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100 Best Quotes from Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese series written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. At the heart of the series, a young boy is born without any magical powers, which is abnormal when compared to everyone else in the world. Asta goes on a journey with his fellow mages from the Black Bulls to become the next Wizard King.

With his inability to use magical powers, Asta decides to focus on physical strength but seems to become a formidable opponent for Yuno.

For fans of Fairy Tail and Bleach, this intriguing series with in-depth mythology is sure to keep you entertained.

Asta in black clover
Cr. Yuki Tabata

Here’s the scoop on quotes from Black Clover!

1. “I always hated the fact that I was never blessed with any magic. But in place of that, I was blessed with wonderful teammates.” – Asta

2. “When you can’t beat fate on your own, that’s when you rely on your friends and team.” – Vanessa

3. “Wh-Why him? He’s a peasant, he’s stupid, short, loud…” – Noelle

Cr. Yuki Tabata

4. “Being weak is nothing to be ashamed of… Staying weak is!” – Fuegoleon Vermillion

5. “My magic is never giving up!” – Asta

6. “As you live you lose reasons and hope. But as you keep on going, you pick up new reasons and hope.” – Asta

7. “You made it clear how you operate. There’s no way in hell I’m going to acknowledge your justice!” – Asta

8. “Quit giving up! What you’re doing right now is running away! You just stopped thinking and locked yourself up in darkness because it’s easier that way!” – Asta

Asta in black clover
Cr. Yuki Tabata

9. “This little girl is asking for help. I’m going to protect them!” – Noelle

10. “Who cares about that? Beauty doesn’t mean a thing during battle. To win, you have to be strong.” – Yuno

11. “I’m not weak anymore!” – Noelle

12. “Someone who’s as beat up as you will just get in the way. Go home.” – Yami

13. “I am going to… beat him on my own.” – Luck

Cr. Yuki Tabata

14. “Even with no magical powers… I’ll become the Magic Emperor.” – Asta

15. “Your destination has already been decided. Do not take unnecessary action.” – Nozel

16. “In this world, you won’t be able to do anything. Nothing at all. You should give up on everything. You were born to be a loser!” – Revchi

17. “I’ve been facing adversity from the day I was born! No matter how many of you there are, or what happens, I’ll overcome it all.” – Asta

Asta in black clover
Cr. Yuki Tabata

18. “Your existence itself is unnecessary.” – Nozel

19. “You aren’t special, not in the slightest…but that’s exactly what makes you special.” – Witch Queen

20. “You can’t protect others with pride, and the trust of others comes with merit.” – Julius Novachrono

21. “There are only two types of people in this world, the ones using and the ones being used. I’ve won and climbed this high by using those so-called ‘friends’.” – Ladros

22. “You are not the Magic Knights my father dreamed of!” – Zora

23. “I’ll become the Magic Emperor.” – Yuno

Cr. Yuki Tabata

24. “Man, listen to them tear into me. Good thing I’m used to it!” – Asta

25. “I’ll become the Wizard Emperor, and prove to everyone that anyone can be awesome.” – Asta

26. “Don’t ever try anything like this again. Do you understand?” – Klaus

27. “In the end, the most important thing about a Magical Knight is… magical power.” – Yami

28. “Get lost, you insect.” – Noelle

black clover
Cr. Yuki Tabata

29. “I told you. There’s no need for royalty to take the same exam as the peasants.” – Nozel

30. “I may not look like it, but in front of the people of the Heart Kingdom, I do try to behave properly, as their princess. And so I’m happy to have made friends I can be myself with. I’m glad I was able to get to know you.” – Lolopechka

31. “You’re the man who defeated me. Make it all the way to the top for my sake, too. I’m leaving my dream to you!” – Sekke

32. “I came to mock you all.” – Zora

black clover
Cr. Yuki Tabata

33. “People want just one thing from the Magic Emperor… Achievements that mark you as the strongest. Produce results. Devote yourselves to building a reputation… That’s everything. No one who’s unable to do that could ever stand at the top!” – Julius Novochrono

