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100 Best Quotes from Netflix’s Heartstopper

A series that dives into the complexity of sexuality and friendship, Heartstopper is a gem in the coming-of-age romance genre. Joe Locke and Kit Conner become Charlie and Nick in this breathtaking 8 episode series. Based on the graphic novel series by the same name, Alice Oseman creates a realistic story of friendship developing into love.

Charlie Spring is considered to be an outsider at Truham Grammar School to the point where he seeks advice from his art teacher. After crossing paths with the rugby player, Nick, he learns that he might have a crush on him. However, his closest friends warn him about the consequences of falling for a straight boy. Follow along on Charlie and Nick’s journey as they learn to discover the real meaning of friendship and love.

Here’s the scoop on quotes from Heartstopper!

1. “It’s not coming off.”-Nick

2. “You’re gonna be blue forever.” -Charlie

3. “You only need to glance at him to know he’s a massive heterosexual.” -Tao Xu

4. “Masculine guys can be gay.” -Charlie

Charlie and Nick Heartstopper
Heartstopper- NETFLIX

5. “No, no he was horrible, this is someone else.” -Charlie

6. “That doesn’t sound very healthy.” -Charlie

7. “I’m afraid you’re just going to have to suffer then.” -Art teacher (Mr. Ajayi)

Charlie Spring texting

8. “I kept getting suspended because of my hair length.” -Elle

9. “No, his name is Nick.” -Charlie

charlie and nick holding hands

10. “It looks the same.” -Tori

11. “Is it bad?” -Charlie

12. “Oh my god, It’s snowing.” -Charlie

Charlie and Nick in the snow heartstopper

13. “You seem much more yourself around him.” -Nick’s Mother

14. “Well, he is the rugby king.” -Tao Xu

15. “I want to believe in romance.” -Isaac

16. “I’m just being an idiot.” -Charlie

Charlie heartstopper

17. “You befriended the school lesbians.” -Darcy

18. “You look so cuddly.” -Nick

Heartstopper- NETFLIX

19. “I don’t think he’s straight.” -Tori

20. “Mom, she’s here to see me.” -Tao Xu

21. “Charlie’s changing. He’s attending parties… Last year, he would rather die.” -Tao

22. “I’m so proud.” -Nick

Nick with his dog

23. “Would you go out with someone who wasn’t a girl?” -Charlie

24. “Would you kiss someone who wasn’t a girl?” -Charlie

25. “I’m just so confused. I just need some time to figure this out.” -Nick

Charlie and Nick Heartstopper

26. “Am I officially the third wheel?” -Elle

27. “Don’t leave no crumbs on the floor. The cleaning people will yell at me.” -Art teacher (Mr. Ajayi)

28. “A lot of gay people are good at sports, Charlie.” -Rugby coach

29. “We thank you for your service.” -Tara’s girlfriend, Darcy

Darcy and Tara

30. “Does anyone remember the rules of rugby because I don’t.” -Tao

31. “I’m making this so awkward.” -Charlie

32. “I was going to say I’d send him a strongly worded DM, but murder’s fine too.” -Tao Xu

33. “It’s hard to be confident when they all see me as a stereotypical gay boy who can’t do sports.” -Charlie Spring

34. “As your token straight friend, it’s my duty to remind you that sometimes people are straight.” -Tao Xu

Tao and Nick heartstopper

35. “Well, I don’t like playing safe.” -Tao

36. “If you don’t want my attention that badly, why don’t you throw something at me again? Like your last remaining brain cell?” -Tao

37. “You’re just gonna assume they’re a she?” -Nick

Nick heartstopper

38. “It’s more complicated than that.” -Charlie

39. “That’s it. I’m not doing it anymore.” -Tao

40. “You definitely cheated.” -Charlie

Elle and Charlie

41. “You really think he’s messing around?” -Charlie

42. “Well, your arms are basically twigs.” -Elle

43. “Fine, I see how it is.” -Nick

44. “I wish I known then what I know now.” -Nick


45. “I want to kiss you so bad right now.”-Charlie

46. “Literally, how do you always beat me?” -Nick

47. “Mom, please stop talking.” -Nick

48. “I think I have a crush on Tao.” -Elle

Tao and Elle

49. “You realize this is the room.” -Tara’s girlfriend, Darcy

50. “It’s always been, boys.” -Charlie

51. “Just a suggestion.” -Charlie

52. “Happy to help?” -Nick

53. “I didn’t realize you were in a committed relationship.” -Tori

Tori heartstopper

54. “How do you just appear out of nowhere?” -Charlie

55. “You kind of are a gay nerd.” -Nick

56. You’re not allowed to say the ‘s’ word.” -Nick

Charlie and Nick on the beach

57. “That was ages ago!” -Tao

58. “I just wanted it to be like old times.” -Tao

Tao and Elle

59. “Only a few of our friends know, but I think you’re officially part of the inner circle.” -Tara

