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100 Best Quotes From “Hard Cell”

Hard Cell on Netflix is a comedy that centers around a women’s prison in the United Kingdom as they create and organize a musical production.

The show not only includes entertaining moments provided by each character and their unique stories but also incorporates heartfelt moments that show the true effect music can have on inmates and their lives.

Here’s the scoop on the best quotes from Hard Cell!

An image of Ange from "Hard Cell"
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

1. “The thing about Laura is she sort of creeps up on you. On first impressions, she’s a cringe fest. Like this irritating, withering, old hall of embarrassment. But she’s got this other side of her which you can’t help but like.” -Charlee

2. ”Some people understand the importance of loyalty, solidarity, sisterhood. Surround yourself with those people, if you can.” -Ange

3. ”I’ll do a TikTok with you, cause that sounds like a great use of everyone’s time.” -Dean

4. “Musicals? In prison? Hell to the yes.” -Laura

A group image from "Hard Cell"
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

5. ”That’s why I took the job. To give something back. To make a difference.” -Gary

6. ”I often say, ‘they had to lock me up to set me free.’” -Sal

7. ”All a woman needs to do is teeter on the edges of society’s expectations of her. And what do we do? We hang her up, often for no more than a misdemeanor.” -Laura

8. ”The Kardashian story is my story. There’s a little bit of all of them in me.” – Big Viv

An image of Big Viv
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

9. ”Because in my book, our differences are what makes us the same. I don’t actually have a book, but I do have a TED talk coming up.” -Laura

10. ”Can you believe this was taken on the day she arrived in prison? The experience has ravaged her.” -Sebastian

11. “Laura came through the back door of nepotism and got promoted through over confidence.” -Dean

12. ”If Adele can’t do it, I don’t see how you can.” -Marco

An image of Marco
“Hard Cell” -Netflix

13. ”I strive to look for the good in people. I honestly do. But it is getting harder.” -Ange

14. ”I want these women to fly. And I think Maya Angelou would approve.” -Laura

15. ”What you did before… don’t do it again.” -Charlee

16. ”I do feel bad for those two. It’s really sad. It is. It’s really sad. Things are going great for me though.” -Ros

An image of Ros from "Hard Cell"
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

17. ”Sometimes I forget I’m in a safe place. He can’t get me here, but the triggers are still there.” -Sal

18. ”Charlee gave me this. And our TikTok has been viewed by upwards of 156 people. We’re practically trending, so pretty good day all around.” -Laura

19. ”Pregnancy and in jail? Parents must be proud.” -Marco

20. “That’s not the man of my dreams, but he’s the one buying me the camper van.” -Ros

21. ”For God’s sake Gary, why don’t you f*ck off?” -Cheryl

An image of Cheryl
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

22. ”My God, the smell has really centralized in here, hasn’t it?” -Laura

23. ”I’m a natural-born entertainer. I’m also incredibly violent and singing is my happy place. So, look no further.” -Big Viv

24. ”A few house rules. No drill, no jazz, no folk.” -Martin

25. “Can she dance? Can she sing? Doesn’t matter because we’re on in four days.” -Cheryl

26. ”The thing is, you just have to keep the fight, know who you are and that your true self will win out in the end.” -Ange

An image of Ange from "Hard Cell"
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

27. ”Weak leaders just get taken advantage of.” -Laura

28. ”I didn’t realize this job would require so much chat.” -Charlee

29. ”There’s a new world waiting for me out there, and it’s called ‘the theater’” -Big Viv

30. ”OMG you guys! Too cute. We should livestream this. Yay! This is a TikTok in the making.” -Dean

31. ”You cannot put a price on the power of creativity.” -Laura

An image of Laura and Dean
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

32. ”We all struggle with blending, but just remember, highlight is not a weapon. Don’t know what you’re in here for, boo, but the contouring’s criminal.” -Marco

33. ”It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, coming into a place like this, ‘cause you’ve got a lot of different personalities to manage. And some of those personalities have killed people.” -Martin

34. ”We throw away this opportunity, we throw away our power. We’re strong, proud women, and we deserve to be heard.” -Cal

35. ”First rule of Fight Club: Don’t talk about Fight Club. Second rule of Fight Club: If you smash someone’s head against the wall, and it’s not their fault, say sorry. Third rule of Fight Club: Bring biscuits.” -Big Viv

An image of Big Viv from "Hard Cell"
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

36. ”Well, this is turning out to be quite the day.” -Laura

37. ”As far as I can gather, the main themes are women, prison, and violence, so no one’s strayed too far out of their comfort zones.” -Marco

38. ”Don’t patronize me because you think I’m blind.” -Blind Sally

39. ”I thought there was a spark, but I couldn’t understand a word he said.” -Laura

40. ”That’s the beauty of prison though. Freedom.” -Sal

An image of Cal and Sal
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

41. ”You might want to think about it the way people choose a name for a pet. You know, what’s it gonna sound like when you call across the park? Or, in your case, the canteen.” -Laura

42. ”No Charlee, no problem. I’ll do it. I don’t know any of her lines. I don’t know any of her songs. It doesn’t matter. I’m gonna freestyle the sh*t out of this!” -Big Viv

43. ”She speaks with the rich melody of her motherland. It’s just a shame no one knows what she’s saying.” -Laura

44. ”I’m not gay, boo. I’m just from Essex.” -Marco

An image of Marco and Gary from "Hard Cell"
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

45. ”Creativity is rehabilitation.” -Laura

46. ”I do feel bad about taking advantage of Sebastian because, uh, well, yeah, it’s theft, basically. But, in my defense, I am a criminal.” -Ros

