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100 Best Quotes From Atypical – Season 4

In season four of Atypical, Sam Gardner battles his first night living away from his childhood home with his best friend and new roommate Zahid. Soon after, Sam discovers what he believes to be his purpose in life — he decides that he is going to travel to Antarctica to study the penguins he grew up admiring and drawing pictures of.

Cover Art for Season 4 of Atypical.

Here is the scoop on the best quotes from season 4 of Atypical…

  1. “In the beginning of a journey, no one knows what to expect.” – Sam
Sam happy with a drawing in Atypical

2. “Your own place, I can’t believe it. Look at you; you’re so grown up. You could be twenty.” – Elsa

3. “That’s what makes new beginnings so exciting. You don’t know what will happen ’til it’s over.” – Sam

4. “I brought you something — it’s a money tree. It brings good luck and prosperity.” – Paige

Paige dressed in yellow.
Beth Dubber/Netflix

5. “Don’t worry. You’ve been up his butt his whole life, there’s no way he could live without you.” – Casey

6. “Edison’s eyes are watery, I think he’s having an allergic reaction.” – Sam

7. “Beth has been sending me pastry murder videos ever since Evan and I broke up.” – Casey

Casey having a chat with Izzie in Atypical

8. “You know we spend a lot of time together on this job. Sometimes it’s better to just be quiet.” – Doug

9. “I’m upset because I hate living with Zahid but I can’t move back home because my mom thinks I’m gonna fail and I have to prove her wrong.” – Sam

Zahid checks in on Sam who sits in comfort in the bathtub of their new apartment.

10. “I just realized how different I am from people I’m supposed to relate to.” Casey

11. “Probably the most interesting part of the penguin is actually its eye.” – Sam

12. “This is from Denton. It says I’m in danger of academic probation because I skipped my ethics midterm.” – Sam

Sam anxiously awaits answers from a department at Denton University in atypical.
Greg Gayne/Netflix

13. “Sometimes I wish I had penguin eyes. Then I could see clearly where I am.” – Sam

14. “I had to ask all these people questions and I had to care what they had to say. It was terrible.” – Sam

15. “As soon as it happened, I rushed home we made up and it’s all good.” – Doug

Doug vents to Chuck on the job.
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

16. “This is my library now, but I’ll be working so leave me alone.” Sam

17. “I’ll be your Triscuit delivery lady if you keep me awake while I study for my trig test.” – Casey

Casey glares in atypical
Beth Dubber/Netflix

18. “Penguins — I do know a lot about penguins. Have I told you about their eyelids?” – Sam

19. “Oh I love the violin. Such a beautiful instrument. Casey was going to learn but then she didn’t.” – Elsa

Elsa comforts herself in the car.
Beth Dubber/Netflix

20. “When I looked at Stumpy, I suddenly knew what I needed to do.” – Sam

21. “If boys wear gym socks you can’t see them because they’re under their pants.” – Izzie

Izzie and Casey spend time together.
Tyler Golden/Netflix

22. “My high is I realized I need to go to Antarctica. My low is that Techtropilis is closing so I can’t make enough money to go.” – Sam

23. “Can we please spend the next fifty years or so having a nice boring life.” – Elsa

Elsa and Doug the kids in atypical

24. “That’s good. I like that. A swift kick in the ass from life — you’re devious.” – Doug

25. “I think I might actually miss this a little.” – Chuck

Chuck recalls work life before his last day on the job before retirement.
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

26. “I cannot remember a time in my life when I wasn’t judged for what I wear or how I looked.” – Elsa

27. “This is so exciting. I’m gonna make a lot of enthusiastic sounds to get the crowd riled up.” Zahid

Zahid poses.
Beth Dubber/Netflix

28. “You’re gonna train for the cold and for the swish.” – Casey

29. “Hey Casey, you have a lot of blood in your heart too.” – Sam

Casey and Sam bond in the freezer in atypical

30. “It’s Donna. Chuck had a heart attack. He died.” – Doug

31. “At the very minimum, humans need three things to survive; food, shelter, and water.” – Sam

32. “We all have darkness, and I clearly need to further investigate mine.” – Paige

Paige glares ahead.
Tyler Golden/Netflix

33. “Honey, we don’t wanna pressure you, I just hope you’re giving yourself enough space to grieve.” – Elsa

34. “I mean, I’m glad we protested, but if we get expelled, there goes Clayton and UCLA for both of us.” – Izzie

Casey and Izzie meet up on the track field.
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

