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100 Best Quotes From Happiness Ever After

Happiness Ever After acts as the sequel to Happiness is a Four-Letter Word. Both films found on Netflix showcase major love stories alongside family turmoil for three South African women who unite as friends. Happiness Ever After continues to share the stories of Zaza and Princess who were introduced in the first film, however, Zimkitha is a new character introduced in the sequel.

Here is the scoop on the best quotes from Happiness Ever After…

1. “Is happy ever after real? Or just a ruse?” – Zimkitha

2. “Do we create it ourselves, or wait for it to find us?” – Zimkitha

3. “Now this my dear makes me feel like you’re a princess.” – Zaza

4. “Exactly what is happily ever after? Maybe it’s just a perfect ending for Cinderella; nothing that deep for the rest of us. Or the beginning of our sleeping beauty stories.” – Zimkitha

5. “After three years of committing to a relationship, I came to Johannesburg to find my balance.” – Zimkitha

6. “We ordered a soft life, but instead we found ourselves widowed and forced into adulting.” – Zimkitha

7. “Some moments carry signals, messages, clues; but we miss them. We miss these moments because we never stop to just breathe.” – Princess

Max admires Princess in her dress for the art gallery event.

8. “The practice of yoga teaches us the art of breathing; allowing us to reach deep and draw strength from within.” – Princess

9. “What do you say we get out of here and feed ourselves?” – Yonda

10. “My life is not a science project okay? There’s nothing to dissect.” – Princess

11. “We’re in the business of selling people a great time. End of story.” – Yonda

12. “No one will tell me how to mourn my husband — not even you.” – Zaza

13. “Property is always a very wise investment.” – Princess

14. “Do you ever get the feeling like you just know in the pit of your stomach something bad is going to happen?” – Zimkitha

15. “My phone just kept going off — all these messages telling me my ex is getting married.” – Zimkitha

16. “Kind of offloaded too much there, but thanks for listening.” – Zimkitha

17. “Thandi’s school says we settled her fees but we’re over by 5,000 rands. I didn’t make that payment.” – Princess

18. “Flowers are beautiful, right? They’re independent and they just never stop growing.” – Zimkitha

19. “Yeah, but they need someone to water them. That’s a problem.” – Yonda

20. “I think in this day and age, everything should be digital. I’m designing an app — an answer to all the die-hard, unlucky romantics.” – Yonda

21. “So you know all about being unlucky in love?” – Zimkitha

22. “The way she looked at me. It’s as if she knows something I don’t.” – Zaza

23. “Maxwell is a good guy. Maxwell loves you. He’s that perfect picture of stability.” – Zaza

24. “I’m going to do what is best for my daughter. That’s it.” – Princess

25. “Look, I suck at relationships.” – Yonda

26. “Please tell pork chops to take it easy on me.” – Leo

27. “The both of you make it seem like I didn’t love my husband.” – Zaza

28. “Having a territory of your own is the goal here. Otherwise, what else are you living for?” – Max

29. “I found a local construction guru who will be our entry point. Frank, I need a very strong admin team over there.” – Fakazile

30. “So what you’re looking at is a prototype. The app has a function that simulates the basic needs that our clients look out for. I’m also in talks with the police department regarding background checks. Our clients will be safe.” – Yonda

31. “Look what the sun dragged out of the grave. What’s up?” – Zimkitha

32. “A bunch of random strangers commenting on my idea — that makes sense to you?” – Yonda

33. “Dubai was great and hot. Fellas, we are in business. We have been greenlit to open an office over there.” – Fakazile

34. “I was minding my own business, and she scores herself a corner office here.” – Zaza

35. “The boutique is not enough to keep me afloat.” – Zaza

36. “Of course it’s never that deep with you.” Zimkitha

37. “We need to compile the data and look at the adjustments.” – Yonda

38. “Not bad for someone who didn’t forget that you don’t like onions and you don’t like olives.” – Leo

39. “You made me all those promises, then you just left me alone to raise our child by myself.” – Princess

40. “You weren’t there for any of the things we spoke about. You didn’t give her her bottle at three a.m. You didn’t let me sleep in on Sundays. You missed her first tooth, you missed her first walk. You didn’t change a single nappy.” -Princess

41. “Did you know that I came to the hospital? I was drunk out of my mind. I couldn’t meet Thandi like that. I was an addict.” – Leo

42. “You hurt me. I trusted you Leo, and you hurt me.” – Princess

43. “What we actually need is an adulting 101 memo — and some practicals on how to slay our dragons.” – Zimkitha

44. “What they didn’t tell us is what lies on the road ever after; traps, the truths, and entanglements.” – Zimkitha

45. “I got carried away at the gallery; I just completely lost track of time.” – Princess

46. “We’re great together. Say Yes!” – Max

47. “We should invite Leo to our engagement dinner. He’s family right?” – Max

48. “Thandi has to get to know her dad okay? We have to make it — like– normal.” – Princess

49. “Listen Princess. I really hope your wedding actually happens you know. Some dudes just propose and they go off and marry someone else.” – Zimkitha

