies.

75. Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas Spatula Set

Make cooking fun with these stylish spatulas! The wood and the silicone material are both stunning to the eye and will last a long time. Gift these Nightmare Before Christmas spatulas to someone who loves to cook.

76. Nightmare Before Christmas Insulated Lunch Bag

Pack your spooky goodies in this insulated lunch bag! The black and white design makes sure your bag won’t get dirty easily. It even has a picnic set for when you’re ready to have lunch outdoors.

77. The Nightmare Before Christmas Thigh Socks

Go to just about any occasion sporting these fun Nightmare Before Christmas socks. These thigh socks have great elasticity and are made of cotton and polyester. Spruce up your look for a Halloween party with these awesome socks.

78. Jack Skellington and Sally Trinket Box

jack and sally heart box

Store your jewelry or other personal belongings with this heart-shaped box! The box features a graphic of Sally and Jack looking into each other’s eyes. This box makes the perfect Valentine’s Day or Christmas gift for storing pieces of chocolate.

79. Nightmare Before Christmas Fleece Pants

Go to bed comfortably in these stylish fleece pants! The drawstring closure makes the waist flexible for both men and women. These are the perfect gift for someone who loves pajamas.

80. Jack Skellington Baseball Cap

Wear this spooky hat to nearly every occasion. The hat features a design of Jack and his vengeful face. If you know someone who loves wearing fun baseball caps, this may be the best option for them. The baseball cap is lightweight and breathable to wear for long periods of time.

81. Lego Sally Mini-Figure

Add this unique lego figure of Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas to your lego collection! The plastic material helps the figure bend easily. Place the figure together and pair it with another stocking stuffer.

Bake cookies for Halloween and Christmas with this spooky cookie cutter set! The cookie cutters come in the shape of Sally, Jack, and a pumpkin. The material is plastic making it unsafe for dishwashers, so make sure whoever you gift these to knows they need to be hand-washed.

83. Jack and Sally Salt n Pepper Shakers

These salt and pepper shakers make a clever combo since they are a couple. The ceramic shakers come in a unique design featuring all of the details of the characters in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Stuff these in a stocking with other cooking supplies.

84. Jack Skellington Goblet

Entice your fellow guests with this Jack Skellington themed goblet! The ceramic drinking cup is machine washer safe and offers plenty of space to drink your Halloween potions.

85. Jack Skellington Toothbrush Holder

Sometimes adding a unique touch to a bathroom or a kitchen can turn it from bland to exciting. This Jack-printed toothbrush holder will add spice to your bathroom sink. You can also store other objects in the container.

86. Nightmare Before Christmas Dog Leash

Keep your dog in place with this purple skeleton leash. You can choose from a variety of leash sizes to fit your dog. Walk your dog and have fun showing off your favorite character.

87. Jack Skellington Christmas Tree Topper

Create your very own spooky tree with this Christmas Jack tree topper! The plastic tree topper is made from resin and is perfect for someone looking for a classic tree topper that won’t break easily.

88. Nightmare Before Christmas Inflatables

Step up your exterior decorations for Halloween and Christmas! Store these easily when deflating them. They also inflate on their own and carry cool lights for an eye-catching display. Inflatables make a great gift for those looking to decorate their home for Halloween or Christmas.

89. Nightmare Before Christmas 4-Piece Mini Glass Set

Tune into the party with these spooky mini shot glasses! Each of the 4 glasses showcases a different character portrait. Place these in a nice box and stuff them in a stocking stuffer.

90. Jack Skellington Night Light

Have the famous pumpkin king near your bed every night to light up a dark room. This 3D light has a remote control and is ideal for kids and adults. This light can also be used for an enchanting Halloween party.

91. Jack and Sally DIY Diamond Painting Kit

Relive your stress with this DIY diamond painting kit! The cross-stitch embroidery art makes a great piece for a wall in any room. the diamond dots create a sparkling effect for an even more eye-catching decor piece.

92. Nightmare Before Christmas Something Wild! Card Game

Add this easy-to-learn card game to your family game night! Play numbered and colored character cards to make sets and runs to win the special figure. The game can have up to 4 players and lasts for about 15 minutes for an entertaining game that your family will play over and over.

93. Paper Banquet- Nightmare Before Christmas

Design your home with this paper banquet decoration! The banquet is made up of paper roses and Jack Skellington. This will make a great decorative piece for a goodie bag table at a Halloween party. It also comes with a protective envelope.

94. Sally Figure Pillow

Gift this to fans who love Sally and are looking for a pillow to cuddle with in a unique nightmare. This Nightmare Before Christmas plush adds a spooky touch to your bedroom and is sure to be a lasting cuddle buddy for your kids.

95. Nightmare Before Christmas Yahtzee Game

Celebrate Tim Burton’s stop-motion film with this fun game! The game also comes with custom dice for a spooky game night filled with surprises. Makes a great gift for people who love to collect board games and Nightmare Before Christmas items.

96. Jack Skellington Shower Curtain Hooks

Showcase these Jack Skellington shower curtain hooks for Halloween and Christmas! These hooks feature quite a few expressions from the pumpkin king. Stick these with a similarly themed curtain and your Nightmare Before Christmas bathroom will come to life.

97. Nightmare Before Christmas Headphones

Jam out to your favorite Halloween or Christmas music with these spooky Jack Skellington headphones. These Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones also come with wires and make the perfect gift for kids and adults.

98. Clue Nightmare Before Christmas Game

Find out who kidnapped Sandy Claws with this mystery game! The game board shows locations from all over Halloweentown and features several characters to bring the movie to life. Enjoy with your family or your kids!

99. Zero Nightmare Before Christmas Dog House

Make sure your furry friend is comfortable with this grey dog house from The Nightmare Before Christmas! The house features a cushion base for lasting comfort. The dog house can be easily cleaned with the comfy material.

100. Jack Skellington Multi-Colored Lights

jack holiday lights

Turn your home into a holiday celebration with these Jack themed lights! Place these on your fireplace for a unique touch to your Halloween and Christmas decorations. These lights are plastic, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them when storing them away.

These are some of the best Nightmare Before Christmas gifts for both kids and adults! Jack may be the main protagonist who happens to be a zombie and a skeleton but his character can be found on just about anything. Whether you’re shopping for a wedding or for Christmas, most of these gifts are perfect all year round.

That’s the scoop on the best Nightmare Before Christmas gifts!

nightmare before christmas gifts

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