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100 Best Quotes from Netflix’s Tell Me Who I Am

Tell Me Who I Am is a Netflix documentary and drama that follows the story of twin brothers Alex and Marcus Lewis. Because of forgotten memories and lies, the story will attract fans of true crime psychological shows like Abducted in Plain Sight and Thread. Director Ed Perkins greatly captures the stories of both brothers as they explain their experiences. While Tell Me Who I Am does not involve murder, it will definitely keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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The documentary explores how Alex lost his memory in a tragic bike accident and the aftermath. Additionally, the film explores Alex’s twin brother Marcus as he helps Alex gain back his memories.

Here is the scoop on quotes from Tell Me Who I Am!

1. “I don’t know who I am.”- Alex Lewis

2. “It broke us apart.”- Alex Lewis

3. “The secrets I need answers to are in Marcus’s head. But they’re deep in his head.”- Alex Lewis

4. “It’s Pandora’s box. You either open it or you don’t.”- Alex Lewis

5. “I guess the major thing about being a twin is that you are never alone.”- Marcus Lewis

6. “And it started to dawn on me that I really didn’t know anything.”- Alex Lewis

7. “Everything had gone.”- Alex Lewis

8. “My head was just blank.”- Alex Lewis

9. “I’m coming at this with nothing.”- Alex Lewis

10. “Any mother would be deeply distressed.”- Marcus Lewis

11. “He gets it. He understands. I don’t have to explain anything to him.” -Alex and Marcus’ Mother

Alex and Marcus when they were in their 20s. Tell me who I am

12. “But he wasn’t alone in the world. He had me.”- Marcus Lewis

13. “The first few minutes was a bit strange, and then I realized I could actually do that.”- Alex Lewis

14. “The world seemed very scary. But with him…everything was a little bit easier.”- Alex Lewis

15. “I soon realized that Mommy was at the center of my new world.”- Alex Lewis

16. “Louder than loud, really.”- Alex Lewis

17. “We used to call them rats on legs.”- Marcus Lewis

18. “So these tiny little fragments became the building blocks for my new sense of self.”- Alex Lewis

19. “I still can’t stand them. Horrible little things.”- Marcus Lewis

20. “He showed me photographs. And I joined the dots.”- Alex Lewis

21. “When you’ve got no memory, and you get little bits of information, then just some information about a single holiday meant an enormous amount to me ’cause that’s all I had.”- Alex Lewis

22. “He painted an idyllic picture.”- Alex Lewis

23. “He was quite a scary guy, and he had a hell of a temper on him.”- Alex Lewis

24. “I never thought, ‘This is odd,’ ’cause everything was normal for me.”- Alex Lewis

25. “The truth was we didn’t go on family holidays.”-Marcus Lewis

26. “Normal is what you know. And normal is what your family is.”-Alex Lewis

27. “When you’re a teenager, you don’t want to be different to everybody else.”- Alex Lewis

28. “I have nothing to latch onto.”- Alex Lewis

Alex when he is 55 years old.

29. “Just give me the quick little outline, so a tiny little synopsis of each person.”- Alex Lewis

30. “Our sort of standing joke is that I lost my virginity to the same woman twice.”- Alex Lewis

31. “In one second, just like that.”-Marcus Lewis

32. “I just took pictures of people having fun.”- Alex Lewis

33. “It was a fantasy that I was creating for him. And the longer it went on the bigger the fantasy.”- Marcus Lewis

34. “All of us, we take photos of happy times excluding everything else.”- Alex Lewis

35. “Alex would have said anything. I mean he was just such a nice boy, and he has such a nice way about him.”- Marcus Lewis

36. “It was very quickly apparent that the rules hadn’t changed. They became even more stringent.”- Alex Lewis

37. “I did grow to love my mother.”- Alex Lewis

38. “I just cried for quite some time. But Marcus didn’t. No emotion at all.”- Alex Lewis

39. “I didn’t feel any guilt for feeling nothing, I didn’t feel sad.”- Marcus Lewis

40. “It made my mother much more complicated.”- Alex Lewis

41. “The pain and anguish that was going on inside me was explosive!”- Marcus Lewis

42. “It was too weird. It was just too, too strange.”- Alex Lewis

43. “I, from day one, started to create a different life for Alex than we actually had.”- Marcus Lewis

44. “He had to trust me because he didn’t have anybody else to trust. Without me, he had nothing.”- Marcus Lewis

45. “I’d give him a photo. His imagination would do the rest.”- Marcus Lewis

46. “How could we have secrets? We don’t have secrets. We’re twins.”- Alex Lewis

47. “I tried to not make anything up. I just left stuff out.”- Marcus Lewis

48. “That’s the key to this whole thing…is the word trust.”- Alex Lewis

49. “I just wanted to run away and hide in a hole.”- Marcus Lewis

50. “It’s amazing that I never noticed that the stories didn’t line up.”- Alex Lewis

