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100 Best Quotes From Stranger Things Season 4

The supernatural 80’s sci-fi series Stranger Things we have all grown to love has returned with a new season, this time with fewer demigorgons and more flesh-eating monsters that rule the underworld. The gang returns to explore the Upside Down and find a way to once again save Hawkins from imminent danger.

This season has many twists and turns including some of the characters being separated from each other.

Here’s the scoop on quotes from Stranger Things Season 4!

1. “Why the long faces? Are you not excited about our journey?”- Yuri

stranger things season 4
Stranger Things Season 4 -NETFLIX

2. “My mother is dead.. tired of living like a bum!”- Yuri

3. ”Your friend is stuck. You give me money, I make him unstuck”- Dimitri

4. ”You’re a superhero!”- Mike

5. ”I was wrong this whole time. I wasn’t cursed. I am the curse.”- Hopper

6. ”The obvious things are not what people observe.’ Or…’ do…don’t observe.’ Or…Sherlock Holmes.”- Steve

Dustin, Mike, Lucas in stranger things season 4
Stranger Things Season 4 -NETFLIX

7. “I saw tracks in the woods. Who knew you could see your own future?”- Murray

8. ”You speak of monsters and superheroes. That’s the stuff of myth and fairytales. Reality, truth, Is rarely so simple. People are not so easily defined. Only by facing all of ourselves–The good and the bad–Can we become whole.”- Dr. Brenner

stranger things season 4
Stranger Things Season 4 -NETFLIX

9. ”I ask out the wrong girl and bam, I’m the town pariah.”- Robin

10. ”Know who pauses Fast Times at 53 minutes, 5 seconds? People who like boobies.”- Steve

11. ”I like boobies. You like boobies.”- Steve

Stranger Things gang season 4

12. ”Something must be wrong with me because I broke up with you.”- Max

13. ”I’m a chaotic good half-elf rogue.”- Erica

14. “It’s time.” -Vecna

15. ”El, she hasn’t been telling you everything.”- Will

man working out in stranger things season 4
Stranger Things Season 4 -NETFLIX

16. ”We need to know he’s alive.”- Joyce

17. ”Your friend is, uh, stuck. You get me money, I make him unstuck.”- Enzo

18. ”The man who did this…who killed that poor girl, he’s pure evil.”– Eddie’s uncle

stranger things season 4
Stranger Things Season 4 -NETFLIX

19. ”You know how people say Hawkins is cursed? They’re not way off.”- Dustin

20. ”There’s another world hidden beneath Hawkins. Sometimes it bleeds into ours.”- Dustin

21. ”Mine was more human-flesh-based, theirs was more smoke-related, but bottom line is, collectively, I really feel we got this.”- Robin

Jamie Campbell Bower as Peter Ballard and Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven
Stranger Things Season 4 -NETFLIX

22. ”Whatever killed your family, we think it’s back.”- Nancy

two girls in stranger things season 4
Stranger Things Season 4 -NETFLIX

23. ”Chrissy’s headaches started a week ago. Fred, six days ago. I’ve been having them for five days.”- Max

24. ”I just saw this goddamn clock so… looks like I’m gonna die tomorrow.”- Max

Stranger Things Season 4 -NETFLIX

25. ”He and Jonathan like to smoke smelly plants together. Jonathan says the plants are super safe because they come from the earth, but to not tell Joyce.”- El

26. ”You do realize that El saved the world twice, right?”- Mike

Brett Gelman as Murray Bauman and Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers in STRANGER THINGS.
Stranger Things Season 4 -NETFLIX

27. ”I’m not exactly an expert in parenting. But for what little it’s worth, I think you did the right thing. The responsible thing. Your children bless their mischievous souls, they like to get involved. This way, what? They play too much Nintendo, eat too much junk food, smoke some ganja, pound some beers, and experiment sexually. I mean really, what’s the worst that can happen?”- Murray

28. ”There are others who don’t believe in you, who think you are the cause. I believe they’re wrong. I believe you’re the cure.”- Owens

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson, Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler and Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley
Stranger Things Season 4 -NETFLIX

