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100 Best Quotes from The Elf on the Shelf: An Elf’s Story

The Elf on the Shelf: An Elf’s Story is a fun and delightful animation about an elf and the magic of Christmas. Directed by Chad Eikhoff, this kid-friendly classic centers around Chippy the elf who is assigned to a family. Moreover, Chippy finds his task exceptionally difficult when one family member in particular questions the magic of Christmas. His close friends help him to remember the importance of his job.

Here’s the scoop on movie quotes from The Elf on the Shelf: An Elf’s Story!

1. “I know. I’m heading there right now.” -Scout Elf

2. “These are the actual scout elf assignments.” -Elf 

3. “These are the children all over the world.” -Elf

4. “Shouldn’t you be heading to the send-off?” -Santa

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5. “Oh it fell off did it?” -Santa

6. “Ah. Taylor Mctuttle.” -Santa

7. “What makes Taylor Mctuttle a special case?” -Elf

8. “Taylor isn’t sure he believes anymore.” -Santa

9. “How does that happen?” -Elf

10. “Well sometimes it just does.” -Santa 

11. “This outfit is so last year.” -Elf

12. “Nighty Night.” -Elf

13. “Woohoo!” -Elf

14. “First one to cross the finish line is a winner.” -Elf 

15. “Sealed with a Hershey kiss.” -Elf 

Chippy in elf on the shelf: an elf's story
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16. “It may be cold outside, but I’m toasty inside.” -Elf 

17. “It does. I’m afraid.” -Elf

18. “That’s very brave.” -Santa

19. “I know I can do it.” -Elf

20. “I got a special assignment from Santa.” -Elf

21. “Well, what is it?” -Girl Elf

22. “A boy named Taylor Mctuttle.” -Elf

23. “I’m sure he doesn’t believe anymore.” -Elf

24. “I don’t but you know what.” -Elf

25. “I’m going to help him.” -Elf

26. “Right you can do it.” -Elf

27. “Yeah! You’re the elf!” -Elf

28. “She really wants it to snow for Christmas.” -Girl Elf 

29. “I’m heading to Bob’s books and things apparently, families go there to adopt elves.” -Elf

30. “Elf 1 gazillion 300 zillion and 27.” -Robot

31. “Alright! Yes! It finally came!” -Twins

32. “Yes! It’s here It’s here.” -Twins

33. “Girls what you got in there?” -Dad

34. “Look it’s our very own elf!”

35. “What’s that? Another Christmas decoration.” -Taylor 

36. “No! It’s an elf on the shelf.” -Twins

37. “It’s our very own elf from the north pole!” -Twins 

38. “Santa sent it to us.” -Twins 

39. “What’s fun about that? -Twins 

40. “It flies back to the north pole every night to talk to Santa.” -Twins

41. “If you say so.” -Taylor 

42. “The first time I come to the place you call home, you quickly must give me a name of my own.” -Dad

43. “So I guess we have to name it before it gets magic.” -Mom 

44. “Let’s call it stinky pants. Now fly!” -Taylor 

45. “No, mom! Don’t let his name be stinky pants!” -Twins

46. “Goalie a good one. Toodle is cool.” -Dad

47. “Michael is manly.” -Dad 

48. “I want yule! Ella or Jesse, bingo or happy.” -Twins

49. “Silly or squeaky or chilly or nippy?” -Mom 

50. “How about something like the chippy.” -Twin

51. “I like it!” -Dad

52. “Gather ye around, for the time has come when I, Wordsworth, shall give you words that rhyme with vowel… sounds.” -Elf

Chippy in elf on the shelf: an elf's story
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53. “Wow that was awful.” -Elf

54. “Can you guys believe this?” -Elf

55. “We are on our way to make our first reports to Santa!” -Elf

56. “We finally made it!” -Elf

57. “Yeah! Man!”

58. “I know it’s… wonderfultastic.” -Girl Elf

59. “Extravaganzalorius.” -Elf

60. “I’m speaking for the four of us. The five, six, seven, and more of us.” -Girl Elf

61. “We’re feeling wild and acting nuts.” -Girl Elf

62. “We’re full of smiles, we’re full of joy and cheer.” -Elf 

63. “We’re feeling fine, we’re in a happy way.” -elves

64. “We’re gonna ride right through Christmas day.” -elves

65. “Oh sorry. Santa.” -Elf

66. “Do you see him?” -Twin

67. “Where could he be?” -Twin 

68. “What are you doing?” -Taylor

69. “Looking for Chippy?” -Twin 

70. “You already lost him?” -Taylor 

71. “Hi Chippy!” -Twins

72 “He is so cute!” -Twin

73 “Hey. Are you real?” -Taylor

74. “Fly around the room or something.” -Taylor 

75. “Didn’t think so. I’m coming… I’m coming.” -Taylor

76. “This might be harder than I thought.” -Elf 

77. “I mean, he doesn’t even remember what it’s like to visit Santa.” -Elf 

78. “A stocking full of coal complements the north pole… Oh Ho Ho!” -Elf 

79. “Why don’t you take a stroll?” -Elf

80. “You can’t see Christmas magic. You have to feel it.” -Girl Elf

Santa and Chippy
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81. “We’re here with the north pole’s best elf, chippy!” -Twin

82. “Unless you have two little sisters.” -Taylor

83. “How are we supposed to know he has this magic?” -Taylor 

84. “Because he flies around.” -Twin

85 “Do you really think he is going to fly to the north pole and take your message to Santa?” -Taylor

86. “Yes, I believe. Me, too.” -Twins

87. “Mom! Dad! Taylor hit chippy! Mommy!” -Taylor

88. “No wait, I didn’t mean to.” -Taylor

89. “Oh chippy How are you?” -Girl Elf

90. “The doctor says you will go back in the morning.” -Elf

91. “Wordsworth. You sounded like a real poet.” -Elf

92. “I miss Chippy.” -Twin

93. “I wonder if he would still come.” -Elf

94. “Christmas is a time of joy and peace.” -Twin

95. “A time for spending with the family.”

96. “It teaches us to share.” -Twin

97. “Show others that we care.” -Twin 

98. “Christmas is the time for forgiveness.” -Twin 

99. “That is why we all believe in Christmas.” -Twin 

100. “Christmas is what we carry in our hearts.” -Santa

If you’re looking to add another movie to your list of traditional Christmas classics, watch The Elf on the Shelf: An Elf’s Story on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video!

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