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100 Best Quotes from Netflix’s Locke & Key

Locke & Key is a supernatural horror and fantasy drama tv series on Netflix based on a comic series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. The series follows the Locke siblings who move into their father’s family estate after his murder. During their time at the estate, the siblings: Kinsey, Tyler, and Bode discover magical keys that unlock secrets about the strange house they’re living in. The keys unlock new friendships and danger that can only be solved by working together and discovering the truth about their father’s past.

If you enjoy the supernatural horror genre, then this is the show for you!

Here’s the scoop on the best quotes from Netflix’s Locke & Key!

1. “Rocky Road, it’s a ‘Nom De Guerre.’ You know, it’s both the ice-cream you ordered yesterday and well, your life?” -Scot

2. “Truth is… some final girls are cowards.” -Kinsey Locke

Kinsey, Bode, and Tyler Locke on the balcony
Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

3. “Feels like people pretty much made their minds up about me: new kid, dead dad, weird house.” -Tyler Locke

4. “So, tell me where the goddamn key is or I’m making it two for two for dead parents.” – Sam Lesser 

Sam standing in the Locke house
Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

5. “Some things are more important than doing math problems.” -Bode Locke

6. “Now that real shits going on, I don’t even recognize you anymore.” – Kinsey Locke

Kinsey and Bode hiding from a murderer
Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

7. “I’m not sure if I get a vote but you’re the best thing to ever happen to this place since at least the 1890’s.” -Duncan Locke

8. “I’m going to have to tear poor Rufus’ useless little head of his skinny little body, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want that, do you?” -Lucas

9. “Hello darkness, my old friend.” -Lucas

10. “What’s the point of having magic keys if we can’t even use them?” -Bode Locke

Kinsey, Tyler, and Bode Locke discussing their findings
Christos Kalohoridis

11. “Yeah, it’s very ‘saving it for Jesus.’” -Tyler Locke

12. “Day of the Dead is still Savini’s finest decapitation work.” -Zadie Wells

13. “You think you’re so clever. Well, I can be clever too.” – Dodge

Dodge holding a key
Christos Kalohoridis

14. “My mother says I’m an agent of peace, but I do know all about weapons.” -Rufus

15. “Look, I know that didn’t sound genuine and it’s probably ‘cause I’m English and so I have the emotional range of a scone.” -Scot

16. “I just went to the bathroom for a second, which isn’t the most accessible bathroom I’ve ever been in.” -Logon Calloway

17. “Happy Hunting, Bode.” -Dodge

Dodge peaking out from a tree
Peter Stranks/Netflix

18. “You know, you can either be an asshole or a good guy, Tyler. You can’t be both.” -Jackie

19. “For real, I was like your ass guru, essentially.” -Brinker Martin

20. “Are you my echo?” -Bode Locke

Bode Locke looking into the well
Ian Watson/Netflix

21. “I’m twerp-hunting, have you seen him? We’re playing Whack-A-Bode.” -Kinsey Locke

22. “Warped isn’t a bad thing, just ask Picasso.” – Duncan Locke

23. “Only pregnant women and masochists crave ice cream in this weather.” – Scot

24. “You’re so much more than I ever deserved.” – Rendell Locke

Rendell Locke speaking to his killer
Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

25. “I think you’re a little too hard on scones.” -Kinsey Locke

26. “Blood. I vote blood.” -Doug

27. “He’d say it was a depressing shit hole that wasn’t fit for derelicts.” -Tyler Locke

Tyler Locke looking at his dad through the door
Ken Woroner/Netflix

28. “Yeah, we were on a frantic search for our monster, so we offered him friendship in exchange for wearing a suit that doesn’t breathe.” -Scot

29. “They’re teenagering.” -Duncan Locke

30. “Well… you ever do decide to kill your dad, do me a favor: kill mine while you’re at it.” -Tyler Locke

31. “The past is always with us Tyler.” -Rendell Locke

32. “My legs look cold to you?” -Logan Calloway

33. “You have this energy that I think we’d all follow, anywhere.” -Gabe

34. “I’m doing what I have to do for my family.” -Ellie

Rufus and his mom Ellie having dinner
Christos Kalohoridis

35. “Turkey Tetrazzini time for all of you.” -Sam Lesser

36. “There’s a reason why no one loves you, Sam… it’s because there’s nothing special about you at all.” -Dodge

37. “You’ve been staring at that same photo of a coelacanth for an hour and I’m just wondering if I should be jealous.” – Jackie

38. “Have you ever had that experience in life, where it just doesn’t make any kind of sense and you’re so angry about why things are the way they are?” -Nina Locke

Nina Locke holding her husband's urn
Christos Kalohoridis

39. “What if there’s radiation or something? I don’t want to grow a third arm.” -Doug

40. “Physical comedy isn’t easy guys. Think I nailed it.” -Eden

41. “Can you turn your anger down like 90 percent?” -Kinsey Locke

42. “Plus, I don’t know who this bitch is but she’s not about to let some rando demons run through my town.” -Eden

Eden and Scot looking at each other
Christos Kalohoridis

43. “Dad said I was very discerning for my age.” -Bode Locke

44. “I’m sick of being afraid.” -Rufus

45. “What if I dated you both?” -Kinsey Locke

46. “A shadow’s just a shape on the wall.” -Lucas

Ellie and Lucas hugging
Christos Kalohoridis

47. “This, my friends, is a miracle cave.” -Zadie

48. “You’re just a pretentious mediocre little fanboy, and that’s all you’re ever gonna be.” -Eden

