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100 Best Quotes from Netflix’s Bright: Samurai Soul

In Japanese culture, the presence of Samurai aesthetics created the wave of storytelling in the film Bright: Samurai Soul. Written by Michiko Yokote, Bright: Samurai Soul brings a cultural dramatic play to life. The movie has a unique backstory of how each character’s parts become connected to share love between samurai cultures.

Here is the scoop on quotes from Bright: Samurai Soul!

bright: samurai soul

1. “A story about light.” -Izou


2. “The residence of the most beautiful woman in Kyoto is Chiaya.” -Townsman

bright: samurai soul

3. “Expected nothing less than therefore from an orc.” -Izou

4. “Shame on this beautiful ugly, lovable spiteful world and my own foolish self.” -Izou

5. “Chiaya the forgetful.” -High Courtzen

6. “The dazzling light.” -Raiden

7. “This is how we see the dead off to heaven.” -Izou

8. “Chiaya wanted to go to the land of elves a place called Hakodate.” -Sonya


9. “Adults have a lot on their minds.” -Raiden

10. “A pillar of light.” -Raiden

11. “A hermit living at the foot of Mount Fuji.” -Raiden

12. “Half-man, half-horse sage.” -Raiden

13. “Bright is finite like elves.” -Tsukyomi

bright: samurai soul

14. “Our race is only used for strength.” -Raiden

15. “An English textbook.” -Sonya

16. “Two groups at odds over control of the wand and the Bright shi.” -Tsukyomi

17. “Power is forbidden when it comes to dark magic.” -Tsukyomi

18. “Those pale covered eyes cannot sense emotion.” -Master Koketsu

19. “The people took Sonya was from the inferni.” -Anna

20. “Shield of light and inferni.” -Tsukyomi

21. “Power is power.” -Tskukyomi

22. “Smell of elves is too thick everywhere.” -Raiden

bright: samurai soul

23. “Do nothing say nothing when fond of the wand.” -Master Koketsu

24. “Jobs where we kill or get killed. Simple task.” -Raiden

25. “Isn’t it common sense that betrayal first requires trust?” -Izou

26. “Struggle blindly in the dark day after day.” -Raiden

27. “A Daurian redstart? That is a good omen to start our journey.” -Raiden

28. “A fang symbol to my vow.” -Raiden

29. “The faintest sliver of light.” -Raiden

30. “Orcs are capable of being nuisances.” -Raiden

31. “Izou gets shot and falls into the waterfall.” -Izou

people falling

32. “Orcs can smell other orcs.” -Raiden

33. “The wand ended on an intense civil war that divided lao in the flesh.” -Raiden

34. “The forgetful.” -High Courtzen

35. “Move an inch and you’re dead.” -Izou

bright: samural soul

36. “The light will illuminate the world revealing everything.” -Izou

37. “I was waiting and hoping for the light.” -Izou

38. “I failed to die.” -Izou

39. “A good deal is often used in ulterior motives.” -Barron

40. “Those pale covered eyes cannot see sense emotion.” -Master Koketsu

man smoking

42. “It was a female elf around 18 years old both feet cut off.” -Anna

43. “Learned that the wand was located in Edo castle and left for Tokyo from Hakodate.” -Anna

44. “Her sister used war between new government forces and old shogunate army to infiltrate Edo castle.” -Anna

45. “The wand was released with the power of light and then disappeared.” -Anna

46. “She said that Master Kokestu was the inferni soldier that kidnapped Sonya.” -Anna

47. “My twin sister loved Sonya. She was her favorite.” -Anna


48. “Ashiero. It was shot from the skies in the courtesan’s room.” -Izou

49. “Humans and orcs.” -Raiden

50. “They attack Izou and Raiden to protect Kataro.” -Villagers

51. “In terms of my own will, I gave the heirloom to my twin sister, and she gave me the wand.” -Izou

52. “She talks about how she is from the shield of light.” -Anna

53. “You can trust someone if you can see the light.” -Sonya

54. “Raiden gets answers from the goblin about Sonya and looks at the dress.” -Raiden

55. “Let go you jerk.” -Sonya


56. “Izou stabs all the guards that were trying to find the elf.” -Raiden

57. “Strong like an animal.” -Izou

58. “I’ve always come close today but never actually do.” -Izou

59. “You orcs can’t feel the heat.” -Izou


60. “Look, she is an elf, and a fine specimen at that.” -Townsman

61. “Raiden and Izou battle for the girl.” -Izou

62. “She uses her dagger to defend Sonya which is a bright.” -Sonya

63. “Raiden and Izou both team up to save Sonya on the ship.” -Raiden and Izou

64. “You have lost sight of the path you should walk.” -Master Koketsu

65. “Follow the darkness than light.” -Master Koketsu


66. “Pawns live as pawns.” -Master Koketsu

67. “I have to make a promise to Sonya that I will not be forced from the darkness that my master told me.” -Izou

68. “Sonya the wand to bring back Izou from the dead.” -Izou

69. “I believe in bright power. To shed off the darkness behind defeating Master Koketsu.” -Master Koketsu

70 “Having no place of your own means that you can go anywhere you want to.” -Anna

71. “The samurai always has to rise and move on becuase new challenges will come.” -Izou

72. “Look what I found. An elf brat.” -Ronin

old man

73. “He will hunt her down to the ends of this world.” -Raiden

74. “I see, this is how easily you betray your allies.” -Izou

75. “I’m not betraying.” -Raiden

76. “For a human, you fall short for them.” -Raiden

77. “We orcs are also considered a nuisance in that land.” -Raiden

78. “But one girl actually called me by my name.” -Raiden

79. “She reminds me about that young little girl.” -Raiden

Bright: Samurai Soul -Netflix

80. “When she held the courtesan and glared at me with rage, I remembered that girl.” -Raiden

81. “There is no way they would survive such a deep fall.” -Ronin

82. “The bloodless coup d’etat.” -Master Koketsu

83. “The wand holds unfathomable power.” -Tsukyomi

84. “If a man cloaked in the light wields it, the world should be brightly lit.” -Tsukyomi

85. “But if a man in darkness brandishes it, the world shall be covered in deep black.” -Tsukyomi

86. “Those who can use the wand are called brights.” -Tsukyomi

87. “The wand and brights are deeply interwined.” -Anna

88. “By seraching for elves everywhere, they are hoping to find the wand.” -Anna

89. “I bet to keep them quiet. To stop rumors that they are searching for the wand.” -Anna

90. “Humans will take care of things with thier own abilities.” -Izou

91. “You’re the first orc I’ve met who shows proper manners.” -Izou

young evil Raiden looks more into the dark than light

92. “Everyone emits their light and carries darkness.” -Izou

93. “Not being ashamed in front of the light and not being afraid of darkness.” -Izou

94. “I wonder where the light will go in the end.” -Izou

95. “Trust yourself.” -Anna

96. “Vykwarus!” -Sonya

97. “I’m scared of the water! I hate ships!” -Sonya

98. “By seeing the world, you’ll be making the high courtesan’s wish come true.” -Izou

99. “Don’t treat me like a child.” -Sonya

100. “I promise… That I will come back.” -Sonya

Hope you enjoyed these awesome quotes from Bright: Samurai Soul!

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