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100 Best Quotes from Netflix’s Mank

Netflix’s film titled Mank is a black and white drama based on the era of 1930s Hollywood. The film focuses on the famous screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz, who is tormented by his past and present while trying to finish writing the screenplay for Citizen Kane. This movie touches on difficult subjects such as alcoholism, greed, politics, and WWI. Top names in the movie industry such as Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, and Lily Collins star in this incredible movie.

If you enjoy watching 1930s black and white films then Mank is the movie for you!

Here’s the scoop for the best quotes from Mank!

1. “I am very happy to accept this award in the manner in which the screenplay is written, which is to say, in the absence of Orson Welles.” -Herman Mankiewicz

2. “I’m being burned at the stake and I am dying for a ciggie-boo.” -Marion Davies

Marion and Herman looking at each other  Mank

3. “A play is never a disaster till the movies say it is.” -Joe Mankiewicz

4. “If I ever go to the electric chair, I’d like him to be sitting in my lap.” – Herman Mankiewicz

5. “I’ve put up with your suicidal drinking, your compulsive gambling, your silly platonic affairs.” -Sara Mankiewicz

6. “I ought to cut your balls off!” -Louis B. Mayer

Louis, Herman, and Joe walking Mank

7. “Aircraft carriers are a shitty idea, but I don’t appreciate the callousness.” -Rita Alexander

8. “The most miserable bastard on God’s green earth.” -Joe Mankiewicz

9. “It’s enough to persuade me that a writer is more of a menace to an unsuspecting public than a party hack” -Herman Mankiewicz

Herman leaving the set

10. “I assume if he wishes to drink, he’s a grown man, a good man, and should be treated as such.” – Frieda

11. “It blew my wig!” -Marion Davies

12. “I intend to make pictures with the help of real literary minds.” -Willie Hearst

13. “Remind me never again to work with a washed-up alcoholic.” – Orson Welles

Orson Welles looking at Herman in Mank

14. “The Wizard of Oz is gonna sink the studio.” -Herman Mankiewicz

15. “I also remember how I spent my honeymoon in Berlin, with hookers running up and down the stairs all night because my dashing correspondent couldn’t afford a nice hotel.” -Sara Mankiewicz

16. “Have you been laid yet?” -Ben Hecht

17. “Why is it when you scratch a prim, starchy English schoolgirl, you get a swooning moving picture fan who’s forgotten all she learned about the Battle of Hastings?” -Herman Mankiewicz

Herman and Joe

18. “There’s enough Seconal in those bottles to bring a bull elephant in heat.”-John Houseman

19. “Tommy, if we can find civilization by sundown, I hope to climb out of this crate and into a cold martini.” -Herman Mankiewicz

20. “Nerts is Brooklynese for ‘nuts’.” -Marion Davies

21. “Our country should be flattered that you picked its birth date as your own.” -Herman Mankiewicz

22. “I already made my exit.” -Marion Davies

Marion Davies in the car in Mank

23. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” -Sara Mankiewicz

24. “Posterity, my ass.” -Joe Mankiewicz

25. “Why, it’s a puffed-up, sharp-tailed, red ruffled magpie.”-Herman Mankiewicz

26. “You see, if you just give people what they need to know, in an emotional way, you can expect they’ll do the right thing.” Louis B. Mayer

27. “I would’ve loved to play me ten years ago.” -Marion Davies

Marion Davies smiling at social gathering

28. “Nerve’s about all I’ve got left.” -Herman Mankiewicz

29. “Rise and shine, Hombre.” -Orson Welles

30. “You’ve never seen a sunrise.” -Joe Mankiewicz

Herman and Joe

31. “It’s a hell of a way to spend the Sabbath, fellas.” -Herman Mankiewicz

32. “We need guys like you to keep people like Mayer honest.” -Joe Mankiewicz

33. “I expect more of you.” -Rita Alexander

Rita with a serious face speaking to Herman in Mank

34. “I was taught by my parents to be straightforward, to ask simply for what I want, and expect that I may have to elucidate my position.” -Irving Thalberg

35. “I’d know that whiskey garble anywhere.” -Herman Mankiewicz

36. “It blew my wig!” -Marion Davies

37. “You don’t look a day over 48.” -William Hearst

38. “I removed any distraction, eliminated every excuse, your family, your cronies, liquor.” -Orson Welles

39. “I don’t want nobody calling me Poor Sara no more.” -Sara Mankiewicz

Sara at dinner function looking at Herman

40. “Who the fuck do you think you are, Mankiewicz?” -Louis B. Mayer

41. “I may be a loose cannon, but you, my friend, are an outsider.” -Herman Mankiewicz

42. “You write for the movies because you’re super at it.” -Rita Alexander

43. “You may never work in this town again, Mank!” -Orson Welles

Orson Welles looking at Herman

44. “Self-preservation is not politics.” -Joe Mankiewicz

45. “You know better than anyone, not all characters are headliners.” -Herman Mankiewicz

Herman drunk at dinner party in Mank

46. “Real families root for each other in the good times and take care of each other in the tough ones.” -Louis B. Mayer

