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100 Best Quotes from Netflix’s Paper Lives

Netflix’s Paper Lives has captured the hearts of viewers as it captures kindness and love. The story focuses on Mehmet, a man who cares for his community and runs a solid waste warehouse. The heartwarming story and beautiful shots of Istanbul make the film an excellent viewing experience.

Because Mehmet is caring, the community cherishes his kindness. Mehmet also helps children and teenagers that are homeless. One day, an eight-year-old boy Ali comes to Mehmet for help. Due to the bond that Mehmet and the boy share, Mehmet realizes that he has to confront his past.

Mehmet walks in the rain after he realizes that Ali is not real but is his childhood.

Here is the scoop on Netflix’s Paper Lives!

1. “It’s like a workout. I get some fresh air too.”- Mehmet

As the film begins, Mehmet goes around the city collecting paper. Despite Mehmet minding his business, a valet worker treats him poorly.

2. “I can’t take it anymore, Doctor.”- Mehmet

3. “I’m asking for help. You’re telling me to take a number.”- Gonzales

Because Mehmet was out in the rain and overworked himself, he is sick. Gonzales is a close friend of Mehmet and rushes him to the hospital.

4. “Once they find the kidney, everything will be easy.”-Tahsin

5. “I smell so bad, the doctor’s nose fell off.”-Mehmet

6. “You beggars, have you been waiting for me here?”-Mehmet

7. “Don’t swear to God, boy. He’s already punished you enough.”-Mehmet

Ali looks at a photo of himself and his mother. paper lives

Although Mehmet needs a kidney transplant, he still cares for his community. While young boys ask him for money, Mehmet happily helps them.

8. “You almost died last night.”- Gonzales

9. “I don’t have a father.”-Ali

10. “If I see you sniffing glue, I’ll tear you a new one.”- Mehmet

11. “One day, you’ll die like us.”- Gonzales

12. “Wash your face. You’ll scare people.”- Mehmet

As Gonzales comes from collecting paper and cardboard, he asks if Mehmet can weigh the paper by himself. Because Mehmet sees that Gonzales wants to go to a wedding convoy, he says that he can.

13. “I need to make money.”- Ali

14. “Dying is not a problem. But what about the dreams we have?”- Mehmet

15. “I’m here. I found a treasure.”-Gonzales

16. “My rice is famous. It’s perfect.”- Mehmet

17. “A cigar is a cigar, half or not.”- Gonzales

18. “If I can’t get a kidney, I’ll say, ‘We were healthy like you once.'”-Mehmet

19. “Speak, boy. Cat got your tongue?”-Mehmet

Because the sack was moving, Mehmet believed there was a cat in it. Instead, a boy comes out and hides. Due to Mehmet being kind, he tries to learn more about the boy.

20. “There is a wedding convoy, I want to go there to beg.”-Gonzales

21. “Mom will come to live with me.”-Ali

Ali is in the sack for papers and cardboard because he says his mother put him there.

As Mehmet gets Ali to speak, he asks him why he ran away. Ali explains that he needs to save his mother because of his stepfather.

22. “Don’t be scared.”- Mehmet

23. “He has a home, at least.”- Gonzales

24. “We have fries too! Great!”-Mehmet

25. “If you like playing with water, I can take you to the sea.”-Mehmet

As Mehmet takes Ali to the bathing room, the men start a water fight. Despite Ali being nervous at first, Mehmet encourages him to be in the water fight.

26. “No one can touch you here.”-Mehmet

27. “How about chocolate?”-Ali

28. “All kids get beaten.”- Gonzales

29. “It looks good.”-Mehmet

30. “His mother put him in the sack.”-Mehmet

31. “It hasn’t been easy for us either.”-Gonzales

32. “She was so desperate that she had to leave him.”- Mehmet

33. “Can’t I dream about them either?”- Gonzales

Despite Gonzales not knowing his parents, he still has a tattoo of them. Although he does not where his parents are, he still dreams of finding them.

34. “We are nice and clean.”-Mehmet

35. “I won’t leave this kid without finding out the truth first.”- Mehmet

36. “A lady tried to kidnap me.”-Ali

37. “I checked the trash.”-Gonzales

38. “Don’t blow without making a wish.”-Mehmet

39. “Man, play along.”-Mehmet

In order to make Ali feel comfortable, Mehmet wants to do activities that will make him happy. Despite Gonzales not knowing his birthday, Mehmet wants to celebrate.

40. “Hey, don’t laugh.”-Gonzales

41. “Let’s try together.”-Mehmet

42. “It’s delicious.”-Ali

43. “Don’t be scared. I’m right here, okay?”-Mehmet

Mehmet and Ali sit on top of a building together and talk about mothers.
PAPER LIVES (L TO R): Çağatay Ulusoy as MEHMET and Emir Ali Doğrul as ALI Cr. CAN ULKAY/NETFLIX ©2021

Because Ali is scared of his past, he thinks he was about to be kidnapped. Despite Mehmet only knowing Ali for a small time, he cares for him like a son.

44. “You have many years ahead of you. You’ll be a grown man.”-Mehmet

45. “To have mom here with me.”-Ali

46. “Make a wish, everyone.”-Mehmet

47. “Let’s sleep on it.”-Mehmet

48. “But you’ll listen to me. It’s not too deep anyway.”-Mehmet

49. “I need to save up first.”-Ali

50. “You wish the same thing every year. You should change it up.”-Mehmet

While everyone is enjoying the cake at the party, Mehmet asks what everyone wished for. Then, a young boy worker says he wants to see his mother.

