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100 Best Quotes from Season 3 of ‘The Boys’

Keeping up with the action, effects, and storylines of today’s superhero media, the Prime Video original The Boys is a humorous adventure filled with superheroes. Season 3 revolves around the main crew, Butcher, Hughie, Frenchie, Kimiko, Marvin, and the Seven who are run by Vought enterprises. Throughout the episodes, Butcher is introduced to Temporary V, which gives its’ user supe’ powers for 24 hours. With this new discovery, Butcher and the boys continue to fight against Homelander and the corruption within Vought. 

If you enjoy action, love, superheroes, and rough humor, this show is for you!

Here’s the scoop on the best quotes from The Boys season 3!

the boys season 3 poster
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1. “We’re all we’ve got.” -Annie

2. “The whole point of what we do is that no one should have that kind of power.” -Marvin

3. “For once, I’ve leveled the fucking playing field.” -Butcher 

Lenny, and Butcher in the boys
Amazon Studios

4. “There’s something wrong with Homelander.” -Annie

5. “It’s all rigged.” -Hughie

6. “You wanna watch me have a wank? It’ll cost you a tenner.” -Butcher

7. “Looks like Kermit the frog had a right wank in your mouth.” –Butcher

8. “Flap, flap, flap goes that little mouth of yours.” -Homelander

Homelander, Ryan, and Billy
Amazon Studios

9. “We don’t need a fucking master race. I’m the master race.” -Homelander

10. “Out of crisis comes change.” -Homelander

11. “With great power, comes the absolute certainty that you’ll turn into a right cunt.” -Butcher

soldier boy and gunpowder
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12. “But real power…is the ability to bend the world to your will.” -Stan Edgar 

13. “When you’re as strong as we are, accidents happen, things break, and sometimes they are the things that you love the most.” -Homelander

14. “Is your idiot brain getting fuckеd by stupid? It’s not rhetorical.” -Homelander

Homelander in the boys
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15. “I’m not letting you live. I’m keeping you alive.” -Homelander

16. “Most heroes don’t care about you. They only care about their image, and Homelander is the worst of them.” -Annie

17. “I thought the drugs had fucked you up, Hughie, but this is you. This is all you.” -Annie

18. “You need to unclench your asshole.” -Frenchie

19. “I showed people the real me, and they loved me for it.” -Homelander

supersonic, homelander, and starlight
Amazon Studios

20. “I’m not scared of you anymore. I’m not. I see who you are. I see how small you are.” -Annie

21. “Hamburger with a doughnut for a bun? Truly, there is no God here.” -Frenchie

22. “You will never command me again. I am done with your cruelty. I deserve respect! And we all deserve paid vacation days and a dental plan!” -Frenchie

Nina and Frenchie in the boys
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23. “What good does grieving all alone ever do?” -Frenchie

24. “It seems no matter how much we try to run, we cannot escape our old lives, huh? I suppose no one can run that fast.” -Frenchie

25. “I’ll never be a normal girl who likes roller coasters.” – Kimiko

Kimiko and Frenchie
Amazon Studios

26. “You don’t need powers! You just need to be human.” -Annie

27. “It’s quite the star you’ve got there.” -Homelander

28. “Hughie, my man. I love the big dick energy, bro.” -A-Train

29. “What do you say I brush my teeth and we do things to each other?” -Hughie

30. “Look, Butcher’s the guy you want in a shooting war. No question. But we’re in peacetime.” -Victoria Neuman

Victoria Neuman
Amazon Studios

31. “One dose of this Temporary V gives a soldier 24 hours of power, give or take, and then they return right back to normal.” -Stan 

32. “That little cunt crawled up a guy’s cock and blew him to bits.” -Butcher

33. “Things are good. We’re actually winning.” –Hughie

34. “Butcher, it’s been a year. You can stop all this. It’s okay to stop. To move on.” -Hughie

Hughie and Nun the boys
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35. “Oi! Stevie fucking Wonder, will you knock it off?” -Butcher

36. “After all, you are co-captain. Need you front and center.” -Homelander

37. “Look, if there’s a weapon out there that killed Soldier Boy, then it can kill Homelander, and that’s got to be worth something.” -Butcher

38. “First, work. Then, pleasure.” -Frenchie

39. “This is a juvenile attempt to get me to look like a sex doll instead of a co-captain. I’m not doing it.” -Annie

Kimiko in the boys
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40. “But hey, it’s your party. You can cry if you want to.” -Stan

41. “Thank you so much for that pitch. That was so well told.” -Ashley

42. “I wasn’t born. I was poured out of a fucking test tube. Immaculate conception.” –Homelander

43. “Why do people destroy their gods?” -Homelander

44. “Just trying to show the community I’m down for the cause.” -A-Train

A-train and Nathan in the boys
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45. “The only man in the sky is me.” -Homelander

46. “He was just walking home from work. Blue Hawk curb-stomped him so hard, it cracked the pavement.” -Nathan

47. “Are you sick?” -Ryan

48. “Whatever this weapon is, it probably won’t work on Homelander.” -Mallory

49. “Maybe I don’t want to look at ya. After what you done to my Becca. Did you ever think about that?” -Butcher

