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100 Best Quotes from Blood & Water

Blood & Water is a two-season Netflix show centered around the main character Puleng as she suspects that the “it girl” at her new school might be her sister who was abducted at birth. As Puleng tries to get close to her, she finds herself going deeper and deeper into a world she never knew existed.

Here’s the scoop on the best quotes from Blood & Water!

1. “These are your words, alright? There’s no way you can ruin them.” -Karabo

2. “You’d like to think you’re some wallflower, but ever since we were kids, you always stood your ground.” -Zama

3. “You can’t keep messing with people’s lives for political nothings.” -Puleng

Wendy Dlamini blood & water
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

4. “Our school’s motto, ‘leader’s honor,’ it means nothing if we say nothing.” -Wendy

5. “Do you honestly blame her for trying to hide her identity? Look at how you’re all judging her already.” -Karabo

6. “Puleng’s time is coming.” -Fikile

Puleng Khumalo
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

7. “You should know by now that we would do anything for our children.” -Thandeka

8. “Ever since I’ve been here things have gone south.” -Puleng

9. “I don’t think I can do the… friend zone thing anymore. I’m just… I’m just not that guy.” -Wade

Wade Daniels blood & water
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

10. “I turn my back for one second and all hell breaks loose.” -Reece

11. “Fiks is family. She’s, um… always been there for me. I won’t tolerate anyone messing with her.” -Chris

12. “You and I believe in the same things and this is not who we are.” -Tahira

Tahira Kahn
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

13. “Steep, not impossible.” -Puleng

14. “He prefers pansexual. Meaning he follows his heart, not his d*ck.” -Fikile

15. “The stubbornness of this child, I can’t believe it.” -Julius

Chris Ackerman and Mark Tedder blood & water
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

16. “Judge Judith by day, banging my married swimming coach by night.” -Chris

17. “Do you ever feel like a spectator…watching your own life pass you by? Wondering what the point of it all is?” – Fikile

18. “I don’t want the Khumalo name to be my story here too.” -Puleng

Fikile Bhele
“Blood & Water” -Netflix

19. “I don’t know if I should be concerned or impressed.” -Wade

20. “And seriously, son, will you stop smoking this sh*t? As it numbs your pain, it dumbs your brain.” -Matla 

21. “Some of us have lives, even if you don’t.” -Reece

Chris Ackerman and Reece van Rensburg
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

22. “People tend to lie under these circumstances.” -Principal Daniels

23. “Seventeen years is a long time to look for someone. But we’ll go another 17 if it means I get to hold my beautiful first-born girl in my arms again.” -Thandeka

24. “I was stalking his Instagram profile, and I accidentally liked a picture he posted, like 35 weeks ago. I wanted to die.” -Zama

Puleng Khumalo and Wendy Dlamini blood & water
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

25. “Remember why you’re here, Puleng.” -Wade

26. “I’m already a disappointment, what’s one more?” -Fikile

27. “I thought we said no more lies, Baba.” -Puleng

Khumalo family
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

28. “Harmless? Ever see a jaguar on the hunt?” -Matla

29. “You have this rawness and that vulnerability that a pro could never ever even replicate.” -Zhero

30. “You can’t really miss what you didn’t have.” -Karabo

Karabo Mokoena blood & water
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

31. “Your face makes anything look beautiful.” -Zama

32. “Only you can choose how you react to different situations in life.” -Principal Hendricks

33. “I’m not good at opening up to people. Well, actually, more like people never care to ask, so I’ve gotten used to writing more than talking.” -Puleng

Puleng Khumalo and Wade Daniels
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

34. “Chris, the only thing you work hard at is getting laid.” -Fikile

35. “That’s why I started the school magazine society. To speak the truth when no one else will.” -Wendy

36. “People expect our generation to move mountains. But truth is, technology or not, we’re more lost than ever.” -Karabo

Reece, Fikile, Karabo, Chris blood & water
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

37. “I love you and Siya with everything I have.” -Thandeka

38. “Welcome to the jungle. Piece of advice: don’t lose yourself.” -Tahira

39. “Don’t talk about my f*cking family.” -Puleng

Reece, Fikile, and Chris
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

40. “I call this my sweet vacation spot that dwindles in the hourglass.” -Karabo

41. “Sometimes it’s difficult to see the point of it all until long after.” -Chad

42. “My life is full of drama, KB. That fight with Fiks was just the tip of the iceberg.” -Puleng

Puleng Khumalo
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

43. “Firstly, get 20,000 followers, then proceed to bore us with all the minute details of your life.” -Chris

44. “When this is done, we’re done.” -Wade

45. “You are in no position to be making requests, Chad.” -Principal Daniels

Swimmer in blood & water
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

46. “Everything’s pretty sh*t right now.” -Puleng

47. “It’s time for us to move forward. Because we have so much to be grateful for. Right here, at this table.” -Thandeka

