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100 Best Quotes From Sweet & Sour

Sweet & Sour is a Netflix original Korean drama movie with a twisting timeline focusing on the development of Dae-un and Hyeok’s relationship. The movie delivers an important message, not to take those we love for granted. At the end of the day if you don’t appreciate what you have somebody else will.

Here’s the scoop on the best quotes from Sweet & Sour!

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Sweet & Sour – Netflix

1. “Well, congratulations, engineering guy.” – Dae-un

2. “Isn’t that contagious?” -hospital patients

The other patients in Hyeok’s ward freak out when they believe that his Hepatitis is contagious.

3. “Hang in there!” – Hyeok’s parents

4. “People can be so cruel.” – Dae-un

5. “I’m glad I got sick.” – Hyeok

Hyeok is thankful for his Hepatitis and jaundice for putting him in the hospital, otherwise, he never would’ve met Dae-un.

6. “I feel protected.” – Hyeok

7. “Is it weird to see me smoke ’cause I’m a nurse?” – Dae-un

8. “It’s cute.” – Hyeok

9. “I never get a chance to really sleep, you know?” – Dae-un

10. “I only started smoking these to stay awake at night.” – Dae-un

11. “Cigarettes are disgusting.” – Dae-un

Nurse Jung throws the blame on her patient Hyeok when her head nurse catches her with a cigarette in the stairwell.

12. “Smoking’s bad!” – head nurse

13. “You can stay and eat with me.” – Hyeok

Hyeok calls after nurse Jung after she eats part of his meal, venting about how she hasn’t eaten all day and runs off back to work.

14. “She took my chopsticks. Adorable.” – Hyeok

15. “Hyeok, do you mind that I call you that?” – Dae-un

16. “I may be flirting with a nurse.” – Hyeok

Hyeok brags about his encounters with Dae-un over text to his friends.

17. “Jaundice!” – Dae-un

18. “I won’t smoke again.” – Hyeok

Hyeok leaves an apology on his phone for nurse Jung after she scolds him for smoking in the stairwell. The truth is he was just trying to find a common interest with her.

19. “Hope this fills you up.” – Hyeok

20. “Take a nap! I’ll wake you.” – Hyeok

Hyeok expresses his love for Dae-un while looking out for her and providing small acts of service.

da-eun and jang hyeok
Sweet & Sour – Netflix

21. “Tell your girlfriend that she’s really lucky.” – Dae-un

22. “Fuck, no. I don’t have a girlfriend.” – Hyeok

23. “I can’t stand people who talk like that.” – Dae-un

24. “Even if a doctor talks to you, you don’t talk back.” – head nurse.

25. “Why doesn’t that patient want to leave anymore?” – head nurse

26. “I should ask her out.” – Hyeok

27. “Sweetie pie!” – Hyeok’s mother

28. “He has his mother’s temper. That’s for damn sure.” – Hyeok’s father

29. “I swear she likes me.” -Hyeok

30. “What do you think of me?” -Hyeok

After snooping around and trying a million different variations of phone numbers, Hyeok finally gets a hold of Dae-un and questions her feelings for him.

31. “You weren’t nice to me just because I was your patient, right?” – Hyeok

32. “I mean, I really like you.” – Hyeok

Hyeok has the courage to tell Dae-un straight up over the phone how he feels about her.

33. “I’m home alone right now.” – Dae-un

34. “I’m taking the car.” – Hyeok

35. “Your perm looks very pretty.” – Hyeok

36. “Do you want to stay the night?” – Dae-un

Dae-un invites Hyeok over during their phone calls and even asks him to stay the night where they sleep in each other’s arms.

37. “I really wanted to sleep holding you like this.” – Dae-un

38. “You’re so cute there’s no comparison.” – Dae-un

39. “She took a candy and shoved it down my throat.” – Hyeok

40. “A pro seizes an opportunity when it presents itself. An amateur hesitates and misses out.” – guard

The guard at Hyeok’s new gig gives him some suggestive advice pertaining to the other trainee on the team.

da-eun in sweet & sour
Sweet & Sour – Netflix

41. “Maybe we shouldn’t be afraid of being a little bolder.” – Bo-yeong

42. “Aren’t you happy I’m here?” – Hyeok

43. “I’m four weeks pregnant.” – Dae-un

Dae-un breaks some big news after Hyeok finally comes home and they break into an argument.

44. “Eat or work. One or the other.” – Hyeok

Hyeok scolds his coworker for being so messy and constantly eating while they’re working.

45. “I’m never gonna be able to have fun like that.” -Hyeok

46. “Honestly, when are you gonna finish this?” – Bo-yeong

47. “I have to say, you’ve disappointed me.” – chief manager

48. “I don’t like sweets.” – Hyeok

49. “Is spending time with me exhausting?” – Dae-un

Dae-un begins to become irritated when she notices that every time Hyeok is with her he’s always complaining about how exhausted he is.

