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100 Best Quotes from the K-drama ‘Extracurricular’

Produced by Yoon Shin-ae, Extracurricular follows a gifted high-school student named Jisoo who is determined to escape a dead-end life. With his dad leaving him behind to fend for himself, Jisoo decides to become involved in prostitution to pay for college.

This crime drama may not be high on everyone’s radar compared to Squid Game or All of Us Are Dead, but the slow-burn action is sure to pack a punch.

Here’s the scoop on kdrama quotes from Extracurricular!

kim dong-hee in extracurricular kdrama
Cr. Netflix

1. “You have no demerits… or warnings. It’s almost as if you’re invisible.” – Jinwoo

2. “I have no idea how to describe what you’re like. I mean… other than as an obnoxiously good student.” – Jinwoo

3. “Motherf**ker!” – Minhee

4. “Dreams. Dreams are expensive. It’s even more expensive for a kid without parents.” – Jisoo

5. “My dream is to graduate. Go to college. Get a job. Have kids, raise kids. Live an average life and die… in average death.” – Jisoo

Cr. Netflix

6. “The money I need for that… is 90 million won. That’s the price… of my dream.” – Jisoo

7. “Do you think there’d be anyone so stupid in this day and age to forge their parent’s signature on a report card with top grades?” – Jinwoo

8. “If someone says they saw a student selling themselves and their name got around school… their life would be over.” – Jisoo

Kim Dong-hee as Jisoo
Cr. Netflix

9. “Are you a loner or something? Why are you always by yourself?” – Gyuri

10. “You still have time to go to the academy and it pays enough to pay the bills. That’s a sweet-ass part-time job. Hook me up, too, would you?” – Gyuri

11. “I want to join the club.” – Jisoo

12. “You act as if you don’t care, but you always do a good job. It’s annoying.” – Jinwoo

13. “Get the f**k off me!” – Kitae

14. “You’re only a dad when you have no money.” – Jisoo

15. “Shit. He sure is mysterious.” – Minhee

Minhee in extracurricular kdrama
Cr. Netflix

16. “You’d better bring it back to me before I make you regret it.” – Jisoo

17. “How far will you go to get your phone back?” – Gyuri

18. “Say, ‘Bow-wow.’ Like a dog, bow-wow.” – Gyuri

19. “Just hide in there, Jisoo. Don’t come out.” – Jisoo

20. “Starting today, you’re gonna replace him.” – Kitae

21. “Don’t mess with him. Don’t mess with Oh Jisoo.” – Gyuri

22. “Everyone has a secret they want to keep.” – Jisoo

Jisoo with mascot
Cr. Netflix

23. “Bastards who know nothing about other people’s situations dig up and expose things about them and make them the bad guys. I just don’t get that.” – Jisoo

24. “Even my life is a game to you, isn’t it?” – Jisoo

25. “Let me in on what you’re doing. I want to make money too.” – Gyuri

26. “Why do you need money? Isn’t your family loaded?” – Jisoo

27. “You need to get at least some of it back. Threaten him or torture him. Will you just let that bastard off?” – Gyuri

28. “Everything you say is part of a scheme. Every single word. So don’t say anything to me.” – Jisoo

Jisoo and Gyuri in extracurricular kdrama
Cr. Netflix

29. “If I were a broke bitch with no money, would you dump me?” – Minhee

30. “Shit, we’re just dating. Why do you need my heart?” – Kitae

31. “Stop treating me like some crazy bitch.” – Minhee

32. “F**k, I can’t stand this shit!” – Jisoo

33. “You’re in. I’ll let you in.” – Jisoo

34. “Mister, have you shot and killed people?” – Minhee

35. “You’re f**king old, but you’re a f**king good fighter. I feel like you could kill them all.” – Minhee

Minhee and Mr. Lee
Cr. Netflix

36. “If you look for it, there’s always a way. You need to try hard for that.” – Kitae

37, “Me? I’m the ‘It Insider’.” – Gyuri

38. “It’s not that I’m crazy about him, but more like… He’s fun. He can be quite amusing.” – Gyuri

39. “First, he’s smart. There’s a sort of charisma about him too. And he has an unexpected wolfish side to him. But he thinks he’s a puppy.” – Gyuri

Jisoo and Gyuri in extracurricular kdrama
Cr. Netflix

40. “Let’s do 70-30.” – Gyuri

41. “I don’t consent to your searching… I mean, I can’t consent.” – Jisoo

42. “Sir. I can’t do it anymore. I need to do well in everything. At school. With friends. Everything. Everything.” – Gyuri

43. “I can’t hold back this loneliness anymore.” – Gyuri

Cr. Netflix

44. “I thought I was going crazy. Sometimes, I want to just throw up. The smell of my breath. Because I can breathe even if I do nothing.” – Gyuri

45. “Similarities… high intelligence… low sensitivity?” – Jinwoo

46. “We exert undue stress on you to perform well academically, and that was why you did that. To be honest, I was offended. We… never did that to you.” – Gyuri’s mother