47. ”The joint is positively jumpin’.” -Laura

48. ”You see the very best and the very worst of people in there. But all you’ve really got is each other. And if you don’t understand that, well, you’re in trouble.” -Ange

49. ”Be an a**hole to them before they’re an a**hole to you.” -Anastasia

An image of Anastasia
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

50. “It was a shock, Rosalind, when I saw that our bank account was empty. It was a shock to my eyes. A shock to my heart. It was a shock.” -Sebastian

51. ”Where the f*ck is the tiramisu?” -Big Viv

52. ”Bore da, Sian. That just means hello.” -Laura

53. “Now get the money transferred so I can pay the man, and we can go on the road trip of a lifetime in a f*cking camper van.” -Mammy

54. ”Sorry, Cheryl. The alarm’s going off, so I couldn’t see you properly.” -Laura

A picture of Mammy from "Hard Cell"
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

55. ”She’s now introduced an open-door policy. Anyone, Anything, Anytime. Which is Latin for, ‘I’m dreadfully inept, but please like me.’” -Dean

56. ”Sh*t. Why do we never have tacos?” -Charlee

57. ”Hashtag life goals.” -Marco

58. ”But you know what, love, it makes us do strange things. And he fell in love with this.” -Ros

59. ”What a fantastic group of women we are. We’re not afraid to be heard. We’re not afraid to make mistakes because God knows we wouldn’t be here if we were, and we’re not afraid to change.” -Cal

A group image from "Hard Cell"
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

60. ”Just remember a couple of things. One, don’t be a c*nt. And two, that’s it.” -Cheryl

61. ”I got down to the last 32 on Love Island. I’ve got nothing to prove.” -Marco

62. ”You might want to tighten that up before your TED Talk. Because that, it didn’t make sense.” -Dean

63. ”Break a leg, everyone! That just means good luck, Vivian.” -Laura

64. ”Musicals about gang violence work in any setting. It’s a notoriously adaptable genre.” -Martin

An image of Martin and Cheryl
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

65. ”When in doubt, ignore, ignore, ignore.” -Dean

66. ”I can’t pull the rug under their creative feet now. It’s too important.” -Laura

67. ”What? Pride in the way I look. What’s the matter with that? It’s wasted in here.” -Marco

68. ”If I’ve got a chance of surviving while I’m in here, I’ve got to stand my ground.” -Ange

An image of Ange from "Hard Cell" - Netflix
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

69. ”Oh yes, I thought you knew. He’s a massive knob.” -Laura

70. ”I’ve never felt so f*cking at peace.” -Big Viv

71. ”I’m having a really nice time. And it means I don’t have to tolerate any more of your nonsense, you nasty streak of piss.” -Ange

72. ”I – I know – I know it sounds mad, but I – I thought you were never gonna come.” -Ros

An image of Ros from "Hard Cell"
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

73. ”Most of my inmates have had dreadful lives. They’ve come from unimaginable circumstances and I can’t change that. But, while they’re in here, with me, that is where change can happen.” -Laura

74. ”I wouldn’t have had Pat Pat down as a street dancer, but she is surprisingly light on her feet.” -Marco

75. ”Sorry about that. It’s just something that had to be done.” -Big Viv

76. “If resistance is where we want them to be, how do we get them there? We sing.” -Laura

77. ”It’s good. I’m looking forward to it. Actually, it’s my day off. I won’t be there. I ain’t coming in. Don’t need it that much. I mean, how good is it gonna be?” -Marco

78. ”Now give us back out jigsaw piece, you dreadful little c*nt.” -Sal

79. “Incredible. There is a person coming out of a person. You clever, clever girl.” -Laura

80. ”I don’t want to spook anyone, but I think this could all go to sh*t.” -Cheryl

An image of Ros
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

81. ”It’s about resetting the narrative. Sometimes, literally.” -Laura

82. ”Stay with the herd, boo.” -Marco

83. ”I’m being sued by Maya Angelou’s estate.” -Laura

84. ”That’s what they call a ballad.” -Big Viv

85. ”Ange is going to be fine. It wasn’t a broken nose, just a perforated septum, so no long-term breathing difficulties, probably.” -Laura

86. ”I could cry at your brilliance.” -Dean

87. ”Do you know how weird you both are?” -Charlee

88. ”Oh! It’s coming! There, I can see something quite big… out of something quite small.” -Laura

An image of Ange
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

89. ”Never again. Not till the next time.” -Martin

90. ”Wow, that is painful… for both of us, I imagine.” -Laura

91. ”Because like I always say, never underestimate how good people can be. Not good. Stupid.” -Ange

92. ”Well, aren’t you something?” -Laura

An image of Anastasia from "Hard Cell"
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

93. ”Sorry, Heather, who’s Cheryl?” -Sal

94. ”You’re my number two. Can’t you deal with it?” -Laura

95. ”I want you to have him. You’ll be good at it.” -Charlee

96. ”But it is a business, and there’s a legal issue. When isn’t there?” -Laura

97. ”Believe me, having a number two by the side of the stage last night would have done very little for my confidence.” -Laura

98. ”This is everything.” -Ros

99. ”Snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, much?” -Laura

100. “Just have to keep plugging away and hope my ears adjust.” -Laura

A group image from "Hard Cell"
“Hard Cell” – Netflix

Hope you enjoyed these quotes from Hard Cell on Netflix! Fun fact: The creator of the show Catherine Tate plays six of the characters!

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A group image from "Hard Cell"

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10 Best Quotes From Hard Cell