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100 Best Quotes From Netflix’s Detention

Extracurricular and Vagabond fans are in for another Netflix show that truly makes your skin crawl with Detention. With eerie music and darkly lit shots, the show Detention fully immerses the audience into the horror genre. Due to ghosts and mysterious deaths, every episode of Detention has memorable quotes.

Detention looks at a Taiwanese school where a student committed suicide. Thirty years after the incident, Yunhsiang Liu comes to the school and witnesses how peculiar it has become. During her time at the school, Yunhsiang encounters the ghost of Jui-hsin Fang. As Yunhsiang becomes closer with Jui-hsin she starts to uncover the school’s secrets.

Here is the scoop on quotes from Detention!

1. “Just worry about yourself.”- Mrs. Liu

2. “She’s a devil. Ignore her.”-Chieh-Yu Su

3. “Stop hitting your son on the head. He’s dumb enough.”-Mrs. Cheng

4. “How others see you will be reflected towards me.”- Mrs. Liu

5. “Don’t talk. They’re still here.”-Uncle Wei Chung-ting

6. “Think of it as protecting yourself.”- Chieh-Yu Su

7. “Why do you sneak cigarettes into school?”-Wen-liang Cheng

8. “Do a good job.”-Mrs. Liu

9. “Outside this place is just a bigger and crazier world.”-Yunhsiang Liu

Yunhsiang Liu looks at Greenwood High School before she enters for her first day. detention

10. “May the essence shroud you with light, the energy shine, and the spirit expel evil. Heed my command. Now!”-Wen-liang

11. “I can no longer remember who I once was.”-Li Tzu-chi

13. “Keep up the act when we get back. I’m counting on you.”-Yunhsiang Liu

14. “I know everything you do behind my back. Don’t assume you can hide it!”- Instructor Pai

15. “I don’t care about your past, but don’t give me trouble.”-Ms. Chao

16. “I got lost yesterday. I wandered around out of curiosity.”-Yunhsiang Liu

17. “Take a look at this class of yours.”-Instructor Pai

18. “Next, it’s your turn to help me.”-Jui-hsin Fang

19. “You’re only 16 years old. It’s a time when you shouldn’t be stuck in a mold.”-Shen Hua

20. “I will always remember you.”- Yunhsiang Liu

21. “See yourself for who you are.”-Shen Hua

22. “Come back with me. I’ll give you an exorcism.”-Wen-liang Cheng

23. “I’m Principal Shen Ching’s son, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m Shen Hua and nobody else.”-Shen Hua

24. “I am you.”-Jui-hsin Fang

Jui-hsin Fang shows Yunhsiang Liu how she can take away her hallucinations. detention

25. “It’s a plant called rue. It can ward off evil spirits and treat illnesses. It can protect you.”-Mr. Liu

26. “It’s like being the object of their affection.“-Wen-liang Cheng

27. “A person is divided into 30 days over September.”- Yunhsiang Liu

28. “You don’t need to suffer anymore.”-Jui-hsin Fang

29. “Ghosts take advantage of you when you’re weak.”-Wen-liang Cheng

30. “When written language is used as a tool for communication, it carries a specific function. You must phrase your words to have clarity. Yet when we write poems, we don’t need to constrain our words to have this function.”- Shen Hua

31. “In reality, they already have an answer in mind. They’re only seeking peace of mind.”-Wen-liang Cheng

32. “I really don’t get girls. They’re nice to you one second, then ignore you the next.”-Wen-liang Cheng

33. “Rules are rules. They become meaningless if exceptions are made.”-Instructor Pai

34. “This is school, not the army!”-Shen Hua

Instructor Pai investigates what the students are doing.

35. “You won’t achieve anything if you are so narrow-minded.”- Principal Shen Ching

36. “He must be disappointed in me.”- Yunhsiang Liu

37. “Given your identity, you have to lead by example.”-Instructor Pai

38. “Talking about it won’t change anything.”- Jui-hsin Fang

39. “Without me, you are nothing at all.”-Principal Shen Ching

40. “After writing them down, it seems as if they’re no longer my problems.”-Yunhsiang Liu

41. “I believe that poems aren’t a commodity, but rather a sort of dialogue and a gift.”-Shen Hua

42. “Have you every truly loved someone?”-Jui-hsin Fang

43. “Stinking rich fat cats.”- Shen Hua

44. “Every poem I compose and every word I write is for him.”- Jui-hsin Fang

45. “Being able to be unconcerned with others’ opinions and expectations and persist in being yourself is a courageous thing.”-Yunhsiang Liu

