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100 Best Quotes from Netflix’s ‘Purple Hearts’

Starring Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine, Purple Hearts is a stunning romance that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. Purple Hearts has accumulated mixed reviews since its release, but viewers consider it the best Netflix original movie ever.

This movie focuses on Cassie who works as a bartender and a musician at a club. One day, she finds herself in a hectic situation when she runs out of insulin for her type 1 diabetes symptoms. Through her friend, Frankie, Cassie meets Luke Marrow who seems to have troubles as well.

When Cassie and Luke agree to a fake marriage arrangement for extra money to solve their problems, they end up clashing on certain ideals. However, will they eventually fall in love with one another?

purple hearts poster
Netflix -Purple Hearts

Here’s the scoop on quotes from the movie, Purple Hearts!

1. “P.S. We’re also your servers.”

2. “My kind of guy.”

3. “Your waitress backslash bartender.”

4. “We’re just blowing off some steam.”

5. “You are kind of predictable.”

Cassie and Luke in Purple Hearts
Cr. Hopper Stone/Netflix © 2022.

6. “On my a** actually.”

7. “She speaks English too, thank you.”

8. “There’s no way that that dude would pass a piss test.”

9. “See you soon.”

10. “The little details aren’t a priority.”

11. “I can’t go backward.”

12. “I should be able to provide for you.”

13. “I’m just on my own weird journey, and it’s a little bumpy. But I love it.”

Cassie singing
Courtesy of Netflix © 2022.

14. “You’re not Frankie.”

15. “Would you mind giving us a moment?”

16. “I was hoping you would marry me.”

17. “You’re better than this.”

18. “I will probably rip off the government.”

19. “Thanks for your help.”

20. “I’m all in.”

21. “Didn’t think it’s possible. You’re so buff in eight months.”

22. “You look like dad with that haircut.”

Luke Marrow
Courtesy of Netflix © 2022.

23. “I owe some money.”

24. “You know you can let a guy help you and still be a feminist?”

25. “Not paying isn’t an option.”

26. “I think I got a plan.”

27. “Be smart. This better work.”

28. “Marriage is for love.”

29. “Are you living in a fantasyland? Cause from where I come from, marriage is an arrangement that turns lovers into enemies.”

30. “I don’t like you but you’re solid.”

31. “Act like we like each other.”

32. “Super.”

33. “Are we doing this?”

34. “In fact, I pinky swear.”

Cassie and Luke getting married
Cr. Mark Fellman/Netflix © 2022.

35. “Because we’re taking wedding photos.”

36. “Do you play?”

37. “I’d rather hustle on my art any day.”

38. “Socialism now?”

39. “What does your tattoos say?’

40. “You look pretty.”

41. “That’s me.”

42. “To the newlyweds!”

43. “It’s extremely surreal.”

Cassie looking at the crowd in purple hearts
Courtesy of Netflix © 2022.

44. “You got a problem with that?”

45. “Thank you for your sensitivity.”

46. “God, I just love nuance conversations like these.”

47. “Armando is a b*tch.”

48. “Couples fight.”

49. “We’re good.”

The loyal band and Cassie
Cr. Hopper Stone/Netflix © 2022.

50. “I asked for two beds.”

51. “All I know is you’re a hot mess.”

52. “You’re right. I’m scared.”

53. “How long have you been up?”

54. “I couldn’t sleep at all.”

55. “I’ve lived here my entire life and I’ve never been on base.”

56. “One more time for the newlyweds!”

Luke and Cassie kiss in purple hearts
Cr. Mark Fellman/Netflix © 2022.

57. “Can you see me?”

58. “I love you too.”

59. “That’s my wife.”

60. “I’m his wife.”

61. “Why did you lie to me again?”

62. “Your mother would’ve been heartbroken to see you like this.”

63. “I’ll be taking care of you.”

Courtesy of Netflix © 2022.

64. “Wedding night was memorable, but we got to set some boundaries.”

65. “Let’s get through this.”

66. “Okay, husband.”

67. “Good luck, commando.”

68. “Is that why you aren’t paying me?”

69. “Look at you, you’re doing so much better.”

Cassie singing
Courtesy of Netflix © 2022.

70. “Her name is Peaches because she’s from Georgia.”

71. “It hurts like a b*tch.”

72. “You don’t understand me at all.”

73. “I had no idea that psych 101 is part of basic training.”

74. “You seem so chill.”

75. “I can’t breathe.”

76. “I’m breathing from my eyes.”

77. “This isn’t sweat, this is a glow.”

78. “Let her be a rockstar please.”

79. “That’s everything I owe you, we’re done.”

80. “Hey Frankie, you want to hear something crazy?”

Jacob and Luke in purple hearts
Cr. Hopper Stone/Netflix © 2022.

81. “Don’t just walk away.”

82. “I don’t need you.”

83. “I thought you were a good woman.”

84. “I have to go.”

85. “I’m proud of you, son.”

86. “We vowed to take care of each other.”

87. “I think this is a real marriage.”

88. “I want to be the one you run back to.”

Luke and Cassie
Cr. Hopper Stone/Netflix © 2022.

89. “I love you too, Cassie.”

90. “You take good care of it for me.”

91. “Oh, great. Marines. Mild to medium harassment by nine, chaotic evil by ten.”

92. “I get it, but not really an excuse for casual misogyny though.”

93. “Sorry, it’s just fascinating to me. Do you have a Ph.D. in mansplaining?”

94. “So, what happens to the men in the future? Is it plague? Robot wars?”

95. “I’m leaving. This was a mistake. Bro-militia.”

96. “Hello, my prince. Today is the day that our credit scores shall become intertwined.”

Luke and Cassie in purple hearts
Courtesy of Netflix © 2022.

97. “If I were home more, I’d have a pet iguana.”

98. “So, you’re that guy? Pretend-it-didn’t-happen guy.”

99. “Well, because I’m not.”

100. “That’s got to be rough.”

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