34. “I couldn’t fully believe in Master Julius, or in the future, I had a duty to protect. My weakness brought on this fight.” – William Vengeance

35. “If you’re not prepared to get hurt, then stay off the battlefield!” – Leopold Vermillion 

36. “If you die, I’ll kill you. That’s all!” – Yami

Cr. Yuki Tabata

37. “I’m going to be the Magic Emperor! This is something I’ll never give up on!” – Asta

38. “Surpass your limit. Right here, right now.” – Yami

39. “Unjust evil. They’re the type I hate the most. Even if gods and devils forgive them, I never will.” – Nacht

40. “You can enjoy the festival too, Emma! Royal or noble, commoner or peasant – It doesn’t matter! Everyone can have fun together!” – Noelle

41. “We’re the ones who truly have dreams and bonds. The ones you broke. Our golden dreams, and our bond of blood!” – Vetto 

Cr. Yuki Tabata

42. “So who am I really? What am I meant to achieve? I’ve asked myself these questions for years. And the more I learned, the more I wondered after I’ve made it this far, it was finally clear; The path that I’ve walked all this way, that is me. I am the Wizard King.” – Julius Novachrono

43. “It had better be something worthy of me as a royal.” – Noelle

44. “The path I’ve walked is mine.” – Julius Novachrono

45. “Even if you weren’t chosen, even if you weren’t wanted, even if you aren’t forgiven… You need to stand your ground no matter how pathetic you are!” – Asta

46. “Don’t leave something so important with me! Survive and make your own dream come true! Don’t give up, you idiot!” – Asta

Asta in black clover
Cr. Yuki Tabata

47. “People live through their interactions with one another! It’s because of all the people that I am what I am today.” – Marie Adlai

48. “Don’t judge a book by its cover. You don’t know her circumstances, do you!” – Asta

49. “If you don’t give up, you’ll get through.” – Asta

50. “Come, Noelle. Let’s show her the true power of the royal House of Silva.” – Nozel

51. “I can’t trust someone that would go easy on their own comrades in this exam.” –  Julius Novachrono

Cr. Yuki Tabata

52. “The Black Bulls… How unsightly. You’re an embarrassment to the Magic Knights.” – Klaus

53. “You see, even if their chances of winning are slim, there are times when humans just have to act! It’s not as if we can win as long as we don’t give up. However, if we give up, we’ll definitely never win! Our strength lies in not giving up!” – Noelle

54. “Humans are evil incarnate. Rage, fear, hate, revenge, destruction… Evil is humanity’s true nature. As such, this world is too dull for us.” – Dante Zogratis

55. “This is called pain! The same thing you were handing out in droves to innocent people while laughing!” – Asta

Asta in black clover
Cr. Yuki Tabata

56. “Even if I can’t join the Magic Knights today… No matter how many times I fall, no matter what anyone says to me, I’m still going to become the Wizard King someday!” – Asta

57. “Until I get what I want, I will not give up! Well, not giving up is my only weapon!” – Asta

58. “I see, I see. So you guys love me that much, eh? But you need to shut up.” – Yami

59. “In the face of overwhelming power… sentiment and vengefulness are meaningless. Everything is.” – Zenon

60. “Don’t address me casually. Little insect with your paltry magic.” – Noelle

Asta and Noelle
Cr. Yuki Tabata

61. “I do not have to become the strongest. I’ll make the Black Bulls the strongest squad!” – Finral Roulacase

62. “How could I abandon them? I made them walk a path of thorns. Even so, they didn’t curse me. They got back on their feet and forged ahead. The members of the Golden Dawn are my pride and my dream!” – William Vengeance

63. “I’ll never forgive them. This malice will never disappear. Devils are scum. Every last one of them. And so I’m gonna kill them all! Even if I have to steal your body to do it!” – Liebe Demon

Cr. Yuki Tabata

64. “I’m going to make the person who did this to my brother pay… But before that, I need to pay for doing as he said… and not thinking for myself!” – Neige 

65. “I might’ve just given up if I were in her shoes… Royals mock hard work. It’s something only those who aren’t born into power do, not something that royalty does. But… I admire you for the hard work you do.” – Mimosa

