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100 Best Quotes from the Movie ‘Nope’

A group of residents on an isolated horse ranch in California come across a mysterious force in the clouds. The residents are torn between escaping and documenting the phenomenon.

Directed by Jordan Peele, Nope adds in a little bit of comedy to balance out the horrific force that affects human and animal behavior. The ambitious film explores aliens and brings out an unsettling feeling not yet explored in Jordan Peele’s other horror works. The highly anticipated alien film features a whole line of stars including, Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun.

nope movie poster
© 2022 Universal Studios

Here’s the scoop on Nope movie quotes!

1. “I mean we really put on a show.”

2. “We ain’t got no more problems.”

3. “Sure as hell not gonna sell anymore horses.”

4. “Where is your sister?”

5. “You hearing that?”

6. “You good, you good. Pops? Pops!”

7. “Hi horsey!”

8. “Here she is everybody, take a look.”

Keke, Daniel, and Brandon
© 2022 Universal Studios

9. “Your name’s OJ?”

10. “Otis jr.”

11. “My name is Emerald and that’s OJ.”

12. “Yes it was, yes it was, look it up.”

13. “Let’s get into some safety precautions on set.”

14. “Okay that was great, that was a lot.”

15. “What ‘s the horse’s name?”

16. “Lucky.”

17. “Is he?”

18. “Thank you for the opportunity.”

19. “Imma go with you, I need to get some shit.”

Steven Yeun in nope movie
© 2022 Universal Studios

20. “Is that how you want your little sister to feel?”

21. “They having a gold rush!”

22. “Photo bomb!”

23. “Lucky, hang tight, I’ll be back.”

24. “How many you sold?”

25. “Didn’t I tell you this motherfucker is gonna come up here with a nonelectrical camera, let’s go, boy!”

26. “You want to promote something? Promote this business.”

27. “Fuck you!” 

28. “No, Fuck you!”

29. “OJ, thanks for coming up.”

30. “You mind if I get pictures right quick?”

31. “You mind if we talk?”

Brandon, Keke, and Daniel
© 2022 Universal Studios

32. “Buying some of them back?”

33. “I used to charge a fee for this.”

34. “The money went crazy.”

35. “Six minutes and thirteen seconds of havoc.”

36. “That’s why you don’t use chimps, for that reason.”

37. “What happened, really?”

38. “He is killing on that stage.”

39. “It’s legendary, legendary shit.”

40. “I’ve got some work I’ve gotta do.”

41. “You wanna work? Hell no.”

42. “He offered to buy the ranch.”

Keke and Daniel in nope movie
© 2022 Universal Studios

43. “Big dumbass, probably.”

44. “I ain’t mad at it.”

45. “Drink!”

46. “Therapist?”

47. “Yes, I fuck one on occasion sometimes.”

48. “I watched y’all train my horse.”

49. “The point is, fuck the point.”

50. “Pops did something when he made this place.”

51. “Why is a ghost in the arena?”

52. “Hey! Where is he going?”

keke palmer
© 2022 Universal Studios

53. “Where’s ghost?”

54. “Power went out, see.”

55. “What? What did you see?”

56. “What’s a bad miracle, you got a word for that?”

57. “Nope.”

58. “You sayin what I think you’re sayin?”

59. “Shut up, look!”

60. “You read it, dyslexic ass.”

61. “It was fast, too fast, too quiet to be a plane.”

62. “The money shot.”

63. “You love Oprah!”

64. “You’re not going to be able to do it.”

Keke, Brandon, and Daniel in nope movie
© 2022 Universal Studios

65. “Maybe you’re in a UFO hotspot.”

66. “I love horse shit and fresh air.”

67. “Imma go ahead and pop out.”

68. “Fuckin CW!”

69. “UAP’s now.”

70. “They changed the name, they wanna keep us in the dark.”

71. “Nobody knows what a UAP is, so they lose interest.”

72. “They’re fucking world killers.”

73. “Cool.” 

74. “It’s a decoy for horse training.”

75. “Oh no, you guys are doing something shady.”

Brandon, Keke, and Daniel
© 2022 Universal Pictures

76. “Where did you get yours?”

77. “I wanted to invite you to a new family live show, Friday.”

78. “Thumbs up.”

79. “Fuckin dicks.”

80. “Five stars angel, five stars.”

81. “Nope, mm-mmm.”

82. “Why they let clover out?”

83. “Not much just talkin shit, pretty much regular.”

84. “I need to take my ass to bed.”

85. “Camera B is down, like ancient fucking aliens down.”

86. “OJ, it’s in the cloud.”

Keke and Daniel
© 2022 Universal Studios

87. “Run OJ, run!”

88. “What happened to OJ? He’s fine.”

89. “The camera, still on!”

90. “I ain’t never seen no shit like this, it’s not worth it.”

91. “What if it’s not a ship?”

92. “What if I told you I’m gonna get lucky?”

93. “Something very bad is happening.”

94. “I gotta get out of this damn house. We’re alive because we stayed here.”

95. “One-eyed, one horn, flying purple people eater.”

96. “Take a picture first.”

© 2022 Universal Pictures

97. “It’s gonna be magic soon, it is gonna be alright angel, we don’t deserve the impossible.”

98. “Out yonder.”

99. “This is gonna fuck you up.”

100. “My last quarter- c’mon!” 

Jordan Peele’s supernatural horror film, Nope tackles more contemporary themes to match today’s society.

Watch Nope in your local theaters on July 22nd!

Hope you loved these quotes from the movie, Nope!

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