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100 Best Quotes From Season 5 Of Netflix’s Selling Sunset

In Season 5 of Netflix’s reality real-estate series Selling Sunset, The Oppenheim Group opens its doors to new drama. In between luxury home sales, we see both the office and personal lives of the agents and brokers. With Chrishell and Jason’s romance, Christine’s return, and Chelsea’s debut in the office, Season 5 is one wild ride.

If you love luxury real estate and reality TV, Season 5 of Selling Sunset is the perfect watch for you. However, Selling Sunset is not your average real-estate series. Though we do see many gorgeous millionaire homes, Selling Sunset focuses more on the agents than the clients. Viewers get to see everything from trips to Greece, to office gossip, and personal drama. Even the quotes from the season show how thrilling it is.

Here is the scoop on the best quotes from Season 5 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset!

1. “Vacation has started.”-Chrishell

2. “One time I hired a chef to cook a meal to pretend I did it, and then he left.”-Chrishell

3. “I mean, it’s gonna be awkward a little bit, no?”-Maya

4. “It was probably a little fun though, sneaking around.”-Emma

5. “This is exquisite. This is LA at its finest.”-Chelsea

selling sunset cast
Credit: Charley Gallay (NETFLIX)

6. “God forbid I make a joke. God forbid I say something funny.”-Christine

7. “And I need a gallon of tequila when I come back.”-Amanza

8. “Being on holiday, I don’t wanna fight with her.”-Romain

9. “So, I guess I’m just fighting to make sure our relationship doesn’t just completely make us go in separate ways.”-Mary

10. “Way to put her on the spot!”-Davina

Jason and Chrishell
Selling Sunset- Netflix

11. “It’s getting serious, you know. Wink, wink.”-Emma

12. “The kiss better be worth it.”-Maya

13. “Sorry, Jason. I know I made you sound like a ho, but you kind of were.”-Amanza

14. “You are his game-changer.”-Emma

15. “The girl couldn’t sell a house if her fucking soul depended on it.”-Chrishell

Chelsea and Christine in selling sunset
Selling Sunset- Netflix

16. “I know how to handle the agents in my office.”-Jason

17. “Wow, she is breaking that proverbial glass ceiling.”-Chelsea

18. “I prefer to not be in hair-pulling distance.”-Emma

19. “The thing is, I feel like we don’t get enough time together, and when we fight, it’s because we both work too much.”-Mary

20. “Hey. We’re a package deal.”-Christine

Selling Sunset- Netflix

21. “Little did I know this developer’s quite the eye candy himself.”-Emma

22. “I’ve even surprised myself lately.”-Chrishell

23. “Victory is mine!”-Chrishell

24. “I just can’t punish my clients.”-Brett

25. “A bitch does not step in the kitchen.”-Chelsea

Chrishell sheds tears in selling sunset
Selling Sunset- Netflix

26. “I can’t wait till someone else breaks their ankle in this house.”-Christine

27. “True love will last.”-Heather

28. “Don’t tell me to chill.”-Heather

29. “But you’re the roof of everything. You’ve tortured a lot of people.”-Heather

30. “Which is more obnoxious, Chrishell or the bell?”-Christine

Heather's bridal shower.
Selling Sunset- Netflix

31. “What happened to being nice and being professional in the office?”-Heather

32. “She’s burned so many bridges with everyone that I wonder, what are her motives?”-Chrishell

33. “These aren’t small things she’s doing, these are huge, malicious, nasty things.”-Emma

34. “I’m the real deal.”-Chelsea

35. “I don’t wanna choose sides.”-Maya

The girls at the office in selling sunset
Selling Sunset- Netflix

36. “I don’t know why I thought it would be any different with me.”-Amanza

37. “He was on the hunt.”-Chrishell

38. “I could be on a date with like, Prince Charming, or a sociopath.”-Emma

39. “I mean, for two seconds, can we just act like normal humans?”-Christine

40. “Silence is compliance.”-Chelsea

Selling Sunset- Netflix

41. “Activate bow down.”-Chrishell

42. “It’s just better to bow out gracefully and let it go.”-Mary

43. “You knew I was bringing everything to the table.”-Emma

44. “I wish I had someone for this. I don’t know, gotta think.”-Brett

45. “I need to figure out how to get everybody on a clean slate so we can move forward in a more positive way.”-Mary