50. “I want our time together to be special, you know?” – Dae-un

51. “I wanted to reconnect.” – Dae-un

52. “You don’t need to cry, my pretty Bo-yeong.” – Hyeok

Hyeok makes a huge mistake when trying to comfort Dae-un and calls her by his coworker’s name instead.

53. “I’m tired but I came anyway.” – Hyeok

54. “So you didn’t want to come?” – Dae-un

55. “You come ’cause you feel forced to.” – Dae-un

56. “I came because I wanted to see you.” – Hyeok

57. “I felt sorry for you.” – Hyeok

58. “So, you feel sorry for me?” – Dae-un

59. “Our baby that you gave up on is who I feel sorry for.” – Dae-un

60. “You think that was just my fault?” – Hyeok

Dae-un and Hyeok break into a huge argument in the middle of the drive finally bringing all their remorseful emotions to light.

jang hyeok in sweet & sour
Sweet & Sour – Netflix

61. “Are you fucking serious?” – Dae-un

62. “Is she fucking serious?” – Hyeok

63. “How could she treat me like that?” – Hyeok

64. “What did I do, huh?” – Hyeok

65. “Did I fucking do anything?” – Hyeok

66. “If it’s tough, then it’s love.” – guard

67. “Wow, look at you.” – Bo-yeong

68. “Is there something going on?” – Bo-yeong

69. “It’s pretty.” – Bo-yeong

70. “It makes me feel warm inside.” – Bo-yeong

Hyeok decides to pursue Bo-yeong after the drive through argument with Dae-un but everything seems to keep reminding him of Dae-un.

71. “Oh my gosh. He’s so cute.” – Bo-yeong

72. “Isn’t he so cute Hyeok?” – Bo-yeong

73. “Yeah he’s cute.” – Hyeok

Hyeok is reminded about the baby he left with Dae-un as Bo-yeong points out a baby at a bus stop.

74. “I want a baby sometime soon.” – Bo-yeong

75. “A reminder that you have reserved tickets to Jeju.” – text message

Hyeok receives a reminder about the trip Dae-un and him had planned to Jeju Island together for Christmas.

76. “Now that you’re a big shot, you kick your devoted friends to the curb, huh?” – boss

77. “Karma’s gonna kick your ass.” – boss

Well, Hyeok’s boss was definitely onto something when he said this.

78. “Go with someone else if you want.” – Hyeok

Hyeok makes this remark when he’s reminded of the Jeju trip, who knew he’d end up biting his tongue over this remark…

79. “Makes me feel like shit.” – Hyeok

80. “Come to Jeju!” – text message

jang hyeok and bo-yeong
Sweet & Sour – Netflix

81. “Why won’t she just cancel it?” – Hyeok

82. “What the hell?” – Hyeok

83. “We did all the work. We get no credit.” -Bo-yeong

84. “I hope we get to work together again someday.” – chief manager

85. “See you again, hopefully.” – chief manager

Hyeok and Bo-yeong are let go from the company despite their contributions to the projects.

86. “If you feel like you’re lonely leave to Jeju.” – planning manager

87. “Since you have your cute little car.” – Bo-yeong

88. “If you miss a cab you can wait for the next one. But if you lose a person they’re lost for good.” – guard

Despite his questionable actions, the guard did share this great wisdom.

89. “You’ll miss her… too much.” – guard

90. “Matching sneakers?” – Hyeok

91. “This is so nice. Let’s spend every Christmas here on Jeju Island Hyeok.” – Dae-un

92. “You can hug me now.” – Dae-un

93. “Dae-un where’s your ring?” – Hyeok

94. “Shit.” – Hyeok

95. “That little bitch.” – Hyeok

Hyeok angrily realizes that he’s too late when he arrives at the airport, instead, another Hyeok has taken his place with his love Dae-un on a trip to Jeju.

96. “I won the Jeju trip! Ta-Da!” – Bo-yeong

han bo-yeong
Sweet & Sour – Netflix

97. “Where did it all go wrong?” – Hyeok

Hyeok begins to play back their relationship wondering how he got to the point of losing someone he loved like Dae-un.

98. “A couple set please.” – Hyeok

99. “It’s Lee Jang-hyeok, not Jang-hyeok actually.” -Hyeok

Lee Jang-Hyeok the same friendly patient who was looking out for Dae-un at the beginning of the movie is the same one who replaces the old Hyeok.

100. “Don’t go abroad. I love you.” – Hyeok

After seeing that going to the airport would be a failure, Hyeok blurts these words to Bo-yeong and tries to slip Dae-un’s old ring on her finger only to be rejected.

I hope you enjoyed these quotes from Sweet & Sour on Netflix.

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