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100 Best Quotes from Netflix’s Dancing on Glass

In Netflix’s Spanish film titled Dancing on Glass, a ballerina by the name of Irene receives the lead role for the production of Giselle in her dance company. Although this may seem like a dream come true, the pressures of getting into the mindset to play Giselle by the company director Norma brings Irene’s world into chaos.

Through a new friendship with a fellow company dancer named Aurora, Irene is able to ignore her critics and focus on her love of expressing herself through dance. Ballet is more than the music and costumes to these performers, it’s a way of escaping the struggles of everyday life. The film itself focuses on topics that many dancers may be able to relate to such as struggling with eating disorders, depression, harsh directors, and detrimental injuries.

If you enjoy movies that delve into the human psyche and revolve around ballet, then Dancing on Glass is for you.

Here’s the scoop for the best 100 quotes from Dancing on Glass!

1. “Irene and I are connected. When she dances, it’s like I’m dancing, she needs me by her side.” -Aurora

2. “Nothing is ever too hard for you when you’re living your dream.” -Irene

Irene looking at a phone screen dancing on glass

3. “She was my daughter, not yours.” -Oscar

4. “She doesn’t care about anyone, only the fucking stage.” –Ruth

5. “Take me wherever you want but I didn’t kill anyone!” -Norma

6. “Norma, tell them why you chose me as Giselle!” -Irene

7. “No one will ever separate us, ever. “-Aurora 

8. “Irene, it wasn’t your fault.” -Aurora

Aurora in dance class

9. “So, take all that spoiled brat rage and pour it into the character.” -Norma

10. “The method is called, “I say, Fuck it.” -Jon

11. “You know that feeling of being in a place where no one can hurt you?” -Aurora

12. “Dancing is for nightclubs. You’re here for something else.” -Norma

Norma overseeing dancing on glass

13. “Don’t hide, let them see you.” -Aurora’s mother

14. “You’re in the company, you have the same right as them to be inside, outside, or wherever you want.” -Irene

15. “Are you gonna bully me like you bullied her?” -Oscar

16. “Why would you see a psychiatrist? Your tibia’s broken, not your head.” -Aurora’s mother  

Aurora's mother answering the door for her daughter

17. “But be careful, they’re after you.” -Aurora

18. “Norma uses methods that aren’t healthy.” -Ruth 

19. “You never tell me anything.” -Irene’s mother

20. “Art must be an obsession otherwise it’s not art, it’s entertainment.” -Norma

21. “For three months, I’ve been calling you. For three months, trying to get in to get my daughter’s things back.” -Oscar

22. “Giselle is a woman who spirals into madness and death because of a man’s betrayal.” -Irene 

23. “You have to go wherever they go, so they get to know you.” -Aurora’s mother

Aurora and her mom walking to class dancing on glass

24. “It takes years to build a career, and to forget it, only a second.” -Norma

25. “Norma, I’m here to talk right now but if you refuse, I will take whatever steps necessary to get you banned.” -Irene’s mother

26. “Don’t believe anything that bitch says.” -Irene

27. “Don’t let Norma do to you what she did to her.” – Ruth 

28. “You have to be with me on opening night…I can’t do it without you.” -Irene

Aurora and Irene dancing alone

29. “Aurora, like the sleeping beauty.” -Jon 

30. “We can be whatever we want here.” -Aurora

31. “My parents never took me seriously either, they never did. Even though I ended up directing the most important dance company in the country.” -Norma

32. “Irene I’m not a bad guy, but it’s not fair that after something that only happened in Aurora’s head, she sent me those messages.” -Jon

33. “You know what happened the last time you were together.” -Aurora’s mother

Aurora's mom searching for her at the performance

34. “You could come live with us here, then we could sleep together every night.” -Aurora

35. “Not everyone understands this profession. The hours you put into it, how tough the stage is…” -Aurora’s mother 

36. “She wasn’t gonna eat anyway and if she did, she’d just throw it up like always.” – Irene’s sister

37. “Do you know what this is? A notebook with the measurements of my daughter’s belly and hips.” -Irene’s mother

38. “There wasn’t room for anything else including friends, or partners, or a mother dying of cancer.” -Norma 

39. “I swore I’d be here with you, right? -Aurora

Irene and Aurora in an embrace dancing on glass

40. “I’d rather they think Maria jumped because of me than for what she did.” -Norma

41. “Stop saying thanks for everything.” -Irene

Irene in dance class

42. “But at some point, you’ll have to work on something that doesn’t come to an end when you turn 30 or something.” -Irene’s father

43. “You’re here for something else… to turn your years of sacrifice into a moment of perfection.” -Norma

