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100 Best Quotes From Clark!

Clark tells the tale of the infamous Swedish criminal Clark Olofsson, a seasoned convicted felon who escaped from prison seventeen times and gave origin to the phrase ‘Stockholm Syndrome.’ This six-episode mini-series gives insight into Clark’s manipulation tactics that tricked the people closest to him into falling for his charm, and ultimately taking part in his multitude of crimes.

Here is the scoop on quotes from Clark!

1. ”In my life, I have done everything and the fucking opposite of everything, except work. I’ve been to South America, and Japan four times, everywhere except Australia. I lived like a king. Like a happy king.”- Clark

2. ”If I can’t be the best of the best, at least I can be the best of the worst.”- Clark

3. ”A worldwide fucking sensation.”- Clark


4. ”I’ve always been a superstar.”- Clark

5. ”I became the Stockholm syndrome man to the world.”- Clark

6. ”But damn, they should call it the Clark Olofsson syndrome.”- Clark

7. ”They yelled at me to get me to come out, and I can’t stand being told what to do. So I stayed in there as long as I could.”- Clark

8. ”Damn I looked good back then.”- Clark

9. ”Mom thought I was dead too, she even brought dads finest suit to bury me in.”- Clark


10. ”I am sick and tired of seeing you here in court, Clark Oloffsen. Consider this an opportunity to turn your life around.”- judge

11. ”Well, maybe I haven’t always been gods best child, but prison doesn’t make you a better person.”- Clark

12. ”You know what, John? I adore Harvard.”- Liz

13. ”You know what? We actually have a spare room at home.”- Liz

14. ”I take things as they come.”- Clark

15. ”It’s going to be great, bans and whatnot. Will you take care of it?”- Clark

16. “Come on, we’re three guys at the beach.”- Gunnar

two men

17. “Clark, did you say what I think you said?”- Madou

18. “It would be an honor to have a Harvard student as our guest.”- Liz

19. “There’s no use sitting around and whining about the situation, best you can do is make the most of it.”- Clark


20. “She was from another world, she was an angel.”- Clark

21. “I was thinking, do you want to marry me?”- Clark

girls in a car

22. “I guess you’re always on time.”- Madou

23. “Well it sure, seems like the right time, good for you!”- Madou

24. “Karlson, where did the rest go?”- officer


25. “Forget it, Clark, they’re way out of your league.”- Gunnar

26. “I didn’t think you’d be interested in me if I didn’t have money and all that.”- Clark

27. “I love being on the run, everything just gets better. Your sense are heightened, everything is clearer, and the colors become more intense.”- Clark

man in chair

28. “Madou and her mom, Liz. Damn they were both beautiful.”- Clark

29. “Welcome to our humble abode.”- Liz

30. “Even a bad day on the run, is a good day.”- Clark


31. “Mother, stop interrogating him. This isn’t the time and place.”- Madou

32. “We go to Italy sometimes, but Madou prefers France.”- Liz

33. “As we like to say, Mi Casa Es Su Casa!”- Liz

men getting gas

34. “If I wanted to become Madou’s boyfriend, I have to up my game.”- Clark

35. “Gunnar was no Einstein, but he did as he was told, and was loyal as hell.”- Clark

36. “Why do we need sports gear to rob a bank?”- Gunnar

girl on balcony

37. “Girls love getting gifts, it’ll cheer her up!”- Gunnar

38. “I thought I had to be someone else just to be with you.”- Clark

39. “I can’t wait to tell my mother.. she’s going to be so excited!”- Madou


40. “Of course I want to marry you Clark!”- Madou

41. “Would these hands, who’ve touched something as beautiful as you, done something so horrible?”- Clark

42. “I’ve been so worried about you, my mother too. I think she cares about you.”- Madou


43. “My mother has one just like this necklace.”- Madou

44. “Why would someone like you want to be with someone like me.”- Clark

45. “You bitch!” – Clark

men with guns

46. “I was going to prison, but strangely enough I’d never felt more free.”- Clark

47. “It is never an easy thing for a person to be incarcerated, to not be free.”- Lennart

48. “My career had gotten off to a fast start and my notoriety had become nationwide.”- Clark

men on a boat

49. “I was a superstar. And mom was so proud of me.”- Clark

50. “It takes a certain mindset to endure prison.”- Clark

51. “I had no time to waste sitting behind bars.”- Clark


52. “My sweet Clark!”- Ingbritt

53. “I was used to having a little more action in my life, prison is boring!”- Clark

54. “I’m sure as hell ain’t religious, but I may be a bonehead.”- Clark

55. “Come on, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you too, mama.”- Clark

56. “I’ve broken out of prison seventeen times. It has to be a world record.”- Clark

57. “For Christ sakes Clark, where do you get off marrying my daughter?”-Liz

Clark smoking

58. “They say you have to be religious or boneheaded to endure isolation.”- Clark

59. “Time flies when you’re having fun.”- Clark

60. “There was no way I was going to be locked up and rotting behind bars for eight years!”- Clark


61. “Don’t you dare call me mom again.”- Liz

62. “I started reading a lot of books, about life, the universe, all that shit.”- Clark

63. “Madous entire family was there to celebrate the engagement.”- Clark

64. “I knew this was the right thing to do, it was the beginning of a lifelong affair.”- Clark

65. “My little girl is all grown up, I’m so proud of you!”- Liz

66. “Just not the kind of love affair that Madou and the others had in mind.”- Clark

67. “You didn’t actually think I’d get married did you?”- Madou

68. “I do know him! And I know that he loves me!”- Madou

69. “He won’t, he’d never intended to, don’t you know that?”- Liz


70. “I was talking about my life-long love affair with freedom.”- Clark

71. “Don’t you worry, I’ll get my angel some breakfast.”- Clark

72. “My darling, that’s what I’m trying to tell you. He’s lying, all the time.”- Liz


73. “You’re just jealous and bitter because you know you could never have him!”- Liz

74. “You stay, I’ll be right back soon.”- Clark

75. “Life on the run was perfect.”- Clark


76. “Nice and easy. Don’t make a scene. Just follow me to the car, okay?”- Tommy

77. “Let me go, I have a stick up my ass.”- Clark

78. “You son of a bitch!”- Tommy


79. “I didn’t have a clue of how to escape, could it get any worse?”- Clark

80. “You have to remember, it was the late sixties.”- Clark

81. “You guys were great, especially you, you were awesome.”- Clark

falling into the pool

82. “I know that I say I keep falling in love, but this time it was something really special.”- Clark

83. “You don’t know what he’s been through. I’m not judgmental.”- Maria

man on boat

84. “Everything was political, music was political, art was political.”- Clark

85. “Your body, you really know how to use it.”- Clark

86. “It’s important that someone has the guts to embody the truth, right?”- Maria

87. “End imperialism!” -Maria


88. ”It was a pleasure Maria.”- Clark

89. “I don’t hate anyone, especially not women.”- Clark

90. ”We tricked him.”- Ingbritt

Clark with women

91. ”I’ve been saved by woman so many times!”- Clark

92. ”Do you appreciate woman’s opinions?”- therapist


93. ”Rehabilitation is impossible in our imperial system.”- Maria

94. “The society was hell-bent on breaking you, but you have persevered.”- Maria

95. ”Life is good.”- Clark


96. “No human being should be locked in captivity.”- Maria

97. “I think that cloud looks like a sailboat, sailing away, into the great unknown and to freedom.”- Maria

98. “That’s all I want to live. Is a normal life.”- Clark

99. “Like I said, everything is political. Prison was political, sex was political.”- Clark

100. “Nothing can grow in captivity. It only breeds hate.”- Maria

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