49. “Yeah, and I’ve gotta say, I’m not particularly impressed with our girl Nancy here, I mean, on a final girl scale of zero to Jamie Lee, she’s getting a six and that’s being generous.” -Scot

50. “If I’m not there who’s gonna make sure the larges don’t get mixed in with the extra larges?” -Logan

51. “It’s gonna destroy your family and you’ll be the one responsible.” -Dodge

Dodge opening a door with a key
Christos Kalohoridis

52. “Gone for a few weeks and I miss all the goss.” -Duncan Locke

53. “How’s the brain swelling?” – Kinsey Locke

54. “I mean, I know most people think, high-school romance, who cares? But… he was something special.” -Ellie

Ellie standing at the door
Ian Watson/Netflix

55. “Tried and true, bonded by demons and magic and all sorts.” -Scot

56. “Come and get me Shadow Monsters!” -Bode Locke

57. “Almost as sexist as thinking a guy couldn’t possibly enjoy the work of a feminist romance novelist?” -Tyler Locke

58. “This is absolutely bloody barmy.” -Scot

group of kids
Christos Kalohoridis

59. “Look… I know firsthand that grief never gets any smaller, so you have to make yourself bigger around it.” -Joe Ridgeway

60. “If she doesn’t have her afternoon sugar-free Red Bull, she gets cranky.” -Jackie

Tyler Locke and Jackie looking at each other

61. “Hey! No fighting in front of the bacon.” -Bode Locke

62. “That shit will destroy you if you let it.” -Logan Calloway

63. “You know, we’ve got Novembress, Death Lift for Cutie, Nerdvana…” -Scot

64. “Is that how all your conversations go: you talk, and she tries to flee?” -Tyler Locke

Tyler Locke holding a memory
Ken Woroner/Netflix

65. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” -Dodge

66. “You’d be surprised what people tell you for a free scoop of salted caramel.” -Scot

67. “Can’t tell you how many times I wake up thinking I gotta kill my dad today.” -Sam Lesser

Sam Lesser in prison
Ken Woroner/Netflix

68. “You were always there for me.” -Kinsey Locke

69. “Senior year after our friends died, we pressed a hot poker to our chests. It was a way to remember them.” -Ellie

70. “You deserve a night off from your self-loathing, don’t you think?” -Dodge

71. “I hereby relieve you of that burden.” -Kinsey Locke

72. “All my troops are present and accounted for.” -Rufus

Rufus next to a shed
Ken Woroner/Netflix

73. “Are you seriously blaming the victim right now?” -Eden

74. “I don’t think Kinsey’s wheelhouse is in line with this particular brand of cinematic methodology.” -Scot

75. “You lied to me and you tried to kill my mom.” -Bode Locke

76. “A drawing room is where people would go drink and smoke cigars after dinner, snot-gobbler.” -Kinsey Locke

Kinsey and Bode Locke listening to a killer shoot their dad
Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

78. “Sound is sounding.” -Doug 

79. “Okay but I didn’t think that you were actually going to drown me in blood.” -Eden

80. “You know, it’s like every little thing becomes a moral lesson.” -Tyler Locke

81. “I thought you said that key lets you see people who have died!” -Bode Locke

82. “They call me the guidance counselor.” -Tyler Locke

83.  “You thought you could stop me with Double Bubble and a tree branch?” – Dodge

Dodge looking at memories
Christos Kalohoridis

84. “If you need more traps, I always leave the key ring in the top drawer by the stove, but you need to take care, or you could end up losing a hand, or at least a few fingers.” -Rufus

85. “High school is the perfect time to try on a bunch of different hats.” -Joe Ridgeway

86. “I kinda always wanted to do the pebble on the window thing.” -Scot

Kinsey Locke and Scot in one of her memories
Ian Watson/Netflix

87. “Feelings can become living things here too.” -Bode Locke

88. “The reason why she doesn’t remember is because she’s a grown up, that’s how this stuff always worked.” -Bode Locke

Bode Locke holding a key
Christos Kalohoridis

89. “Whatever you think you understand about that place… you don’t.” – Rendell Locke

90. “The only reason you know about the keys is because of me.” -Bode Locke

91. “It’s like that whole time period is just rubbed out.” -Duncan Locke 

Kinsey and Duncan Locke looking at his memory
Christos Kalohoridis

92. “Take me to the top of the Eiffel Tower.” -Kinsey Locke

93. “And as I was laying there that’s when I decided that what I really wanted to do was be an English teacher. ” -Joe Ridgeway

Joe speaking to Nina Locke
Christos Kalohoridis

94. “I found a key that lets you turn into a ghost!” -Bode Locke

95. “Listen, I’ve thought about this a lot and I’ve decided I want to go inside my head.” -Kinsey Lock

96. “Rendell’s parents were never around, so it was kind of an adult-free zone.” -Ellie

97. “Chances are if you name it, we’ve got too much of it.” -Nina Locke

98. “I tried really hard to be your friend.” -Ellie

99. “That really hurts…my pride.” -Lucas

100. “The British used key house as a base during the revolutionary war and they would hang defectors in the well house.” -Rufus

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