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100+ Best Quotes from ‘The Sea Beast’

The Sea Beast is an animated film by Chris Williams. Following hundreds of years, sea monsters have begun to disturb mankind. But the chaos leads sailors to venture beyond land into the ocean to hunt the monsters. The adventurous film focuses on the crew, ‘The Inevitable.’ Led by Captain Crow and his crew members, Sarah Sharpe and Jacob Holland, they are tasked to take down monsters with the financial support of the King and Queen.

However, one monster, in particular, seems to catch the eye of the Captain, enough that he makes a promise to Jacob that he will make him Captain if they can successfully kill the female beast, Red Bluster. But what happens when the crew finds an orphan girl aboard their ship?

Here’s the scoop on The Sea Beast quotes!

Maisie and Jacob Holland in The Sea Beast
Cr: Netflix © 2022

1. “Fair travels, me swabs. And remember, live a great life, and die a great death.” – Maisie

2. “It’s the Red Bluster. I know it in me bones. See there! Birds follow it.” – Captain Crow

3. “We come all this way for a proper fight.” – Jacob

4. “It’s been 30 years since that thing took me deadlight. Now I’ll have me revenge.” – Captain Crow

5. “If we’re gonna do battle with the greatest and most terrible thing in the sea, it’s best not to wait till after.” – Sarah

6. “If Jim Nicklebones were half the sea dog he says he is, he wouldn’t be in this mess.” – Captain Crow

7. “Captain, you know the code. It binds us to all who come before and all who come after.” – Jacob

The Sea Beast
Cr: Netflix © 2022

8. “This is it, mates! It’s been me honor to serve with ya.” – Jim Nicklebones

9. “All right, ya fish killers! We come all this way for a proper fight. And now, we’ll get it!” – Jacob

10. “We’ve not discouraged our prey. Quite the opposite, I’m afraid!” – Jacob

11. “Don’t worry, lad. We got it right where we want it.” – Jacob

12. “Time has come, ya devil!” – Captain Crow

Jacob Holland and the crew
Cr: Netflix © 2022

13. “We’ve taken some right proper monsters on this hunt, and the royals will pay us accordingly. And then we’ll come back, and we’ll take that red devil.” – Jacob

14. “But I ain’t afraid, ‘cause I’m on the Inevitable with you lot.” – Jacob

15. “This ship has taken more of them beasts than any other, and she’s got the scars to prove it.” – Jacob

16. “And every hunter’s scar is a life saved. A merchant sailor on their first voyage. A mother. A son.” – Jacob

17. “But every hunter dies a great death. Because every hunter lives a great life!” – Jacob

18. “Jacob, I hate that devil with every fiber in me being, but saving Jim Nicklebones was the right thing to do. You steered me right today.” – Captain Crow

19. “What is to become of the Inevitable after I’m gone?” – Captain Crow

Cr: Netflix © 2022

20. “Through battle and wear, every beam, block, and spar has been replaced since the day she was launched. Yet she lives on. It’s an eternal thing. But I am not.” – Captain Crow

21. “On the day we take the Red Bluster, I will make me last entry as captain. Then it’ll be your time.” – Captain Crow

22. “But there was something in you, Jacob. A fire that wouldn’t die. Then I held you, and I knew. The fates had brought me a son. And that one day, you would be captain of the Inevitable.” – Captain Crow

23. “The day you found me, I swore I would do everything in my power to keep people safe from them demons. If you would grant me this ship, I would accept, and it would be my honor.” – Jacob

24. “My boy. You’re gonna do great things.” – Captain Crow

25. “You’re Jacob Holland, who once killed four of them beasts in a span of two days. Is it true you done that?” – Maisie

26. “Four in two days? Don’t believe everything you hear, lass. Four in two days? It was five.” – Jacob

27. “That’s just the way for a hunter, ain’t it? You live a great life and die a great death.” – Maisie

