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100 Best Quotes from Summertime Season 3

The Netflix series Summertime is a show for viewers who crave a romance set amongst the sand and seashore. The soap opera has piqued the interest of viewers with the beautiful setting of the Adriatic coast of Italy. After all, the setting is perfect for quotes about summertime.

Inspired by the popular novel, Three Meters Above the Sky, the show is centered around a cast of characters and couples. The show dives into romantic relationships and into friendships. The show also explores characters struggling to find themselves as they navigate through life. 

Here is the scoop on quotes from Summertime Season 3.

1. “Getting nervous happens. It happens. So you have to learn to control your feelings that are here and move them to your feet.” – Dario

Summertime – NETFLIX

2. “But it’s been a year and life goes on. It has to.” – Maurizio

maurizio summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

3. “Because the only thing that matters to you is me and my career.” – Ale

Summertime – NETFLIX

4. “Maybe this summer you’ll fall in love.” – Summer

summer summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

5. “This summer it’ll be your time.” – Summer

summer summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

6. “Listen, no one gets away with blocking my friend – Dario

Summertime – NETFLIX

7. “I believe you can do anything. You just need to believe it too.” – Sofia

summer and blue summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

8. “Hey, my friend is in love and needs support. I’m here.” -Summer

Summertime – NETFLIX

9. “Anyways, if the mountain doesn’t go to Muhammad, then you know.” – Ale

dario and ale
Summertime – NETFLIX

10. “You’re really becoming a pathetic old man, or you’re just madly in love – Ale.”

dario and ale
Summertime – NETFLIX

11. “But it’s like you’ve just given up. It’s a shame that now you’re some loser, delivering pizzas to try and make rent happen. That you’ve given up on chasing your dreams.” – Ale

12. “Cause if it ends you will have wasted the best years of your life for a family that isn’t yours.” – Ale

dario and rita
Summertime – NETFLIX

13. “Think you’re the only one suffering? You faced a tragedy and we all need to coddle you?” – Dario

14. “I think you like making problems. I think you want everyone else to be miserable. Because no one else really gets you, right?” -Dario

lola dario ale
Summertime – NETFLIX

15. “Is there anything you want to tell me? A secret that maybe you want to confess?” – Isa

16. “Wait, I’m in heels.” – Rita

Summertime – NETFLIX

17. “So then it’s destiny. After all, it’s not like we really talked.” – Luca

18. “I wanted, um, to simply say thank you. Thank you for helping and supporting me this year during my worst moments. And I know that I’m so lucky to have you.” – Dario

dario and rita summertime
Summertime. (L to R) Lucrezia Guidone as Rita, Andrea Lattanzi as Dario in episode 303 of Summertime. Cr. Stefania Rosini/Netflix © 2022

19. “Summy. I’m so glad you’re here.” – Ale

summer and ale summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

20. “I know I can push harder.” – Lola

21. “You’re defending yourself. You don’t have to. It’s no one else’s business, that’s it.” – Isa

isa summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

22. ” Then it’s okay if I flirt with him.” – Isa

23. “No, I mean for the turtle.” – Alfredo

24. “When she woke up out of her coma, I told her everything there is to say. You know what she said to me? She said that she doesn’t want to see me again, that I’m the biggest mistake of her life. What’s there to explain? I went back there every single day just to see her.” – Ale

beach scene
Summertime – NETFLIX

25. “I watched her have to sweat, have to learn from her mistakes, and start all over again because of me. I was by her side all along.” -Ale

26. “If you want to come with me, lets’ go, but if not, then just stay here.” –Summer

27. “Then, thank you, Summy, for dragging me into this.” – Ale

ale and summer summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

28. “Ale, you’ll think of something that you need to say. Trust your gut.” – Summer

summer and ale summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

29. “But in some of them, like this one, for me, the image feels a bit trapped in the composition.” – Sofia

30. “Almost like it was taken with the wrong lens, for example.” -Federica

31. “One more sorry and I’ll be offended.” – Federica

32. “I know I really screwed everything up. I’m so sorry. I wish I could change the way I acted, but it’s impossible.” – Ale

33. “But you, you seem like maybe you haven’t let it go.” – Lola

Summertime – NETFLIX

34. “I was preparing to give you this whole speech, but I don’t remember it anyway.” – Ale

35. “I don’t need you to do that.” – Lola

36. “About the fear I have of leaving this place.” – Lola

37. “It’s the beginning again. It won’t be easy.” – Fulvio

dario ale summer sofia summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

38. “And maybe he shouldn’t have mentioned it.” – Luca 

39. “But because I’m ending this chapter of my life, I need time, okay?” – Lola

40. “It makes a difference because it matters.” – Ale

41. “You realize you almost ruined something important?” – Dario

sofia summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

42. “It’s just you have to go through it to understand it.” – Lola

43. “If you believe this will help you make sense of things, then I support it.” – Fulvio

44. “I mean, she’s had exhibitions everywhere, then I show up and criticize her photos.” – Sofia

45. “Yeah, I guess I can’t make it any worse after the first impression I made.” – Sofia

edo and summer summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

46. “I’ve got it all figured out.” – Edo

47. “Well, actually we ran into some problems.” – Luca

48. “So, you were a couple.” – Summer

luca and summer summertime
Summertime. (L to R) Rebecca Coco Edogamhe as Summer, Cristiano Caccamo as Luca in episode 303 of Summertime. Cr. Stefania Rosini/Netflix © 2022