48. “Yesterday’s problems are not today’s concerns.” -Fikile

Karabo and friend
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

49. “Not all of us have trust funds to fall back on.” -Reece

50. “I’m the principal’s son. I know where everyone lives.” -Wade

51. “I think Fikile’s my sister.” -Puleng

“Blood & Water” – Netflix

52. “Seems like all we do is fight.”  -Thandeka

53. “So, how does it feel to be part of the revolution?” -Wendy

54. “We are the ones who can lead by example. And we should.” -Fikile

Karabo and Puleng blood & water
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

55. “I think everyone deserves to have a chance to speak and be seen.” -Tahira

56. “Those b*tches got what they deserved.” -Chris

57. “You’re nothing but a bored, spoiled, rich boy.” -Puleng

Group image
“Blood and Water” – Netflix

58. “I won’t have my daughter’s future here threatened by incompetence.” -Mrs. Dlamini

59. “You’re better than this, Puleng.” -Wade

60. “You guys seriously need to work your sh*t out. Seriously.” -Karabo

Wade Daniels blood & water
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

61. “Don’t do that. Don’t judge me.” -Fikile

62. “Can’t you all just get along and get it on?” -Reece

63. “You’re making the biggest mistake. One that will have repercussions.” -Wendy

Puleng Khumalo
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

64. “You’re dropping Sylvia Plath like it’s nothing.” -Puleng

65. “Happy 17th birthday, you old hag. I love you.” -Chris

66. “He asked us to trust him. Let’s start with that.” -Thandeka

Puleng Khumalo and Zama Bolton blood & water
“Blood & Water” -Netflix

67. “F*ck what people think about you. You have been blessed with great genes.” -Fikile

68. “I just really needed to check if you’re fine.” -Karabo

69. “I would think more than anyone, you would know not to trust what’s in the media.” -Puleng

“Blood & Water” – Netflix

70. “Maybe we should just cut our losses at this point and move on.” -Chad

71. “You have a lot more to lose if this is true.” -Mrs. Bhele

72. “Thanks, Wade, but I don’t give a sh*t about Fikile Bhele anymore.” -Puleng

Woman in blood & water
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

73. “You haven’t failed them. We’re in this together, remember? We’ll be fine.” -Julius

74. “Before you came and after we’re gone, Parkhurst has and always will be drama central.” -Wade

75. “All you’ve done is bring people down. Your magazine, it’s nothing but a glorified tabloid.” -Fikile

Fikile Bhele
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

76. “Hey, thanks for not hating me like everyone else.” -Puleng

77. “She broke a barrier by simply saying hello.” -Tahira

78. “That hopeful gaze in your eyes, the way you’re gripping your bag, reeks of rookie eagerness.” -Wendy

Puleng Khumalo and Tahira
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

79. “Fiks, why don’t you read us your motivational letter and we’ll tell you if it sucks.” -Reece

80. “I’m just trying to unsee what I just saw” -Puleng

81. “Complicated. You’re only a teenager, man. How complicated can it be?” -Matla

Puleng Khumalo and Zama Bolton blood & water
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

82. “Okay, okay, look, before you say no, think about how dope it’s gonna be.” -Karabo

83. “You really need to stop reading Quotes.com at night.” -Fikile

84. “Whatever drama you guys have, I don’t want to get involved.” -Tahira 

Thandeka Khumalo
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

85. “That was never going to end well.” -Karabo

86. “You can take it. I know kids of today are incapable of keeping away from your phones.” -Matla

87. “Yeah, I think he likes you too, but he just has no off button.” -Puleng

Puleng Khumalo and Julius Khumalo
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

88. “I know you like playing the victim, but it’s tired. At least have the balls to admit it.” -Chris

89. “Call her b*tch one more time, Chris, I’ll f*ck you up.” -Karabo

90. “Lame. I can also do that.” -Wade

Puleng Khumalo
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

91. “Well I’m actually going to have so much fun without you.” -Thandeka

92. “Why be so nice to me if this is what you thought of me?” -Fikile

93. “Try not to burn her clothes next time, and maybe she’ll f*ck you.” -Reece

Zama Bolton blood & water
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

94. “Why did you let me leave the house in a granny cardigan?” -Puleng

95. “You know I love you with everything that I have, right?” -Chad

96. “Nobody’s nuts, bro, I’m fine.” -Karabo

Group image
“Blood & Water” – Netflix

97. “My baby’s gonna be born into a broken marriage. You sick c*nt!” -Riley

98. “I wanna apologize for dragging your family into all this crap.” -Fikile

99. “Can you adults chill with the over-enthusiasm?” -Karabo

100. “Today’s been eventful enough.” -Fikile

Hope you enjoyed these quotes from Blood & Water!

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