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100 Best Quotes From Netflix’s Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood

In Netflix’s Apollo 1/2: A Space Age Childhood, just before the Apollo 11 moon landing, NASA accidentally makes a spacecraft a bit too small. Thus, they decide that their best option is to send Stanley, a fourth-grader, to be the first person on the moon.

If you are looking for a nostalgic space adventure, Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood is the perfect movie for you. Filled with 1960s nostalgia and history, the film accurately captures what it was like to be a kid during the space race era. Even the quotes from the film show how the ’60s it is.

Here is the scoop on the best quotes from Netflix’s Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood!

Stan walks across the moon. Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood
Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood-Netflix

1. “The time is spring 1969.”-Stanley

2. “The occasion on this fateful day that put everything in motion? Fourth-grade recess.”-Stanley

3. “There’s our kid.”-NASA

4. “We need a kid like you to test this accidentally smaller version on the lunar surface and soon.”-NASA

5. “Stan, you’re our only hope.”-NASA.

6. “And, you know, I was a pretty impressive kicker as well.”-Stanley

7. “Mission? For what?”-Stanley

8. “Why don’t you just send a chimpanzee?”-Stanley

9. “Okay pause!”-Stanley

10. “Let’s forget about this for now. We’ll come back to this part later.”-Stanley

11. “The Houston area in the late ’60s was a great time to be a kid.”-Stanley

12. “The world was changing, and so was how we saw ourselves in it.”-Stanley

13. “The optimistic technological future was now, and we were at the absolute center of everything new and better.”-Stan

14. “Why choose this as our goal?”-JFK

15. “Even though Joe Namath said it was like playing on concrete, it felt like nature and all her earthly restrictions were being conquered.”-Stanley

16. “And you could play songs with the tones.”-Stanley

17. “Sure, our country was at war. Cities were on fire, and all hell was breaking loose everywhere. But from a kid’s perspective out in the suburbs, it was all confined to the television.”-Stanley

Stan floats around in zero gravity. Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood
Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood-Netflix

18. “And as a kid, you figure it’s all normal.”-Stanley

19. “I guess that’s just how adults act.”-Stanley

20. “See, kids, this is why we moved to the suburbs.”-Vicky

21. “No. Your sister is full of crap.”-Mom

22. “The squares are scared.”-Vicky

23. “Yeah, that’s a hippie.”-Mom

24. “Our neighborhood was full of houses under construction.”-Stanley

25. “There was no sense of history here, for everything as far as you could see was brand new.”-Stanley

26. “We would marvel at their swagger and the methods they used to beat the system, whether crudely lessening the gravitational pull of the machine or deftly getting a game without putting in any money.”-Stanley

27. “But it was clear our family’s sole mission was to save as much money as possible.”-Stanley

28. “I guess I was what you’d call a fabulist, which is just a nicer way of saying ‘persistent liar.’”-Stanley

29. “Why can’t dad do something important at NASA?”-Stanley

30. “Honey, not everyone gets to be an astronaut.”-Mom

31. “It was like everyone was doin’ something’ for NASA one way or another.”-Stanley

32. “I was incorporated into the existing system, but that was about it.”-Stanley

33. “I learned later that after I was born, my mom got on this new thing called the pill but never told our priest, for fear of being excommunicated.”-Stanley

34. “The six of us formed quite an army of workers.”-Stanley

A pyromaniac in the backyard.
Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood-Netflix

35. “A nail will last forever, so you don’t ever want to throw them away.”-Grandpa

36. “They saved everything that had the slightest value and reused everything they could.”-Stanley

37. “It was just another outing with grandma.”-Stanley

38. “To her, the world was going down the tubes, and fast.”-Stanley

39. “Yes, with such threats looming, the future was often terrifying.”-Stanley

40. “Now that, young Steven, is the difference between a redneck and white trash.”-Dad

41. “It wasn’t against the law to drink and drive back then. You just couldn’t be legally intoxicated.”-Stanley

42. “Anyway, we were the last of the duck-and-cover generation.”-Stanley

43. “There we were, all together on this floating blue ball in space.”-Stanley

44. “Science class was so exciting because it felt like current events.”-Stanley

45. “We were being told people our age would one day be able to have our honeymoons on the moon. And by the end of the century, we could be a paying customer on the six-month flight to Mars.”-Stanley

46. “Until we got a color TV, everything had been in black and white, even Oz.”-Stanley