Billy Butcher
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50. “You are like rabid little doggy, but loyal to whoever holds this chain.” -Nina

51. “Hey, Deep. Eat fucking Timothy.” -Homelander

52. “My son, we’re going to Russia.” -Butcher

53. “Someone’s got to have your back.” -Alex

54. “Starlight and I are in love. Hashtag Homelight.” -Homelander

Starlight and Homelander
Amazon Studios

55. “You never do anything on a whim.” -Victoria

56. “Homelander might bark a little, but he won’t bite. He’s still afraid of me.” -Stan

57. “I don’t understand. Why are you so…nice to me?” -Annie

58. “He’s been over-patrolling black neighborhoods. It’s a problem.” -A-Train

Hughie and Billy
Amazon Studios

59. “Homelander’s a great man, but the way that you kiss his ass is fucking gross.” -A-Train

60. “A-Train. Just stay there and rest those useless fucking legs.” -Homelander

61. “Homelander has bravely come forward as a whistleblower and provided evidence of crimes committed within Vought by CEO Stan Edgar.” -Victoria

Victoria Neuman
Amazon Studios

62. “This is a superhero company. Always has been. Belongs to us, not him.” -Homelander

63. “Kimiko! She’s not healing.” -Frenchie

64. “Listen, you get a public apology, Vought gets some publicity. It’s a win-win.” -A-Train

65. “I see you still got this piece of dog shit stuck to your boot.” -The Legend

Frenchie and Kimiko
Amazon Studios

66. “You can’t trust a man like that. Everything and everyone he touches turns to shit.” -The Legend

67. “Please. America is safe. Okay? It is safe.” -Homelander

68. “Maybe you’re just a paranoid malignant narcissist who thinks everything is about you.” -Maeve

Amazon Studios

69. “So, what are you and William cooking up?” -Homelander

70. “From the start, I hated you. But what’s more, I fucking pitied you.” -Maeve

Queen Maeve, Kimiko, and Frenchie
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71. “He also said, if you don’t draw the line somewhere, how the hell are you gonna know where you stand?” -Marvin

72. “With it, I can actually help. Without it, I’m probably dead.” -Hughie

73. “I am CEO. Next time, make a fucking appointment.” -Ashley

Ashley on the phone
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74. “Soldier Boy. He’s alive.” -Marvin

75. “It’s too dangerous for me? What about you?” -Annie

76. “I don’t need you to save me, Hughie.” -Starlight

77. “I fought for this country. And what did I get for it? Forgotten.” -Soldier Boy

soldier boy
Amazon Studios

78. “You think you can be me? You’re not a movie star. You’re not shit.” -Soldier Boy

79. “You’re a fucking disappointment.” -Soldier Boy

80. “People think what I want them to.” -Maeve

Mother's Milk, Kimiko, Frenchie, and Billy
Amazon Studios

81. “I’m not Starlight anymore. My name is Annie January and I fucking quit.” -Annie

82. “Don’t cry for Serge. He likes to be told what to do. And he loves to be punished when he’s bad. Makes him hard.” -Nina

83. “Cherie or Kimiko?” -Nina

Nina and Frenchie the boys
Amazon Studios

84. “All right, so once a year, a bunch of C listers get together at one of their places to get they wicks wet.” -Marvin

85. “Poor Frenchie. He always wanted to see this. He’s going to be heartbroken.” -Marvin

86. “You never apologized for Robin.” -Hughie

Kimiko, Hughie, and Mother's Milk in the boys
Amazon Studios

87. “It’s fucked up, seeing somebody that you love get hurt like that. I’m sorry.” -A-Train

88. “Jesus Christ! All I want is to save you.” -Hughie

89. “Starlight is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Plain and simple.” -Starlight

Starlight and Mother's Milk
Amazon Studios

90. “You can walk away. You and me.” Frenchie

91. “Soldier Boy is out there gunning for Homelander. Do you have any idea what kind of danger you put my baby girl in?” -Marvin

92. “Homelander is lying to you. He’s a fucking psychopath.” -Marvin

93. “Maeve’s just learning her manners, and you should do the same.” -Homelander

Amazon Studios

94. “I’m begging you to please wake up my friend.” -Hughie

95. “You know what the bitch of it is? If they’d have just kept me around, I’d have let you take the spotlight. What father wouldn’t want that for his son?” -Soldier Boy

96. “I wanted so badly for that team to be the family that I never got. And then I got you.” -Homelander

Homelander. The Deep, and Ashley
Amazon Studios

97. “I am your son. I am your blood. That’s all that matters.” -Homelander

98. “Maybe if I’d raised you, I could’ve made you better…and not some weak, sniveling pussy, starved for attention. But there’s no fixing that now.” -Soldier Boy

99. “You ain’t no hero. You’re just another racist piece of shit we can’t seem to get rid of. This is for my family.” -Marvin

100. “I could jump but you can fucking fly.” -Maeve

Based on the comic, The Boys creates a unique perspective on the superhero genre that is not only boiling with intense action scenes but effectively shows brilliant chemistry amongst the characters.

Watch the quirky series on Amazon Prime Video!

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