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100+ Best Quotes from Death Note

One of the most well-known supernatural thrillers in the anime world has not only garnered attention in Japan but as well as worldwide. The Japanese series written by Tsugumi Ohba focuses on a high school student named Light Yagami. The genius comes across a black notebook called the “Death Note.” Once finding out about the mysterious notebook’s abilities, he decides to go after high-profile criminals.

Death Note is a series that manages to grasp onto the strings of mortality that no other series can. This reason has led the supernatural thriller to receive musical, light novels, and live-action adaptations.

Here’s the scoop on quotes from Death Note!

Light Yagami in death note
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

1. “I called you a stupid fuck, you stupid fuck.” – Misa

2. “I only mention it because that would make you over 18. If you were to beat me up, which I’m sure you could, it would technically be child abuse.” – Light

3. “Are we really not gonna discuss that I have an ice pack on my face?” – Light

4. “So there’s no interest in why a teacher found me sprawled out on the ground?” – Light

5. “All right. I get it. I’m in trouble. All I’m trying to say is, you have the chance to stop the people who make things hard for everybody.” – Light

Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

6. “You gotta see the big picture here.” – Light

7. “Oh! Hi. I’m awake. I was just like a tree or a plant or something.” – Light

8. “Rule one: The human whose name is written in this note shall die.” – Light, reading the Death Note

9. “Rule two: This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person’s face in their mind when writing his or her name.” – Light, reading the Death Note

10. “Shall we begin?” – Ryuk

Ryuk in Death Note
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

11. “Okay. Relax Light. You’re asleep. You’re asleep and you’re dreaming of some eight-foot-tall, demon-looking motherfucker.” – Light

12. “Dreams. I like that. Dreams are places you can have fun, right? It’s all in your mind, so why not enjoy it?” – Ryuk

13. “Now we could, in this dream of yours, take care of a situation like this. We just put Kenny’s name down… and see what happens.” – Light

14. “It’s a good thing you have a pen.” – Light

Light Yagami
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

15. “Now as long as we’re playing, let’s do it right. There’s no need to stop at who.” – Ryuk

16. “For a beginner, not bad at all.” – Ryuk

17. “Now… watch.” – Ryuk

18. “I think you might be capable of great things, but if you don’t think you can handle it, that’s fine. Just put the note somewhere, leave it alone for seven days, and I’ll find it a new home.” – Ryuk

19. “And if this is possible, imagine what else you could do.” – Ryuk

Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

20. “You know what? Doesn’t matter. You wouldn’t understand anyway.” – Light

21. “Instead of trying to solve real problems, you look over people’s shoulders so you can bust them for bullshit, like not turning in their reports or whatever.” – Light

22. “A gun is only good as its aim, son. I make sure people can trust our aim.” – James

23. “He killed my mom, he nearly beat his girlfriend to death, and you just sit there saying the same bullshit about how people better trust your aim.” – Light

24. “I suggest you stop talking.” – James

Kimiko Saito is Rem in death note
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

25. “Rule 64: Each page of the note contains the power of the whole note.” – Light, reading the Death Note

26. “Rule 95: Anyone may write names in the note, but only the keeper can possess it for more than seven days.” – Light, reading the Death Note

27. “Don’t trust Ryuk. He is not your pet. He is not your friend.” – Light, reading the Death Note

28. “Hey, kid. It’s pronounced Ree-yook.” – Ryuk

Ryuk in Death Note
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

29. “Ryuk, what exactly can I do with this Death Note?” – Light

30. “If I can choose how they die, does that mean I can actually control them?” – Light

31. “Every human spends the last moments of his life in the shadow of a death god. If we so desire, we can influence those moments.” – Ryuk

Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

32. “Rule 20: A subject can be influenced for no more than two days leading up to his death.” – Ryuk, reading the Death Note

33. “The history of the note is as long as history itself.” – Ryuk

34. “The last keeper of the note passed away. It fell to me to find a new one.” – Ryuk

35. “The name and the face is all you have to have.” – Ryuk

Light and Ryuk
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

36. “I just got a call. Our friend Antony Skomal is no more. Impaled himself on a steak knife in the middle of the restaurant.” – James

37. “Your mom… she always was kind of a hippy. And we didn’t see eye to eye on everything. She was damn sure about one thing. Karma’s a bitch.” – James

38. “Love you, son.” – James

39. “I love you, too.” – Light

L in Death Note
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

40. “You don’t have to lie to me. Kenny was a sociopath, and just because he’s dead does not make it a tragedy.” – Misa

41. “I know you’re Misa, actually. I already knew that.” – Light

42. “I know that you’re Light Turner. I already knew that.” – Misa

43. “I, uh… thought you could use some medical attention and I wasn’t aware of the fact that you were carrying around a stockpile of illegal papers in your backpack.” – Misa

44. “Please tell me this isn’t your poetry journal.” – Misa

45. “When you see him, try not to freak out. I freaked out a little.” – Light

Light and L in Death Note
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

46. “I have, and… I’m gonna sound crazy, but I have a death god.” – Light

47. “Hope you know what you’re doing.” – Ryuk

48. “I guess I should feel guilty, but I don’t.” – Light

49. “That woman and her kids are only alive right now because of what you did. What is there to feel guilty about?” – Misa

