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100 Best Quotes From “Ghoul”

Ghoul is a limited Hindi series on Netflix that’s sure to have you horrified for the duration of each episode. The main themes focus on the supernatural in a realistic world. Nida Rahim is an agent working for an anti-terrorist organization that imprisons and interrogates criminals. One criminal strikes the organization due to his laundry list of crimes and his ability to go rogue. After Ali Saeed is finally captured, not only is his profile case interesting, but Nida soon suspects something sinister and non-human is occurring behind closed doors.

Here’s the scoop on quotes from the Netflix series, Ghoul!

1. ”They will release you if you listen to them.”- Nida

2. “The near future. The country has changed. Sectarian violence has reached crisis point.”- Nida

3. ”Come closer captain.”- Ali Saeed

4. “I wish you’d seen it with your own eyes, Nida.”- Nida’s father

5. “Whatever they could find they took all of it.”- Nida’s father

6. ”They said our books are anti-religious.”- Nida’s father

7. “This is seditious literature, it’s a crime, it’s anti-national.”- Nida

8. “The force only takes those in need of reconditioning.”- Nida

man looking through window

9. “You are so naive you don’t see what goes on in our country.”- Nida’s father

10. “The government just wants what’s good for us.”- Nida


11. “Taught you how to read and write, trained you. Gave you a good upbringing. Was that all wrong?”- Nida’s father

12. “I made a mistake. I should’ve gone back to the academy alone.”- Nida

13. “It is my constitutional right to travel anywhere in this country.”- Nida’s father

14. “Let him go. Let’s go dad.”- Nida

blood and dead people

15. “External powers and false ideologies, have resulted in terrorism within.”- Colonel Sunil

16. “Recent terrorist attacks have proven one thing: the enemy is not an outsider. They are amongst us.”- Colonel Sunil

17. “Anyone can be a terrorist. Our neighbor, a friend..”- Colonel Sunil

18. “Just look at how far they’ve gone. They will have to pay a price for this.”- Nida’s father

people at table (Nida)

19. “It is your responsibility to report any suspicious and illegal activities immediately.”- Colonel Sunil

20. “From now on, your country is your only family and friend.”- Colonel Sunil

21. “It will take a while to make the intellectuals understand and create an ideal citizen.”- Lamba

22. “I’m telling you to call my daughter, she’ll come here and sort everything out.”- Nida

man in the rain ghoul

23. “Listen to them and do as they say.”- Nida’s father

24. “What you’re doing is wrong my dear, it’s very wrong.”- Nida’s father

Nida in green

25. “Familiarize her with the place, she’ll become a part of her team.”- Colonel Sunil

26. “Wouldn’t it be best to stop playing these games, and extract as much information as we can?”- Laxmi

27. “But how can we know for sure? We will do it my way.”- Sunil

28. “I’m a patriot, and it is my duty to defend my country.”- Nida

29. “My mission to ensure the enemy is brought to Justice.”- Nida

30. “No matter what?”- Laxmi

31. “No matter what.”- Nida

32. “Welcome to Meghoot 31.”- Laxmi


33. “The group we are fighting against, it has quite a lot of Muslims.”- Laxmi

34 “The people imprisoned here are just murderers and terrorists.”- Nida

35. “The colonel says music helps soldiers with stress.”- Guard

36. “Every prisoner is brought in here for induction.”- Guard

man with gun

37. “At ease.”- Colonel Sunil

38. “How did you like the tour with our finest interrogating officer?”- Sunil

39. “Sir to be face to face, it’s such an honor reporting to you as a commanding officer.”- Nida