44. “You were in the dressing room. Run.” -Aurora

45. “What’s up is that she isn’t interested in what happens in this family.” -Irene’s father

46. “Of course I manipulate them, that is my job!” -Norma

47. “She’s after me and you all know it.” -Irene 

48. “They might make a mistake and decide to take a chance on you.” -Irene’s sister

49. “Don’t take this company away from me, it’s the only thing I have.” -Norma

50. “Hey, you bitch, why don’t you dance like that at rehearsals?”-Israel

51. “I don’t like watching myself.” -Aurora

52. “You are never going to dance again, if your mother hasn’t told you yet, it’s because she refuses to accept it.” -Norma

53. “You know I have a hand in every court in Madrid, I can force you to testify.” -Irene’s mom 

Irene's mother having a conversation with her. dancing on glass

54. “Tell me what you want me to do so you will leave me in peace.” -Irene

55. “That’s why we can never be apart again.” -Aurora

56. “Stop taking responsibility for other people’s lives.” -Norma

57. “Irene is a girl who’s normal, with a family that’s normal and a job that’s not so normal. “- Irene 

58. “I don’t know who the fuck you are, but this has nothing to do with you. “ -Oscar

59. “You don’t even believe in yourself.” –Ruth 

Ruth during her role in the dance performance

60. “You’re very angry and it’s distracting you.” -Norma

61. “My father’s never seen me dancing up on stage, so I say, ‘Fuck It.’” -Aurora

62. “She got broken glass in her shoes when she was chosen to be Anna Karenina.” -Aurora’s mother

63. “What doesn’t suit you is not learning to enjoy things.” -Irene’s father

64. “I know these classic ballets are like that, but in the end, we always seem stupid. “ -Irene’s mother

65. “There’s no prima ballerina who can maintain friendships in this scenario, Irene.” -Norma

Norma holding Irene's shoulders while they look at their reflection in a mirror. dancing on glass

66. “What does Giselle want?” -Irene

67. “Don’t you ever talk to me like that again you crazy bitch.” -Israel

68. “I don’t like not knowing where you are for so many days.” -Irene’s mother

69. “My children are my dancers.” -Norma

70. “My God, you are as crazy as your friend.” -guy 

71. “I loved Maria as if she was my daughter.” -Norma

72. “Yeah, it’s fucked up. I know.” -Ruth 

73. “You can stay here if you want, I don’t feel like going inside at all.” -Irene

Aurora and Irene talking about Aurora's trick to dancing

74. “Let them say I’m a tyrant.” -Norma

75. “They want to report Norma.” -Irene’s mother

76. “Tell me you didn’t plan this or weren’t talking about this in the fucking locker room.”- Irene

77. “Bring it down a size, she still doesn’t realize what’s at stake.” -Norma

78. “I don’t get how Maria could have feelings for this bitch.” -Aurora

79. “Okay, special girls, not like everyone else, then, I guess you ladies have earned a discount. “ -Jon

80. “You have to consider the production as a matter of life or death. “ -Norma

Irene during the dance performance as the lead Giselle. dancing on glass

81. “I don’t know what a dancer does when they retire either. “ -Irene’s sister 

82. “In contrast, you, you’re a solitary warrior, like Giselle… like me.” -Norma

83. “If this is Giselle’s notebook, it’s yours.” -Aurora 

84. “We kept everything, even the laces from the shoes.” -Aurora’s mother

85. “Do you want to blame me for the sacrifice it takes to be a dancer?” -Norma

86. “So what? You thought I wouldn’t find out?” -Ruth 

87. “Hey Dad, they just chose me and you’re asking me when they’ll kick me out?” -Irene

88. “Until the wounds on your feet are bleeding and your skin is falling off, and still, then you live it anymore?” -Norma 

89. “Hey Giselle, are you coming to the party tonight, or are you afraid we might put something in your drink?” – Israel

Israel in dance practice

90. “Irene, how has Norma been treating you?” -Irene’s mother

91. “Who should I trust, you, who leaves broken glass in my shower?” -Irene

92. “Until you’re in her head, you won’t be her.” -Norma

93. “Sometimes, things happen for a reason.” -Norma

94. “We hated each other’s guts.” -Aurora’s mother 

95. “Do you know what I’m worried about mom? Opening night.” -Irene

Irene during dance practice for her lead role. dancing on glass

96. “I didn’t choose you, Maria chose you.” -Norma

97. “No dad, you know wine doesn’t suit me.” -Irene 

98. “Listen. A danseur, not a ballerina.” -Norma

99. “I’m very proud of you.” -Aurora’s mother 

100. “Get out of the car slowpoke.” -Irene 

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