46. “He can show you a different world.”- Jui-hsin Fang

47. “Don’t worry about ethics.”-Shen Hua

48. “She is dead.”- Wen-liang Cheng

49. “The next one will be me.”-Yunhsiang Liu

50. “I gave you these gifts to make you mine.”-Jui-hsin Fang

51. “I don’t want to be like my dad.”-Wen-liang Cheng

52. “But some things can never be fixed.”-Yunhsiang Liu

53. “My confidence is actually just an act.”-Shen Hua

Shen Hua becomes the substitute teacher of class 2-1. detention

54. “Anyway, you can always count on me for help.”-Wen-liang Cheng

55. “No matter how much time passes, Greenwood will never change.”-Principal Shen Ching

56. “What if the real me is nothing at all?”-Yunhsiang Liu

57. “So, quit writing.”-Wen-liang Cheng

58. “Do you pity me?”-Shen Hua

59. “Why don’t we face who we really are?”- Yunhsiang Liu

60. “You call yourself a poet, but maybe that’s just a lie.”-Wen-liang Cheng

61. “They have to pay the price.”-Jui-hsin Fang

62. “Save me.“-Yunhsiang Liu

63. “Poetry isn’t a poet’s creation. Instead, it’s creativity and inspiration granted by the gods.”-Shen Hua

64. “I don’t want this award.”-Yunhsiang Liu

65. “They’re stupid rumormongers.”-Wen-liang Cheng

66. “If you can’t face it alone, we can face it together.”-Mr. Liu

67. “Nothing special has happened.”-Yunhsiang Liu

68. You’ve always been softhearted, but I know that you won’t disappoint me in the end.”-Principal Shen Ching

69. “I will always be your dad.”-Mr.Liu

70. “But some things are different from what’s imagined.”-Yunhsiang Liu

71. “Perhaps it is my inexperience.”-Shen Hua

72. “It’s my fault.”-Yunhsiang Liu

73. “Your a wolf in sheep’s clothing!”- Mr.Liu

74. “I don’t hate them. Nor do I hate you. I only hate myself.”-Yunhsiang Liu

75. “Son, do you want to change with the time or be swallowed up by the time?”- Principal Shen Ching

76. “If I leave this world, will I get a brand-new start?”-Yunhsiang Liu

77. “Who will take responsibility for her injuries? He committed a wrong!”-Wen-liang Cheng

78. “It is fun.”-She Hua

79. “It means that as long as you plan carefully, you’ll get what you want.”-Yunhsiang Liu

80. “You only treated her as your tool.”-Jui-hsin Fang

81. “I failed you, Yunhsiang.”- Mrs. Liu

82. “Her ghost never left.”-Uncle Wei Chung-ting

Wei Chung-ting thinks about the past. detention

83. “However long the night, a new dawn will break.”- Ming-hui Chang

84. “If you won’t go, I’ll go on my own.”-Wen-liang Cheng

85. “Perhaps, she wants revenge.”-Uncle Wei Chung-ting

86. “How things are done in the army, are not how they are done at Greenwood.”-Principal Yin

87. “It feels like I’ve experienced all of this before. What is real becomes imaginary.“-Yunhsiang Liu

88. “He searched all his life, but couldn’t find someone worth loving.”- Ming-hui Chang

89. “It’s an illusion, but it feels real.”-Yunhsiang Liu

90. “You’re not my target. Don’t ruin my plans.”-Jui-hsin Fang

91. “The words of freedom and the sound of freedom can help us escape from here.”-Uncle Wei Chung-ting

92. “They pushed us to this point. This is the only path left.”- Yunhsiang Liu & Jui-hsin Fang

93. “Avoidance and regret result in a cycle.”-Wen-liang Cheng

94. “The result will always be the same.”-Jui-hsin Fang

Jui-hsin fang seeks revenge as a ghost.

95. “No matter how much you run, you can never escape from the mistakes you made.”-Yunhsiang Liu

96.”You are me, but I am not you.”-Yunhsiang Liu

97. “I hope you’ll get to see your hometown’s fields and mountains. My soul will always watch over them.”-Ming-hui Chang

98. “Your lies are all we have.”-Yunhsiang Liu

99. “In truth, you want someone to save you.”-Yunhsiang Liu

100. “No fears, no confusion. Flowers wither, flowers blossom. Thinking of you gently drifting alone at the riverside 30 years ago.”-Yunhsiang Liu

Although Detention is an eight episode Netflix series, the story was based off a video game with the same name. The developer of the video game Detention, Red Candle Games, helped create the show so that fans and new viewers could enjoy the story.

Despite the game being based in the 1960s, the show Detention set the story in the 1990s to show how oppression still continued throughout Taiwan. Both the show and the video game were inspired by the 1947 Keelung Senior High School incident. Because of the show and video game, many more people can learn about the time period known as the “White Terror.”

Hope you loved these quotes from Detention!

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