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100 Best Quotes from Bubble

Bubble is a post-apocalyptic, romance anime film created by Wit Studio. From the studio behind the Spy x Family and Attack on Titan comes the breathtaking animation and heart-warming moments to draw the viewers into this new film. The quotes from Bubble capture these funny and heart-warming moments.

One day, gravity-defying bubbles appear in Tokyo, cutting off the city from the rest of the world. The skyline becomes a playground for parkour team battles. Hibiki falls into the sea but is saved by a girl with mysterious powers.

Here’s the scoop on the best quotes from Bubble!

1. “Mer..maid?” – Hibiki

2. “Yo, yo, I’m on your six. Catch me if you can!” – Kai

3. “I hope you like eating my dust, slowpoke ninja!” – Usagi 

4. “Doing whatever the heck he wants.” – Makoto

5. “These guys just don’t know when to quit.” – Usagi

6. “The problem is, he wasn’t thinking. The only one who can hop stray bubbles in an away game…is that guy.” – Isozaki

7. “Don’t leave me here!” – Usagi

8. “Looks like you guys need more training.” – Kai

9. “The jump you did back there. It just showed off your recklessness.” – Hibiki

10. “And it was only by chance. You need more fear” – Hibiki

bubble uta
Bubble – NETFLIX

11. “Within our blue blazes…. We’re gonna burn it all down.” – Kai

12. “The game is totally murder to my heart.” – Makoto

13. “You keep practicing hard now.” – Shin

14. “We got a whole month’s worth of rice, everyone! And what have we here? It’s beer, baby!” – Usagi

15. “Yeah, you wish! Maybe try a juice box, kiddo.” – Kai

16. “Give it up. She’s clearly not into you.” – Isozaki

17. “I didn’t have parents! Just like everyone else here!” – Usagi

18. “I guess surprising you is a non-starter.” – Makoto

19. “Why do you sulk out here looking all gloomy?” – Makoto

20. “I’m going to leave someday. But I can’t right now.” – Hibiki

uta and hibiki
Bubble – NETFLIX

21. “This is the highest I can reach. But I need to go further.” – Hibiki

22. “I can still hear it. The sound of bubbles.” – Hibiki

23. “She saved his life.” -Shin

24. “No way you’d forget someone dressed like that.” – Usagi

25. “She’s like a rabbit, right? Now being eccentric isn’t the worst thing.” – Shin

26. “Play nice now. And find a way to repay her.” – Shin

27. “Oh, he emerges at last.” – Kai

28. “Hibiki is basically the reason we keep winning. We probably could do with a talented new team member, right boss?” – Isozaki

29. “None of you understands what it means to be a team player.” – Kai

30. “Wow, this must be a special fest, even Hibiki’s decided to join.” – Usagi

kai usagi isozaki hibiki
Bubble – NETFLIX

31. “What happened to your cheek, man?” – Hibiki

32. “Just so know, I’d never let a hen get the drop on me.” – Kai

33. “I even know how to operate the rail. Not to brag.” – Kai 

34. “You didn’t put a lot of thought into it.” – Makoto

35. “This is one of the eggs you mercilessly crushed earlier.” – Hibiki

36. “Uta, then. On account of the singing.” – Hibiki

37. “Look at that. I guess the name’s a winner.” – Makoto 

38. “Has she? Maybe she’ll take to parkour just as quickly.” – Shin

39. “Have a drink.” – Shin

40. “I was rash and it cost me. So now I stick around to keep them safe.” – Shin

bubble uta and hibiki
Bubble – NETFLIX

41. “We should just stop these games though.” – Makoto

42. “The world outside of here is just too suffocating for them.” – Shin

43. “But that can’t be fair, can it?” – Usagi

44. “Don’t count them out yet. They should be the team with more power.” – Isozaki

45. “The Little Mermaid. It’s a pretty sad story, so it’s not my favorite.” – Makoto

46. ‘Why does the Little Mermaid, who rescued the prince, have to dissolve into foam anyway?” – Makoto

