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100 Best Quotes from Netflix’s Rising High

In this action-packed, business thriller, Rising High follows Viktor as he tries to manipulate the German property market to his advantage. As Viktor rises higher with money, alcohol, and drugs, the fallout dares to become too much. We can’t help but stand at the edge of our seats as the stakes get higher and higher…  

Here’s the scoop on the best movie quotes from Rising High!

rising high movie

1. “Whatever you do, Viktor, do it well. Be the best. Do it with love. That’s the only way to do it well.” – Viktor’s father.

2. “I packed a suit for you. You never know.” – Viktor’s father

3. “Take the future into your own hands.” – Viktor

4. “Smile, and you’ll conquer the world.” – Viktor’s father

5. “You can come back tomorrow. Or not, if you don’t like the money.”

6. “I look at you and I see a woman with a big heart.” – Viktor

Chantal in rising high movie

7. “Children see the truth.” – Viktor

8. “Don’t get caught.” – Grocery Clerk

9. “It will all work out in the end, and if it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end.”  – Viktor’s father

10. “The neighbors must be wrong. I don’t like music. I hate music. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s music.” – Viktor

Viktor in rising high

11. “Dirk Diggler is a porn star, right? He was my teenage hero.” – Gerry

12. “I just liked him. Haven’t you ever had that?” – Viktor”

13. “That wasn’t five sips. Part of it was spit.” – Gerry

Gerry and Viktor in rising high movie

14. “I choose the vodka option.” – Viktor

15. “Only the best for my friends.” – Memo

16. “He wants to keep control.” – Gerry

17. “Here’s to a good night. Let’s go mad.” – Gerry

18. “You’re running out of clothes.” – Gerry

19. “You smell like a bum, darling.” – Katvia

Viktor, Gerry, and girls in rising high movie

20. “Cup of tea? Good for the head.” – Katvia”

21. “Let me introduce you to the most beautiful woman I know.” – Gerry

22. “You look impressive.” – Gerry

Viktor and Gerry

23. “I can get a hold of anything in the world at a price that is so low that if you sell it, we could end up stinking rich, understand?” Gerry

24. “I look at you and I know you can do it.” – Gerry

25. “Don’t give me that ‘good employee’ act.” – Gerry

Viktor and Gerry in rising high movie

26. “You used to walk dogs for a fiver.” – Gerry

27. “You need a person who has money or access to that money. Someone who believes in you.” – Viktor

28. “The more you have, the more you get. It never stops. It’s like an avalanche.” – Viktor

29. “People throw money at you. You don’t have to pay for anything.” – Viktor

30. “You can’t do it alone.” – Viktor

pool party in rising high movie

31. “I won’t risk that for your crackpot idea.” – Insurance man

32. “What kind of friend is that? He wants 1.5 million.” – Viktor

33. “I’ll punch him until he agrees.” – Gerry

34. “You want to use my clients to get rich and I’m not getting anything?”

35. “My arsehole is smaller than yours.”  – Gerry

36. “What could possibly go wrong?” – Gerry


37. “When you waltzed into my office, I knew you’d fuck it up.” – Nicole

38. “It’s all been set in motion. There’s no going back.” – Nicole

39. “It’s my arse on the line, not yours.” – Nicole

40. “Nothing’s lost yet. We’ve got enough time.” – Viktor

41. “Get out. I want to watch my series.” – Nicole

42. “You’re the best trickster I know.” – Gerry

Gerry in rising high movie

43. “Journalists don’t earn enough.” – Journalist

44. “It’s clearly a scam. I might as well give my account details to a Nigerian prince.” – Luna