29. ”Okay, I’m warning you right now, I have terrible coordination. It took me six months longer to walk than all the other babies.”- Robin

30. ”I think we can figure this out. We just gotta open our minds.”- Jonathan

31. ”Open our minds?! There’s an open grave in front of me, man!!”- Argyle

eleven stranger things season 4
Stranger Things Season 4 -NETFLIX

32. ”I say, you’re asking me to follow you into Mordor, which, if I’m totally straight with you I think is a really bad idea. But uh the Shire, the Shire is burning. So Mordor it is.”- Eddie

33. ”I thought I was put here to pay for what I’ve done, but I might’ve been put here for some other reason. Maybe I can, maybe I can still help El, even if it’s the last thing I do.”- Hopper

34. ”Dear Mike, today is day 185. Feels more like ten years. Joyce says time is funny like that. Emotions can make it speed up or slow down.”- El

Stranger Things Season 4 -NETFLIX

35. ”We gonna do this, or are we gonna keep chit-chatting like this is your mommy’s book club?”- Erica

36. “Well don’t knock him out!”- Joyce

37. ”I’m betting the fate of the planet that you’re one of the good ones.”- Dr. Owens

Jonathan, Charlie, and Mike
Stranger Things- Netflix

38. ”That’s a rad shirt, man, Ocean Pacific?”– Argyle

39. ”I mean, I feel like I’m losing my mind doing a drug deal with Chrissy Cunningham, the queen of Hawkins High.” – Eddie

eleven stranger things season 4
Stranger Things -Netflix

40. ”Dear Billy, I don’t even know if you can hear this. Ever since you left, everything’s been a total disaster. For a while, we tried to be happy, normal. I know that’s impossible.”– Max

41. ”Joyce says time is funny like that. We are all time travelers if you think about it.”- Eleven

42. ”That was another memory, a… a more powerful one, invading from your subconscious. You have demons, Eleven. You have demons in your past. That is why we must proceed carefully.”- Brenner

43. ”Do you know what happens when someone has a stroke? The blood supply to the brain is cut off. It scrambles the signals in the brain to the point where the mind can forget how to do things.”- Brenner

Stranger Things -Netflix

44. “You know, I think there’s a part of you, buried somewhere deep, that wanted me to die that day. That was maybe even relieved. Happy.”- Billy

45. “I want you to say sorry to me, and I want you to tell my boyfriend that it was just a joke and that we are really friends.”- El

Will and Mike
Stranger Things -Netflix

45. “Or what? You gonna hurt us with your mean stare again? Sorry, you can’t cry to the teacher today. You’ll just have to cry to your daddy instead. Oh, wait. Can’t do that either.”- Angela

46. “Yeah, I… I do. Maybe you should find something you care about too.”- Lucas

47. “What have you done?”- Dr. Brenner

48. ”Don’t try to be heroes. There is no shame in running.”–Eddie

Mike and Eleven stranger things season 4
Stranger Things- Netflix

49. ”One sec. What do you think, Mike?”-Dustin

50. “It’s risky as hell.” -Mike

51. ”Chances of success are 20-1.” -Eddie

52. ”Never tell me the odds.”– Dustin

kids looking out window
Stranger Things- Netflix

53. ”Bitchin’, right?”- Eleven

54. ”Yeah, yeah… bitchin.”-Mike

Stranger Things- Netflix

55. ”There is no shame in running.”– Eddie

56. ”We’re a team. Friends.”– Dustin

57. ”It’s going to be up to us again.”– Mike

Yuri in stranger things season 4
Stranger Things- Netflix

58. ”Badda Badda BOOM!-“Dustin

59. ”Are you up for some more lessons?-“Dr. Brenner

60. ”Has it ever occurred to you that we don’t want to be popular?”- Mike

Stranger Things- Netflix

61. ”We are nerds and freaks.”- Mike

62. ”I’m tired of being bullied. I’m tired of girls laughing at us.”- Lucas

63. ”I can’t leave my mom and brother to chase a dream that isn’t mine.”- Jonathan