50. “Thing is, I know what it’s like to get fucked over. Some asshole killed my mom and… got away with it until I got this book. I just keep thinking, I mean, why should it just be for me? I mean, all the people that make life miserable, make life dangerous… I can reach them now.” – Light

Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

51. “Do you think that I’m crazy?” – Light

52. “If anything, I think you’re not crazy enough. We can change the world.” – Misa

53. “Can I kiss you?” – Light

54. “The note was filled with names when I got it. Whoever had it before us, what did they accomplish? Just small-time killings, revenge, petty crimes? I think we can do a lot more than just settle some random scores.” – Light

Soichiro and Light Yagami
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

55. “I don’t want people to say they’re scared of it or horrified. I want them to say… “Thank you.” – Light

56. “Look at those people. They’re looking for someone who’s not gonna let them down the way cops do and politicians.” – Light

57. “What they want… is a god. So let’s give it to them.” – Light

Light Yagami in Death Note
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

58. “And now… we know who we’re looking for.” – L

59. “Sleep is key to strong thought.” – Watari

60. “What part of terrorists killing each other and criminals turning themselves in bothers you, Dad?” – Light

61. “How does Kira get to decide who lives and dies, who’s guilty and innocent? Is there a complaints department if I don’t like one of Kira’s decisions? Or would complaining get me to put on Kira’s list?” – James

Rem and Misa
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

62. “I’d like to assist you in the capture of Kira.” – L

63. “These are real people with real problems, and they’ve been ignored. They need our help.” – Misa

64. “Please, James, have a seat. Rest your glutes.” – L

65. “This would suggest that Kira is not some omnipotent force. He is a person… like you or me. He is also a coward.” – L

66. “Kira, if you’re watching this, know that I am coming for you. Unless, of course, you’d like to kill me right now.” – L

67. “Now I’m rooting for this guy.” – Ryuk

Ryuk in death note
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

68. “I have a theory. Kira cannot kill by simply sight alone. He needs a name and a face. Every victim we’ve seen so far fits this pattern.” – L

69. “Come on, Light. Just get rid of them. All we need is a name.” – Ryuk

70. “You think I’m some dog, Light? You can just snap your fingers and I’ll come running?” – Ryuk

71. “Kira is a cowardly criminal thug concerned only with self-preservation. Not only is he unworthy of the veneration and celebration he’s received in certain circles, as of today, he’s not even worthy of our fear.” – James

Light Yagami
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

72. “Understand this, Kira. You may strike me down, but another one will stand up and take my place and another, for as long as need to be.” – James

73. “We will not waiver. We will not submit. And we will not fall.” – James

Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

74. “We’re not killing my dad! This is over! Ryuk fucked us, we’re not the good guys anymore.” – Ryuk

75. “Either Kira stands up or they hunt us down.” – Misa

76. “Light Turner is Kira.” – L

77. “Because I don’t do check, Light. Only checkmate.” – L

L in Death Note
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

78. “I’m suggesting maybe what you and the person you’re after want isn’t so different. Maybe they’re as ready to see the killing end as you are. And if that were true, perhaps now would be a good time to start helping them instead of hunting them.” – Light

79. “I’m not begging. I’m telling you that you don’t understand.” – Light

80. “I do not kill, Light! I don’t even carry a gun, it’s distracting. What I do is bring people to justice.” – L

81. “You’re the one who flew into the sun. I’m just here to make sure you actually burn.” – L

82. “There are no draws in this game.” – L

L in death note
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

83. “I’m a fucking cheerleader, Light. Nothing I do has ever mattered until I met you.” – Misa

84. “I wasn’t ready to lose you. I love you.” – Misa

85. “L showed me his face. I’m gonna get his name, and I’m gonna stop him.” – Light

86. “I’m not gonna leave you alone in this.” – Misa

87. “You threaten my son again, I’ll fucking kill you! Get the fuck out of here!” – James

88. “You know what happens when they find it. It ends up my book again, Light. And guess what name I’m gonna suggest we start with when I find it a new home?” – Ryuk

Light, L, and Ryuk
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

89. “Things are never black and white. Sometimes you just… you just have to choose the lesser of two evils.” – James

90. “You really think I give a shit about Homecoming?” – Light

91. “You said dealer’s choice!” – Ryuk

92. “You don’t get to feel superior for being a pussy.” – Misa

93. “Light Turner’s heart stops beating at midnight.” – Misa

Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

94. “You’re going to officially pass the book to me. Then once I’m the keeper… I’ll burn your page.” – Misa

95. “Let’s just run away together and never use the Death Note again.” – Light

96. “I don’t wanna run away. Now give me my fucking book, okay?” – Misa

97. “If you love me, then you gotta trust me. Don’t take the book. Because if you do, you’ll never see me again.” – Light

Light Yagami in Death Note
Tsugumi Ohba- Death Note

98. “You put my name in it, didn’t you?” – Misa

99. “Ryuk, I take it back! I take it back!” – Light

100. “It was you. All along.” – James

101. “It’s like you said… sometimes you just have to choose the lesser of two evils.” – Light

102. “Which one are you, son?” – James

103. “You humans are so interesting.” – Ryuk

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