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100 Best Quotes From Netflix’s Single’s Inferno

In the Korean show Single’s Inferno, 12 contestants find themselves on a deserted island, Inferno. During their 9-day stay, each person not only must figure out how to manage with fewer resources, but how to find love. Matched couples get to escape Inferno to Paradise, a luxury hotel.

If you love romance, reality TV, tropical islands, and luxury hotels, Single’s Inferno is the perfect show for you. Single’s Inferno is not your regular reality dating show. The rules constantly change, leaving contestants wondering when the next opportunity to go to Paradise will be. Also, contestants play games with one another to compete for dates. Just the quotes from Single’s Inferno show what a fun watch the series is.

Here is the scoop on the best quotes from Netflix’s Single’s Inferno!

1. “I never give up.”-Moon Se-hoon

2. “I’ll easily turn down a guy who isn’t my type.”-Shin Ji-yeon

3. “I’m straightforward, and I don’t lie.”-Kang So-yeon

4. “I don’t wanna have any regrets when I love someone.”-Song Ji-ah

5. “I really want a flaming romance.”-Oh Jin-taek

The guys walk on the beach in singles inferno
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

6. “The food was the hardest part. It almost felt like a survival game.”-Choi Si-hun

7. “I’m not sure if I can survive nine days here and fall in love.”-Kim Hyeon-joong

8. “I like cat-face types.”-Kim Jun-sik

9. “None of them are my ideal type.”-Song Ji-ah

10. “Gosh, this is wild. It’s like a survival game.”-Kang So-yeon

Cast prepares a meal
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

11. “I feel like I’m being punished.”-Kim Hyeon-joong

12. “Well, it was just the first day so it didn’t bother me that much.”-An Yea-won

13. “I was really confident when I got here, but here on this island, the guys didn’t seem interested in me.”-Song Ji-a

14. “I feel so shy around her, that I can’t even look at her. I thought it meant I was attracted to her more. That’s why I chose her.”-Choi Si-hun

15. “I think he might actually be nicer than I thought he would be.”-Kang So-yeon

Choi Si-hun in singles inferno
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

16. “I’m a bit of a picky eater.”-Shin Ji-yeon

17. “I need to take my sunglasses off.”-Oh Jin-taek

18. “Women who don’t express themselves or say what they have in mind don’t seem very attractive to me.”-Moon Se-hoon

19. “I thought if I didn’t talk to you now, I’d regret it later.”-Oh Jin-taek

20. “Are you trying to seduce me?”-Kang So-yeon

Song Ji-a laying on beach
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

21. “We’re literally escaping the island.”-Shin Ji-yeon

22. “This is like the pirate ship ride.”-Kang So-yeon

23. “There’s a reason I’m wearing pink.”-Choi Si-hun

24. “I can be an older man for you, a younger man, or a man of your age.”-Oh Jin-taek

25. “You should give it another try.”-An Yea-won

Moon Se-hoon, Shin Ji-yeon, and Song Ji-a in singles inferno
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

26. “I was very happy because it meant I could have iced Americano.”-Shin Ji-yeon

27. “I think it’s important for a woman to know their charm.”-Choi Si-hun

28. “People who work out usually have a lot in common.”-An Yea-won

29. “But when you give something, you should get something back too, right?”-Kim Hyeon-joong

30. “I’m not playing any games.”-Moon Se-hoon

An Yea-won
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

31. “I got the feeling she cares about everyone.”-Oh Jin-taek

32. “We’re all in the same boat, right?”-Kang So-yeon

33. “Aren’t there others you wanna get to know better?”-Shin Ji-yeon

34. “This can’t be happening.”-Choi Si-hun

35. “Look at him. He became a cauldron.”-Kang So-yeon

The men play a game on the beach in singles inferno
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

36. “I’m attracted to guys who are decisive, but at the same time sweet.”-Shin Ji-yeon

37. “Looks like only fast runners are left on this island.”-Kang So-yeon

38. “I mean, this is something I’ve never felt before. It feels bitter.”-Moon Se-hoon

39. “Are you drunk on me?”-Song Ji-a

40. “I act differently around the people I’m close with.”-Choi Si-hun

The cast drinks around the campfire at night.
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

41. “In a nice place with the person you like, time flies because you’re happy.”-Kim Jun-sik

42. “That kind of color and pattern doesn’t suit just anyone.”-Oh Jin-taek

43. “I’m actually glad that they changed the rules.”-Choi Si-hun

44. “It was like a wake-up call to me.”-Moon Se-hoon

45. “I don’t wanna waste time.”-Kim Hyeon-joong

Kim Hyeon-joong in singles inferno
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