49. “Then if you want, um, maybe I can give you some lessons.” -Luca

50. “And we’ll make love under the stars each night.” – Edo

edo and giulia summertime
Summertime. (L to R) Giovanni Maini as Edo, Romina Colbasso as Giulia in episode 301 of Summertime. Cr. Stefania Rosini/Netflix © 2022

51. “It’s just that the musicians just had a fight… But it’s normal. It’s the typical couple thing. Inevitable, right?” – Stefano

52. “It’s not like if we all say it, then everything will be fine.” – Dario

dario summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

53. “In fact, I wanted to thank you, because I couldn’t have done it without you, Summy.” – Ale

ale and summer summertime
Summertime. (L to R) Ludovico Tersigni as Ale, Coco Rebecca Edogamhe as Summer in episode 302 of Summertime. Cr. Stefania Rosini/Netflix © 2022

54. “You would have figured it out fine.” – Summer

55. “Thank you, Summer, for everything. You mean a lot to me.” -Ale

56. “And I’ll just stay in the cockpit which is pretty rough, but also, uh, comfy.” – Ale

57. “You’ll really do that for me?” – Lola

58. “You really sound like mom.” – Blue

isa and summer summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

59. “It’s crucial to learn to trust yourself again.” – Ale

60. “Because this way, we’ll make up lost time.” – Ale

61. “Da and an asteroid might hit the Saian.” – Sofia

sofia summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

62. “Do you think maybe you’re scared it’ll be great in the end? Because, I mean, if it goes well, that means you’d have to start all over, put yourself out there again.” – Sofia

dario and sofia summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

63. “Then we’ll become boat neighbors.” – Ale

64. “I don’t think it’s the right time. Bye.” – Sofia

Sofia summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

65. “If this isn’t destiny, then I don’t know what it could possibly be.” – Luca

66. “You think you’re the only one who knows how to do anything.” – Blue

67. “If it isn’t, then who is making you nervous?” – Alfredo

68. “The last sip for you, beauty.” – Viviana

69. “A bonfire on a platform filled with natural gas?” – Alfredo

summer summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

70. “So tomorrow, same time?” – Lola

71. “Yeah, maybe it’s not a double life. Maybe it’s more of a previous one.” -Giulia

72. “You have to tell Giulia the truth.” – Summer

summer and edo summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

73. “But even if you’ve known someone your whole life, you never know. You can never be sure.” – Giulia

edo summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

74. “You kidding? What do you want, a daiquiri? A mojito? A manhattan? – Milena

75. “Yes, we always have an amazing time. The problem is we do. And this time, I want things to stay neutral.” – Lola

ale and lola summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

76. “I’m not the person I was.” – Ale

77. “Because I have this very clear memory of me during finals passing a math test over, but I’m blanking on who…Oh, but it was you.” – Rita

78. “I thought you were done with me.” – Summer

girls sitting on a bench
Summertime – NETFLIX

79. “It seems like you don’t like me anymore, Blue.” – Alfredo

80. “Let’s keep it the two of us.” – Blue

81. “Your son is really chill, you know?” – Luca

82. “Hey, you said they aren’t lessons.” – Summer

83. “I never thought one day we’d talk like this again, me and you.” – Ale

Summertime – NETFLIX

84. “But anyone can see you’re the one he wants.” – Isa

85. “And if you’re feeling flattered, that’s okay. It ain’t bad. Because believe me, we all like it. Feeling liked.” – Isa

86. “He’s just the wrong person.” – Summer

summer summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

87. “In the end, I didn’t feel like letting you win.” – Lola

88. “I’ve been misreading people a lot lately.” – Sofia

summer and sofia summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

89. “Your man looks good without glasses, huh?” – Sofia

90. “This one’s my favorite. Your expression is filled with so many things. Same things I saw in myself.” -Sofia

sofia and summer summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

91. “Because since I’ve known you, with my sister and Edo, you’ve always made problems. So how are you gonna help me?” – Blue

sofia viviana blue alfredo summertime
Summertime. (L to R) Ludovica Ciaschetti as Viviana, Amanda Campana as Sofia, Alice Ann Edogamhe as Blue, Andrea Butera as Alfredo in episode 303 of Summertime. Cr. Stefania Rosini/Netflix © 2022

92. “I’ll be with you, Lola.” – Ale

93. “Edo, you better wipe that grin off your face, okay?.” – Giulia

giulia summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

94. “Careful with the compliment ‘cause I’m sensitive.” – Ale

95. “I don’t want to be afraid anymore or…to be there waiting, expecting things to change.” – Fulvio 

sofia summer isa blue summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

96. “We are way past the point of apologies.” – Giulia

edo and summer summertime
Summertime – NETFLIX

97. “So now it’s called “lessons”? Is that it?.” – Milena

Summertime – NETFLIX

98. “Getting back to racing is all I really want. The rest can happen later.” – Lola 

99. “Because he’s the one who got away. You gotta try harder.” -Milena

100. “I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you.” – Ale

Sun, sea, and love all mix together to create this drama set on the coast of Italy. It’s a fun teen drama to watch when passing the time. Indeed, there is no end to the summertime drama with these characters!

While viewers may be disappointed that the third season is the final season, the show wraps up this season in a whirlwind of romance and drama.

Even the Summertime quotes can’t capture how much of a soap opera it is!

Watch this refreshing summer show on Netflix now!

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