Nambitha Ben-Mazwi, Yonda Thomas happiness ever after

50. “Leo is getting to know his daughter, that’s it.” – Princess

51. “In a couple of days, my brother’s estate will be wound up and I’m here to make sure that each and every single penny of his does not land in the wrong hands.” – Fakazile

52. “If he makes you happy, that’s fine. But no man is going to raise my daughter.” – Leo

53. “I used to clean the dance floor with this track.” – Zimkitha

54. “Yeah, I mean I was happy, you know? I was engaged and then he just comes to me one morning all frantic ’cause his bitcoin investment went south and he needed some money.” – Zimkitha

55. “We were supposed to run two successful businesses and he was in Cryptocurrency.” – Zimkitha

56. “And then he disappeared, and then I see his wedding on Instagram.” – Zimkitha

57. “Hey, look at you now right? You’re still here; still winning without him. You’re still as beautiful as ever.” – Yonda

58. “Yonda are you going cold on me again?” – Zimkitha

59. “You create a safe space for me and things were amazing, and then you do this, you just completely pretend like I’m nothing again.” – Zimkitha

60. “I can’t be in a relationship. I know, I know that’s what you want –” – Yonda

61. “Last night you made me believe it was possible.” – Zimkitha

62. “You won’t even try. Okay, have a good meeting.” – Zimkitha

63. “That will be the death of us.” – Fakazile

64. “You need to be honest with me. Does FK have any right to take over my house?” – Zaza

65. “She’s threatened me twice already. She threatened to put me and my children on the street. Talk to me, I need to know.” – Zaza

66. “Thandi, this is Leo — you’re dad. He was very sick and so he had to go away, but now he’s much better and he’s come back.” – Princess

67. “You are a lucky girl, huh? You have two dads. It’s great to finally meet you.” – Leo

68. “I’m trying to free her imagination.” – Leo

69. “Zandie took money out of the business account. I’m simply doing my best to retrieve it.” – Fakazile

70. “It’s a stills documentary series you know — work in progress.” – Leo

71. “Leo, you’ve met Thandi now. Please, don’t come to the dinner.” – Princess

72. “Hey, so Danelle pulled out, and now I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do.” – Yonda

73. “Look, I never consented to be your friend so where are they?” – Zimkitha

74. “I wanna give people a break. I wanna give people a break from the pressure of putting their hearts into every relationship.” – Yonda

75. “So you’ve decided for all of us that relationships are pressure?” – Zimkitha

76. “It doesn’t matter what you do, these things don’t work. Okay? No matter how much you work at it, it still flops.” – Yonda

77. “Yonda who hurt you? ‘Cause, you’re so bitter. And you’re cynical, and you’re jaded and you’re a coward.” – Zimkitha

78. “If you think there’s some fairy tale love thing just waiting to happen then you’re a fool. You’re not in control. It doesn’t matter how much you dictate the terms, it doesn’t change anything.” – Yonda

79. “And you think everyone wants to die lonely like you?” – Zimkitha

80. “Yeah, I’m leaving. I’ve got a family waiting for me.” – Max

81. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to destabilize her routine.” – Max

Richard happiness ever after

82. “Maxwell is having an engagement dinner. He’s a really good friend of mine. Can you be my date?” – Yonda

83. “You know what they say; when you find what you’re looking for, there’s no reason to wait.” – Max

84. “Of course, Leon here is fighting demons, but then aren’t we all. Leon is Thandi’s absent father.” – Max

85. “You know what prof. you’re so right. I’ve been absent, but I plan to make up for that now.” – Leo

86. “You know everything that’s good isn’t always gold.” – Leo

87. “Just please don’t forget to give her my present.” – Leo

88. “You slept with him. Is he what you want?” – Max

89. “Maxwell, you are what I want. You’re my peace. You’re my calm. Max, this is what I want.” – Princess

90. “If you don’t know who you are, everyone will tell you who you’re meant to be. Don’t blame me for your indecisiveness.” – Max

91. “You know Princess if that basic, crass woman sells my house, my kids and I are literally on the streets. We’re literally homeless.” – Zaza

92. “You took the company’s money and bought a car — a bloody car and a shag pad.” – Fakazile

93. “If you paid any attention — any attention at all — you would know that this house is under the company’s name.” – Fakazile

94. “My brother must be turning in his grave watching you sleep around.” – Fakazile

95. “You’re bitter. Why are you so bitter, huh? Is it jealousy that you’ve never had anyone do for you what you’re brother did for me?” – Zaza

96. “Fakazile look around you. All of this, the business, the car, the money; it means nothing. You can take it all, I will still rise. You bully everyone that’s in your life. Your mother can’t say even say anything anymore because she’s tired of you and you’re nonsense — and so am I.” – Zaza

97. “Listen, I was thinking, can I have Thandi over for the weekend?” – Leo

Daniel Effiong, Renate Stuurman, Khanyi Mbau, Yonda Thomas

98. “You know I’m over it. I’m over all the nonsense, the emotional coaster ride ad he just can’t commit.” – Zimkitha

99. “Leo forgot to get Thandi. She’s been waiting at school this whole afternoon.” – Princess

100. “I warned you, Leo. I begged you not to do this to her.” – Princess

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