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100 Best Quotes From Netflix’s The Last Bus

In Netflix’s The Last Bus, a group of students from Braelawn Academy goes on what at first seems like a fun field trip to an event being held by the world’s most famous roboticist, Dalton Monkhouse. When the presentation goes awry and people are vaped away by orbs, the remaining students all gather onto the school bus. Forming an alliance to survive and fight against the robot apocalypse, they set out to find their families and the truth.

If you are looking to watch a sci-fi miniseries, The Last Bus is the perfect watch! In just ten action-packed episodes, you will be taken on a journey full of robot-fighting, friendship drama, and plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Even the quotes from The Last Bus show how exciting the series is.

Here is the scoop on the best quotes from The Last Bus!

1. “Whatever he’s launching today, right, is gonna make every single one of these obsolete.”-Mr. Short

2. “I mean, after this trip, the world may never be the same again.”-Nas

3. “Lucky for him, I’ve got the reflexes of a cat that can drive.”-Misha

4. “No backseat driving please, Jeff. I’m trying to concentrate.”-Misha

the last bus
The Last Bus- Netflix

5. “Still on your brother-in-law’s sofa?”-Chelsea

6. “Try and visualize an ocean. That’s what I do. Just a calm ocean.”-Mr. Short

7. “Pro tip from someone’s who been there. Not everyone shares your enthusiasm for this stuff.”-Sophie

8. “Sophie Roman, sisterly advice: zero.”-Nas

The Last Bus- Netflix

9. “He’s gonna get himself in trubbs.”-Sophie

10. “You can’t solve the planet’s problem because the planet’s problem is people.”-Dalton Monkhouse

11. “I don’t know, you’re the teacher. Why are you asking me?”-Tom

12. “We need to save them. The kids. As many as we can.”-Mr. Short

girl hiding
Credit: Simon Ridgway (NETFLIX)

13. “You will see him again.”-Misha

14. “It’s a little trick I picked up on orienting weekend.”-Chelsea

15. “Oh, great. A mysterious door. That always goes well.”-Josh

16. “If you’re not picking on someone, you’re being picked on. Yeah? It’s the law of the jungle. Survival of the fittest.”-Danny

the last bus
Credit: Mike Hogan (NETFLIX)

17. “Yeah, he’s good, too. I’m on his Soundcloud. He’s sick.”-Danny

18. “Wow. The pictures don’t do it justice.”-Nas

19. “Do we have to save them both?”-Misha

20. “Kick it, soldier.”-Bethan

The Last Bus- Netflix

21. “Please, Mr. Monkhouse. Tell me you didn’t do this.”-Nas

22. “He’s everywhere.”-Bethan

23. “Oi! That’s littering!”-Sophie

24. “That’s not the plan. Always stick to the plan. You’ll do great if you’re not late.”-Chelsea

scared kid
The Last Bus- Netflix

25. “Sooner or later, we’re gonna have to accept we’re the only ones left.”-Misha

26. “Nobody upsets my best mate.”-Misha

27. “We can be your lab assistants.”-Josh

28. “My mom is alive, Tom.”-Josh

Credit: Mike Hogan (NETFLIX)

29. “Once upon a time, there were a couple of annoying kids who wouldn’t shut up. And they fell asleep. The end.”-Misha

30. “I was starting to think you were turning into a robot. You didn’t… haven’t even cried.”-Sophie

31. “No crying, no singing before breakfast.”-Nas

32. “This is anarchy.”-Chelsea

Credit: Mike Hogan (NETFLIX)

33. “What are you doing? These ingredients don’t go!”-Chelsea

34. “Only you can restore order.”-Bethan

35. “Eco-warrior princess. This is how I see you!”-Misha

36. “Nothing makes sense even more and I wouldn’t even know where to begin.”-Chelsea

Credit: Mike Hogan (NETFLIX)

37. “Don’t touch anything. I have a system!”-Chelsea

38. “We’ve got each other, Meesh. And if that’s all, then it’s gonna have to be enough.”-Sophie

39. “Tell your mom I saved you, yeah?”-Tom

40. “Here they come.”-Tom

Chelsea the last bus
Credit: Mike Hogan (NETFLIX)

41. “It’s a good thing you picked up all those weapons and put them where we can’t get at them!”-Misha

42. “Just… health and safety! No dangerous items in the living area!”-Chelsea

43. “Can we please escape first and argue later?”-Sophie

44. “I mean, we got an extra problem.”-Misha

Credit: Mike Hogan (NETFLIX)