Maisie and a monster
Cr: Netflix © 2022

28. “You’re a weapon against nature’s darkest design.” – Maisie

29. “Well, I intend to get on that ship. So, if you don’t mind, I’ll take up with Captain Now, not Captain Someday.” – Maisie

30. “Urgh. Horrible things, children.” – Sarah

31. “The royals don’t pay you to honor such codes. They pay you to kill monsters. How many more ships will be lost because you let the Bluster slip away?” – Admiral Hornagold

32. “It’s been hundreds of years since the dark times, but as long as the Bluster lives, people will still look to the seas with fear.” – King

33. “Admiral, have you ever seen one of them beasts that wasn’t hanging from a ceiling? Don’t send your soldiers to die in a ship like that. It’s not built for hunting, and neither are you.” – Captain Crow

a sea beast
Cr: Netflix © 2022

34. “We hunters have shed blood, while you lot hid behind walls and drew lines on maps. You’re cowards, the lot of ya!” – Captain Crow

35. “The days of hunters are not over. Not nearly.” – Captain Crow

36. “We’re ready, Captain. We’ll take that red demon.” – Jacob

37. “For we are hunters. And we will bring all of our skill and all our rage down upon this beast. And there will be justice!” – Captain Crow

38. “But that will not be the end of this great ship. For no one has sailed beyond the Dregmorr Sea. No one knows what dangers lurk in that terrible unknown. But it will be this ship, under Jacob Holland, that will pierce the darkness.” – Captain Crow

The Sea Beast
Cr: Netflix © 2022

39. “Congratulations, Captain Someday.” – Maisie

40. “The hunt is all. So give him your absolute obedience. Or fall on that yourself, because I’ll visit worse than death on ya.” – Sarah

41. “You’re amazing.” – Maisie

42. “The monsters, I can handle. But that one, she’ll be the death of me.” – Jacob

43. “I see a fire in her. Same fire I saw in you.” – Captain Crow

44. “The ocean has sent us its worst, and we’ll send it right back.” – Captain Crow

45. “Run, ya devil! And there we’ll be!” – Captain Crow

46. “I’ve never run from a fight, and I won’t start now.” – Captain Crow

47. “Time has come for ye, ye devil.” – Captain Crow

48. “Bring… her… to… me.” – Captain Crow

49. “We kill ‘em, lass. We don’t study ‘em. I guess it’s time to start.” – Jacob

Red Bluster
Cr: Netflix © 2022

50. “What if them things ain’t as bad as they say? I mean, the sea is their home. We went after her, didn’t we? What if we just left ‘em alone?” – Maisie

51. “We kill them because they kill us. Do I need to remind you that one of them things took your parents?” – Jacob

52. “I want to believe that but maybe you can be a hero and still be wrong.” – Maisie

53. “I’d cleave the very sea and destroy everything that swims, scuttles, or bobs if I have to. But I’ll have vengeance. I’ll have vengeance.” – Captain Crow

54. “You’re too young to be this mean.” – Maisie

55. “And you’re too old to be giving in to childish temptations.” – Jacob

56. “Well, if she does understand ya, she don’t wanna help.” – Jacob

57. “I told you she was more than a beast!” – Maisie

Maisie and Jacob in the sea beast
Cr: Netflix © 2022

58. “The world is wide, Jacob. And you don’t know everything.” – Maisie

59. “I don’t believe in them superstitions.” – Captain Crow

60. “But if that ain’t true, then how are you supposed to know what is?” – Jacob

61. “I don’t know what the war started. Maybe all that matters is how it ends.” – Maisie

62. “We’ll find you. We’ll find you soon enough.” – Captain Crow

63. “You’re not the Jacob Holland who killed four of them beasts in a span of two days. You’re Jacob Holland who befriended a beast, saved me life, and led us all the way to Rum Pepper Island.” – Maisie

64. “Guelston is a place. It ain’t a family.” – Maisie

65. “I ain’t going back there, and you ain’t going back on that ship. So all you have is me. And all I have is you. And that don’t sound so bad.” – Maisie