Louis and Irving

47. “The narrative is one big circle, like a cinnamon roll, not a straight line pointing to the nearest exit.” -Herman Mankiewicz

48. “There’s a golden age coming when all the world will be a stage, and you, perhaps, their Shakespeare.” -William Hearst

Hearst on set directing in Mank

49. “I heard Pops on the phone helping to pick the president’s cabinet like casting a movie.” -Marion Davies

50. “How Bad? I went to a party last night where Scott Fitzgerald referred to you as a ruined man.” -Joe Mankiewicz

Joe speaking to Herman

51. “What is it the writer says? Tell the story you know.”-John Houseman

52. “You may tell him from me ‘Mank, you can kiss my half!’. “-Orson Welles

53. “Every moment of my life is treacherous.” -Herman Mankiewicz

54. “I want credit.” -Herman Mankiewicz

55. “I’ve raised your kids kosher and all but by myself.” -Sara Mankiewicz

56. “I’m confused, I thought the invitation called for circus attire, not flea circus.” -Louis B. Mayer

Louis B. Mayer at a dinner party

57. “We can’t un-ring the bell.” -Shelly

58. “The little sausage might have gone to jail.”-Herman Mankiewicz

59. “Jeepers!” -Marion Davies

60. “Well, call me old-fashioned Irving, but I don’t like being told which side of a fight I’m already on.” -Herman Mankiewicz

Herman smoking in Mank

61. “We are sure to be axed.” -John Houseman

62. “What writer failed to notice that the Screen Writers Guild needs an apostrophe?”- Herman Mankiewicz

63. “I live in a fishbowl but anything I want is mine.” -Marion Davies

64. “You piss that away between hopeless bets.” -Irving

65. “Only the ones who believe King Kong is ten stories tall or Mary Pickford a virgin at 40.” -Herman Mankiewicz

65. “Could you effete political snobs please shut up and play?” -Herman Mankiewicz

Herman on the street in Mank

66. “Well, do you always just say whatever you think?” -Marion Davies

67. “I gave you a second chance.” -Orson Welles

68. “It was the goddamn French pun that did me in.” -Joe Mankiewicz

69. “I’ve never not been fired.” -Herman Mankiewicz

Herman on set

70. “I’ve been a little sixes and sevens recently.” -Marion Davies

71. “Everything he does is for family, except when it comes to selling his last name to a competitor in the middle of the night.” -Herman Mankiewicz

72. “Are we home licking our wounds or here making the best of it?” -Sarah Mankiewicz

Sara and Herman at dinner in Mank

73. “The lonely showgirl, trapped in a castle, doing jigsaw puzzles for fun.” -Charlie

74. “My friends, income in this country is going to be redistributed by one of two methods, legal enactment or violent revolution.” -Upton Sinclair

75. “All I currently want is a real shower, a cocktail, and my Sara to wake up to.” -Herman Mankiewicz

76. “Mank sponsored my family’s entry into this country.” -Frieda

77. “As Groucho always said, “Never belong to any club that would have someone like you as a member”.” -Herman Mankiewicz

Herman watching reel

78. “That is mighty strong medicine for a lifetime of starry-eyed self-absorption.” -Charlie

79. “Hey, you made yourself court jester.” -Joe Mankiewicz

80. “A rare bird that.” -Rita Alexander

81. “Are you familiar with the parable of the organ grinder’s monkey?” -William Hearst

82. “You’re not the first person to trade integrity for a chance in the big chair.” -Herman Mankiewicz

83. “I suppose because being married to you, Herman, I’m never bored.” -Sara Mankiewicz

Sara and Herman cheers

84. “Well, that, my good man, is Hollywood.” -Orson Welles

85. “But all at once, not in relays. Helps spread the blame around.” -Herman Mankiewicz

86. “I’m washed up Joe, have been for years.” -Herman Mankiewicz

87. “Marion Davies when to convent school.” -Marion Davies

88. “He wrote a picture about the Nazis which no studio anywhere will dare make.” -Frieda

89. “I hate shop talk; I never know what’s going on.” -Marion Davies

Marion Davies sitting at a dinner function in Mank

90. “Where’s a gossip columnist around this castle when you need one?” -Herman Mankiewicz

91. “Inez, you are not to let the brothers Marx wait in my office ever, they’ve been grilling hot dogs again.” -Irving

92. “Stop crying for your just desserts.” -Herman Mankiewicz

Herman on the street

93. “You’d need a degree in larceny.” -Herman Mankiewicz

94. “I’m at a loss to even express how wealth and influence can crush a man.” -John Houseman

95. “Why are you acting like some dumb ward heeler?” -Herman Mankiewicz

96. “Are you hoping I might absolve you of such a personal betrayal?” -Charlie

Herman, Charlie, and others at the office in Mank

97. “That ‘poor old woman’ has got enough oil wells south of El Segundo to buy us both, Schnutz.” -Herman Mankiewicz

98. “They gave me a chance to direct.” -Shelly

99. “It’s a matter of principle L.B, you wouldn’t understand.” -Herman Mankiewicz

100. “Excuse me, I’m going to throw up.” -Sara Mankiewicz

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