48. “Everyone, finish every bite on your plate. There are starving kids in Vietnam.”-Mom

49. “Home run!”-Greg

50. “And the scoreboard is going crazy on the line drive!”-Greg

51. “You were always one little screw-up away from a beating from any number of the adults in your life.”-Stanley

Apollo 10 1/2 team
Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood-Netflix

52. “We had all kinds of neighborhood games, depending on who was playing.”-Stanley

53. “My tastes were, let’s say, maturing.”-Stanley

54. “It’s right there for those who are tuned in, but the straights… they don’t get it.”-Vicky

55. “We never found out which sister ratted us out.”-Stanley

56. “Not sure the punishment fit the crime.”-Stanley

57. “The land was totally flat. The only thing remotely resembling a hill was the overpass out on the interstate.”-Stanley

58. “I was embarrassed he was more of a paper pusher than someone who had anything to do with the missions.”-Stanley

59. “Like I said, I was the last of six in our own Brady Bunch configuration of a family, and the only one born in the ’60s.”-Stanley

60. “See how you’re not in any of these?”-Steve

61. Then there were our next-door neighbors, the Pateks, who were not using contraception because they were still kickin’ out a kid about every year.”-Stanley

62. “It was also the first wave of the Jello mold craze.”-Stanley

63. “My grandparents’ reaction to havin’ lived through the Depression was to feel it was goin’ to happen again at any moment.”-Stanley

64. “But like so many of the doomsday scenarios, it thankfully never happened.”-Stanley

65. “I thought bein’ under a desk wasn’t gonna do much good on the vaporization or radiation front.”-Stanley

66. “It was easy to be swept up in the promise of the future and the thought that science and technology would ultimately fix almost everything.”-Stanley

67. “At the top of the heap, the embodiment of all these positive feelings were NASA and, of course, the astronauts themselves.”-Stanley

68. “Our school was named Ed White Elementary even before the tragedy.”-Stanley

Family TV night. Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood
Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood-Netflix

69. “At school on launch days, it was always the same ritual. The teacher would wheel in a TV. We’d watch the rocket on the launchpad for five minutes…”-Stanley

70. “And then just stare at the screen as the rocket took off into the sky.”-Stanley

71. “TV itself felt like an ongoing battle.”-Stanley

72. “On the news, the war in Vietnam was a constant and found its way into almost everything goin’ on.”-Stanley

73. “It was no problem gettin’ a game goin’.”-Stanley

74. “One of the downsides of bein’ a kid during this era was they still thought it was a great idea to train children like they were animals, which required constant reminders of what was incorrect conduct.”-Stanley

75. “And it seemed like every long car ride anywhere included an obligatory changing of a flat.”-Stanley

76. “Vicky had gotten a job at Baskin-Robbins… the revolutionary ice-cream shop that offered a mind-blowing 31 different flavors, and she got two free scoops a shift.”-Stanley

77. “Just scoop it.”-Steve

78. “I guess this is as good a place as any to return where we left off.”-Stanley

79. “Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want.”-Stanley

80. “I kinda loved 1/6th gravity, but it was like learning to move around with a whole new body.”-Stanley

81. “Neil Armstrong had almost died tryin’ to land this thing.”-Stanley

82. “We carried out Apollo 10 1/2’s secret mission without a hitch.”-Stanley

83. “But then it was like it never happened. No headlines. No ticker-tape parade for me.”-Stanley

84. “Historically boring day.”-Vicky

85. “It was always fun to just roam around.”-Stanley

86. “In space, it was a little more lonely.”-Stanley

The two NASA recruiters.
Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood-Netflix

87. “Galveston, oh Galveston. It was the only beach we knew.”-Stanley

88. “It seemed like there was always an oil spill somewhere out in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in little tarballs everywhere.”-Stanley

89. “It’s amazing everything it got right.”-Stanley

90. “It didn’t look too tranquil to me.”-Stanley

91. “They were going to land on the moon sometime in the afternoon and walk on it in the evening.”-Stanley

92. “No one could pass up a trip to Astroworld.’-Stanley

93. “The ride was exhilarating.”-Stanley

94. “It’s another major milestone.”-Reporter

95. “The eagle has landed.”-Stanley

96. “They did it! They landed on the moon.”-Stanley

97. “Right on.”-Vicky

98. “Armstrong is on the moon.”-Cronkite

99. “Magnificent desolation.”-Aldrin

100. “Well, we all did it.”-Dad

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