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100 Best Quotes from Netflix’s Interceptor

Interceptor is Netflix’s new action movie starring Elsa Pataky as Captain J.J. Collins. Collins is pushed to the limits when an interceptor station that she is stationed on becomes overtaken by hijackers. The hijackers’ plan is to destroy the interceptor station’s system for their coordinated missile attacks against the United States to be successful. As time runs out, Collins must outsmart the hijacker leader and save the country she swore an oath to. The fate of American lives rests on her shoulders alone. 

Here’s the scoop on the best movie quotes from Interceptor!

1. “Never call a woman by anything other than her name.” -Captain J.J. Collins 

JJ Collins in Interceptor movie
Cr. Brook Rushton/Netflix © 2022

2. “Forty miles out and just sitting there like a turd in a swimming pool.” -Beaver

3. “Hell yeah. I’m an ass-kicking, valve-closing machine.” -Corporal Rahul 

4. “I want you to beg me to kill you!” -Alexander Kessel

5. “Just want to say, all of us girls are really proud of what you did.” -Washington

6. “Goddammit, you’re a big boy.” -Captain J.J. Collins 

7. “One city will be destroyed first so that the rest of you can watch in horror.” -Alexander Kessel

8. “You’re an asshole dude.” – Electronic store employee 

9. “I’ve seen you in the showers and I can see why you’re obsessed with missiles.” -Corporal Rahul 

10. “Fucking die already, would you?” -Captain J.J. Collins

11. “If you don’t mind me saying, you are one armor-plated woman. The Army never should have picked a fight with you.” -General Dyson  

12. “You got fight in you, kid. Always have, just like your mama.” -Collin’s father 

13. “If you don’t open the door, I will take apart your father piece by piece.” -Alexander Kessel

Cr. Brook Rushton/Netflix © 2022

14. “Little bastard grew some balls.” -Beaver

15. “You’re just a total fucking psycho.” -Captain J.J. Collins

16. “You may have won the battle but not the war.” -Alexander Kessel

17. “This is for my dad, asshole.” -Captain J.J. Collins 

18. “Half the people here think you’re crazy, the other half think you’re a rock star.” -General Dyson 

19. “You haven’t been beat up, strangled, or shot defending this rig today so I think you’ll find I’m kind of fucking motivated here.” -Captain J.J. Collins

20. “You really think a little bit of razor wire is gonna kill me?” -Beaver

21. “In fact, I think a soldier of your caliber would be better put to use on my National Security Staff.” -Madam President

22. “Wait. Where’s all the bad guys?” -Corporal Rahul 

23. “Leave now and you might escape with your life.” -Captain J.J. Collins 

24. “No plan survives contact with the enemy completely intact.” -Alexander Kessel 

25. “Tell my children I love them.” -Corporal Rahul 

26. “You’re right, I’m not a murderer. I’m a fucking patriot.” -Beaver

Elsa Pataky as JJ Collins, Mayen Mehta as Shah, Aaron Glenane as Beaver, Rhys Muldoon as Marshall
Cr. Brook Rushton/Netflix © 2022

27. “I’m making sure what happened to you doesn’t happen to other women.” -Alexander Kessel 

28. “How about I just call you ‘asshole’?” – Captain J.J. Collins

29. “But, full disclosure, I have contained or killed everyone else on this vessel, so I will be getting into that room.” -Alexander Kessel 

30. “What’s the statute of limitations on attempted nuking?” -Beaver

31. “You played that one pretty close to the buzzer.” -Madam President

32. “Fuck theory. I need some fucking soldiers with guns.” -Captain J.J. Collins

JJ Collins in Interceptor movie
Cr. Brook Rushton/Netflix © 2022

33. “Never stop fighting!” -Collin’s father 

34. “If she’s committed enough to watch her father die, you will find that I am equally as committed.” -Alexander Kessel 

35. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more before, Captain, but I’m hoping this helps you now.” -Corporal Rahul 

36. “Don’t tell me this is about daddy issues.” -Captain J.J. Collins

37. “You know, growing up, I never summered where I wintered.” -Alexander Kessel 

38. “She just likes to just get under your skin and just needle you, man.” -Beaver

39. “I am American and whether or not you and I are enemies is completely up to you.” -Alexander Kessel

40. “In what chapter do you shut the fuck up?” -Captain J.J. Collins

41. “Man, this ain’t no emergency, it’s one crackpot with a grudge.” – Beaver 

42. “Nobody plugs leaks like me!” -Corporal Rahul 

43. “Do what you have to do, Captain.” -Madam President 

44. “I swore an oath to the old America. Not this one.” -Beaver

45. “You take a lot of hits, concussions, bruised ribs but the most common injury is dislocated thumbs.” -Captain J.J. Collins

46. “What’s the one thing I’ve taught you since you were little?” -Collin’s father 