47. “You’re the prince. I’m the Little Mermaid.” – Uta

48. “Did you speak just now?” – Hibiki

49. “It’s said that the world repeatedly collapses and rebuilds. Assembles. Bursts. Scatters, Then, assembles again.” – Makoto

50. “The vortex appears in galaxies, typhoons, and biomolecule structures. It’s a pattern of life.” – Makoto

bubble makoto and shin
Bubble – NETFLIX

51. ”I swear, they’re just like a hen and her chick.” – Makoto

52. “So can you hear their sound too? The sound of waves.” – Hibiki

53. “To tell the truth… since way back…I’ve been scared of all the city noise. I couldn’t understand how anyone could bear it.” Hibiki

54. “I do recall… that I heard something. A song.” – Hibiki

55. “I don’t wanna hate her sounds.” – Hibiki

56. “To be honest, that’s what I’m searching for. That one sound.” – Hibiki

57. “Apparently they’ve been calling it The Tokyo Death Game.” -Isozaki

58. “So they kidnapped her just to up their view count? – Osawa

59. “I’ll crush those creeps.” – Kai

60. “How lame.” – Hibiki

bubble uta
Bubble – NETFLIX

61. “This isn’t funny.” – Makoto

62. “You can stream all you want! Only thing you’re gonna see is playback of how pathetic you all are on loop!” – Kai

63. “Ready…set..go!”- Shin

64. “This way!” – Usagi

65. “Did I hear him right? We’ve lost two already?” – Kai

65. “We’re being lured in!” – Kai

66. “Do that and you play right into their hands.” – Kai

67. “Their lead will grow even larger if we don’t think of something right now!” – Kai

68. “Hibiki!” – Uta

69. “You might make it by yourself. Now jump!” – Kai

70. “Do it!” – Usagi

Bubble – NETFLIX

71. “Let’s go, Uta!” – Hibiki

72. “Come on!” – Hibiki

73. “Go and win!” – Hibiki

74. “Game set! And the winners are, the Blue Blazes!” – Shin

75. “Can you believe it? We came back from the brink and actually won!” – Usagi

76. “Right then, to all you lovable idiots, I would like to wish you nothing but the best of luck as you strive for victory in your endeavors!” – Makoto

77. “You’re just as loud as always.” – Hibiki

78. “We won because… everybody in this room gave it their all. Appreciate it. ” – Hibiki

79. “Are you feeling all right, dude? Did you bang your head?” – Kai

80. “They wanted the Little Mermaid to return home.” – Uta

bubble hibiki
Bubble – NETFLIX

81. “Got something for you. To commemorate your first victory.” – Hibiki

82. “That way, you can always listen to the sound of the waves.” – Hibiki

83. “After meeting you, I became myself for the very first time.” – Hibiki

84. “We must leave Tokyo right away!” – Makoto

85. “The Little Mermaid wanted to see the prince so she floated to the surface of the ocean.” – Uta

86. “It was the very last day she would have to see the prince.” – Uta

87. “They’re calling. I have to stop them.” – Uta

88. “Tokyo is sinking!” – Isozaki

89. “Did you think I was doing all that maintenance for my health?” – Kai

90. “I’m going to the tower.” – Hibiki

bubble hibiki
Bubble – NETFLIX

91. “The bubbles are in the active phase!” – Shin

92. “I wish I had parents who’d talk me out of things like this!” – Usagi

93. “We have to let them go.” – Makoto

94. “The red bubbles are dangerous. Don’t let them touch you.” – Hibiki

95. “This isn’t our usual game.” – Kai

96. “I’d like to say that I came to bring you guys home, but I know better. So instead, I thought you need an experienced leader.” – Shin

97. “Believe me when I say that you can trust me.” – Shin

98. “We’re bringing Uta home, you hear me!” – Kai

99. “You’re the one who will save her.” – Shin

100. “Time’s moving forward.” – Shin

The film takes inspiration from the original Little Mermaid by Hans Christen Anderson. Critics have praised the film for its beautiful animation and soundtrack.

Hope you enjoyed these quotes from Bubble! Watch this anime on Netflix.

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