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100 Best Quotes from Netflix’s High-Rise Invasion

Written by Tsunia Miura, High Rise-Invasion brings a wave of storytelling between characters and major suspense throughout the whole show. Yuri finds herself stuck in a world where masked killers target their victims. Can she find her brother and escape before it’s too late?

Here is the scoop on quotes from High-Rise Invasion!

Young Yuri and Mayuko high-rise invasion

1. “I don’t get it. I can’t reach Mom and Dad.” -Yuri

2. “I’m like on this huge high-rise.” -Yuri

3.” I’m on the rooftop right now.” -Yuri

4. “So you are here in this world? -Rika

5.”You are a lot more courageous than me.” -Rika

6. “First you should treat this world as reality, not a dream or illusion.” -Rika

7. “Uh… Um, there’s a weird person with a mask.” -Yuri

8. “The masks are not their intention to kill.” -Rika

9. “To reach the edge to despair.” -Rika

10. “This is a real Japanese sword.” -Mizushita

11. “The thing is, my brain is still being controlled right now.” -Yuri

12. “Someone’s giving them commands.” -Yuri

yuri in high-rise invasion

13. “I have to do it. I have to do whatever the command tells me to do.” -Maid Mask

14. “It was packed with lots of stuff. Could it be provision?” -Yuri

15. “The physical ability of the mask earlier was incredible.” -Yuri

16. “Like I said, I’m gonna survive no matter what!” -Yuri

17. “Have confidence! I know I can do this.” -Yuri

18. “If you wish to exit this realm, or wish to return to the ground, please head to the depot.” -Yuri

19. “However the maximum capacity is one person.” -Yuri

20. “Wait a minute! It’s not a mask? It’s a person are you kidding me?” -Yuri


21. “Please spare my life and my dog.” -Man

22. “Bull’s eye!” -Yuri

23. “I found it, my new objective.” -Yuri

24. “Kindness isn’t gonna get you anywhere in this world.” -Mayuko

25. “It’s just human against human in this death match.” -Mayuko

Mayuko and Yuri

26. “My main goal is to find my brother.” -Yuri

27. “I couldn’t possibly escape from this world and leave him behind.” -Yuri

28. “A death match between humans.” -Yuri

29. “Ever since I was young, I’ve been surrounded by enemies. -Mayuko

30. “This girl’s face is a revolving door of expressions.” -Mayuko

31. “It was a tower much taller than the sky tree.” –Mayuko

32. “It was like reaching to the heavens.” -Yuri

33. “From here on out, we’ll work as allies.” -Yuri

34. “I’ve never met anyone as strong as you before.” -Mayuko

35. “Gather allies, get your hands on the helicopter, and escape.” -Rika

Yuri's borther high-rise invasion

36. “In this world, there are no such things as allies.” -Rika

37. “Ever since Yuri was little, she always thought of me as her strong older brother.” -Rika

38. “It’s made up of the Japanese characters for reason and fire.” -Yuri

39. “I have no idea how to revert a mask back to its human form.” -Rika

40. “That’s why I decided to kill all masks.” -Rika

41. “Masks used to be humans after all.” -Rika

42. “At the level you are at now, you will never become God of this realm.” -Baseball man

43. “What did he mean about becoming a god?” -Rika

44. “I assumed the goal of this world was to get to the helicopter.” -Rika

45. “But I should probably be more concerned about the realm part now.” -Rika

46. “Being able to navigate this realm cautiously, that’s the only way to survive.” -Mask dealer

47. “That is the path to becoming a god.” -Mask dealer

48. “I’m deathly afraid of heights.” -Sniper mask

49. “I don’t get it? why I’m fixated on that guy?” –Sniper mask

50. “Uh well I better prioritize my life until I face him again.” -Sniper mask

51. “If this is a realm, is there an area outside of it?” -Shinji

52. “An area outside of the realm may not exist, but it’ll make the plan to take the helicopter sound more convincing.” -Rika

53. “We are going to destroy this horrible world.” -Rika

54. “I don’t know if it is a suicide, but it’s an everyday occurrence in this world.” -Mayuko

55. “However I can’t disobey the mask’s orders.” -Sniper mask

young Sniper mask

56. “I got my awareness back a little.” -Sniper mask

57. “Give them despair, make them commit suicide by jumping.” -Controller

58. “This command isn’t online.” -Sniper Mask

59. “It’s offline.” -Sniper mask

60. “The moment you see the code inside the mask, the command gets installed in your brain.” -Sniper mask

61. “Depending on your situation, different commands end up resonating.” -Sniper mask

62. “I was even told I’m the type who’s never gonna find happiness.” -Mayuko

63. “Welcome to heaven! Nice to meet you!” -Chef Mask

64. “Oh it says ‘Peacefully’ right there.” -Kuon

65. “They transform humans like into gods.” -Sniper Mask

66. “Within the masks there are said to be what is called Big hits.” -Rika

67. “They say that having luck is an ability as well.” -Rider Mask

68. “I strayed into this miserable world the day before yesterday.” -Sachio Tanabe

69. “My profession is a surgeon, well in this realm I suppose it’s different. -Kazuma Ahora

70. “It’s too much of a risk to kill off every single nuisance I encounter.” -Kazuma Ahora

71. “If one’s closer to god becomes a perfect god.” -Worker Mask

72. “If God desires peace, peace prevails. -Worker Mask

73. “If God desires chaos, then the chaos will succeed.” -Worker Mask

74. “The inconvenience of school and work, fear and anxiety, it will all go away.” -Kusakabe

75. “It’s strange. I’m feeling scared but I can’t quite nail down why.” -Kuon

76. “Non-disclosure is the only condition.” -Dealer Mask

77. “She can be saved. That one is closer to god.” -Dealer Mask

78. “The self-strengthening ability it’s amazing.” -Yuri

79. “It’s not power it’s dexterity, and some kind of brain-processing power too.” -Yuri

80. “They are aware of the actions and locations of the ones closer to god.” -Mamoru Aikawa

81. “I would hate to lose an extraordinary human like you.” -Mamoru Aikawa

82. “I’d rather give the enemy at the end.” -Sniper Mask

83. “Masks can pick up brain activity.” -Rika

84. “An evil force, we are most likely facing the same enemy.” -Yuri

85. “I asked him why the hat all of a sudden? and he said ‘because the person that I respect wears the same one.'” -Yuri

86. “This is the world inside sniper mask’s brain.” – Masked Mayuko

87. “Now as the one who is closer to god, I am ordering you to stop using the mask’s power.” -Kuon

young Kuon high-rise invasion

88. “Master Aikawa supports the theory of eugenics and wants to improve the population in this realm based on those premises.” -Student Mask

89. “Master Aikawa and I, our wavelengths must have completely matched!” -Student Mask

90. “The one closer to god in the school uniform, and the long-ranged attacks from the sniper and the railgun user.” -Mamoru Aikawa

91. “His intolerable behavior of evil triggers a terrifying power.” -Kusakabe

92. “I am the complete warrior of justice.” -Great Angel

93. “Aikawa the head of evil I must destroy.” -Great Angel

94. “I will kill all evil.” -Great Angel

95. “Because it is over when you die, and that’s terrifying.” -Kazuma

96. “Those who aid evil. Turn evil.” -Great Angel

97. “My hat’s off to them. They just shot the railgun at themselves.” -Dealer Mask

98. “But thanks to its tremendous shock waves, my organs are totally damaged.” -Great Angel

99. “Mayu, Kuon, and everyone else, I made it, thanks to all of you!” -Yuri

100. “I’m going to end this nightmare of a world!” -Yuri

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