47. “I wasn’t rebelling. I was really trying to die back then.” – Gyuri

48. “You have to cut deep along the vein to die, but I couldn’t figure out exactly where.” – Gyuri

49. “And don’t worry too much. If by any chance, something inappropriate occurs while you’re working, we are always standing by somewhere close, so that we can help you immediately. Have confidence.” – Jisoo

Jisoo in extracurricular kdrama
Cr. Netflix

50. “You freak, psychopath, a**hole!” – Gyuri

51. “Don’t be stupid and draw attention to yourself.” – Gyuri

52. “What else could I do? She was about to die.” – Jisoo

53. “To be honest, you have no authority. The police have no authority. It’s not like minors are banned from motels. She can go wherever. That’s her personal life.” – Jisoo

54. “Can a cop dig into her privacy like this?” – Jisoo

55. “Hey. Don’t say anything, okay? You don’t have to tell her anything. No need to answer her. If you don’t want to, don’t.” – Jisoo

Jisoo with soju
Cr. Netflix

56. “Why are you worrying about a b**ch who doesn’t even want to work?” –  Sungmi

57. “It’s my job to be an old fart. Even if I don’t like it, I have to be for you guys.” – Jinwoo

58. “Ms. Minhee Seo, we’ve decided not to provide any service to you anymore from this day forward. You know the reason better than anyone.” – Gyuri

59. “Whose fault is that? Why is it my fault?” – Minhee

60. “Didn’t you hear last time? I don’t need to see you because you tell me to. I have no obligation to do that.” – Minhee

Kitae and Minhee
Cr. Netflix

61. “You f**king pricks.” – Gyuri

62. “Why are you picking on me? I’m not the bad guy. Why is everyone picking on me?” – Minhee

63. “Minhee, when will you tell me? Once that boy Jisoo is found dead, will you tell me then?” – Haekyung

64. “Minhee, you did nothing wrong, so don’t worry about it.” – Jinwoo

police officer in extracurricular kdrama
Cr. Netflix

65. “It’s called a panic attack. Quit this work… if you can.” – Mr. Lee

66. “Without this, I’m nothing.” – Minhee

67. “I’ve been doing compensated dating. While we were seeing each other.” – Minhee

68. “You said you liked my money, right? That’s how I made that money.” – Minhee

69. “I’ll tell everyone.” – Kitae

70. “F**k off.” – Minhee

71. “Is this a game to you? Everything’s a game to you, right?” – Jisoo

72. “We won’t get caught. We won’t.” – Gyuri

Jisoo and Gyuri
Cr. Netflix

73. “Are you telling me to meet those psychos again?” – Jisoo

74. “You’re such a busybody.” – Minhee

75. “This is why guys are useless.” – Gyuri

76. “It’s Minhee’s private life. It’s for her to decide. You want me to tell you? Are you insane? Of course, I’d cover for her. I’m a girl too.” – Gyuri

77. “That a**hole listens to girls unlike you, a**hole.” – Gyuri

78. “Do you girls have like a secret clan or something? Why do you band together when you’re not even close?” – Kitae

79. “We were unlucky. Both you and I.” – Mr. Lee

80. “Please. Please help me.” – Jisoo

Kitae and Jisoo
Cr. Netflix

81. “What you did made me question your credibility as a partner.” – Gyuri

82. “You speak so well, kid. You sound like an adult.” – Daeyeol

83. “If you kidnap someone, you should threaten me or do something, but do it quickly, damn it!” – Jisoo

84. “I don’t have dementia.” – Mr. Lee

85. “How long will you fight in these wars? You’re all alone. You dig your own trench, run away on your own, and make declarations on your own.” – Jaeik

86. “Are you going to go kill them? Now? When you’re all f**ked up?” – Minhee

87. “Extracurricular activity.” – Gyuri

Gyuri in extracurricular kdrama
Cr. Netflix

88. “We’re f**ked.” – Jisoo

89. “What do we do now?” – Gyuri

90. “I want to stop. I want to stop now.” – Jisoo

91. “Shit. You didn’t die? Did you eat wild ginseng or something? I’m speechless.” – Daeyeol

92. “Let’s never meet again.” – Mr. Lee

93. “Anyone who fights that well is our boss.” – Chaebin

94. “We’re not legally married. He’s not my husband.” – Mijung

95. “Mister. I never expected anything from that bastard Daeyeol. I didn’t want to know what shit he did at night if he killed people or sold people, as long as I got my money.” – Mijung

extracurricular k-drama
Cr. Netflix

96. “F**k! No one made me do anything! I went on my own. No one paid me!” – Kitae

97. “You still want to do this crap? Seriously? Even after this mess? Aren’t you scared?” – Jisoo

98. “We almost died once a day recently. How do you lack all sense of reality?” – Jisoo

99. “It’s me. Me! I’m… I’m Uncle.” – Jisoo

100. “No. Come with me.” – Gyuri

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