51. “Mom will be so happy to see that I can swim, you know?”-Ali

52. “There is a strong current, but that’s where I learned to swim.”-Mehmet

53. “Everyone loves their mom, Ali.”-Mehmet

54. “Enough to bring her to live with me.”-Ali

While Ali enjoys the cake, Mehmet asks him questions. Due to Ali saying he needs to make money, Mehmet asks how much he needs. Because Ali loves his mother, he wants to make sure she is safe.

55. “Soon enough.”-Mehmet

56. “I saw my mom in my dream.”-Ali

57. “I will, Ali.”- Mehmet

Because Mehmet tells Ali that everyone loves their mother, Ali asks about Mehmet’s mother.

58. “Ali, this place is not very safe.”-Mehmet

59. “My stepfather will see me.”-Ali

60. “It seemed like she was around here. She was calling for me.”-Ali

61. “I want her to know that you are alive and well.”-Mehmet

62. “You scared me.”-Mehmet

Due to Mehmet waking up and not seeing Ali, he begins to panic. As Mehmet goes around looking for Ali, he gets desperate. When Mehmet returns to his home, he finds Ali sitting on the couch.

63. “I went to look for her. I came back when I couldn’t find her.”-Ali

64. “I don’t want her to be even more scared. Don’t get me wrong. I won’t send you away.”-Mehmet

65. “No, Mom told me to never come back.”-Ali

66. “You show me your home, and I find you the money, okay?”-Mehmet

67. “So cold!”-Ali

68. “She’ll say, ‘Good for you, my boy.'”-Mehmet

When Mehmet teaches Ali to swim, he is excited to see his mother. Despite Ali being scared of going back without money, Mehmet promises he will help him.

69. “Come here. I’ll hold you.“-Mehmet

70. “I’m swimming!”-Ali

71. “He came out of nowhere. I couldn’t kick him out.”-Mehmet

72. “What if she doesn’t want him back?”-Tahsin

Despite Mehmet telling Gonzales not to tell Tahsin about Ali, he does. Since Tahsin knows Mehmet has many issues, he worries for him and Ali.

73. “The poor woman must have had no choice.”-Mehmet

74. “All mothers love, protect, and dote on their children.”-Tahsin

75. “She did it to save him from his stepfather.”-Mehmet

76. “You are sick, my boy.”-Tahsin

77. “Let’s race!’-Mehmet

78. “I’ll take care of the kid, then.”-Mehmet

Mehmet takes Ali around Istanbul and they collect paper and different items together.
PAPER LIVES (L TO R): Emir Ali Doğrul as ALI and Çağatay Ulusoy as MEHMET Cr. CAN ULKAY/NETFLIX ©2021

Despite Tahsin warning Mehmet about Ali’s mother not wanting him, Mehmet does not listen. Because Mehmet cares for Ali, he wants him to be happy and safe.

79. “It’s so cool!”-Ali

80. “I’ve made it for you myself.”-Mehmet

81. “If you’re awake when I’m back, we’ll have a race.”-Mehmet

82. “They said I’d see my mom if I sniffed it.”-Ali

83. “We’ll go to work together now, Ali. I’ll teach you everything.”-Mehmet

84. “Never do it again, okay?”-Mehmet

While Mehmet went to check his books, he left Ali at home. However, when he came back, he saw Ali unconscious. Because he saw the neighborhood boys standing over him, Mehmet knows that Ali sniffed glue.

85. “Why don’t you leave Mom alone?”-Ali

86. “Be nice.”-Mehmet

87. “I’ll be a good boy from now on.”-Ali

88. “Stop it, Ali! You’re breaking my heart!”-Mehmet

89. “Are you going to give me my mom back?”-Ali

Ali stands in front of where he lives.

When Mehmet gets Ali to wake up, Ali confuses Mehmet with his stepfather. Because Mehmet slightly slapped Ali to get him awake, Ali becomes afraid of Mehmet.

90. “That’s me, Ali. That’s my photo. It’s my mom there.”-Mehmet

91. “I mean…I couldn’t find Ali, brother.”-Gonzales

92. “I miss you so much, mom.”-Ali

93. “He missed his mom so much that he sniffed glue.”-Mehmet

94. “You’ll kill yourself!”-Gonzales

95. “I’ll stab you all! I don’t care if you are my brothers!”-Mehmet

Because Mehmet was beaten badly, he woke up in the hospital. When Gonzales told Mehmet he couldn’t find Ali, Mehmet freaks out and wants to find him. Despite his health worsening, Mehmet fights off Gonzales and Tahsin to get to Ali.

96. “They always trick you, Mehmet.”-Tahsin

97. “You never took me to my mother.“-Mehmet

98. “That’s what you want to believe.”-Tahsin

99. “I’ll save them both.”-Mehmet

100. “Mom.”-Mehmet

Despite the story seeming to focus on a friendship between Ali and Mehmet, the story actually showcases childhood trauma. Because Mehmet was abused and left as a child, he keeps having visions of himself as a child, Ali. Instead of shying away from the reality of trauma, Paper Lives flawlessly depicts it.

The film opens with the quote, “In a world where children are crying, laughter can only be cruel.” Because the film truthfully portrays Mehmet’s struggles, the film shows how the past cannot be changed. Instead, Paper Lives calls for others to see the things that people face.

Hope you loved these quotes from Paper Lives!

Make sure to watch this film on Netflix!

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