Dr. Brenner
Stranger Things- Netflix

64. ”You got me stressed out and it’s not even my girlfriend.”- Argyle

65. ”This man does not deserve the peace of death, so I sent him to hell.”- Guard

66. ”Do you remember what you did, Nancy? Or have you already forgotten? When I kill someone… I never forget.”- Vecna

Stranger Things-Netflix

67. “Uh, do you guys think these bats have, like, rabies?”- Robin

68. “I see you’ve been looking for me, Nancy. You were so close. So close to the truth. How was old, blind, dumb Victor? Did he miss me? I’ve been meaning to check back in, but I’ve been busy.”- Vecna

Nikola Djuricko as Yuri, Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers and Brett Gelman as Murray Bauman in STRANGER THINGS season 4.
Stranger Things- Netflix

69. ”We’re the freaks because we like to play a fantasy game.”- Eddie

70. ”It’s forced conforming. That’s what’s killing the kids. That’s the real monster.”- Eddie

Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, Nikola Djuricko as Yuri and Brett Gelman as Murray Bauman
Stranger Things- Netflix

71. ”We showed you that school didn’t have to be the worst years of your lives.”- Eddie

72. “You were doing this cheer thing. You know, The thing you do…It was pretty cool actually.”- Eddie

73. ”Yeah, well, I actually kinda thought you’d be kinda mean and scary too. In other news, Flattery works with me.”- Eddie

74. ”Henderson told me you were a Bada**. Insisted on the matter.”- Eddie

Jonathan, Mike, and Charlie
Stranger Things- Netflix

75. ”Something must be wrong with me because I broke up with you.”- Max

76. ”You were wearing a Weird Al T-shirt, and I thought that was brave.”- Eddie

77. ”You were wearing whatever shit your mommy bought you from goddamn Gap.”- Eddie

78. ”Okay, she does sound like a muppet.”- Robin

79. ”You’re the ones on the battlefield, it’s your call.”- Eddie

Chrissy stranger things season 4
Stranger Things- Netflix

80. ”This is kinda awkward, man.”- Argyle

81. ”I will pull the trigger! Open the gates!”- Murray

82. “You fools stay together!”- Enzo

strange world
Stranger Things- Netflix

83. “You think I won’t do it? Open the door!”- Murray

84. “I gotta hand it to you commies. You’re committed.”- Murray

85. “That kids gotta get his ego in check.”- Steve

Stranger Things- Netflix

86. “Maybe you’ve done all of this because you missed your daddy-daughter time.”- Owens

87. “I’ve given you everything you’ve asked for. I’ve compromised my principles. I’ve risked my life, risked my families life.”- Owens

88. “Look at me.”- Dr. Brenner

(L to R) Tom Wlaschiha as Dmitrti, Brett Gelman as Murray Bauman, Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, and David Harbour as Jim Hopper in STRANGER THINGS season 4.
Stranger Things -Netflix

89. “I know you’re terribly frightened by what you’ve seen, but it’s this very fear that is holding you back.”- Dr. Brenner

90. “You speak of monsters and superheroes. That’s a myth.”- Dr. Brenner

91. “You chose to trust me once, I’m asking you to trust me again.”- Dr. Brenner

92. “We’re gonna take a little swim. Little night swim.”- Dustin

stranger things season 4
Stranger Things -Netflix

93. “You’re lucky you didn’t get shot!”- Mr. Wheeler

94. “You realize they’re lying! The whole couch is on fire!”- Erica

95. “The fire is consuming us!”- Erica

96. “That’ll get them with a little jail time. That will get them to talk.”- Mr. Wheeler

97. “Why me? I’m not even in Hellfire Club!”- Max

Dustin and Steve
Stranger Things

98. “The last time I was with El, she wanted just about nothing to do with me.”- Hopper

99. “I think it must be hardwired into us to reject our fathers.”- Hopper

100. “I was too ashamed to be the one to stay behind. But Wheeler, she didn’t waste one second. She just dove right in.”- Eddie

You can catch the new season of Stranger Things streaming on Netflix now!

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