Maisie in the sea beast
Cr: Netflix © 2022

66. “Maybe if we pretended long enough, it could feel real?” – Maisie

67. “Well, girl, this has been an improbable adventure. And I thank you for all you’ve done, but, uh, it’s time to go home now.” – Jacob

68. “I promise I’ll never hunt sea monsters again.” – Jacob

69. “No more monster hunting!” – Jacob

70. “Red, listen to me. Just leave.” – Jacob

71. “This doesn’t have to be a fight.” – Jacob

72. “Now is the reckoning. For all who’ve been lost, I strike at thee, devil!” – Captain Crow

73. “Don’t fight. You’ll make the poison flow faster.” – Captain Crow

74. “I don’t want you to die. Not yet. Not till you’ve been immortalized at Castle Whiterock.” – Captain Crow

75. “That’s quite a story, Jacob. The hunter what befriended a beast. Hmm. The beast what took me deadlight. What am I to make of ye, Jacob?” – Captain Crow

76. “That thing and I, we had an understanding.” – Jacob

77. “I’ve always known what I was, Jacob. I’m the son of a captain, who was the son of a captain. And if we are born to fight, then by God, let’s fight.” – Captain Crow

Captain Crow, Jacob, and Maisie
Cr: Netflix © 2022

78. “I ask you, Jacob, my son, are you my enemy?” – Captain Crow

79. “She’s all vinegar.” – Captain Crow

80. “You need to help Red. She’s our friend.” – Maisie

81. “It’s not right what they’re doing to Red. She saved us. You have to believe me, please.” – Maisie

82. “I’ve been fighting them beasts all me life, and I’ve seen things that will never go away. This ship is all I know.” – Sarah

83. “No first mate more loyal than Sarah Sharpe.” – Maisie

84. “The whole world will know what we’ve done, me boy. This ship, your ship, will live on. Nothing can stop it.” – Captain Crow

85. “All of your wealth and power, all of this is nothing compared to a hunter’s fury.” – Captain Crow

86. “And it’s the Inevitable what will lead the way into the Dregmorr and beyond. Until the bones of every one of them beasts lies at the bottom of the sea!” – Captain Crow

87. “I can’t let you do it.” – Jacob

88. “You dishonor me, boy. As you dishonor all them hunters what come before. All them what died heroes.” – Captain Crow

89. “Aye, they were heroes. But you can be a hero and still be wrong.” – Jacob

90. “I thought of you as a son. But I don’t know you.” – Captain Crow

91. “I gave you everything! I gave you life! You’ve laid down your lance and think it’s made you strong? But you’ve turned your back on your own kind.” – Captain Crow

92. “If you do this, it never ends.” – Maisie

93. “Our books, our history, is a lie.” – Maisie

94. “I don’t believe the beasts ever threatened our shores. It was just a story.” – Maisie

95. “For generations, they’ve taught us to hate the beasts and sent the hunters out to destroy them. And the beasts learned to fear us and hate us, and they fought back!” – Maisie

96. “I come from a long line of hunters that died your great death!” – Maisie

Maisie and Jacob in the Sea Beast
Cr: Netflix © 2022

97. “Your kingdom was paid for with their blood, and their blood!” – Maisie

98. “This war was started by the kings and queens what come before. And with every life, their empire grew. Now this lot stands on the same perch and tells the same lies.” – Maisie

99. “Let it end. Let it end!” – Maisie

100. “Two lives were saved that day. One man and one beast. And with that, the world began to change. No ship would ever sail to Dregmorr again. And the mysteries beyond would remain undisturbed.” – Maisie

101. “I don’t think about it much through. Red is safe, and I have everything I need right here. I’m going to live a great life.” – Maisie

By Sony Pictures and Warner Bros, The Sea Beast is one of the best animations to hit Netflix this year! Despite the plot being far from fresh, the unique world-building and the fighting scenes between monsters and humans will keep you glued to the screen.

Watch The Sea Beast on Netflix now!

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