40. “It’s my job to study human behavior, you can tell me.”- Sunil

41. “Why am I suddenly being posted?”- Nida

42. “Going behind your duty, turning in your father, that’s a brave example for all civilians and officers.”- Sunil

officers goul

43. “He will coming here today, that monster.”- Sunil

44. “Compiled through interrogation techniques practiced for years.”- Sunil

45. “Trusting this girl is a mistake.”- Laxmi

46. “Everyone knows she is not safe.”- Laxmi

47. “I just want to talk to her once, to hear her voice.”- Colonel Sunil

man at desk

48. “Don’t you think the way we treated Ahmed, we would’ve remained tight-lipped?”- Gupta

49. “I don’t want to talk about this ever again.”- Muthar

50. “What if us being here is a mistake? And what if he’s an innocent man?”- Gupta

51. “No one here is innocent. All are guilty.”- Muthar


52. “And Ahmed? He’s fooling us. He’s not a mute.”- Muthar

53. “You all will be on first rotation today.”- Laxmi

54. “Chaudhary, if you lose control you will be court-martialled do you understand?”- Laxmi

55. “I did nothing wrong.”- Laxmi

56. “Lamba? Is everything okay with the colonel these days?”- Laxmi

57. “This isn’t the right time ma’am.”- Lamba

military ghoul

58. “It won’t be good if anyone has doubts about his judgment.”- Laxmi

59. “Does anyone here have doubts about his judgment?”- Lamba

60 “This job breaks even the best of us.”- Laxmi

61. “This is going to be a trial by fire today.”- Laxmi

62 “This is a big opportunity to prove your loyalty.”- Laxmi

63. “How can you judge the colonel’s judgment in front of everyone?”- Lamba

64. “I’m not the only one who is having doubts, Lamba.”- Laxmi

65. “There’s not a single soldier down here. Have you ever seen that before.”- Ray


66. “Rahim, you go ahead.”- Nadia

67. “I asked you a question, answer me!”- Nadia

68. “No one said anything at all.”- Laxmi

69. “Do what you’re told, hit him.”- Laxmi

old man

70. “There’s never been a more dangerous terrorist mastermind than Ali.”- Colonel

71. “Command has only given us 24 hours to make Saeed talk.”- Colonel

first aid

72. “You mean to say we had the same dream? It might just be some old memories.”- Gupta

73. “So? Did you also have terrifying nightmares?”- Laxmi

74. “I’m used to it. Nightmares relax me.”- Laxmi

75. “Ma’am will I be interrogating Saaed along with you.”- Nida

76. “Ma’am I thought that Saeed called me by my nickname. Only my father calls me Nidu.”- Nida

77. “How’s it possible that Saeed knows that?”- Nida

man ghoul

78. “Saeed must have heard your name somewhere.”- Laxmi

79. “Responsible for the most gruesome bomb blast.”- Gupta

80. “Instigating people by poisoning their minds and traitor their own country.”- Gupta

81. “Most wanted man for five years, then out of the blue just shows up in our laps.”- Chaudhary

82. “Let me tell you, we had all kinds of savages.”- Chaudhary

83. “Was it your idea Gupta?”- Ali

84. “But Gupta was saying it’s your idea?”- Ali

85. “You brought them both here, beat them, and tortured them.”- Ali


86. “You wanted answers but you didn’t get any.”- Ali

87. “He’s talking nonsense and shit.”- Colonel

88. “You bastard let go of me!”- Gupta

89. “Can you hear us? Can someone help!”- Nida

90. “I’ll kill you!”- Chaudhary

91. “Open the door please!”- Nida

soldier and Nida

92. “This is all his fault. He knew.”- Chaudhary

93. “Soldier, look at me. Everything will be alright.” Colonel Sunil

94. ”You’re a soldier, a brave soldier.”- Sunil

95. “We are all guilty.”- Lamba

96. “Some interrogating techniques are more effective than others.”- Sunil

97. “Of course the most simple and efficient one is family.”- Sunil

98. “This is the place where every man gives us.”- Sunil


99. “Take your time.”- Ali

100. “If you start talking, what’s the plan Saeed?”- Sunil

I hope you liked these quotes from the supernatural series, Ghoul!

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