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100 Best Quotes from Haikyuu

The Japanese series by Haruichi Furudate follows a boy named Shoyo Hinata who is determined to become the best volleyball player. Shoyo refuses to let his small stature get in the way of achieving his dreams. Haikyuu was not only praised for the likable characters but also for the in-depth exploration of mental and personal struggles.

The strong team within the series is unlike any other sports-themed anime, highlighting the importance of the team mentality that is needed in volleyball.

Cr. Haruichi Furudate

Here’s the scoop on quotes from Haikyuu!

1. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” — Hinata Shoyo

2. “Even if we’re not confident that we’ll win, even if others tell us we don’t stand a chance, we must never tell ourselves that.” — Sawamura Daichi 

3. “There’s only one thing to do in order to win. Practice practice practice. Even if you’re puking your guts out, pick up the ball and continue.” — Ukai Keishin 

4. “My greatest weapon is not getting caught!” —  Hinata Shoyo

Hinata Shoyo
Cr. Haruichi Furudate

5. “Do you need a reason to not want to lose?” –  Hinata Shoyo

6. “You don’t win alone. That’s just how it is.” — Kageyama Tobio 

7. “We’ll never win if we don’t believe we can.” – Sawamura Daichi 

8. “I hate confidence that has no basis.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

9. “Does losing prove that you are weak? Isn’t losing difficult for all of you? A challenge where, after ending up on your hands and knees, you must see if you can stand up again. If you stay on your hands and knees, that proves that you are weak.” – Takeda Ittetsu 

Shoyo Hinata
Cr. Haruichi Furudate

10. “When you have a brilliant ace, their very existence is a brilliant decoy.” — Shirabu Kenjiro 

11. “As long as I’m here, you’re invincible.” – Kageyama Tobio

12. “But! If I’m here, you’re invincible.” – Hinata Shoyo

13. “To strike past all obstacles…. That’s the ace.” – Azumane Asahi 

14. “I’m not number one in anything at this point in time. But that’s not enough of a reason to quit, nor is it an excuse.” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke 

15. “The fact that he’s different from other people will probably end up being his strength.” – Utsui Takashi 

16. “Little by little, what you’ve begun will naturally become important to you. What you need at the start is a little bit of curiosity.” – Shimizu Kiyoko 

17. “He who climbs the ladder must begin at the bottom.” – Takeda Ittetsu 

Cr. Haruichi Furudate

18. “Motivation? What more do you need than pride!” — Yamaguchi Tadashi 

19. “Once my stomach settles down, you better be prepared. ’Cause we’ll really give you something to cry about in the match.” – Hinata Shoyo

20. “Being the best decoy ever is as cool as being the ace.” — Kageyama Tobio 

21. “Even if we go for what’s somewhat safe here, it’ll mean we never changed.” — Sugawara Koshi

22. “I’m gonna be setting to you one day.” – Miya Atsumu 

23. “As long as I keep trying, I can do it.” –  Tanaka Ryunosuke

24. “If you get really good, I promise you, somebody who’s even better will come and find you.” –  Kageyama Kazuyo

25. “Bigger will always be stronger. That is nature’s logic.” – Washijo Tanji 

26. “It is a senpai’s job to always be there and help his precious juniors.” – Nishinoya Yuu

27. “You should know better than anyone that you’ve failed the moment you lose your cool.” – Sawamura Daichi 

28. “Don’t you ever forget my worthless pride.” – Oikawa Tooru 

29. “Repetition, being methodical, and being through just feels nice.” – Kita Shinsuke 

30. “Please become a team of black, like the crows you represent.” – Takeda Ittetsu 

31. “When crows flock, they might even kill a huge white eagle.” – Oikawa Tooru 

Shoyo Hinata
Cr. Haruichi Furudate

32. “Everyone thinks that being small is more detrimental than it actually is. Even though being smaller puts you at a disadvantage in volleyball, it doesn’t make you completely helpless!” — Hoshiumi Korai 

33. “Bathroom is a place where you meet dangerous people.” – Hinata Shoyo

34. “Negativity, be gone!” – Sugawara Koshi

35. “I am really good at begging on my hands and knees.” – Takeda Ittetsu

36. “Don’t you dare look down! Volleyball is a sport where you’re always looking up!” – Ukai Keishin 

37. “Trying not to think about something is the same as thinking about it.” – Hinata Shoyo 

38. “The last ones standing are the victors. Only the strongest. If you want to be the last one standing become strong.” — Kageyama Tobio 

39. “The first game, the second game, the nationals, I’m going to win them all.” – Kageyama Tobio 

40. “It’s not just the enemy that can push you beyond our limits.” –  Tanaka Ryunosuke

41. “I’d guard your backs with my life If I had to.” — Nishinoya Yuu 

42. “Luck? No way. You’re only an ace if you’re able to create miracles.” – Goshiki Tsutomu

43. “If we win, it won’t be because a miracle happened.” – Sawamura Daichi 

44. “It’s true that I’m not very tall, but I can jump!” – Hinata Shoyo 

Shoyo Hinata
Cr. Haruichi Furudate

45. “Being strong is being free.” – Yamaguchi Tadashi 

46. “He’s an energetic brat. An athletic monster. He was totally unknown. And sometimes… He’s like a completely unknown force.” – Sawamura Daichi 

47. “Being weak means that there is room to grow.” — Takeda Ittetsu 

48. A sapling must have good soil in order to grow strong. Infertile soil will not bring forth splendid fruit.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi 

49. “I am built upon the small things I do every day, and the end results are no more than a byproduct of that.” – Kita Shinsuke 

50. “The joy you feel beating the guy in front of you, and when you’re able to pull out 120% of your potential, is everything.” – Bokuto Kotaro 