35. “I know all of this is really hard, so if you need someone to talk to, I’m here.” – Evan

36. “Can we be done now? I got you your dandelion, I got you your pig, I have proven myself worthy.” – Paige

Paige Hardaway in atypical
Beth Dubber/Netflix

37. “Yesterday I had to look into a possum’s eyes, which was very different from looking into stumpy’s eyes — it was the opposite actually. It was all because you wouldn’t teach me how to build a tent. This is all your fault.” – Sam

38. “You keep acting like this is about Sam but it’s not. You’re stressed and you’re taking it out on me.” – Paige

39. “I’m sorry I snapped at you earlier. I am sad about Chuck. He was someone I could talk to about stuff.” – Doug

Doug chats with Sam.
Beth Dubber/Netflix

40. “Did you know when a crew member dies on an antarctic expedition, they always have a burial no matter where they are.” – Sam

41. “Adaptation means changing to increase your chances of survival in a specific environment.” – Sam

42. “In second grade I had this really cool matchbox car. I was a Camaro. At recess, James took it and he wouldn’t give it back. I pushed him. I was sent to the principal and they called my mom. You know what she did? She laughed. She expects me to get kicked out, and here I am.” – Izzie

Izzie and Casey catch up in atypical
Beth Dubber/Netflix

43. “I will document this colony using my art in order to capture their essence.” – Sam

44. “Elsa’s the cook, Doug’s the survival guy, Casey’s got the wisecracks, what about me?” Zahid

Zahid shoes off his costco shopping results.

45. “I will be your very own personal medical consultant. All the big-time explorers have one I’m sure.” – Zahid

46. “You probably already know this but the fish in Antarctica are evolutionary wonders. Over 90% have developed an anti-freeze protein in their blood that prevents them from freezing to death in the icy water.” – Sam

Sam makes his way to school.
Beth Dubber/Netflix

47. “Adaptation happens when there is no other choice — when it’s change or die. Us humans we usually just die.” – Sam

48. “Look at that darkness. I mean it explains the attraction — the light and the dark.” – Sasha

49. “She makes me crazy. It’s not an expression. She makes my brain break, and then I go crazy.” – Izzie

Izzie and Casey in atypical
Beth Dubber/Netflix

50. “Why do some species adapt and others don’t? I wish I knew.” – Sam

51. “In 1912 explorer Titus Oates told Robert Falcon Scott he was going outside for a little walk. He was never seen again.” – Sam

Sam ponders at the breakfast table.
Lisa Rose/Netflix

52. “Doctors say taking a walk is one of the healthiest things you can do but in Antarctica that is not the case. A simple walk can kill you.” – Sam

53. “Who are we to tell somebody what gender expression works for them. That’s not my choice and it’s certainly not the school’s choice.” – Izzie

54. “So many people went missing in Antarctica, they made a rule. Anytime you go anywhere you have to fill out a form so they know if you don’t show up.” – Sam

55. “Izzie and I are fighting now too. She’s mad at me even though I was just trying to help her.” – Casey

Casey lets out her frustration through running atypical
Beth Dubber/Netflix

56. “My mom kicked me out — or I ran away I’m not sure.” – Izzie

57. “The Gardner bus is leaving in one minute. Next stop pumpkin pie junction.” – Elsa

Elsa is shocked by something Sam has said.
Beth Dubber/Netflix

58. “Even though it’s still dangerous to take a walk in Antarctica, thanks to the new protocol there is always someone looking out for you.” – Sam

59. “You care and you speak up for people because no one ever spoke up for you.” – Sam

Casey and Izzie have a meaningful exchange of words.
Beth Dubber/Netflix

60. “It may not seem like a big deal to know someone is keeping tabs on you, but it makes disappearing into icy nothingness less scary.” – Sam

61. “I’m not even the one that called her. My dong dialed the phone. It wasn’t a butt dial, it was a nut dial.” – Zahid

Beth Dubber/Netflix

62. “It’s exciting having a kid with so much potential –a star.” – Doug

63. “I got his lady — total kook — wants to commission a portrait of her cat dressed as a cowboy.” – Sid

Sid poses on set.
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

64. “After all this time I’ve finally been added to the Gardner gab text thread. I mean I’ve felt like an honorary family member for years but this really seals the deal.” – Paige

65. “You remember that trip we took to Michigan? The first day there, you went missing. I found you picking cherries.” – Lillian

Elsa's mother Lillian shows her face.
Beth Dubber/Netflix

66. “Guys are like animals and not even smart ones like dolphins, so you just gotta figure out what makes them tick.” – Gretchen

67. “We talked, we laughed, we ate pie. But also she was kind. She actually listened.” – Elsa

Elsa and Doug confide in each other. atypical

68. “I wish I could make this better. I usually don’t do stuff this dumb.” – Paige

69. “It’s scary to see your kids go out into the world, but how much scarier would be if they didn’t?” – Lillian

70. “Go Casey, Go!” – Doug

Casey panics before the biggest track run of her life.