 47. “You know you really did fuck up my day.” -Alexander Kessel

48. “Are you serious with this shit?” -Captain J.J. Collins

JJ Collins in Interceptor movie
Cr. Brook Rushton/Netflix © 2022

49. “I don’t think this is what heroes look like.” -Corporal Rahul 

50“My daddy would have made me open that door.” -Beaver 

51. “Jesus. I’m dealing with a genuine psychopath.” -Captain J.J. Collins

52. “You know, this national lie, it’s a festering wound and it’s fatal.” -Alexander Kessel

53. “If you’re gonna kill me, just kill me. No mansplaining.” -Captain J.J. Collins

54. “Did you just stab that dude in the eye with your gun?” -Corporal Rahul 

55. “Kill anyone you want. I will never open this door.” -Captain J.J. Collins

56. “I’m taking your bully pulpit now.”   -Alexander Kessel

57. “Blame America. Blame the government. Blame everyone else but you. That’s what all losers do.” -Captain J.J. Collins 

58. “Now, we don’t have time to evacuate 16 cities, so we’re counting on you to keep those maniacs out of that room.” -Madam President

59. “War’s not over yet, motherfucker.” -Captain J.J. Collins

JJ Collins
Cr. Brook Rushton/Netflix © 2022

60. “Today, America dies in a paroxysm of fear.” -Alexander Kessel

61. “She shot the goddamn missile out of the sky!” -Beaver

62. “Come one, give her some guns, man.” -Electronic store employee 

63. “See you on the other side, Captain.” -Corporal Rahul 

64. “You know, usually it takes a woman a second date to reach that conclusion.” -Alexander Kessel 

65. “Still quite enjoying fucking up your day.” -Captain J.J. Collins 

66. “Shah can’t come to the phone right now.” -Beaver

67. Thank you … for showing me your weakness.” -Captain J.J. Collins 

68. “Stop with the damn tape, JJ.” -Alexander Kessel 

JJ Collins and Alexander
Cr. Brook Rushton/Netflix © 2022

69. “Navy runs the boat, Army handles the missiles, and everyone wants to be anywhere but here.” -Marshall 

70. “Turbo, the turtle. My kids gave him to me.” -Corporal Rahul 

71. “I thought I was done with this shit.” – Captain J.J. Collins 

72. “You have five minutes. Hold her or kill her.” -Alexander Kessel

73. “You’re not a nuclear terrorist or a fanatic. You’ve been paid for this.” -Captain J.J. Collins

74. “Come out, come out, wherever you are.” -Beaver

75. “Turns out your dad has some very well-armed Army buddies watching over him in that retirement home.” -Madam President

76. “SEAL team found him swimming around the wreckage of SBX-1.”- Collin’s father 

77. “The City of Angels has 23 minutes left to live.” -Alexander Kessel

78. “Let him go, goddamn you!” -Captain J.J. Collins

79. “If anyone has earned the right to walk away from this, it’s you.” -Alexander Kessel

80. “Captain, hold that room.” -General Dyson 

81. “You’ve never been mocked for your faith?” -Corporal Rahul 

82. “You’re dead.” -Captain J.J. Collins

83. “Told you. War’s not over yet.” -Captain J.J. Collins  

84. “Somewhere you can spend your blood money?” -Captain J.J. Collins

Cr. Brook Rushton/Netflix © 2022

85. “You’re telling me. The paperwork is a nightmare.” -Alexander Kessel

86. “You know, sometimes it’s best to talk about those we’ve lost so we don’t forget.” -Papa

87. “I sit at a desk and stare at a screen, and you know what, I like it.” -Corporal Rahul

88. “Six to seven terrorists disguised as janitors seized our vessel.” -Captain J.J. Collins

89. “A society that consistently rewards money and ignores everything else.” -Alexander Kessel

90. “We’ve got 13 minutes to figure out a solution.” -Captain J.J. Collins

91. “I was the product of a failed society.” -Alexander Kessel 

92. “That Alexander dude must be pissed with you.” -Corporal Rahul 

93. “He’s going to sink us using our own scuttling protocol.” -Captain J.J. Collins 

94. “Gravity, darlin’” -Captain J.J. Collins 

95. “Attention all missile teams, we have control of the interceptor.” -Alexander Kessel 

96. “Saved my finger, lost the door.” – Collin’s father 

97. “Sir, if they had people inside Tavlinka, and the shooters at Greely were all ours, they might have someone… here.” -Captain J.J. Collins

Zhang and JJ Collins
Cr. Brook Rushton/Netflix © 2022

98. “I know that three-star welcomed you with open arms because predators always want to show you exactly who’s in charge.” -Alexander Kessel 

99. “In fact, I will give you 30 million dollars if you open these doors.” -Alexander Kessel

100. “If it were real, the Pentagon would’ve called us by now.” -Marshall

Elsa Pataky plays the unexpected hero in the new Netflix film after her supporting roles in The Fast and Furious movies. Interceptor may not bring in the awards, but Elsa has the potential to become a memorable actress in the action movie space.

Watch this action movie on Netflix now!

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