60. “I was really scared no one would like me, so I didn’t even try talking to people at first.” -Elle

61. “Have you finally decided to have a rebellious phase?” -Tori

Tori and Charlie on bus

62. “I actually needed to put myself out there or I’d just be alone.” -Elle

63. “He said he doesn’t want to talk to you.” -Isaac

64. “I deserve to be appreciated.” -Tao

65. “He’s my friend.” -Nick

Charlie and Nick in school

66. “Nothing but my gay intuition.” -Darcy

67. “I don’t even know what my sexuality is.” -Nick

68. “You should try rugby. It’s good for releasing negative emotions.” -Nick

69. “Don’t let anyone make you disappear Charlie.” -Mr. Ajayi

Mr. Ajayi

70. “You don’t get to have an opinion about me.” -Charlie

71. “I’m probably going to hate most of them.” -Charlie

72. “I don’t think it counts as a landscape if it has people in it.” -Elle

Elle, Charlie, Isaac, Tao, and Nick

73. “It’s all worth it to be with you.” -Nick

74. “You’re my favorite person.” -Nick

75. “I was thinking, what if I came out?” -Nick

Charlie and Nick heartstopper

76. “Oh my god. I like you so much.” -Nick

77. “I never thought this would happen to me.” -Charlie

78. “Does this mean we are boyfriends?” -Charlie

Charlie and Nick heartstopper poster

79. “I want to tell the people who matter. And I want you to be able to tell people too.” -Nick

80. “You don’t get to make me feel like cr*p anymore just because you hate yourself.” -Charlie

Charlie and Ben

81. “Charlie’s a really special friend, isn’t he?” -Nick’s mother

82. “Kissing you was one of the things that made me realize I don’t like kissing guys.” -Tara

Tara Jones

83. “Life must be really hard if your only personality trait is rich bell-end.” -Tao

84. “Next thing you know, Charlie will be bringing the whole rugby team to our film night and making us watch Avengers or something.” -Tao

Tao, Elle, and Isaac

85. “I never would’ve guessed you were gay, but it’s so cool and brave of you.” -Tara’s classmate

86. “Just because you two came out doesn’t mean I want to share all of my secrets.” -Elle

87. “Maybe listen to your boyfriend; at least he knows his place.” -Harry

Harry the bully

88. “I thought we were friends, but I guess you just forgot about me.” -Tao

89. “I know people have hurt you. And you feel like I’d be better off without you, but I need you to know that my life is way better because I met you.” -Nick

90. “Nick’s gonna be there. I’ll be fine.” -Charlie

Charlie Spring in Heartstopper

91. “Don’t feel like you have to come out yet before you are ready.” -Tara

92. “I was born to kill aliens.” -Charlie

93. “You’re not exactly the authority on working out who is and isn’t gay.” -Charlie

94. “It’s an unfortunate fact of life.” -Tao

95. “Charlie’s putting himself in danger just because he has a little unrequited crush.” -Tao

Tao Xu triple date scene
Heartstopper-NETFLIX- Photo Credit: Teddy Cavendish

96. “I’m not even gay. I just felt sorry for you.” -Ben

97. “Once you get into a relationship, friendships don’t matter anymore.” -Tao

98. “The one who looks like a golden retriever?” -Tao

99. “I’m not like homophobic. I’m an ally.” -Imogen

imogen dancing

100. “Yeah. I’m like 95% sure they were both Harry’s fault, and I wasn’t even there.” -Tori

Heartstopper is a flawless show that not only includes much of the lines from the graphic novel but as well as the stunning animation every fan has come to love. We can’t help but love the quotes from Heartstopper!

Watch this series on Netflix!

Which quotes from Heartstopper is your favorite?

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