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100 Best Quotes from Netflix’s The Bubble

The Bubble is a new raunchy comedy released by Netflix this year and is full of humor, drugs, sex, and action. Set during the pandemic, the cast of a popular dinosaur film franchise named Cliff Beast has to navigate filming the sequel while being quarantined in a luxury hotel. The pressure of being away from family, a neurotic director named Darren, and a demanding production company makes the filming process a living hell.

If you enjoy comedies filled with adult humor and packed with action and slight gore, then The Bubble is the movie for you!

Here’s the scoop for the best quotes from The Bubble!

1. “Freedom is the fuck out of here!” -Carol

2. “He started a GoFundMe for a kidney transplant!” -Lauren

Lauren shushing Dustin The Bubble
Laura Radford/Netflix

3. “I’m sorry I skipped your mom’s funeral to go to the People’s Choice Awards.” -Dustin

4. “Why don’t you Harmony Ignite your asshole!” -Howie 

5. “I’m gonna kill you, and then I’m gonna murder your ghost!” -Bola

6.  “Actually, I just heard that veterinarians are gonna start treating people, so that’ll help.” -Josh

7. “Can you train him to peck of Dustin’s balls?” -Lauren

Cast of Cliff Beasts filming a scene

8. “If I can go forward just even a little bit, my fans, they will shit their dicks!” -Sean 

9. “You’re a pretty noisy fucking fly!” -Gavin

10. “You wanted sex, but you will get love.” -Anika

11. “That’s my tennis hand, you motherfucker!” -Lauren

Lauren, Carol, Dieter, and Sean dancing
Laura Radford/Netflix

12. “Sorry, I was frozen there for a second, but I’m assuming that you were agreeing with everything I was saying, and I’m so glad because if you don’t get the movie in the can, I’m going to send one of these fucking elephants to trample your house and your children.” -Paula

13. “Yeah, I feel the same way, and I want you to know, I wanna rip your clothes off and have my way with you like an animal.” -Anika

14. “People go to see the movies to see dinosaurs blow up and die.” -Darren

Dieter, Lauren, and Dustin filming movie scene for Cliff Beasts in The Bubble
Laura Radford/Netflix

15. “You can’t be skinny and have big boobs at the same time!” -Carol

16. “Let’s go make a fucking TikTok!” -Sean

17. “That’s my appeal, bitch!” -Krystal

Krystal in an interview
Laura Radford/Netflix

18. “So the ending that you came up with is me shooting at cock and balls with a flamethrower?” -Dustin

19. “And I’m just gonna take over as producer and get the movie in the can.” -Pippa

20. “It’s not even a dick. It’s a metaphor for the virus.” -Darren

21. “Breathe in and breath out that fear that the world is soon going to realize you people are not that special.” -Bola

22. “Attach my marijuana to the drone and fly that shit through my fucking window!” -Howie

23. “This is so exciting. It’s like my movie posters have come to life.” -Anika

24. “Sometimes they’ll rip your balls off.” – Gavin

25. “I love the one where you and your cat are lip-synching to that scene in Harry Potter.” -Sean

Sean in Cliff Beasts in The Bubble
Laura Radford/Netflix

26. “Are you worried people won’t want to watch a movie about dinosaurs, given the serious nature of the global pandemic?” – Scott

27. “I once played host to a 30-foot-long tapeworm during Cliff Beasts 2 and nobody even knew.” -Lauren

28. “Urination is a very real and human reaction to getting roared at by a cliff beast.” -Darren 

29. “Every day, I eat the KitKat in the minibar, and then I come back and there’s a new KitKat. I’m not giving this up.” -Dieter

30. “So, we’re all going to team up together like the cast of Friends?” -Dustin

31. “I’m being fucking human being mistreated!” -Marti

Marti talking to Carol
Laura Radford/Netflix

32. “He was a magician. A chameleon. A reptile that could change colors.” -Dustin

33. “I’m over here with my dick in my hands like some piece-of-shit extra!” -Carol

34. “Man, you guys are a bag full of dicks!” -Rafi

35. “I’ve loved you for a thousand years and I will love you for another thousand years.” -Anika

Anika and Ronjon in The Bubble
Laura Radford/Netflix

36. “Good night, sweet prince. Go to that beautiful light!” -Gunther 

37. “They’ll bring in Jon Favreau to come in and finish it and send me home in a body bag!” -Darren

38. “I’m gonna have one of those toilets that shoots water up my ass, heats it, and dries it for me.” -Ronjon

39. “I turn shit into gold!” -Dustin 

40. “Are you sure, SummerBoy1987?” -Lauren 

Lauren rollerskating
Laura Radford/Netflix

41. “If you a fucking magician, you could pull a movie out of your ass!” -Paula

42. “I’m not a baby boomer. I am Generation Y, thank you very much.” -Carol

43. “I’ll rip his lulli off if you keep pushing me!” -Howie

44. “Emotions are like a wave, you just gotta ride ‘em.” -Dustin

45. “When he tells you his ideas, tell him you’ll think about them, and then never get back to him.” -Gavin

46. “But it goes against Dinosaur logic!” -Dustin

47. “And if you get his permission you will sign a lifelong agreement because I am a pure angel, and you will not come across someone like me again.” -Anika