Emma and Mary in selling sunset
Selling Sunset- Netflix

46. “We’re all trying to be the teacher’s pet.”-Emma

47. “I love the scammer vibes for me.”-Christine

48. “I’m not always a dick. Just right now I am.”-Brett

49. “Maybe the real estate market in Los Angeles is not meant for me.”-Vanessa

50. “A blast from the past.”-Jeffrey

The girls at a listing.
Selling Sunset- Netflix

51. “It was a tornado.”-Mary

52. “It’s not like that in any situation unless Christine’s involved.”-Mary

53. “I lose my shit.”-Jason

55. “The whole drill. Working mom. You know, boss bitch.”-Chelsea

Chelsea and Christine
Credit: Mitchell Haaseth (NETFLIX)

56. “But right now, I’m just being extra cautious.”-Heather

57. “How’d it even come up? What was the point of even saying that?”-Davina

58. “Did the sun come out, or am I sweating?”-Chrishell

59. “And I think I’m a great father to my little dogs.”-Jason

60. “The view never gets old.”-Micah

Chrishell in selling sunset
Selling Sunset- Netflix

61. “You’re looking into the future.”-Micah

62. “Okay, fine. I’m out! Okay, take it! Take it!”-Heather

63. “I have to prioritize, and I gotta, slow down a little bit.”-Maya

64. “Did you guys see I got Chrishell a ring?”-Jason

65. “I don’t know why these bitches are so obsessed with their desks and where they sit.”-Christine

Christine and her baby
Selling Sunset- Netflix

66. “In this market, you have to move really fast.”-Mary

67. “It’s all about communication.”-Romain

68. “Stop trying to take people down.”-Chrishell

69. “The crème de la crème, isn’t it?”-Chelsea

70. “I feel like I’m in a dream.”-Vanessa

Vanessa's boyfriend gives her a promise ring. selling sunset
Selling Sunset- Netflix

71. “So, this represents my promise to you.”-Nick

72. “Everyone has pain from a lot of things that have happened.”-Heather

73. “I think it’s risky to not take this offer.”-Brett

74. “We should, kind of, go based upon our relationships versus what I heard.”-Chelsea

75. “I’m sorry I missed the tea.”-Chrishell

Selling Sunset- Netflix

76. “You know, I’m treading lightly a bit because I think there’s a lot of tension.”-Chelsea

77. “I just broke down because I felt overwhelmed.”-Davina

78. “I swear there’s an ocean out there.”-Jason

79. “But so far, he looks like a changed man.”-Mary

80. “Are you happy with your kid?”-Jason

Brett and Jason
Credit: Mitchell Haaseth (NETFLIX)

81. “She’s just crossed the line in every way possible.”-Mary

82. “You’re my best friend, my partner, and my whole heart.”-Heather

83. “Your taste is, like, credit score.”-Chelsea

84. “There’s been a lot of bullshit lately. Nothing new.”-Christine

85. “The bucket list is quickly growing.”-Micah

Heather's wedding in selling sunset
Selling Sunset- Netflix

86. “Who was I?”-Chrishell

87. “You should never have to deal with that. It’s so unbelievable, and I’m very sorry that you’ve had to deal with this.”-Jason

88. “It’s been her decisions this whole time, um, how she wants to act, how she wants to treat people, and she keeps choosing the wrong thing.”-Mary

89. “This makes me wanna cry.”-Amanza

90. “Top those puppies off.”-Emma

Maya and Mary
Selling Sunset- Netflix

91. “God, you’re hot in real life.”-Tan

92. “I always realize there are two sides to every story.”-Chelsea

93. “I think you’re Superwoman.”-Tan

94. “As soon as I’m well, I’m partying with my girls.”-Amanza

95. “It makes it very difficult when you still have feelings there.”-Chrishell

Tan takes a group photo with the cast. selling sunset
Credit: Charley Gallay (NETFLIX)

96. “I think we’re slowly evolving.”-Brett

97. “Feels like I’m in an episode of the show.”-Tan

98. “My AOL name was EmmaSwimmer.”-Emma

99. “That was really strong of you.”-Tan

100. “Live your best life, sis!”-Chelsea

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