46. “I’m good at waiting.”-Choi Si-hun

47. “It almost looked like I lied.”-Oh Jin-taek

48. “You see, I feel like the game will be changing soon. I feel like new people will come.”-Kang So-yeon

49. “I think it’s important to believe in myself and have confidence.”-Kim Su-min

50. “Her eyes were so pure.”-Moon Se-hoon

Oh Jin-taek
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

51. “None of this matters now.”-Choi Si-hun

52. “His answer really puzzled me. It left me with more questions.”-Kang So-yeon

53. “Just go after it.”-An Yea-won

54. “I can’t imagine anyone better than you.”-Song Ji-a

55. “My eyes are fixed on you.”-Kim Hyeon-joong

Golden hour on Inferno
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

56. “I really don’t feel like we got any closer or that you’re really into me.”-Kang So-yeon

57. “That’s why he chose her. That’s what happened.”-Kim Jun-sik

58. “To be honest, I almost cried.”-Moon Se-hoon

59. “I’d like to be with someone who has hobbies or tastes that are similar to mine.”-Seong Min-ji

60. “Sometimes people tell me that I have a charming smile.”-Cha Hyun seung

Moon Se-hoon and Seong Min-ji on boat in singles inferno
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

61. “Well, this is awkward.”-Cha Hyun-seung

62. “I was so shocked yesterday. Seriously, I was stunned.”-Kang Si-yeon

63. “I’ve made up my mind already.”-Song Ji-a

64. “I feel a lot of pressure.”-Cha Hyun-seung

65. “Everyone says I look like a puppy.”-Kim Su-min

Kang So-yeon
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

66. “And I don’t listen to hip-hop. I’m allergic to it.”-Moon Se-hoon

67. “Life is all about timing.”-Kang So-yeon

68. “I think I barely know both of you. So I’m not sure yet.”-Song Ji-a

69. “It was embarrassing but nice.”-Oh Jin-taek

70. “I don’t wanna burden you. I won’t pressure you.”-Choi Si-hun

Cheers! singles inferno
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

71. “Today must be like hell for you.”-Moon Se-hoon

72. “I feel like I might be swayed.”-Seong Min-ji

73. “When I first got here, I was totally lost. I didn’t know what to do. And you helped me a lot.”-Kim Su-min

74. “I love anything that has to do with water.”-An Yea-won

75. “We’re taking turns showing our charms.”-Shin Ji-yeon

Kim Hyeon-joong, Oh Jin-taek, and Choi Si-hun
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

76. “Gosh, I’m really torn. I feel like this might be my first and last chance to go to Paradise.”-Moon Se-hoon

77. “I thought I’d be okay, but it wasn’t easy.”-Kim Hyeon-joong

78. “I told you. Once you come here, you want to come back every night.”-Shin Ji-yeon

79. “It’s funny how that one comment got me into you.”-Moon Se-hoon

80. “But my feelings come first.”-Cha Hyun-seung

Cha Hyun-seung single's inferno
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

81. “If my friends don’t understand that love is more important to me, they’re probably not good friends.”-Cha Hyun-seung

82. “I won’t have any regrets now.”-Moon Se-hoon

83. “Wow, I’m on cloud nine.”-Kang So-yeon

84. “Watching you in the morning makes me happy.”-Oh Jin-taek

85. “It won’t be easy. They say once a man knows what he wants, he doesn’t change his mind easily.”-Seong Min-ji

eyes single's inferno
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

86. “Wow. I had no idea I would get so emotional here. Seriously.”-Kim Hyeon-joong

87. “I wanted to try approaching someone for a change. But I had never done it before, so I had no idea what to do.”-Kang So-yeon

88. “I’m the one who brought you here, but now that you’re here, I don’t know what I should say.”-Seong Min-ji

89. “We’re going there too often.”-Kang So-yeon

90. “I even saw him peeling a sweet potato for her.”-An Yea-won

Kim Su-min
Single’s Inferno- Netflix

91. “Seriously, my eyes are getting teary.”-Choi Si-hun

92. “Wow. You have such a baby face.”-Kim Su-min

93. “My favorite sport is bowling now.”-Oh Jin-taek

94. “Looks like you’ve fallen in love with me. I can tell from your eyes.”-Kang So-yeon

95. “While talking to you yesterday, I came to open my mind.”-Shin Ji-yeon

Single’s Inferno- Netflix

96. “They’ve all become my friends now. I’m gonna miss them all.”-Song Ji-a

97. “This place is so beautiful. I think I’m gonna miss it.”-Shin Ji-yeon

98. “I wasn’t thinking anything when I walked down here on the first day, I was nervous.”-Kim Jun-sik

99. “I wanna take you somewhere beyond Paradise.”-Oh Jin-taek

100. “We have a bright future ahead of us.”-Kim Hyeon-joong

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