48. “He shot a brilliant movie called Tiles of Love while working at Home Depot.” -Gavin

Gunther, Pippa, and Gavin leading a meeting in The Bubble
Laura Radford/Netflix

49. “Are we allowed to smoke weed in the room because I forgot to bring my edibles?” -Howie 

50. “Daddy said you left us for dead.” -Josh’s son

51. “Okay, but you were the one who told me I could play half-Israeli and half-Palestinian when I’m neither!” – Carol

52. “They’re very insecure people. They need constant praise.” -Pippa 

53. “It’s not a religion, per se. You can leave anytime that you want to.” -Sean

54. “Listen, I’m sorry, I’m trying to care, but it’s hard.” -Dieter

Dieter on set of Cliff Beasts
Laura Radford/Netflix

55. “I want you to be a fly on the wall but also up their arse!” -Gavin 

56. “That’s what you get for fucking with her mission.” -Carol 

57. “You just wipe, you flush, and you move on.” – Dieter

Dieter and Sean laughing in The Bubble
Laura Radford/Netflix

58. “You care about me so much that you jump on a plane to London during a plague!” -Josh

59. “Don’t say ‘waitress’ with that tone, she risks her life to feed people!” -Josh

60. “Are you nervous to meet the dinosaurs during your act?” – Krystal’s mom 

Krystal petting a fake dinosaur
Laura Radford/Netflix

61. “I’m sorry that I burned down your back office.” -Lauren

Lauren and Dustin having a heartfelt talk
Laura Radford/Netflix

62. “Just over the pants stuff.” -Paula

63. “I’m gonna send it to you so we can pray for them ‘cause they’re all going to hell.” -Bola

64. “You’re going to burn down the machinery of corporate capitalism!” – Zaki  

65. “There are a million things you can do with a thumb. It’s not like it’s a pinkie.” -Sean

Ronjon, Gunther, Carol, Dustin, and Sean putting Dieter into an ice bath in The Bubble
Laura Radford/Netflix

66. “Steve Harvey’s ghostwriter wrote the book.” -Sean 

67. “You know what, the biggest mistake that I have made in this movie is not being on drugs the whole time.” -Carol 

Carol on set of Cliff Beasts screaming as a dinosaur attacks her
Laura Radford/Netflix

68. “People don’t wanna hear celebrities complain about how hard their movie sets are.” -Carla 

69. “Your tongue is in good hands!” -Gunther

70. “It’s a heart attack! We need to attack it back.” -Bola 

71. “And we have to come together as a family and lead each other to freedom because we are heroes.” -Carol

72. “That’s the cocaine talking right there.” -Dustin 

73. “I was paid to be your friend!” -Carla

Pippa and Carla talking
Laura Radford/Netflix


74. “Got you now, you dirty hippie.” -Mr. Best

Mr. Best and Gavin talking in The Bubble
Laura Radford/Netflix

75. “I really don’t think you’re allowed to run during a pandemic.” -James McAvoy 

76. “Do not leak this on the Internet, you fucking idiots!” -Darren

77. “I don’t care if dinosaurs die, you know? I thought they were dead.” -Martha

78. “I’m gonna make sure that you get put on some no-adoption list!” -Lauren 

79. “I am the painter, and you are the paint!” -Darren

Carol speaking to Darren on set of filming Cliff Beasts
Laura Radford/Netflix

80. “Carol, can you stop gaslighting me?” -Krystal 

Krystal leading the cast in a TikTok dance
Laura Radford/Netflix

81. “Bola, hold my hair!” -Dieter 

82. “I’m eating, blud!” -Pippa

83. “Don’t let him mess with your focus, everybody wants you to fail.” -Gavin 

84. “Yeah, but in Pakistan, you ain’t shit!” -Howie

Howie upset on the terrace n The Bubble
Laura Radford/Netflix

85. “If I could just switch rooms with Howie because he has the tub and I have only a shower.” -Lauren 

86. “Lauren, all of your lines will be big applause lines if movie theaters ever open again.” -Gavin

87. “That’s just the body letting him go by moving a little bit.” -Gunther

Howie and Gunther becoming friends
Laura Radford/Netflix

88. “Um, I’m lonely, and I’m in hell here, and I would like to form an alliance with you.” -Carla

89. “You’re gonna have to talk to my mom if you wanna talk to me.” – Krystal 

90. “I have a lot of clients working in bubbles right now and they’re having a blast!” – Marti 

91. “Some of you might not even survive but I’ve got the end of the road in my sight.” -Darren

92. “Age is an illusion!” -Sean 

Sean and Dustin enjoying a drink together
Laura Radford/Netflix

93. “No one’s ever called me normal before.” -Carla

94. “Messes with my fucking brain waves, I don’t even wear wireless earbuds.” -Dieter 

95. “Why would we listen to someone who doesn’t know how voting works?” -Dustin

96. “I guess I was so focused on the dinosaurs, I forgot there are human beings involved.” -Darren

97. “Um, so what I would recommend is making sweet eyes at each other.” -Gunther 

Gunther leading a meeting
Laura Radford/Netflix

98. “The safest place in the world right now is a film set.” -Marti 

99. “Not for normal people but I’m with rich people.” – Paula 

100. “I won Sundance with a movie I made on my phone!” -Darren

Darren making dinosaur noises
Laura Radford/Netflix

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