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100 Best Quotes From DC League of Super-Pets

Directed by Jared Stern, DC League of Super-Pets is a comedic adventure featuring Krypto (Dwayne Johnson) and his best friend, Superman (John Krasinski). As the duo fights criminals in Metropolis, they are suddenly notified that the Man of Steel and the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped. It is up to Krypto to convince a group of animals to master their own powers to achieve the mission.

This animated film not only features the voice of Dwayne Johnson but also Kevin Hart as he brings Bat-Hound to life. The overall plot of the story may not stand out in the animated film category but is filled with adorable yet whacky characters that will instantly draw in kids.

Here is the scoop on quotes from Super Pets!

super pets
© 2020 DC Entertainment

1. “Are we licking faces right now? Because if we are licking faces, count me in on that.”

2. “We must hurry, the planet won’t survive much longer.”

3. “Krypton is about to die. You, my son, will live on much longer.”

4. “No, our boy will need a friend.”

5. “Watch over our son.”

6. “Alright wake up buddy, it is walk-o-clock.”

7. “This is unpleasant for both of us.”

8. “That’s like me flying to Mars.”

9. “Pup Pup and away.”

10. “If you don’t want me rubbing my butt on the carpet, get hardwood floors!”

11. “Okay, you can have my pawdagraph.”

12. “This might sound crazy but now we’re together I think Krypto feels left out.”

13. “Maybe we would be happy with a new friend?”

14. “Ooo, is that new perfume? It’s cat piss.”

15. “I love when he talks about the farm.”

16. “What is taking my owner so long?”

17. “How do you feel about guinea pig?”

18. “I’m kinda in the middle of a prison break.”

19. “That’s cold man.”

20. “Aren’t you a little ray of sunshine.”

superman and krypto
© 2020 DC Entertainment

21. “You ain’t normal man.”

22. “Don’t get your hopes up, they always pick the kittens.”

23. “Nice try, Houdini.” 

24. “No way superman was in there looking for a friend for me.”

25. “Sups, my only friend.”

26. “It’s a rock.”

27. “I expected you and that mutt of yours a lot sooner.”

28. “Good dog! Let’s put this thing back in space where it belongs.”

29. “Buddy? No, these people are work friends at best.”

30. “Unique you still have friends.”

31. “Best billion I ever spent.”

32. “What is this? I was supposed to have superpowers.”

33. “Oh how I’ve longed for you to enter my solar system.”

superman and krypto
© 2020 DC Entertainment

34. “Krypto the super dog is a stupid name.”

35. “Unhand me witch.”

36. “Orange kryptonite doesn’t work on people, only pets.”

37. “Miss you, love you, have fun!”

38. “No seriously what just happened? I can’t see shit.”

39. “I should be a lot more dead, right?”

40. “I’m fast now, but I still can’t see shit.”

41. “They should call me iron man, hahaha no.”

42. “You have a date? On bake-off night?”

43. “Bad dog!”

44. “Bad owner!”

45. “Well, lookie what I got from the lab!”

46. “Why does this always happen on date night?”

47. “A little advice, never trust a guinea pig!”

super pets
© 2020 DC Entertainment

48. “They always put it in the cheese.”

49. “This is only step 41 of my evil plan.”

50. “Momma was a good fighter.”

51. “I’m gonna need an army.”

52. “Not so fast!”

53. “I won’t rest until I rescue you.”

54. “The stars are crap, wait until we get to the farm.”

55. “When you were just a puppy, I put all my knowledge in your collar.”

56. “Superman! He’s been captured!”

57. “I was just hit by a car, a little.”

58. “Where do I know you from? Can’t put my paw on it.”

59. “We all remember our first time.”

60. “I don’t have my powers.”

61. “How much did you have to drink?”

Krypto and Ace
© 2020 DC Entertainment

62. “No, my best friend is in danger and you have to help me!”

63. “I grew up on a farm in a small town called ‘Smallville.'”

64. “I had to give them some hope.”

65. “No one was ever going to adopt us.”

66. “Pug to pig, I need your help.”

67. “You got yourself a superteam!”

68. “Gods amongst men.”

69. “A hamster is a mouse that had too much for lunch.”

70. “That was your cue to attack!”

71. “I was waiting for you to attack first.”

72. “You want the truth? The boots are a bit much!”

73. “She was a heavy crier.” 

74. “Smell is the sight of the nose.”

75. “It’s walk o’clock!”

76. “Man, I wish I still had my powers.”

77. “Wonderwoman will stop her!”

78. “That sounded like a bone breaking.”

Krypto super pets
© 2020 DC Entertainment

79. “Who’s ready to go save my best friend?”

80. “Guys, relax, it’ll be fine.”

81. “You see? Totally fine!”

82. “Don’t forget the solar paw punch!”

83. “Because he doesn’t have paws?”

84. “Sounds like a terrible power.”

85. “That seemed incredibly painful.”

86. “Anybody wants to switch powers?

87. “What’s the worst thing that can happen?”

88. “Where the fuck am I?”

89. “Risky move for a dog with no powers.”

90. “We were colleagues.”

91. “Superman needs me!”

92. “Too late, your boy’s are getting hitched.”

93. “That means bye bye dog.”

super pets
© 2020 DC Entertainment

94. “Wow! She threw that dog real far.”

95. “The pig without hair is crazy!”

96. “Your name is literally on the monster.”

97. “I can’t do anything while they’ve got me stuck in airplane mode.”

98. “Superman’s dog, that he makes out with! He’ll save us!”

99. “He better get it together soon, or those ferrets are going to take over the world!”

100. “He seems sad and defeated.”

Did you know that DC League of Super-Pets is the third movie with the Rock and Kevin Hart as buddies? Their hilarious chemistry has attracted many film projects, one of the most popular being the Jumanji films.

Watch DC League of Super-Pets exclusively in theaters on July 29th!

Hope you found these quotes from Super Pets to be funny and interesting!

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