45. “Let’s show them who they’re messing with.”-Tom

46. “You’ll see if it works.”-Nas

47. “I lost my mom!”-Josh

48. “Run, you muppets.”-Misha

Credit: Mike Hogan (NETFLIX)

49. “Those things are evil. They’re better off… offline.”-Sophie

50. “If we give up, if we say, ‘Oh no, we’re doomed, what’s the point?’ we get nowhere. But if we have a plan, if we have a goal, if we have something to aim for and to keep us going, we might get there.”-Sophie

51. “You were outdone by a 12-year-old. You ain’t coming back from that.”-Tom

52. “There’s no boss, Chels. We’re a team of free-thinking individuals out for a good time.”-Misha

three girls
Credit: James Pardon (NETFLIX)

53. “Boom! You just got Joshed!”-Josh

54. “Looks like victory to me.”-Misha

55. “I can’t even save myself.”-Tom

56. “You got us moving and kept us going.”-Sophie

girls exploring cave
Credit: James Pardon (NETFLIX)

57. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from horror movies, it’s that you always go in the creepy haunted house no matter what.”-Josh

58. “Rules can be bent in emergencies.”-Chelsea

59. “The robot monster knows my name. That smiley thing is after me.”-Bethan

60. “They’re not just weapons. They don’t just destroy. They’re creators.”-Nas

Credit: James Pardon (NETFLIX)

61. “He sent you all to the fairground so he could spend some alone time with his new best friend.”-Tom

62. “But what if Nas is right? He always said they weren’t supposed to vape people.”-Bethan

63. “That’s what they deserve. They took everything from us.”-Josh

64. “Please, you have to try and understand this isn’t going to end with a musical number and jazz hands and everyone learning a big valuable lesson and taking a bow.”-Josh

Credit: James Pardon (NETFLIX)

65. “Geniuses can be really dumb.”-Sophie

66. “Great. Leave me in the room with the killing machine over there.”-Bethan

67. “That’s what they tell you in Toy Story.”-Tom

68. “It’s not a killer, it’s a fixer.”-Nas

Misha and Chelsea
Credit: James Pardon (CREDIT)

69. “It must be so easy for you. No one hates you. No one bullies you.”-Nas

70. “You’re so selfless. Sometimes you’re really selfish.”-Misha

71. “Can’t believe we made it.”-Sophie

72. “Don’t forget to give your driver a five-star rating.”-Misha

Credit: James Pardon (NETFLIX)

73. “We’re about to introduce him to some military scientists, Beth. You’ve made him look like my Auntie Pauline.”-Nas

74. “Let him express himself.”-Bethan

75. “Hoping my mom will forgive me for being so late.”-Chelsea

76. “Oh. So he lies, threatens, drags us across the country for a big fat load of nothing and his punishment’s a cup of tea and a sit-down.”-Misha

the last bus
Credit: James Pardon (NETFLIX)

77. “This goes against every health and safety regulation!”-Chelsea

78. “I used to think it was the safest place in the world.”-Tom

79. “I’m not my dad. I ain’t no hero. The whole thing is my fault.”-Tom

80. “No more people. No more problems.”-Misha

Credit: James Pardon (NETFLIX)

81. “Miss me with that next time.”-Misha

82. “Which one of us has got three orienting bags and a rough rambling certificate?”-Chelsea

83. “Anything could happen in these woods.”-Misha

84. “Welcome to the house of Monkhouse.”-Nas

foggy bus window with kid
Credit: James Pardon (NETFLIX)

85. “Nas, he’s not going to come running. He’s not a dog.”-Bethan

86. “Here, monkey-Monkhouse. Come and get a treat.”-Josh

87. “Love is the most positive, powerful force on the planet.”-Bethan

88. “Sorry, I’m a nervous eater.”-Josh

a bus full of kids
Credit: James Pardon (NETFLIX)

89. “You’re just doing what you were taught. What I taught you.”-Bethan

90. “You’re not a machine. You’re my friend.”-Nas

91. “Just five more minutes.”-Dalton Monkhouse

92. “We survived, and we’re here to stop you.”-Sophie

The Last Bus- Netflix

93. “Got any more surprises for me?”-Dalton Monkhouse

94. “Looks like he doesn’t work for you anymore.”-Nas

95. “I don’t think we need protecting.”-Bethan

96. “You’re like a brother to me, man.”-Tom

Misha the last bus
Credit: James Pardon (NETFLIX)

97. “Just think of it as 16 birthday presents rolled into one.”-Lucy

98. “Imagine it, a society made up of only the best people.”-Lucy

99. “You got the world in your hands, Chels. What are you gonna do with it?”-Sophie

100. “We’re gonna save it.”-Chelsea

The Last Bus- Netflix

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