51. “This is so stupid. I’m not Hinata. To think that I actually want to fight to the end…” – Tsukishima Kei 

52. “I told you I thought we’re a strong team, but it’s not me that’s strong. It’s everyone together.” – Kozume Kenma 

53. “You’ll never be an ace, the pillar of the team.” – Kageyama Tobio

54. “The game will be over if you beat him, so isn’t it more fun having something you can’t seem to defeat?” – Kuroo Tetsuro 

Tetsuro Kuroo in Haikyuu
Cr. Haruichi Furudate

55. “Don’t you get more fired up when it’s an enemy you can’t beat?” – Kuroo Tetsuro

56. “I’m Hinata Shouyou from the concrete.” – Hinata Shoyo 

57. “Someone who can’t see the opponent standing right in front of him, can’t defeat the opponent that lies beyond!” – Iwaizumi Hajime 

58. “Humans have no wings, so they search for a way to fly.” – Ukai Keishin 

59. “No matter what your abilities may be, we won’t get any weaker just because you watched us.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi 

60. “When colors mix they become muddy and messy. But when they all blend together, the final result is the color that wins against all others… Black!” — Takeda Ittetsu 

61. “I don’t need any applause. I’m just going to do what I need to do.” – Kita Shinsuke 

62.“If we approach each problem one at a time, we’ll be able to figure this out.” – Takeda Ittetsu 

63. “I have to keep moving forward. I have to keep going!” – Hinata Shoyo 

64. “If they adjust to me, I just have to adjust in turn. Whoever stops adjusting won’t be able to continue forward.” — Kageyama Tobio 

65. “I’m a libero. I’d guard your backs with my life If I had to.” – Nishinoya Yuu 

66. “Even if a game doesn’t seem clearable at first, after playing it over and over again, you can conquer it.” — Kozume Kenma 

67. “I kept the ball in the air, it’s not your place to give up.” – Nishinoya Yuu 

Yu Nishinoya
Cr. Haruichi Furudate

68. “I can’t do any fancy plays, but I can give you guys a solid foundation.” — Sawamura Daichi 

69. “There’s no guarantee that the weapon that worked first will continue working until the end.” – Hinata Shoyo 

70. “If we look up instead of straight ahead, we could lose our footing.” – Ukai Keishin 

71. “But now we can fight. Even if they read us or catch up to us, we can fight.” – Hinata Shoyo 

72. “There’s no match that you can’t win, and there’s no match that you’ll win for sure.” — Ukai Ikkei 

73. “No encouragement, just the truth. No more words are needed from the great ace to the other ace.” – Ohira Reon 

74. “A defense with no holes doesn’t exist.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi 

75. “Rolling Thunder!” – Nishinoya Yuu 

76. “Life’s a bore if you don’t challenge yourself.” — Nishinoya Yuu 

Yu Nishinoya in Haikyuu
Cr. Haruichi Furudate

77. “Guys, don’t freak out! If we fall, fall forward!” – Nishinoya Yuu 

78. “It’s no fun if you don’t try other options once you know they exist.” – Nishinoya Yuu 

79. “We’re not hung up on winning or losing, so it’ll be troublesome for you guys to lose. How about we throw the game for you?” – Tsukishima Kei

80. “If you’re gonna hit it, hit it until it breaks!” — Oikawa Tooru 

81. “Spiking isn’t just about slamming the ball to the floor. If you keep your cool, you’ll be able to see what action to take.” – Bokuto Kotaro 

82. “You can fly even higher.” — Kageyama Tobio 

83. “If you’re the king that rules the court, I’ll have to defeat you, and I’ll be the last one standing!” – Hinata Shoyo 

Shoyo Hinata
Cr. Haruichi Furudate

84. “Please let me set for you one more time, Asahi!” – Sugawara Koshi

85. “If you look down on us like that, we’ll chew you up and spit you out.” – Tanaka Ryunosuke 

86. “But once that moment arrives for you, that’s the moment you’ll be hooked on volleyball.” – Bokuto Kotaro 

87. “Farewell, my paradise.” – Tendo Satori 

88. “Bokuto is the kind of person that compels you to give it you all, because you know he’s giving it his all.” — Akaashi Keiji 

89. “The setter is the team’s control tower! It’s the setter that handles the ball the most in a match. It’s the most dominant role! It’s the coolest!” – Kageyama Tobio 

90. “What’s lame isn’t losing the match, it’s to be scared of the match!” – Tanaka Ryunosuke 

91. “Don’t underestimate us too much, or we’ll eat you alive.” – Tanaka Ryunosuke 

92. “Before my eyes, it blocks my path. A high, high wall. What sort of scene is on the other side? What will I be able to see there? ‘The view from the top.’ A scenery I will never be able to see on my own. But if I’m not alone, then… I might be able to see it.” – Hinata Shoyo 

Cr. Haruichi Furudate

93.“Things you don’t understand are scary, right?” – Tendo Satori 

94. “Remember. We are blood. Never stop flowing. Keep moving. Keep bringing oxygen so that our ‘brain’ can operate at his best.” – Kuroo Tetsuro 

95. “There are some flowers you only see when you take detours.” – Tanaka Saeko

96. “If you think that it will never come, it probably never will.” – Oikawa Tooru

97. “All of you should be able to make it! To the highest limit, to the farthest limit!” — Takeda Ittetsu 

98. “Today might be the chance to grasp the chance to let your talent bloom.” — Oikawa Tooru 

99. “Talent is something you make bloom, instinct is something you polish.” – Oikawa Tooru 

100. “Hey, hey, hey!” – Bokuto Kotaro 

Haikyuu may look like just another sports anime on the surface but the detailed storytelling and relationships tie into the actual sport rather than serving as a separate entity. The anime currently has 4 seasons and will not be ending anytime soon.

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