66. “Really? You just couldn’t control your magical powers? You should’ve told me earlier, you royal failure. We’re the Black Bulls. We’re a whole group of failures!” – Magna

67. “We might not be a family by blood, but, we should treat all the teammates we’re going to make in the future as family!” – Asta

Asta in black clover
Cr. Yuki Tabata

68. “Once your elites trip up, you’re so weak.” – Yuno

69. “Mr. Destiny, huh? I hate that bastard’s guts. Who would even pay attention to him? I would tear him apart and do whatever I want.” – Yami

70. “You’re the only one who inherited my steel attribute. Make sure you protect your siblings with that magic, okay?” – Acier Silva

71. “I’m not stopping. I’m not moving. I’m not giving up!” – Yuno

Cr. Yuki Tabata

72. “I was born with magic that steals the future, but as Wizard King, what I aim to do is create a future where there is no discrimination.” –  Julius Novachrono

73. “You look just like our mother… I was afraid of losing her again…” – Nozel

74. “Protect whatever is precious to you. One day it’ll lead you to protect something else.” – Yami 

75. “You probably don’t know, but… I know all of you. You probably don’t know… but you’re keeping me alive. You probably… don’t know me, but… you are… my precious friends.” – Henry Legoland

76. “It’s not like it changed dramatically, but gradually, certainly, little by little this country’s civilians are beginning to change.” –  Julius Novachrono

black clover
Cr. Yuki Tabata

77. “It was a magic that’s nurtured by one’s accumulated hard work.” –  Julius Novachrono

78. “The possibilities of magic… of humans, is endless.” – Julius Novachrono

79. “I wanted to create a new future with you. A land where there was no discrimination or hate.” – Julius Novachrono

80. “This is the first time I’ve seen royalty that was labeled a failure… If you feel like fighting against it all, come with me.” – Yami

81. “Like I’d let you catch up to me.” – Yuno

Cr. Yuki Tabata

82. “Gravel may be gravel, but me? I’m gravel that shatters diamonds!” – Asta

83. “I don’t know any other people’s dreams, the only dreams I know are my own.” – Yuno

84. “I like strong women, you know. But there’s nothing wrong with relying on others sometimes, right?” – Yami

85. “I don’t feel anything for that idiot!” – Noelle

Cr. Yuki Tabata

86. “Asta, I’m about to pull ahead of you with this one move.” – Yuno

87. “As long as I get to fight tough guys, I’m good.” – Luck 

88. “I’ve never cleaned or done laundry in my life.” – Noelle

89. “You trust people way too easily. Not everyone is nice or amazing. You’re gonna regret it someday!” – Zora

90. “Yeah, yeah, glad to know how much you missed me. Now shut up, will ya!” – Yami

Cr. Yuki Tabata

91. “People look to the Magic Knights for one thing… the peace of the Kingdom. In order to preserve that, we’ll keep fighting with everything we have.” – Julius Novochrono

92. “You should be thankful that I even got out of bed.” – Noelle

93. “If they’re criminals, you can beat them up all you want and not get in trouble!” – Luck

94. “Eh, it’s future Yami’s problem.” – Yami

Asta and Yami in black clover
Cr. Yuki Tabata

95. “Your fate, really? You’re saying you ended up here because it’s your fate? Yeah, yeah, old Mr. Fate, I know. Man, I’m not a fan of that guy. Why would anyone obey him? I live how I want, even if it means kicking fate’s ass.” – Yami

96. “Asta, even though you lost, you’re getting right back up, aren’t you? I know how fast you’ve been growing. The more frustrated you become the more you grow.” – Yuno

97. “That’s the thing about you nobles; when you stumble, you break.” – Yuno

98. “You’re wrong about Asta, Revchi. Asta’s no loser, he’s my rival!” – Yuno 

Cr. Yuki Tabata

99. “This is what you’ve always done. You have the habit of making the impossible, possible.” – Yuno

100. “You showed me it was possible. Gave me hope that even though we’re poor orphans, commoners, we can still make something of ourselves in this world.” – Yuno

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