51. “Lying to my brother has a toll on you. And it alters the way you feel about yourself.”- Marcus Lewis

52. “But telling him the truth was a thousand times worse than telling him a lie.”- Marcus Lewis

53. “I’d expect him to do the same.”- Marcus Lewis

55. “Alex lost his memory by accident. And I lost my memory voluntarily.”- Marcus Lewis

Marcus when he is 55 years old. Tel me who I am

56. “That my own twin had actually lied to me.”- Alex Lewis

57. “So it was a circle of convenience for me, and it was a necessary…evil lie…whatever you want to call it for him.”- Marcus Lewis

58. “That photo changed it for me.”- Alex Lewis

59. “In that split second, the whole circle evaporated instantly.”- Marcus Lewis

60. “And we cried, both of us.”- Alex Lewis

61. “Everybody thought she was amazing and lovely when underneath she wasn’t.”- Marcus Lewis

62. “And…I just didn’t know what to do.”- Alex Lewis

63. “And that seemed to satisfy him.”- Marcus Lewis

64. “I was angry with him. Really angry with him for the first time ever.”- Alex Lewis

65. “I would like to think he did and he should have done something about it, but he didn’t.”- Marcus Lewis

66. “Underneath she was a very complicated and…cruel person.”- Marcus Lewis

67. “As hard as it was to accept what Mommy had done, it was much harder to accept what Marcus had done.”- Alex Lewis

68. “I gave him a photo album of happy memories, happy times.”- Marcus Lewis

69. “The one person who I absolutely trusted 100% has now betrayed me.”- Alex Lewis

70. “I was angry with him that we knew everything about each other, and we had no secrets. We’d do everything together. Yet, behind all of that, he still had a secret.”-Alex Lewis

71. “We’re identical twins. We’re joined.”- Alex Lewis

72. “Secrets is something that does not exist and has no place in our relationship.”- Alex Lewis

73. “I’d gone into shutdown.”-Marcus Lewis

74. “So it wasn’t that I’d just lost Marcus, I had also just lost myself.”- Alex Lewis

75. “I genuinely got rid of it out of myself, out of my head.”- Marcus Lewis

76. “I challenged him on it, and he just quite simply said that he wasn’t prepared to talk about it.”- Alex Lewis

77. “And it wasn’t until I’d been doing it for about six months that I realized that I had some control over what he knew and what he didn’t know.”- Marcus Lewis

78. “But I didn’t want to give him that because that was depressing and sad and not very normal.”- Marcus Lewis

79. “And I just imagined that must just be how all families are ’cause I saw it on the telly.”- Alex Lewis

80. “So I’ve grown up incredibly quickly in the space of a month.”- Alex Lewis

81. “A silence is a lie.”- Marcus Lewis

82. “You don’t want to stick out, you just want to be the same.”- Alex Lewis

83. “He didn’t say anything. He just nodded.”-Alex Lewis

84. “He said there was sexual abuse, and that was it. That was all he gave me.”- Alex Lewis

85. “He’d come and ask me, I’d say nothing.”- Marcus Lewis

86. “And we never spoke about any of it.”- Alex Lewis

Alex and Marcus walk together on the beach.

87. “I didn’t have the tools to deal with it.”-Marcus Lewis

88. “Children will accept anything because they love their parents.”-Marcus Lewis

89. “I had lost my twin. My one link to my whole existence.”- Alex Lewis

90. “I did love my mother. And she was part of my life.”- Alex Lewis

91. “What is real and what isn’t real? What if the whole damn lot is a made-up story?”- Alex Lewis

92. “He wouldn’t go where I needed him to go.”- Alex Lewis

93. “I need him to give me the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.”-Alex Lewis

94. “And the cost to me, personally, was enormous.”- Alex Lewis

95. “I need to stop searching.”- Alex Lewis

96. “When I took it away from you, I took it away from me.”- Marcus Lewis

97. “We’ve come to the end of the lie.”-Marcus Lewis

Marcus and Alex sit down to talk about the truth of their past.

98. “So we can be fully connected again, Markie.”-Alex Lewis

99. “I barely told myself what happened.”- Marcus Lewis

100. “And I have you back…with me.”- Alex Lewis

Additionally to the Netflix show, Alex and Marcus have a book with the same title Tell Me Who I Am. Although the documentary did a great job in describing Alex and Marcus’s story, the siblings also had step-siblings that were involved.

Since the documentary takes the audience into the lives of Alex and Marcus, viewers felt connected to the twins. While the story itself is emotional, the love between the brothers and their tragic past makes the film even more moving.

Hope you loved these quotes from Tell Me Who I Am!

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