71. “I wrote an essay in sixth grade about this lady, Mighty Mo. Her real name was Maureen. She was a runner.” – Casey

72. “I think you’ll be pleased. I’ve been studying the rules of the road intently. I know everything.” – Sam

Sam sits around his new apartment.

73. “I used to love running so much. It was the only thing I loved that much. Ever since the UCLA stuff, the love has just changed. It’s become stress and anxiety. It’s a pit in my stomach.” – Casey

74. “I used to hate that part of her story. I didn’t understand it — but now I do.” – Casey

Casey stresses before entering school.  atypical
Tyler Golden/Netflix

75. “She found a community there immediately. I feel like she knows herself better, and I don’t I feel like I’m not supposed to not know.” – Casey

76. “Is there something wrong with me because I don’t know exactly who I am?” – Casey

77. “I am worried about Casey. I have been all year. She’s fallen apart and you know what’s new? You.” – Doug

78. “Wait a minute I think I know that dog. That looks like Dewey.” – Casey

Casey and Evan have a tense talk.
Beth Dubber/Netflix

79. “You haven’t been yourself for the past few months. You’ve been stressed and anxious and pulling away from anything that’s not school.” – Izzie

Casey and Izzie glare at each other in the school hallway. atypical
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

80. “Everything changed once we started dating. I don’t want to be the reason you don’t do the things you wanna do.” – Izzie

81. “Researchers found that after spending time in Antarctica, German scientists’ hippocampi shrunk by 7%. Can you imagine?” – Sam

Sam shows Paige how he is practicing drawing in winter gloves for his trip to Antarctica.

82. “You know better than anyone, I don’t wanna be here. I never have.” – Casey

83. “You told Izzie she wasn’t good for me? Why would you do that?” – Casey

Casey shows the family something in the kitchen.
Beth Dubber/Netflix

84. “Zahid did request Swedish meatballs from Ikea. You wouldn’t think a furniture store would make good meatballs but he loves those things.” – Sam

85. “Dancing and other aerobics are supposed to be good for the hippocampus, so okay.” – Sam

86. “Sam’s Antarctica program got canceled because not enough people signed up.” – Elsa

Elsa cooks in the kitchen. atypical
Beth Dubber/Netflix

87. “Crossword puzzles are fun. I would do them even if they weren’t good for my hippocampus.” – Sam

88. “You always butt in even when you’re not supposed to and now the programs canceled and I’m not even supposed to know yet.” – Sam

Elsa chats with Sam
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

89. “Seriously homie, she was just trying to help.” – Zahid

90. “That lady hasn’t been nice to you once in her life. You didn’t have to do all that.” – Elsa

Doug and Elsa are in the kitchen in the morning as the kids get ready for school.
Beth Dubber/Netflix

91. “Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between science and magic.” – Sam

92. “But that was the problem. Me being your girlfriend was making everything worse.” – Izzie

The Clayton Track team prepares to run.
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

93. “Are we still a couple when you go back to Newton?” – Izzie

94. “Oh you don’t like them? I get it — Kinda spikey, lot of drama. Why don’t you tell the artichokes how you feel even though it’s really not your place?” – Casey

The Gardner family catches up at the dinner table. atypical
Beth Dubber/Netflix

95. “I’m getting rid of everything that reminds me of Antarctica. I don’t want to think about it ever again.” – Sam

96. “I’ll have Casey come to check on you. She can be rude, but that won’t really bother you.” – Sam

Sam admires his turtle Edison.
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

97. “Hey if I go to Denton, I can smack Sam in the head whenever I need to, and that’s helpful for all of us right?” – Casey

98. “The only way to get past it is to go through it. Draw and draw and draw Antarctica until it’s out of your system.” – Abby

Sam and Abby sit in art class.
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

99. “Is it possible that my right nut was the evil twin?” – Zahid

100. “You know what I’m wondering? If you could eat any slower because patients who are bleeding out on the street love to wait around for some kid to finish his lunch at a snail’s pace.” – Doug

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