45. “We’re in deep shit now.” – Gerry

46. “It really didn’t matter. Because they’d seen something that they wanted. Something in our brain just clicks, and everything’s rose-tinted.” – Viktor

rising high movie

47. “All people have one thing in common. They’re greedy.” – Viktor

48. “You made the right decision when you came here.” – Viktor

49. “I felt guilty afterwards… until the six million euros arrived.” – Viktor

50. “Less talk, more partying.” – Gerry

Gerry with drinks

51. “Nicole? Sounds like a bitch. It won’t work.” – Chantal

52. “You’re sweet. I think I’ll give you a try.” – Nicole

53. “You really are a con artist. But don’t con us.” – Gerry

54. “I won’t con you. Okay?” – Nicole

55. “He can’t stand women who know more than him.” – Nicole

56. “I’m worried it all might fall apart.” – Viktor

rising high movie

57. “But if you cheat on me, I’ll stab you.” – Nicole

58. “I love his smile.” – Nicole

59. “I didn’t leave him because of money. It wasn’t right anymore.” – Viktor’s mother

60. “You thought I’d allow myself to be sold like a whore.” – Viktor’s mother

61. “I know my clients, and he doesn’t look like a husband.” – Chantal


62. “You’ll be unhappy and wind up back here.” – Chantal No. 9

63. “If you want to get out of here, just say ‘yes.’” – Gerry

64. “In her first year, the girl had 363 days of sunshine.” – Viktor

65. “I see people.” – Gerry

66. “It will all end in misery.” – Gerry


67. “Wives always know more. Remember that.” – Nicole

68. “If I can take your crappy set-up apart in 10 minutes, the public prosecutor will be even faster.” – Accountant

69. “You aren’t that stupid. Tell me you aren’t that stupid.” – Nicole

70. “You never complained when I spent it, Mrs. Smartass.” – Viktor

71. “We have to go bigger. We’ll take a quantum leap.” – Viktor

72. “Losing is not an option.” – Viktor

73. “They destroyed my father. They’re not going to destroy me.” – Viktor

Viktor and Gerry

74. “Don’t leave me hanging. Promise me.” – Viktor

75. “I’ll never be able to wank anyone again with this hand.” – Chantal

76. “You’ll never be poor, little one.” – Viktor

77. “You’re the most beautiful woman in the world.” – Viktor

meeting in rising high movie

78. “She’s a baby. She can’t even find her dummy when it’s on her tummy.” – Viktor

79. “You’ll leave me. I can see it in your eyes. You’re going to leave.” – Chantal

80. “I’m glad I got to meet you. I got to work.” – Chantal

81. “I skipped three years at school. Do you really think that I’d fall for that crap?” – Nicole

rising high movie

82. “Say goodbye.” – Nicole

83. “I’ll make sure no bank lends you money again. You fucked up.” – Nicole

84. “I see the problem. But there’s nothing else I can do.” – Accountant #2

85. “How can anyone be so stupid and marry so quickly?” – Accountant #2

86. “We believe in secure investments, continuity, and trust.” – Viktor

Chantal and Viktor

87. “My son cracked all the systems that turn us all into slaves.” – Viktor’s dad

88. “Whatever happens, you are and will always be my son.” – Viktor’s dad

89. “I’m going to ask you to do something and you’ll understand.” – Viktor

90. “I need your help. Please.” – Viktor

91. “I want you to know I love you more than anything, my darling.” – Viktor

Viktor in rising high movie

92. “I’ve made many mistakes. The only thing I got right was to bring you into the world. But I ruined it. I know that now.” – Viktor

93. “I would like you to forgive me, my darling.” – Viktor

94. “I miss your smile.” – Viktor

95. “Take care, Viktor. Look after yourself.” – Security Guard

96. “Suddenly she said she dreamed of you… she only talks about you.” – Nicole

people in a meeting
photo courtesy of Netflix

97. “I have my life under control. I don’t want any stress. Don’t break her heart, or else.” – Nicole

98. “A very warm welcome.” – Josie

99. “I hope you’re a lion at last. You always did have the heart of a lion” – Gerry

100. “I thought I’d try my luck there.” – Woman

Hope you enjoyed these movie quotes from Rising High!

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